Daddy Made Me, 2011


Alex looked back at her father, her face full with love and hungry lust, the look on her face making her father so hard, her voice high and chirping again, and again as he drove his cock so deep inside her.

"Use me Daddy. Your little fuck toy, Papa. Your little cock-slut, Daddy. Oh god, Daddy, make me your little fuck-toy, your little whore, Papa. Your little cum-slut, Daddy. Oh god, Daddy, will you come to my room tonight? Our little secret, Papa? I'll take care of you, Daddy, if Mommy hasn't yet, if she's gone to sleep, I will, Papa. I'll come to your room, and Mommy can watch you fuck me, watch you fuck your little fuck-toy, your little girl. Watch you fuck my mouth. So hot for your cock, Daddy. Fuck me, Papa. Nnn, fuck your little girl."

Nicholas pulled Alex to his chest, wrapped his arm over her shoulder, her breast in his hand. He fucked his cock up into his little girl, her tight, hot wet little cunt sucking on his cock, squeezing his cock, so hot, so deep, gliding in and out of her from behind, her soft little bottom, her panties squeezing his cock sliding through the slit, inside her.

"Yess, love fucking my little girl" he hissed into her ear. "Raping, my little girl. Making, you take, Daddy's cock." They were both breathing so hard, so turned on, him gripping her so tightly, her fucking back at her father.

"Ohhh, ohhhh, Daddy, cumming, cumming on your cock Daddy. Ohhhh, Daddy, yess" Alex squealed, hummed, moaned, "rape me, Daddy, make me, Daddy."

"Oh little baby, your pussy is making Daddy cum, too. Oh god, baby. Fuck Daddy, baby. Daddy's fucking my lil baby's beautiful little pussy, fucking my beautiful little girl."

Alex smiled feeling so close to her father, being fucked by her father, being play-raped by her Daddy, her eyes closed, so close to her Daddy, her father's cock so deep in her belly. She belonged to him now, she was his. She milked his cock inside her, her bottom so hot and and wet with their juices, her father sweaty hot, wet, her father's thick hard cock slicing into her through the slit in her soaking wet little panties.

The heat of her father's pelvis fucking into her Alex whispered hotly, still cumming, "I, want you, to cum, in my mouth, next time, Daddy. I want to, make, my Daddy cum with my mouth" delighting in her Daddy's long growling groan, bucking up inside her, cumming deep in her little belly. "Nnnn, Papa, yesss, cum in me, Papa. Cum in your little girl" she moaned as her Daddy turned her face toward him by her throat, and pushed his tongue into her hot little mouth.

His arm over his daughter's shoulder, gripping her breast, gripping her hip, pulling her tight against him, coming down from the torrential high of their orgasm, their sweaty hot kiss bonding them together as lovers, Nicholas, breathing hard, told Alex in a hot, panting whisper, "Papa's, going to come to your room tonight, lil baby, and you're, going to show, Papa, what a good girl, you are, sucking Daddy's cock, making Daddy, cum, in your hot little mouth, aren't you, lil baby?"

Alex groaned, "Oh god, Daddy. Yessss. Make, my Papa, cum, in my mouth, in my, little mouth, Papa"her squeezing her father's cock inside her as she spoke the words.

"Nnngghh, good girl. And, baby? Daddy's going to lick your little pussy."

Alex began moving her bottom against her Daddy. "Oh, Papa, you're getting, hard again, Papa. Nnn, Daddy, does thinking about licking my little pussy make you hard, Papa? You want my mouth on you, don't you Papa? That turns you on, doesn't it, Papa. Maybe we can 69, Daddy. Making your little girl suck her Daddy's big, hard cock. Making me let you lick my wet little pussy. Ohhh, Daddy, you want to, fuck your little girl's mouth, don't you, Papa? You want to come to your little girl's room tonight, don't you Daddy? I want you to, Papa.

Fuck me again, Daddy. Fuck me again. Pretend my little pussy is my mouth sucking you, Papa. My mouth, my little pussy, belong to you, Daddy. So wet for you. Whenever, you want, Papa. You can fuck me, whenever, you want. Ohh god, Daddy, nnnn, yesss, nnn, fuck me, Papa."

"Nnnnggg, lil baby" Nicholas growled, pulling her from the table, his hands on her hips, her legs together, clenching his cock sliding deep inside his little girl, pushing into her soft panty covered bottom, kissing, biting her neck, her shoulder, whispering, "Daddy's little girl. My hot, lil baby. Momma's going to love watching you suck Daddy's cock. Oh lil baby, that made you so wet. Nnnghh, little baby, Daddy loves my cock inside you. Tell Daddy how good it feels inside you" as he wrapped both hands around her belly, kissing the nape and round of his daughter's neck.

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