tagIncest/TabooDaddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 02

Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 02


Thanks for all the comments and emails on Chapter 1. I've tried to be more careful with the editing and proof reading for this chapter.

I loaded up the washer, added the soap and had just turned it on and shut the lid when I heard her yell my name. "Daddy! Daddy!"

I ran into the bedroom, but she wasn't in the bed. The bathroom light was on and I figured she must have fallen or hurt herself. But, when I walked in, she was doubled over, looking like she was about to up-chuck into the toilet. Too many wine coolers, I thought.

Having been in that same position many times before, I recognized the familiar spitting into the toilet and beads of sweat. Seeing that her hair was about to get into the toilet bowl, I knelt beside her and gathered her hair up into a pony tail and held it there as she started to get sick. Personally, I hate vomit. But, when it's your own child and you know they are hurting, you set it all aside and do what you have to do.

When she stopped for a minute, I reached for some tissue and wiped her mouth while she drooled and spit into the toilet. She sat back and looked at me and started to say something, but I stopped her. "It's okay, Baby, Daddy's here." I said.

"Stay right there for a minute." I said. I knew I had a pony tail holder in one of the drawers in the bathroom – a hold over from a lady friend who spent the night with me once. I turned on the tap to let the water run, threw a wash cloth in the sink and opened the drawer to find the pony tail holder. Sure enough, it was right there and I grabbed it. Turning the tap off at the sink, I hit my knees and gathered all her hair up and fixed it into a pony tail for her. She sat there with her eyes closed, holding onto the toilet and it looked like she was ready to get sick again.

"Is everything spinning?" I asked. She nodded. "Okay," I said, "Just stay where you are. Have you ever drunk this much before?" She shook her head to say 'NO'. "Well, this is one of the fringe benefits of alcohol," I told her, "when you drink too much, you get to visit the porcelain throne. It's the gift that keeps on giving, Crissy." That at least made her smile a little.

As she sat there, I could see the outline of her tiny breasts against the undershirt. The nipples pointed prominently out and poked into the material. It hit me that she couldn't have any panties on and I looked down to her legs. The way the shirt fell covered her up, but not by much. If the shirt rose up by 3 or 4 inches, I would be able to see her pussy.

Suddenly, she bent forward and started to get sick again. I held her shoulders, moving slightly to the side to help hold her up. Her arms were shaking and she was lurching forward into the mouth of the toilet, so I helped hold her up. In between heaves, as she bent over the toilet, I caught a peek at her breasts down the front of her shirt. The neck line fell away and I had a completely unobstructed view of her little puffies. They looked so young and fresh. They really were tiny little things, but, dainty and pointy. My cock was getting hard again, but, I sat there with her while she got sick, stealing peeks at her little titties when ever I could. I'm sure she didn't think about the way she was exposed, but I did, and even though I felt bad about the fact that she had to go through this, I was getting the chance to see real live tits – something I hadn't seen in a long time. Plus, there was going to be an added bonus – she had gotten sick on her shirt, meaning she would need to change it. Hopefully, she would let me change it leaving her completely naked right in front of me. That's what I call a good bonus.

Soon, she started to get the dry heaves and I let her go for an instant to reach up and get the washcloth out of the sink. I squeezed it out and held her until she was done. As she sat back, I wiped her face with the cool washcloth. I wiped around her mouth and her neck, cooling her down as best as I could.

Her knees had shifted apart some and I could now see a hint of her brown pubic hair peeking out from under her short shirt. Just another inch and I would be looking at her mound. My cock was going to explode, soon, I was sure of it.

She sat still for a few minutes without getting sick and I asked her if she was better. She nodded 'yes' and I asked "Will you be okay for a second? You're going to have to change your shirt – that one's a little yucky now. I just want to go get another, okay?"

She nodded again and I left her for a few moments. In my drawer, I took out a normal white undershirt with short sleeves, and, a sleeveless ribbed undershirt. The ribbed shirt is stretchy and shorter, but also thinner and lighter and has no sleeves.

Coming back into the bathroom, I held up both shirts and asked her "Kissy, this is the kind of shirt you have on now and this one is sleeveless and will be cooler, but, it's a little bit shorter, too. Do you feel warm now?"

I reached down to feel her forehead and she was very clammy and her skin was moist. "Hmm," I said, "I took some aspirin out for you earlier and then got distracted putting your shirts and jeans into the washer, let me go get them." I laid the shirts on the counter and went into the kitchen to get the aspirin I left there and a very small glass of water. Returning to the bathroom I handed her the aspirin and told her to take them now so the next morning would be a bit more bearable. "Don't drink too much of this water, Kissy," I said, "or, you might get sick again. Just enough to get the aspirin down."

While she took the aspirin, I threw two more washcloths into the sick and turned on the cold water. Turning to her I asked "Feeling okay, Baby? Better now?"

She was still sitting on the floor next to the toilet, but, her color was coming back and she opened her eyes. "The gift that keeps on giving? That sucks." she said. I laughed and she smiled.

I ratted through the drawer in the bathroom and found a new toothbrush still in the wrapper and opened it. I put some toothpaste on the brush, got it wet and held it out to her. "Trust me," I said, "you'll hate yourself in the morning if you don't brush your teeth after getting sick like that."

She pulled herself out of her sitting position, and as she lifted, her legs spread and I had a completely open view of her pussy. For an instant, I could see her lips barely separate and the pinkness of her virgin pussy. Even though she had a full bush of hair, I was easily able to see the pink. I didn't stare and I didn't act like I saw it, either. I'm not sure if she knew she had exposed her pussy to me, or not.

I turned the water on for her and she started to brush her teeth. I pretended to be wringing out the washcloths next to her, but, looking in the mirror above the sink, I could see the outline of her breasts jiggling against the shirt she was wearing. As she moved the toothbrush, the little points seemed to move a tiny bit this way and that. Having seen them under her shirt and seeing the nipples on top of each of the little peaks, it was erotic as hell to watch.

When she was done brushing her teeth, I picked up both shirts and said "Come on, let's get you changed and back to bed. Which shirt?" Looking at the shirts, she pointed to the sleeveless ribbed shirt. Inside my cock was jumping with joy but outside, I tried to handle this with poise and confidence. "Okay, arms up….. I need to put that one in the washer."

She looked at me and lifted her eyebrows. "Come on, I've seen breasts before. Besides, I'm your Daddy. I used to change and bathe you, remember? I've seen it all already, you know."

To my surprise, she raised her arms and as I reached for the hem of the t-shirt, my heart started to pound inside my chest, just like it did the first time I ever felt a girl's boob. I quickly pulled the shirt over her head. As the shirt covered her face, I looked down at her pussy and her breasts, seeing them now very clearly. The areolas were very pink, just the same color as her nipples, and compared to the size of the breast itself, they looked huge. Once I pulled the shirt over her head, she lowered her arms, and I reached for the sleeveless shirt. I fumbled with the shirt as she stood naked next to me. She didn't try to cover herself or move at all. I finally found the hem of the shirt, gathered it up, held it open and up for her. I couldn't stop my eyes as they drifted to her cute little breasts and beyond down to her pussy. Forgetting myself, I took a good long look. When I looked back up, I met her stare. "I'm sorry," I said, "Arms up." Crissy held her arms up and I lifted the shirt over her head and slid the shirt down her arms and over her.

The shirt was tight on her and hugged her breasts. I could see the outline of her nipples just as if there was no shirt hiding them. The shirt only came down just past her waist, about to the top of her pubic patch. I reached over to the sink and took one of the washcloths and wiped her face down, all the time looking at her in the mirror. She never moved and never made an effort to cover her pussy.

When I had wiped her face down, I looked her in the eyes and apologized saying "Crissy, I'm sorry I was staring. I couldn't help it. I can make all the excuses in the world but that won't change the fact that I was peeking at you and I feel bad about it now. Can you forgive me?"

"Daddy," she said, "I love you. I'm not mad…. Besides, you're my Daddy. I'm going to be living here now, so, let's just deal with it." Then she hugged me. Standing there with my half naked daughter in my arms, I restrained myself from grabbing her tender butt or reaching for her petite breasts, but, the thought flew through my mind, anyway. Shaking myself into reality, I said, "Let's get you to bed now."

I turned to walk out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, but, she lingered in the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. "Can you get my brush out of my purse for me?" She asked.

"Sure," I answered from the bedroom, intentionally not going back in to look at her nakedness any more. Finding her purse, I pulled the hairbrush out of it and took it to her. Arriving back in the bathroom, she was bending over the sink, splashing water onto her face. Her bottom was stuck out and I knew that if I just moved behind her a little, I would be able to see her girlish pussy lips between her legs. I stood in the doorway and watched her, drinking in her beauty.

When she finished rinsing her face, she turned to find a towel, never once trying to turn away from me or hide her pussy. She dried her face, hung up the towel and held out her hand. After a few seconds, I realized she was asking for the hairbrush and I handed it to her. Turning toward the mirror and brushing her hair, I watched her….. no, I stared at her. She must have caught me staring because she said "Flat as a board, right?"

"Kissy, you are a beautiful girl," I said, "I'm not just saying that because you're my daughter, either. I mean it, you are an absolute stone cold fox." She finished brushing her hair and turned directly toward me, tits poking out and her pussy on full display. I looked down at her pussy again, but, she covered it with her hands. "Stop it," she said, "You're embarrassing me."

She walked past me and over to the bed. She sat down and swung her legs up, then pulled the sheets up over her hips. "Are you going to be okay this time?" I asked. "Yes, I feel better now." She replied.

"Daddy, where are you going to sleep tonight?" she asked.

"I'll just crash on the couch, Baby," I answered, "I want to do your wash so you have some stuff to wear tomorrow. I'm going to be up for a while."

"No," she said, "You can't do that. When you're ready, you can sleep in your own bed. I don't snore."

"Oh, I don't know if that's such a good idea," I said, "I'm a grown man and….."

"Daddy, quit being so paranoid. I just want to know you are close to me tonight, that's all."

I looked at her face and there's no way I could deny her. "Okay, but it will be late. I want to get all the wash done first and that's at least two loads washed and dried." I said.

She held her arms up to me like she used to do as a child when she was ready for her bedtime kiss. I leaned down to kiss her and she kissed me on the lips. The kiss lingered a little longer than a fatherly kiss and I started to feel subconscious about it and pulled away. "You've always been a good kisser, Daddy," she said, "Even mom used to say that."

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and playfully mussed her hair up like I used to do when she was a kid and then turned to leave. As I reached for the light switch she said "Thank you, Daddy. For everything. For getting my things and letting me stay here. I've always wanted this."

As I turned out the light, I answered "Me too, Kissy, me, too."

I pulled the bedroom door most of the way closed behind me and immediately reached into my jeans to adjust my throbbing cock. "Fuck! I could have come in my pants at least 20 times in there." I thought. I went to the 'fridge to get another wine cooler.

Passing the kitchen table, I saw her bra and panties lying there waiting for their turn in the washer. I delayed the wine cooler and stopped at the table. After seeing her naked twice, seeing her petite puffy breasts down her shirt and then actually changing her shirt for her, my cock was ready for relief. I sat at the table and held her bras in my hand. I put them to my nose and smelled them. One of them smelled like her hair, maybe it was the soap or something else, but it smelled fascinating.

I rubbed the inside of the bra cup on my face, knowing her breasts had been there. My cock was yearning for release, so, setting the bras aside, I unzipped and pulled my jeans and underwear down in one motion. Stepping out of the jeans and underwear, I reached for one of her panties and held it to my nose. I compared them all and found the one with the strongest scent. Sitting down, I leaned back in the chair and held the crotch of the panties against my nose. I began to stroke my cock, first slowly, then unable to wait, I began to stroke with more determination. I started to get close to cumming once and backed off so I could enjoy her panties a bit longer.

I laid one of her bras out on the table, kind of like it would look if she would be wearing it, with the cups up. Below that, I laid out one of the pairs of panties with the crotch facing up, as if she was wearing those, too. Then I imaged her standing in front of me in them – her petite breasts safely held inside the bra and her virgin pussy protected by the panties. I closed my eyes and began to stroke myself again. Reaching back up to the table, I took another pair of her panties and wrapped them around my cock, growing even harder with the feel of the silky material sliding up and down my shaft. Finally, I picked up the best smelling pair and held them up to my nose and resumed masturbating.

Opening up my eyes every now and then, I imaged her standing in front of me allowing me to look at her while I masturbated. The smell of her panties and the fantasy I was playing in my head worked it's magic and I was starting to feel myself getting close.

I kept jacking, thinking about her sexy, virgin body, fully grown and ready for sex. I could almost see her in my mind as she slipped those panties down her legs, opening them up just for me, and begging me to take her maidenhead.

I was jacking myself furiously now and when I knew I was about to shoot, I stood up, opened up the panties that were lying on the table so the crotch was showing and emptied my cock into the crotch of her panties.

My cock seemed to cum and cum and cum. It was one of the strongest orgasms I ever had and I literally came buckets, shooting my hot sperm all over the table and soaking her panties. I sat down and contemplated what to do next.

I wiped the white globs of my cum up with her panties and bras and pushed them to one side of the table. I heard the washer turn off, signaling the end of the first load. Reaching for my pants, I fished my underwear out of them and slipped them and the jeans on, grabbed her lingerie and headed to the laundry room to put the wet clothes into the dryer and start a load with her sperm soaked lingerie.

Once the shirts and jeans were in the dryer and her lingerie was in the washer, I peeked into the bedroom to check on Crissy. She seemed to be sleeping soundly and I lingered there for a bit just to reassure myself that she was. Turning away to walk back into the kitchen, I started to feel remorseful for my actions tonight. Taking liberties with my daughter is something I had never done before, and although I knew I hadn't really done anything, I still felt bad that I was crossing lines which I hadn't crossed before. True, she wasn't my blood relative, but, I still couldn't get past my scheming to see her naked and to use her panties for the cheap jack-off thrill.

I decided to wash the table down – sort of clean up the evidence of my lust, but once that was done, I still had some time to kill while the wet clothes dried and the washer did it's thing. I found myself thinking about my virgin daughter lying almost naked in my bed.

I shrugged it off and waited for the wash to get done. When everything was finished, I folded all her clothes and left them neatly stacked on the kitchen table. It was late now and I knew I had to get some sleep.

As I entered my bedroom, light from the hallway dimly illuminated the room. Looking over at Crissy, I could see that she was facing me, lying on her side, one leg pulled up and the sheet covering her was at her waist. If the sheet was just a little bit lower, I would have been able to get another peek between her legs. I started to move into the bathroom to brush my teeth, but I couldn't turn away and kept looking at the sheet covering her. She was asleep. Would she wake up if I moved the sheet lower? I made a decision to chance it and find out.

All I needed to do was move that sheet just a few inches - and I saw a way to do it. I lifted the edge of the sheet as it fell over her bottom and pulled it very gently over her hips leaving the rest of the sheet in place. This left me an unobstructed view of the backside of her pussy between her legs. There wasn't enough light to see anything except a dark mass and I didn't want to turn the light on or move the sheet again. I tried every angle to get a better look, but, it wasn't going to work. Finally, I gave up and decided it was best if I didn't push my luck.

After using the bathroom and brushing my teeth, I was about to leave the bathroom, but, then remembered I had put a small pen light in the drawer a few months ago in case the power ever went out while I was in the bathroom. I opened the drawer and there it was. I turned it on and it worked! Now I had a light I could shine between Crissy's legs.

Wanting to play it safe, I planned my next moves and then left the bathroom to see what I could see with the pen light. I went to the opposite side of the bed and took off my shirt, jeans and underwear. I carefully slipped onto the bed, thinking how kinky it was to be sleeping in the same bed, both of us naked from the waist down.

I lay still for a few minutes and then sat up carefully and leaned down close to her bottom. I turned the light on and pointed it between her legs. Under the light, I could see perfectly. A closer inspection showed that I could see the outline of her labia where the two lips met together, seeing just a hint of pink between her lips. I knew touching her was going too far and out of the question, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to.

I laid back and dropped the pen light by the side of the bed and tried to relax. My cock was hard again, despite the vigorous jacking I gave it earlier. I just couldn't believe the events that led me here to be lying next to her.

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