tagIncest/TabooDaddy Writes Erotica Ch. 03

Daddy Writes Erotica Ch. 03


I got safely to my room with no clothes on. I glanced to Dad's room. Their door was always left open, the little light from the stair night lights faded to darkness quickly as I looked through the door.

"Night Daddy," I whispered, turning and heading to my room.

"Good night Baby," Daddy called softly.

I grinned to myself, my body warming. I was Daddy's baby girl. I was Daddy's, my heart, my soul, and my sex. My cunt throbbed at the thought. I ducked quickly into my room, headed into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with a thud. I looked around the walls to see if I could spot a camera. Nothing out of the ordinary I concluded. Grabbing some paper, I wiped my butt, cleaning my backside, dropping the paper into the toilet. I grabbed a second piece of paper, cleaning my slit top to bottom. I let it drop silently as well. I headed to my dresser, grabbing an old, worn pair of panties. It would absorb lots of fluid I thought.

I crawled into bed, my mind running 100 mph. I pictured his cock, rigid, standing before me, my hands grasping his hard, yet soft pole.

I woke abruptly, the sun shining into my room. Pulling back the covers, I glanced to the clock. 6:33am, almost time to be heading to school. I quickly pulled back the covers, jumped in the shower to get ready for school. As I washed my private parts, I could feel a soreness never anticipated. My butt hurt worst of all, not real bad, but definitely knowing I had been abused. I grinned ear to ear. Abused my ass, the potential pun struck me funny at the time. I took extra time to clean my slit, playing gently with my sore clit. Daddy had worked that over quite hard or so it seemed. One small orgasm my body begged. I obliged, picturing his cock plunging into my depths as I thrashed my clit. It did not take long.

I dressed quickly, ate a quick piece of toast, and headed out the door. A short drive later, I was rushing down the corridor to see Sara. "Morning," I shouted as we approached each other.

"Ok, give it up," she inquired. I glanced around, people mingling all about.

"After practice tonight, before we go out and eat pizza," I stated. "You get the whole story," I grinned. We were scheduled to double date that evening, and would have time to tell her everything before we left the house. She grabbed my wrist, staring into my eyes. She nodded knowingly. Or at least I thought she did. "See you at lunch time," I leaned to her, gave her a hug and was off.

As I sat in class, my body continued to throb. I could feel Daddy buried in my cunt, my ass, his lips on my tits. God it was tough. I was getting hornier by the moment. Heading to lunch a few minutes early, I stopped by the bathroom again, my hand quickly buried between my legs, my fingers working their magic over my swollen clit. It was such a relief to cum, my body tingled, taking a long time to subside. I kept everything under control, my breathing was shallow, but controlled. My audible eruptions were non-existent, my activity was secret. I spent a relatively quiet lunch, listening to Sara, Kay, Brea, and Andi prattle about clothes, weekend plans, their respective dates, and more gossip than I wanted to stomach.

Friday's practices were usually shorter that the rest, I believed the coach wanted to get home to her family. "See you at my place," I told Sara, and was off. I headed home, got in a good, long hot shower, and was wrapped in a towel painting my toes when Sara arrived.

"Ok secrets," she started, plopping on the bed beside me. I painted my toe as she bounced. I glared at her. "Sorry," she said. She sat looking at me. Nothing more was said for a couple minutes. "Well," she finally blurted.

Finishing my toe, I hung the towel, stood stark naked in front of her for an instant, and headed into my room. "Well, a long story short," I started, cut off abruptly.

"Nope," she interrupted. "No short story," she pleaded. She hesitated, looking to my face for answers. "We talked, you were going to watch a movie," she stated. "Start there," she finished.

I pulled one leg into my panties, my mind flashing back to my attire. "In one of his stories, his daughter dressed in night shirts without anything underneath. Well, that's where I started," I offered her. I wiggled my bottom in my skin tight panties, thumbs rolling around the band to flatten the material against my waist. I flattened my palms, fingers pointing down, fanned them from my middle outwards smoothing over my mound.

I stopped to stare at her. "About the first thing I did when I got down there was flash him a peek of my crotch," I whispered in her direction.

"No way," she said, staring in disbelief.

"I did," I responded. "And asked 'if he was up for it'" I continued. "He responded 'he would get up for it'," I laughed. "We danced around the subject, sharing popcorn so he would sit next to me," I continued. "We watched a sexy movie, the actress flashes a room full of men," I hesitated, remembering the scene. "I asked if he thought I was sexy," I stated abrupty. "He told me I was incredibly sexy, and he would be chasing me all over if he were younger," I finished.

"Really," Sara quizzed. "Did you have sex with him," she blurted out.

"Sara," I said, my tone abrupt. "I'll tell you the whole story my way," I continued. I jumped into the closet, selecting a pair of jeans and shirt for my evening out. "I told him I thought he would want me even now," I said. I glanced to the door, listening for any noises. I did not want to be discovered telling my details. "He said his sex life had changed big time as Momma got older, and he created a fantasy sex life through writing stories," I explained.

"Does he know we found his stories on his computer," she asked, interjecting quickly.

"No," I said. "He assumes I found the web site somehow," I continued again. "And he assumed I knew what he wrote about," I haltered to a stop. "He asked why I had flashed him a look at my crotch earlier," I added. "And then he moved to me, his hand sliding up my thigh, his lips brushed over mine," I said, reaching to touch my lips. Closing my eyes to remember, I slid my hand down over my body slowly. "His hand caressed up my thigh, hesitating just inches below my pussy," I volunteered. I could not breathe again.

"Jesus," Sara mumbled. I glanced to her. She was watching my hand slide over my rigid nipple. I pulled my hand away, embarrassed.

"He made me tell him what I knew," I said. "What I wanted Sara," I finished, glancing her direction. "And I told him, told him I wanted him to make love to me," I stated matter of fact. "The real me," I finished. I turned to look at her. Her mouth was open, her eyes glazed.

"God, what happened," she whispered huskily.

"I pulled his wrist, his hand slid up my thigh, his fingers explored my sex," I said, reliving that moment, feeling him invade my body again. My legs clamped shut, I leaned to put my hands on the bed. "God it was good Sara," I whispered. "Next thing I knew, I had his finger in my cunt, my hand wrapped around his big cock," I said softly.

"Is it as big in the stories," Sara asked. I stopped mid thought, looking to her. I searched the internet last night, finding his stories on that erotica site. She grinned. "Is it as big as he says," she asked again.

"It is," I stated.

"Holy shit," Sara grunted.

"I almost choked it to death in my grip," I laughed. "But Daddy made me cum, his fingers dancing over my clit. He finger fucked me hard as I came for him," I continued.

"Damn," Sara responded. "I am so hot! My cunt is flooded right now," she offered.

"Mine too," I reached to my panties. "Already wet," I stated, swiping my finger between my legs. Sara moved lightening quick, her lips sucking my finger into her mouth. Her hand reached to me, her fingers curling over my mound, putting pressure gently on my clit. "He then moved to suck my cunt," I breathed softly into her ear. She turned me, pushed me back to the bed. I sat quickly, spreading my legs wide. "He sucked my clit into his mouth," I instructed. Sara leaned to me, her lips covering my mound, breathing her hot breath into my slit, over my clit. I stroked her hair. "Yes baby, like that," I whispered. "Pull my panties aside, suck my clit," I ordered softly. I tilted my hips, opening my cunt to her lips, her mouth. She wiggled her face between my folds, pulling at my clit. I caressed her hair. Her eyes open, she looked to my face.

"Did you cum on his mouth," she asked? She dove back, capturing my clit. Her dainty fingers slid up and down my cleft, two pushed into my soaked cunt. She growled into my cunt.

"Oh fuck Sara," I offered. I humped slightly, pushing my cunt to her mouth, spreading wide to get her fingers into my wet hole. With minimal leverage, I could only hump slightly as she worked me over. "Suck my clit Sara, make me cum," I instructed. "Oh God yes," I breathed softly. My body raced to orgasm, my blood rushing to my engorged clit. Sara's soft mouth, fast tongue danced over my sensitive flesh. Closing my eyes, I absorbed all sensations from her mouth and fingers. I pulled her face hard to my cunt. I exploded, my body thundering into orgasm. I grunted loudly, wiggling hard on her mouth. I could not catch my breath! I flopped back on the bed. Sara continued to assault my clit, sucking my juices into her mouth. Pushing her head back, she planted kisses on my ticklish thigh. I just growled deeply, vibrating my core.

"Look at the time Patti," Sara said. I glanced to the clock. We had just a few minutes to go before being late. "Sara," I feigned indignation. I leaned to kiss her. My intended, quick kiss turned into a soft, long kiss, our tongues battling softly, urgently.

"Better wash," I laughed. "Don't want them thinking you have cunt juice on your face," I followed. I quickly dressed. My tight jeans felt good rubbing my clit. I wiggled deep into the seam. Walking into the bathroom, I swatted her tight jean clad ass. "Damn you spoiled me," I growled. "I'll be hot all night," I volunteered.

Standing, drying her face, her eyes twinkled. "So tell me, how many times, and where did he cum," she asked.

"First time in my mouth, second time in my cunt, and third time in my ass," I blurted out.

"Oh shit," Sara groaned. "You so fucking owe me," she said.

Our dates lasted till late in the evening. By the time we returned, Mom and Daddy were in bed asleep. This time, crawling into bed together had different implications. However, we did have to wear pajamas in case Mom or Daddy came into the room. I kissed her softly, my hand cupping her breast. We were both very tired, and sleep soon claimed us.

I woke early, my first thoughts were of sex. I squeezed my legs together, feeling them close tightly over my cunt. I opened my eyes slowly. Sara was on her back, head facing me, still deep in sleep. I moved slowly, carefully not to wake her. As I snuck down under the covers, I moved to her body. I nuzzled my face to her mound, my tongue licking along the edge of her panties, touching her thigh, poking down into the gap between her legs, her mound. She rustled slightly. A quick grunt, a tilt of her hips let me know my tongue got her attention. But her breathing was still deep. I leaned to her mound, clamping my mouth over the material covered flesh. I blew hot air into her mound, my tongue extending to probe her hidden slit. Her head arching backwards, her hips flared, lifting slightly. A groan started deep in her core, vibrating upwards, escaping her lips. Her eyes fluttered open, a sleepy grin crossed her face as her hands reached for my head. Growling, she pushed her panties down off her hips, pushing them below her mound. Her wispy hair, topped her mound, her clean shaven lips beckoned me. I dropped to her, shoving my tongue between her folds, searching, finding her clit. I circled her flesh, licking up, down, around her clit. Her body reacted quickly, her hips lifting to me. Her juices flowed, flooding her slit.

"Good morning," she whispered, emphasizing her words, with an almost breathless pronunciation. Her hips rocked back and forth under my mouth. Her fingers intertwined in my hair, pulling me hard to her clit. I opened my mouth, clamped my teeth down on her swollen clit, sucking the flesh deep into my mouth. Her hips lurched upwards, her hips flexing, rocking her cunt back and forth against my mouth. My cunt twinged, an ache growing in my cunt as well. I reached to my panties, shoving my hand deep into my crotch, my fingers exploding into my cunt, spreading my lips wide, thrashing my swollen clit as well.

I attacked her, shoving fingers into her wet cunt, my teeth clamping firmly on her flesh, my tongue dancing over the sensitive nub. I lost thought, only wanting to bring her body to orgasm. I hammered her soaked cunt, thrusting fingers deep, retreating, and plunging deep again. My face was coated in her juices. I dipped down low, replacing my fingers with my mouth, my tongue. I probed her hole, licking, sucking her juices into my mouth. I returned to her clit, needing to make her cum. My body ached, my cunt responding to my fingers. As I sucked her clit back into my mouth, my cunt exploded into orgasm. I convulsed on my fingers, my orgasm spreading throughout my body. I grabbed her thigh, pulling my mouth hard to her, sucking her lips into my mouth, biting them gently. I grabbed her clit, assaulting her, licking her, thrashing her sex hard.

"Oh fuck," grunted Sara. Her hips lifted high, her hands reached to support her body. I moved closer, my mouth sucking her cunt hard. As her face contorted into a mass of flexed facial muscles, her hips quivered, shaking almost uncontrollably. Her breath came in gasps, followed by a deep grunt, a groan beginning deep inside her body. As her orgasm captured her senses, her hips leaped higher, her flexing butt muscles lifting her higher. Eyes closed tightly, she flopped down flat on the bed, her legs pulling shut, her hands covering her mound, pushing me away from her soaked cunt. I licked her hands, probing my tongue between her fingers, trying to taste her, to touch her clit. I reached to grab her tit, rolling the nipple hard, pinching her hardened flesh. Her eyes flashed open, a look of lust filled her senses.

"Oh Jesus," she breathed softly. She rolled to her side. "MMmmmmmm," she groaned. "Morning," she grinned.

"It's Sunday morning," I offered her. "My mother goes to Sunday school, then church," I told her. "And that means we can seduce my father," I volunteered. "You up for it," I asked? The look alone provided the answer!

"Absofuckinglutely!" she responded. "I can't wait to feel him under me, his cock filling my cunt," she said, her eyes glazing as she spoke. Chills went up my spine.

"Let's get a quick shower," I muttered, moving off the bed and heading for the shower. I dropped my night shirt on the floor. "We will go downstairs in our night shirts, with nothing but a sexy pair of panties underneath," I followed. "Join me, let's go," I instructed a second time.

We played in the shower, taking turns washing each other, caressing our tits, pinching the nipples. And when Sara bent to pick up the soap, I stepped to her, saddled up to her backside, grabbed her hips, and humped my body against hers. Without thinking, I reached to her ass, my finger exploding into her tight ring, probing softly. A gasp erupted from her, followed by a long exhale of breath. She pushed her hips back to me, allowing me to bury my finger in her ass. A frenzy spread over me, I hammered her tightest orifice. After several minutes, I slowed my penetrations, pulling my finger from her ass. Turning to me, she grabbed me, pulled me tightly against her, and kissed me so deeply, my toes curled. Dropping her hand to my cunt, she mashed my clit, flicking it back and forth quickly.

"Cum for me," Sara whispered. "Do me too," she grunted. I reached to her, my hand probing her slit, my finger finding, mashing her clit. For the next several minutes, we held each other, our fingers probing, mashing, flicking our sex buttons. I came first, my knees buckling slightly. Her orgasm followed quickly. We clung to each other for several more minutes, our breathing returning to normal. Slowly, we finished our shower, drying quickly. Hearing the garage door, I glanced at the clock.

"That's mom leaving," I told her. "Time for us to go have breakfast," I ordered.

"God I want a big breakfast sausage, some nuts, and pair of thighs," Sara volunteered.

"Sara," I chastised. I swatted her butt as she exited my room.

We bounded down the stairs. Daddy was in the kitchen, dressed in a pair of gym shorts and t-shirt. He turned to glance our way. "Just in time sweetie," he started. "Oh, hi Sara," he followed. "I was not aware you were here," he said, his eyes scanning our attire, and our lower bodies before turning back to the stove.

"It was late when we got in Daddy," I volunteered. "So she stayed," I finished. "What's for breakfast?" I asked.

"Omelets," Daddy said. "Bacon and cheese," he followed.

"I'll help," Sara stated. "What can I do," she asked.

"Get the eggs from the frig," Daddy said. Sara opened the door, bent at the waist, and leaned into the frig. Her night shirt rode up her backside, plainly giving Daddy a panty clad view of her ass. Her panties had a wet spot, clearly visible. Daddy stared, visually taken with the view. And to make it worse, Sara rocked from foot to foot, her ass swaying gently. Daddy's jaw clenched, his head shook back and forth in wonderment.

I stepped to his side, pressing against him. I reached for his cock. Startled, he jumped. "Patti," he whispered abruptly. I pumped his cock once, twice for good measure. It chubbed in my fingers. I stepped away as Sara stood and turned back with the eggs. Sara broke the eggs, and scrambled them. She joined me on the counter side of the island. Bending at the waist, we bent over the counter, watching Daddy finish breakfast.

As he walked around the end of the island to place plates on the kitchen table, Sara and I stood firm in our place. From his new vantage point, Daddy saw both our panty clad rear ends. I glanced over my shoulder to see Daddy adjust his cock. I smiled at him. He returned the smile, taking his time to move back to the stove.

"Sit girls, eat before it gets cold," he offered. Grabbing the OJ, he joined us. We talked about school, softball, and the end of school coming very soon. All during breakfast, I caressed Daddy's leg with my foot, stretching to his upper thigh. He also caressed my foot under the table as I rubbed his thigh. His cock was hard against my foot. All the while we played, Daddy kept a discreet eye Sara's way. "What's on the agenda today," Daddy asked, looking to me.

"First, Sara and I have work to get done," I stated. "Then, we will hang around the house, catch a movie, maybe go play catch later," I followed. Dad looked a little dejected. "It could be a really fun morning," I finished, winking at Dad. He glanced to my eyes, gave me a puzzled stare, and then glanced to Sara.

"Really," his voiced questioned. "Fun for me too," he asked?

"I think so," I stated, licking my lower lip. "You done yet Sara, let's go," I followed quickly.

"Thanks for breakfast Daddy," I quipped, stretching to give him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Yeah, me too," Sara stated, leaning to plant a smooch on his other cheek. Sara had known Daddy since kindergarten. So a hug or a smooch was not an uncommon occurrence. We headed up stairs.

"Did you see his shorts," Sara asked, her voice almost shrieking. "They stuck straight up," she continued without taking a breath. "Damn, I wanted to grab it right there," she whispered. "So now what," Sara asked.

I was quiet, remembering his story daughter's seduction in a scene of his story where the girls get him. The daughter had called him to her bedroom, and through a discussion, and naked cunts, had seduced him. He had told them how to suck his cock, balls. I wanted past that, I did not want to wait. My cunt throbbed. I glanced to Sara's night shirt, her nipples were hard, running circles on the material. I glanced to mine, also hard and poking through the material as well.

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