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Daddy's Fantasy


He watched as his little girl slept. Her deep breaths told him she was fast asleep. She was growing so fast, he smiled wistfully to himself. On the cusp of womanhood, soon her interest wouldn't be playing catch with Daddy but girl talk about makeup, boys and college gossip. He frowned at the thought that she might be too busy for the weekend visitations he received through the courts. That saddened him, but he knew that this was the price of growing up. She may be eighteen, but in his eyes she would always be his little girl.

He sighed and turned to leave when a noise behind him made him turn back to her. She was still asleep, but she had kicked her blankets down. His eyes locked on her chest and his mouth went dry. Her breasts were naked to the night air. She slept with no pajama top and he instantly wondered if she was bare all over.

He blushed at that thought and blushed harder as his cock began to swell. He quickly closed his eyes, but not before seeing everything needed to see. Her breast, not large was just right for her body size. Enough to hold in his hands, to fill them as he fondled them he thought. His cock stirred even more as his thoughts became carnally explicit. Her pearlescent skin softly glowed in the moon light drifting through the bedroom window. Her rosy nipples were aroused with the cool night air gently caressing them. His cock wished he was caressing them, as it strained against his robe.

He tried to ease himself out of the room keeping his eyes closed but another noise had his eyes shooting open. His daughter was frowning in her sleep, clearly frustrated. Her hand was under the covers and he could see plainly that she was fingering herself in her sleep. Her other hand was touching her breasts, pinching her nipples. Her skin now flushed like a delicate rose, her breathing was coming faster but a groan of frustration escaped her berry red lips.

Before he realized what he was doing, he was at her bed slowly lifting her bed coverings to expose her naked body to his gaze. Her fingers were swiftly rubbing her clit and caressing her opening to gather her juices on her fingers. He watched as she pushed her fingers deep inside her and then draw them out to paint her clit with the juice she gathered.

He glanced up to her face and saw she was still asleep though she was obviously hot and bothered by not achieving orgasm. His paternal instincts warred against each other. On one hand he didn't want to see his baby suffer. On the other hand he knew he was wrong to be here. His cock grew impossibly harder as he saw all the cream gathering in her pussy hair, making it glisten in the soft light.

He slowly sat on the bed and reached out his hand. He couldn't believe he was doing this. His hand parted her nether lips and gathered moisture on his fingers. He slid his hand up to her clit. Her own fingers fell away, only to come to rest on her breasts, she softly pinched them. He glanced at her face and relaxed a bit more to see she was still fast asleep.

He let his finger explore her folds, softly skimming over her hot button. Her hips squirmed at the soft contact and he chuckled under his breath. She was in such a hurry, but he would show her that taking it slow could be just as fun, even if she was asleep.

He put more pressure on her clit and inched a finger into her cunt. She was so tight; he eased in while he kept up a steady rhythm on her clit. Her muscles slowly relaxed and he eased another finger into her.

Finally he was able to put three fingers into her; he eased them out and pushed them in again. He could feel the edges of her hymen with his fingertips. He slowly worked through it while speeding the movement on her clit. She moaned softly and began to push her hips up to meet his finger thrusts. He glanced to her face but she was still asleep. Her eyes moved restlessly in dream, her breaths came faster and shallower and a low sound came from the back of her throat.

He felt the muscles in her quim begin to clamp down on his fingers. He plunged his fingers in her faster and farther. He felt her stiffen, her vagina clamping tight on his fingers. Her own fingers were gripping her nipples tight. He watched her face as she climaxed. A crimson flush spread over her cheeks and down her neck. She was literally blushing from head to toes. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as her orgasm rolled through her. He kept thrusting into her hot, wet sheath making her ride out her climax till the very end.

She sighed as he eased his fingers out of her soaking pussy. His cock was hard and throbbing painfully, but he wasn't going to ruin this by taking his own pleasure on her with out her knowledge. He knew it was still wrong what he did, but he only gave pleasure; he wasn't using her for his.

He started to reach for her blanket to tuck her back in when he heard her sigh again.

"Daddy," she whispered. His gaze flew to her face again but only saw her sleeping contentedly. A soft smile on her face, her body still held a rosy glow from her orgasm.

Hearing her say his name on her lips after finger fucking her snapped his tightly leashed control. He discarded his robe, throwing it over his shoulders. He was naked underneath and his cock stood proudly before him. He was so excited; pre-come drenched his hard prick. He knelt down, arranging his daughter's legs, spreading them wide. Her pussy still flowed, drenching her dark curls and the sheet under her. He took his cock in hand and slowly pumped it. More seminal fluid leaked out of his cock.

With cock in hand, he guided the head to the mouth of her cunt. He was hard pressed to watch her face to see if she awakened or watch his cock slide in to her wet sheath. He decided it was too late for watching her and kept his eyes on his hard on as it inched into her pussy. It was so tight, he was afraid he would explode right then. Slowly she loosened up and he slid all of his length into her.

He had to stop for a moment. He had to commit the feelings to memory. She was hot and tight, her muscles still fluttering after her orgasm. Her juices were steadily flowing down his cock; his thighs became wet and sticky.

He pulled out and raised his gaze to her breasts. He pushed back in and stopped again. This time he leaned down to suck on her nipples. Sucking on them till with each pull on her nipple he could feel an answering tug on his dick deep inside her cunt. He switched sides and began to thrust shallowly in and out of her. He could tell from her breathing that he kept moving over her g-spot. He kept thrusting and sucking on her nipple till he felt her come again. He pushed him self deep inside of her, bumping her cervix and waited out the orgasm flowing around his cock. He looked into her face and saw it contorted from pleasure, her mouth was open and moans kept pouring out of her mouth like her cum was pouring out of her pussy.

She slowly came down and he was going to start the climb to his own climax, when she smiled and opened her eyes. She blinked up at him. He stopped everything; his heart stuttered, his breathing stopped, and even his cock stopped. Though somehow with fear his cock swelled even more making his daughter squirm and arch her back.

He was about to apologize and slide out when she grinned impishly up at him.

"That felt really good, Daddy," she said raising her legs to wrap around his waist. His mouth fell open and his dick swelled even harder, "Your still hard in side me, Daddy," she said and squeezed her pelvic muscles around his prick.

"I shouldn't be doing this," he rasped as he tried to get up, only to thrust forward again, "But, God, Baby you feel so damn good," he whispered.

"Shush," she comforted him, "No worries, Daddy. Finish what you started," she pushed her hips up to meet his next stab of his cock, "I want to feel you come inside me. I want to know what it is like, Daddy."

"Oh, God," he cried and began to pump his hips, loving the feeling of her hot pussy clamping around his penis. He felt her arms come around him and held him tight. She gazed into his eyes; he saw her blue eyes start to glaze over from passion.

He felt his testicles start to draw up and knew he was going to come. He began to pound himself in her tight cunt, faster and faster he sank into her.

Both their breath's started to hitch. Her moans echoed in the room as his grunts signaled the slap of their skin meeting.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes!!" she cried biting his shoulder to keep her scream in. Her cunt squeezed shut around his cock and he felt himself go too.

"Oh, God yes baby," he cried out as his cum shot out. He could feel her cum rushing towards him as his spunk squirted into her in a pulsating flow. He had never experienced an orgasm like that.

Exhausted he felt himself collapse, he knew he was too heavy to be lying on his daughter, but he was too tired to move.

He felt tiny butterfly kisses on his face. He rolled over and looked into eyes so similar to his own. He opened his mouth, to say what he didn't know, but she placed her hand over his mouth. The same hand she had used to finger herself. Her musty cum wafted up his nose. Incredibly he could feel his dick swelling.

"It's okay, you know," she said softly, smiling slightly at his incredulous look, "I wanted you for a long time. I wanted you to take my virginity. That's why I played possum tonight. I hoped it would help you take initiative," she said shyly.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her giving her comfort and his love. He grinned to himself. Maybe things would change. For the better, but he didn't think she would be missing too many visitation weekends. His cock stirred another inch, as he kissed the top of her head and held her as she slept.

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