tagIncest/TabooIn Her Daddy's Bed

In Her Daddy's Bed


Author's Note: Welcome to my latest story! Well at the end of Sharing Mom...with dad I asked readers to vote on what they wanted next. Mother/son or Father/Daughter. Between public comments and private feedback the winner by one vote was father/daughter. So here we are! Father daughter is not really my forte, but the few that I have done are all for a friend of mine, one of the few who know what I write and who has had some serious daddy fantasies. She said her favorite was a very simple one. Slipping into her daddy's bed and seducing him. As an added challenge I was asked to do this from "daddy's" pov. So this is for a very naughty woman who knows who she is. I hope you enjoy. LC


I opened my eyes to see Heather sitting on the edge of the bed.

"You okay hon?" I asked, trying to clear my head.

"I had another bad dream about Mom." She put her head down, "Can I sleep with you, daddy?"

I didn't answer right away. Heather had been doing this a lot lately and although the first few times I didn't have any issues with it, I was starting to wonder if it were a good idea. Daughter or not, the idea of an eighteen year old girl sleeping with a forty two year old man wasn't exactly appropriate. Speaking of the word appropriate, Heather's attire was far from it. The skimpy white tank top that left her smooth flat stomach exposed and was so tight it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

Heather's tits were small, but the top was clinging to them and I could see her nipples were hard. Speaking of hard, I felt my cock stirring between my legs and quickly lowered my eyes. There was no relief to be found when I saw she was wearing a pair of tiny red shorts with lace around the edges. She had one of her long legs stretched out on the bed and I found myself staring at her inner thigh. The shorts had ridden up and were bunching between her legs.

"Can I daddy?"

"I...I don't think that's a good idea, Heather." I said, trying to keep my voice steady.


She was staring at me with those big blue eyes and I felt myself waver. Her mother had gotten anything she wanted with those eyes and her daughter had learned to use them as well. My aching cock reminded me of the other ways Heather's mother had gotten what she wanted. Linda had been a bitch and at the end a cheat, but damn she was hot and Heather took right after her. That throbbing between my legs caused me to shake my head, "Really Heather, I think you need to get over this and stay in your own room."

"You...you don't want to be close to me?"

I started to answer, but stopped when she began to pout. I swallowed hard as her lower lip started to tremble and I had the overwhelming desire to lean forward and kiss her.

"Heather, I think that's the thing, I uh..." I paused and shrugged. "I think you're getting a little too close to me."

"But you like me close to you daddy." She smiled.

"What do you....?"

"You like your little girl next to you, that's why you're hard every night I'm in your bed."

"Heather!" I exclaimed, trying not to sound nervous, because she was right. "That's not true I...hey!"

I cried out in surprise when Heather reached out and yanked the sheet away from me. I was only wearing a pair of boxers and my hard cock was standing at attention in them.

"See daddy," she giggled, "He wants me in your bed!"


"And that's where I want to be," she said, sliding closer to me. "In my daddy's bed, and," placing her lips to my ear she whispered; "With my daddy inside me."

"Honey please, you're my..."

"I'm your little girl," she purred in my ear causing my cock to twitch, "your good little girl." She sighed, "Mom was mean to you. I want to be good to you."

I gasped as she slid her hand into the waistband of my boxers and grabbed my cock. I tried to protest, but catching me by surprise, Heather pushed me, causing me to lie back on the bed. I tried to sit up, but stopped when she rolled over on top of me and slid down between my legs. She was still holding my cock and licking her lips said softly, "You're so hard for your little girl!"

I fought back a moan at the sight of her small hand with its slender fingers wrapped around my cock. I lost the fight when she started pumping it in her hand. I placed my hand on her shoulder and started to try to push her away. Heather resisted and before I could sit up, opened her mouth and took my cock deep inside it.

"Oh God!" I moaned as she began quickly bobbing her head.

Heather moaned as she sucked my hard into her warm wet mouth. Her big blue eyes were looking into mine and her long blond hair looked amazing fanned across my thighs. I tried to tell myself this was my daughter, but somewhere the sick and horny part of my mind called out she's also a hot little thing and wants this and who would know? Heather was sucking faster now and her other hand was rubbing my balls. I let my body relax and leaned back on the pillow to watch my barely legal daughter suck my cock.

Seeing I was no longer resisting, Heather giggled around my cock and slowed her sucking. I watched amazed at the sight of her beautiful young face surrounding my dick and began breathing hard. I hadn't had anything, but my hand since Linda left four months ago and Christ her mouth felt good! I started to wonder how much experience she had sucking cock, but my thoughts were interrupted when she removed my cock from between those luscious lips and standing up on the bed between my legs, pulled her shorts down.

My eyes widened at the sight of her bald pink pussy and as I lied there, too stunned to move, Heather dropped back to the bed, straddling my hips and reaching back, guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy.

"Oh, I've wanted this so bad!" she moaned and with no hesitation, impaled herself on my....

I jerked awake with my heart pounding and my cock throbbing. I closed my eyes and forced myself to take slow deep breaths until my body calmed down then sighed disgustedly. You're a sick bastard Jim, thinking about fucking your daughter. As it had in my dream that sick voice which had been becoming louder and louder lately started up again.

Fact was the girl was hot as all get out! No red blooded male could look at Heather and not immediately imagine what it would be like to fuck her. I pushed those thoughts from my head. I was horny and thinking with my dick. I hadn't gotten any since Heather's whore of a mother had announced she'd been fucking boss for the last year and had decided to move to Florida with him; immediately. The second half of that bitch's shocking declaration was that she'd spent enough of her life as a parent and that Heather could stay with me, seeing I loved playing house more than having fun.

As devastated as I was, my pain turned to rage and as far as I was concerned Linda could contract syphilis and die an agonizing death. Heather on the other hand, my heart went out to. She was as sweet as she was beautiful and an honor student who had just earned a scholarship to Providence College. She was far better than her mother deserved and despite the fact Linda had never exactly been a great mother, Heather was still heartbroken. That heartache and feeling of abandonment had been causing her to have nightmares of her mother either dying-not exactly my idea of a nightmare- or telling Heather she'd left because of her.

Those dreams had led to Heather asking if she could sleep in my bed on the nights she was afraid to go back to sleep. I probably shouldn't have let her, but felt sorry for her and had no idea what else to do. Heather and I had always been close, as Linda was never very affectionate with her and I loved her being "Daddy's girl". Since Linda screwed, Heather had grown even closer to me. When I was home she was by my side and seemed upset whenever I went out. She seemed obsessed with whether or not I was going to move on, always asking if there was a woman I thought was going to take her mother's place.

Lately I had been getting the eerie feeling Heather was looking to be that girl. Always affectionate, she was now all but hanging on me and there were times her kisses on my cheek were coming dangerously close to my lips. Anytime I looked at her she was staring at me and I was starting to wonder if she were really having nightmares and wasn't just looking to come into my bed. As I had dreamt, Heather was beginning to dress rather scantily around me now. In the beginning if she came into my bed, she would be wearing baggy shorts and t-shirts, but lately, she'd been wearing very little.

Those skimpy outfits weren't limited to her nighttime attire lately either. Although she dressed modestly when she went to school or her part time job at Target, when she was home Heather was dressing like a cast off from a bad porn movie. Skirts so short I could almost see her ass cheeks, tight tops that showed off her tits and lately the pony tail she always favored had given was to her wearing her long blonde hair down. She'd also been wearing a lot of make-up and in general seemed to be trying to make herself look older.

I kept telling myself not to look. For all intensive purposes, Heather had lost her mom and was putting more affection on me than was healthy. By looking, and worse, by fantasizing about her, I was doing the same. I was a decent looking guy and had no issues with women. I could get out there and meet someone, but instead was staying home and admittedly enjoying Heather's extra attention. I was obviously giving her more than enough attention, to the point I was having not just dreams, but day time fantasies of her as well.

Just yesterday I'd come home to find her by the pool in a red bikini that was so revealing my initial reaction was to tell her to get her ass into the house and change. Six months ago I'm sure I would have done that. Instead I simply tried to go into the house, because I didn't feel comfortable going near her. That's what I told myself anyway. Fact was I couldn't stop staring at her. I'd gone straight into the bathroom where the window looked out over the pool and as Heather lied there on her stomach sunning herself, her sick father pulled his cock out and jerked off to the sight of her perfect little ass in the string bikini bottom.

My cock, which had been shriveling as I thought of Linda, began to swell while I envisioned the thin strip of material that had barely covered my daughter's pussy. I wondered what that pussy would look like. I imagined it would be pink and smooth. It would also be tight as hell. As far as I knew Heather had only had sex with one guy that she'd dated for almost a year. That was another arousing thought. She would not only be tight, but not very experienced. I would be able to make her cum harder than she'd ever imagined. I shook my head and sighed; I'd never really thought of young girls before, but when you spent a few nights lying next to one it was hard not to.

My cock was now throbbing again and knowing I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep unless I took care of it, I slid my hand down my stomach and reaching into my boxers, grabbed it. As I began stroking my cock, I rolled my eyes at the thought that here I was in my early forties spanking it like a teenager. On the note of teenagers, my mind again became filled with images of my sexy little daughter. I went back to my dream and moaned softly at the memory of her lips around my cock and the way she'd looked at me while she blew me.

There was a part of me that told me to stop, Heather loved me as a daughter loves her father, not the way she would a boyfriend. But my cock was hard and I'd be lying if I said the idea of fucking her wasn't a hot one. Just thinking of how sweet she would taste and what she would sound like when she came on the tip of her father's tongue....I gasped and started to pump my cock harder as I imagined her little squeals. I had my legs closed and as I furiously stroked myself, I spread them open to take the pressure off my balls.

I jumped as my leg hit something and jerking my head to the side, my eyes widened; Heather was sleeping next to me. When my leg bumped hers, she made a soft sound in her sleep and rolled over towards me. I slid over quickly so that she didn't get close enough to press against me, especially my still hard cock. Heather nuzzled her face into the pillow before sighing softly and settling back into sleep. I wondered how long she'd been in the bed. Normally she woke me up and asked, but then again, last time I'd hesitated before saying yes, mainly because of the tiny little shorts and silky little top she'd been wearing.

As always I'd caved. But after spending an hour with my cock hard, I'd slipped out of the bed and jerked off in the bathroom and the next morning told her maybe she should try to tough it out next time she'd had a nightmare. Now she just slipped in without giving me the chance. I told myself to roll over, put my back to her and go to sleep, but my window was open and I couldn't help but look at her in the moonlight.

Heather really was nothing short of beautiful. Her soft features were peaceful and I smiled when I noticed her lips were pressed into a pout as she slept. I leaned closer and had the urge to gently press my lips to hers, to feel their softness. Heather's long blonde hair was fanned across her shoulders and back. I noticed all I could see on her shoulders was two thin black straps and wondered what the hell she was wearing now.

"Go to sleep Jim." I whispered, "Do the right thing."

Instead I succumbed to my sick desire to check out my daughter and grabbing the sheet slowly lifted it. Oh, goddamn I thought and my aching cock agreed. Heather was wearing a black silky top that left a good part of her upper back bare. I took in the smooth skin and resisted the urge to caress it. My eyes wandered down to see that the top didn't go all the way down, leaving her lower back exposed as well. I continued to let my gaze slide down and caught my breath at the sight of the lower half of her ensemble.

Heather was wearing what looked like just a pair of black panties. They had bunched up; leaving her right ass cheek exposed and the sight of her soft curve of her firm little ass caused another surge to go through my now dripping cock. Heather's legs were stretched out and unable to help it, my eyes wandered down every inch of her well shaped thighs and calves. I returned to stare at that adorable ass and imagined spreading those cheeks and sliding my tongue down through her...

"Can't sleep daddy?"

I jerked my head up, to see Heather's blue eyes staring at me. I swallowed nervously, wondering if she had seen me gawking.

"I...um...no." I said with a shrug.

Heather smiled and said, "I couldn't either, until I came in here." Her smile widened, "I like being in your bed."

"Yeah well..."

"Daddy, why were you looking under the sheet?" she asked.

Oh, you stupid shit! I'd been caught red handed. Thinking with surprising quickness, I shrugged.

"I wanted to see what you were wearing."

"Do you like it?" she smiled and sitting up, put her arms out.

I was confronted with the sight of her barely concealed tits and tried not to stare at them as she continued, "I know you like black so I wore this for you!"

Oh shit, I thought, there was getting to be no doubt that Heather was thinking about me as more than her father right now.

"Yeah, well uh..." Ignoring my aching cock and the desire to just go ahead and give my little girl what she wanted, I made the effort to be a father, not a pervert. "That's the thing Heather; I told you last time you need to stop wearing things like that, it's not proper."

"But you're my daddy, you're not supposed to look at me like that and I'm really comfy."

I felt myself relax, that last remark sounded as if she might not be thinking anything more than what she'd just said, which would make me more of a perv, but at least....

"Besides," she shrugged, "When I'm alone I sleep naked, so these are my jammies."

Naked. Oh goddamn I thought as my mind began conjuring up those images.

"Do you want me to change Daddy?" she asked, "I'll go back to my room and put on something else." She gave me the pout. "Do you want me too?"

"No," I said then yelled at myself for being weak, "That's okay, but let's just go back to sleep okay?"

"Okay!" she smiled happily.

Heather's big smiles never failed to make me smile back, and tonight was no exception. She'd been through a lot lately and I felt good I could make her happy.

"Good night honey, sweet dreams." I said as staying on my back, I moved over a little more and closed my eyes.

"Or not so sweet ones." she giggled, causing my eyes to pop open.

She didn't speak again and risking a glance over to her I saw her eyes were closed. I also saw she was lying on her side with her tits were almost falling out of the top of her shirt. I licked my lips at the sight of the swelling of her smooth young breasts and had to turn away before I pulled her damn shirt down and started sucking on them. This would be it, tomorrow I would tell her no more and I would start locking my bedroom door. If her nightmares kept up I would take her to talk to someone.

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore my throbbing cock. I'd been so worked up; I could feel my precum dripping on my thigh and thought about slipping out and jerking off. I forced myself to remain where I was. For one I didn't want to wake Heather up and risk anymore contact tonight. In addition to that I needed to get over this and stop stroking to my damn daughter. I began to take slow deep breaths and pushed my thoughts towards Kim, a pretty brunette at the office who was also recently divorced, we'd been talking more and more and maybe it was time to ask her to dinner.

Kim had been giving me some signals and maybe spending a night with an attractive woman my age would make me forget about the hot teenage blonde next to me. I began to relax and eventually my thoughts faded into nothingness as I fell back to sleep.


I jumped at the feeling of something sliding across my chest and opening my eyes saw Heather's arm draped across me. As I blinked the sleep from my eyes and became more awake I noticed I had stretched my arm out and Heather had rolled right into me. Her head was resting on my shoulder and I could feel her long hair tickling my chest. I could also feel her warm breath on my neck. Knowing this was going to be a problem, I prepared to move. That's when I stopped and my eyes widened when it occurred to me that I could feel a lot more than her breath.

I became aware of the fact that I could feel her tits pressing into my side. Her bare tits. Holy shit, she was naked! I lay there for a moment waiting to wake up, but when she lifted her leg and drape it over mine I knew this was no dream. I gasped out loud when she slid closer and I felt the heat of her pussy along my thigh. I stayed motionless unsure of what to do. Well I knew what I should do was get the hell out of that bed and go sleep on the damn couch. Yet I stayed there, my mind racing with the thought that she had stripped and was pressing her young tight body against me.

My daughter wanted me. She was probably awake and waiting for me to react. I stayed where I was, feigning sleep and wondering if I didn't move if she'd go any further. It was everything I could do not to lift the sheet and look along the length of her nude form. My cock was hard within seconds and again I yelled at myself to get out of... My thoughts trailed off as Heather started rocking her hips, causing her pussy to slide along my leg. My heart started beating faster as her smooth hot skin rubbed along my thigh.

I started breathing heavier as I could feel my leg getting wet beneath her and could now feel her very hard nipples poking into me. Her leg was across mine far enough that I could feel her soft foot on my other leg and she was sliding it up and down my calf. I caught my breath when her hand began to move along my stomach. She was only using her nails and feeling of them trailing across my skin caused a surge of excitement through my already hard dick.

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