Daddy's Girl


"I'm a virgin down there Daddy..."

He looked deep into her gleaming green eyes and said, "Now sweetheart, Daddy would never hurt you. I know just how to do it...nice and how Daddy pops your little cherry inside you."

As she looked down between them, he started to swirl his wide cockhead around and around her wet, little pussy lips...just barely teasing his cockhead in and out of her. Slowly, his cockhead started to disappear inside her as he popped it in and out. That was the easy part.

"See sweetheart...there's no such thing as 'too big' for Daddy's little pussy. This little pussy belongs to your Daddy now. See how your Daddy's fat dickhead slides right in there. You're so wet for your Daddy...such a good girl!" he breathed to her.

"Hmmmmm, Daddy..." she moaned back at him.

As he slowly pressed himself down on top of her, she could feel more and more of her Daddy's big, wide dick slide into her wet, tight, little hole. She felt it go slowly deeper and deeper into her. Every time that it seemed too big to go any deeper, her Daddy would pull it out of her a little ways and then slowly press it deeper inside of her again, reaching down to rub her stiff, little clit with one hand, while he held himself up with his other arm the whole time.

"Oh my God're filling me up so deep! I can feel it in my warm...throbbing inside of me...oh my God...OH MY GOD!!" she cried.

She could already feel a big wave of emotion starting to rise inside of her from his slow, deep dicking.

He was almost all the way deep inside his good little girl now...grunting a little as he tried to fit himself all the way inside of her...slowly forcing his little girl's pussy WIDE open.

"'s going in sweetheart. Do you feel it? Feel your Daddy's big, heavy balls tap against your bald, wet, little pussy lips!"

She could not believe how FULL she felt with her Daddy's dick ALL THE WAY inside of her! His balls were pressed against the bottom of her pussyhole and across her ass now, and it all felt so good!

"All the way inside my little girl...Daddy's the first to be inside your virgin little hole isn't he?" he said with a wicked smile.

And, with that final comment, she came...harder than ever...her sloppy wet pussy oozing with pussy cream as she continually clamped down over and over again so hard on her Daddy's big dick! She was yelling and cumming so hard that he had to put one of his hands over her mouth to try and muffle her screams so that the neighbors wouldn't hear!

"Oh my God Daddy...I-I never knew it could feel like that. My pussy's leaking out all over your big cock and-and..."

"All over my big balls sweetheart," he finished for her. "I LOVE how wet my little girl's pussy gets for me! Daddy's gonna fuck you now and REALLY break you in! Are you ready now?"

"YES DADDY...fuck my little pussy...YOUR little's all for you...anything you want Daddy! Fuck me like a 'big girl'! Fuck me like I hear you fuck Mommy at night!" she exclaimed.

That was all that he needed to hear. He started to pull his big dick out of her...almost all the way out. She gripped him almost like a vacuum as he tried to pull it out of her pussy. Then, he slowly pushed it back in to his balls again.

"Yes Daddy! It feels so good!! HARDER!" she cried.

Slowly but surely, he started to pump his body and his cock down into her...into her bed.

They could hear the wet sounds between them of her soaking wet pussy being fucked for the first time...of his big balls slapping against her ass...of her little yelps of pleasure as he went balls-deep inside her every time...and of his heavy breathing and occasional cries as he felt his dick being gripped tighter than it had ever been before in his life!

Over and over again...faster and faster...he drove himself into her. Her pussy cherry was long gone now. Over and over again he fucked her...building up the tempo and urgency of his thrusts as he went on and on.

He could see her face contorted into displays of both pleasure and pain as he fucked her harder and harder...faster and faster. Her firm tits heaved up and down as he pounded her little pussyhole again and again.

He held onto to her tits now as he fucked her...squeezing her nipples with his fingers. Leaning down now...face to face as they fucked. He started to kiss her deeply.

She responded with deeper kisses than they had shared before. She felt his wide meat parting her super-wet pussy lips over and over again. She was so surprised that her little pussy hadn't been broken open into a million pieces by now! As the heat of his dick filled her up over and over again, she could feel her own warmth building inside the middle of her body.

She was so amazingly wet now. There was a pool of pussy juice all over her bed underneath them...soaking her sheets and mattress cover. What a mess they were making!

He could feel her pussy getting hotter and hotter as he fucked her. His dick twitched and throbbed inside of her as they moved together...her legs spread so wide for willing for his thrusts over and over again!

After a while, he could start to feel a stirring again down in his big balls...way down at the base of them. Just a faint twinge at first that built up in a wave across his balls. He then felt his hot sperm start to fill up the inside of his dick, starting down at the base and quickly moving upward.

"Oh yea sweetheart! That's Daddy's pussy now...all for Daddy...whenever wants to...he's gonna fuck it...fuck it everyway that he can. It feels so good! Show your Daddy again how a good girl CUMS on her Daddy's big dick! Show him what a good girl you are sweetheart...cum for your Daddy, while he fills your sweet little pussy up with his cum!"

His words and their rhythm caused her to spill over the edge yet again. The warmth inside her built up until it burst forth across her whole body. She shut her eyes tight as she came even harder than before...squeezing and cumming...just like she was told to...just like a good girl does for her Daddy!

She screamed at the top of her little lungs as she came like a thunderclap.

He felt her hot, tight, little teen pussy close shut around him...spasming and milking his dick like a velvet fist. It was too much for him. He shut his eyes tight as he felt his sweet release through the tip of his dick...his hot Daddy cum pulsing and squirting way at the back of her tight pussy...filling her up inside her belly.

"AHHHHH...OHH YEA!" he cried as he felt three more hot pulses of cum shoot into her.

His cum flowed out around the end of his dick and her pussy lips...down the crack of her ass...mixing in with her pussy cream.

They lay on top of one another panting...her feeling him pulse hard inside of her...and him feeling her chest rise and fall beneath him. They smiled at each other.

"Did you mean what you said Daddy?" she asked him a while later as they were still recovering.

"Mean what sweetheart?" he responded.

She blushed across her face as she said, "About fucking me whenever you want to from now on...I know..."

"Mmmmm hmmmm..." he said as he bit his lip a little. "As a matter of fact, I think you're going to be 'too sick' tomorrow to go to school. I think you'll be staying home with your Daddy instead tomorrow."

"Well, I am kind of know...down there," she giggled in response.

"Ooooohhhh!" she said as she felt him finally pull his wilting dick out of her wet pussy. "Daddy! It burns a little too!"

"It's just sensitive now sweetheart. Your pussy and clit have done a LOT of cumming today!" he said as he started to kiss her forehead once again. "So, I want you to wait a little bit before you touch yourself tonight thinking about all the fun that we've had today."

"Daddy! How did you know that I was already thinking about doing that?!" she gasped.

"You're my little girl, and Daddy knows his little girl very well," he smiled at her. "Now be a good girl...clean up this MESS that you made here and downstairs before Mommy gets home."

"This mess that YOU made Daddy!" she said as she kissed him one last time before he got up on his wobbly legs and left her room.

"Whatever," he said as he felt his dick droop down over his still wet, empty balls. "Your Daddy will be in here bright and early tomorrow morning to give you some more lessons in fucking and sucking, and you BETTER be wet and ready for him!"

To be continued...

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