tagFirst TimeDaddy's (New) Little Girl

Daddy's (New) Little Girl


I didn't mean to screw my wife's best friend's daughter. I really, really didn't. It just happened, a serendipitous encounter, unplanned and unexpected.

But I've somehow jumped to the conclusion of the story, and without some background all of this wouldn't make any sense.

Carrie and I have been married 15 years, or 10 of the best years of my life as I like to joke. Seriously, it's been a good marriage, we're still in love, and I'd never strayed from our wedding vows. I have to admit I like to look at women...what guy doesn't? Heck, I even innocently flirt a little.

That's where Carrie's best friend and our neighbor Constance comes in, as the two are close like sisters, basically inseparable. They have hit it off for years, and because of that we've spent countless family dinners together, alternated cookouts in summer and for a while even shared several condos on family vacations.

Constance's husband Ralph was, well, a little different, a big mouth know it all. He hated paying taxes, hated his job, hated everything it seems. He was always contrary, the glass was always half empty and never half full. One day Ralph just hit the road, never to return, leaving Constance and her children without a father. It was a sad state of affairs, but it was reality.

Over the years what was left of our two families watched the kids grow up, and I especially watched a young girl grow into a woman. Subject in point? Tara, as in the oldest daughter of Constance. Young Tara had blossomed into a 19-year-old woman right before my eyes. Tara and I spoke all of the time; I'd help her with this or that, met several of her boyfriends, helped with schoolwork and taught her to drive. With a runaway dad, I became the male figure in her life, providing advice and counsel on numerous occasions.

Last summer I spent a lot of time with Tara, tutoring her on clinical psychology, a sore subject for her in her sophomore year at State. Involved in this was a great deal of role-playing, and we bantered about several scenarios, play acting our way through various problems and such.

It was in one of these scenarios I, as a subject, mentioned that my fictitious wife and I were having various troubles in the bedroom. It started as a real topic from her workbook, but soon I started pushing the envelope by entering some details of my own marriage to make it interesting. And, yes, it was a little flirty conversation too, as my young "counselor," Tara, went with the flow, eliciting private data from me under the guise of background. It started as innocent fun, but after a bit I stretched the envelope by adding risqué details.

Along the way in the conversation I mentioned that Carrie, uh, I mean the fictitious "Mary", my make believe wife, hadn't given me oral sex in five years. In fact, my wife Carrie hadn't gone down on me in that five-year span, saying it wasn't proper or womanly. Of course, when we were dating, and through the first couple years of marriage, Carrie would polish my knob several times a week. That number began to dwindle over the years until in year 10 she came to the conclusion it was degrading for a woman to perform fellatio.

I explained all of this to Tara, my budding young counselor, of course masking my real world under the guise of being a disgruntled husband seeing help. Dr. Jones, as I called her, was a sympathizing listener.

Tara listened to my tale, and nodded at the appropriate times. I could swear she even had a slight smile while listening, and I wondered what was going through her mind as she obviously read past my story and knew it was really me and my life I was describing. In any event, like any good psychologist, she merely took notes, asked a few probing questions, then looked at her watch and said we'd pick up the conversation at our next session.

Over the next several role-playing sessions, which extended most of the summer, more and more intimate details were shared. It was extremely hot talking sex with the girl, all under the guise of it being "schoolwork" help. I hated to see the sessions end when she went back to school, but received great news several months later when she aced her class and sent me a thank you note.

Nothing much changed in my love life in those months, but there were other happenings. I lost my job when my company went out of business, and had to rely on Carrie's dad to help with our finances. Once re-employed, things were still tight as the new position paid less than the last. That made things a little rough around the house, as Carrie constantly reminded me how her dad had to help us along.

Things didn't get better with me back in the work grind, as Carrie began to question and comment on nearly everything we did. It was as if she blamed me for having to ask her father for help...and heck, I was repaying the man on a monthly basis even when he told me to forget about the "loan".

My love life with Carrie became nearly non-existent, a fact which made me sizzle inside. I wanted more than a roll in the hay for my birthday or anniversary. But I figured in time things would get back to normal.

Days before Christmas I made my annual trek to the mall, attempting to gather a few last minute gifts. It was a long afternoon, hustling and bumping with the mob of shoppers, all with the same intentions as me. Passing Abercrombie's, I noticed a mannequin dressed in a preppy beige blouse and short pleated skirt in the window.

My mind wandered as I gazed at the display. The outfit was hot, something I wish my wife would wear for me. Of course, it wasn't a proper outfit and I knew it was only fantasy that she'd dress up for me, but it was a great thought. Lost in the fantasy, I looked again at the outfit, only to have my eyes re-directed to the girl looking at the same outfit from inside the store.

It was Tara.

I don't know which of us was more surprised, but we both gave a sort of wave at each other. I stood as Tara came bounding out of the store and gave me a hug.

"Oh, Mr. Roberts, it's so good to see you! I was hoping to catch up with you on my holiday break. I just got in last night!" said the exciting girl with a smile. "In fact I was going to have mom invite you guys over for dinner next week!"

We exchanged pleasantries, and I invited her to Starbucks near the food court for a coffee and conversation.

We talked about school, her classes, boyfriends and such, about my new job, vacation plans and various and sundry small talk. From time to time I'd stare at the girl, sitting pretty across from me in a modest knee-length black skirt and preppy tartan top.

"You know, I just have to thank you again for all your help with Psychology, there's no doubt in my mind you helped me get over the hump and get an "A". When I did role-playing in class I just imagined it was you I was speaking with and it was a breeze," said the gleeful girl. "There would be some geek across from me asking questions, and I'd imagine your soothing smile on his face. I know all your worked helped me."

Of course I told her she did all the work, that I didn't take any of the tests and that she earned her grade.

Minutes turned into an hour and I wondered where the time went. We walked through the mall, she helped me purchase a couple gifts for my wife, and then asked if she could bum a ride home with me.

We walked to the parking garage, taking the elevator to the fourth floor.

Walking toward my car, and totally out of left field, Tara began to giggle.

"What's so funny?" I questioned.

"Nothing, oh nothing...Uh, Mr. Smith," she asked, using my fake name from our role-playing sessions, "have you been getting more intimate with your wife...uh, what was her name, Mary?"

I had to laugh. I shook my head, opening the car door and gazing at the long legs of the pretty girl, then stepped around to the driver's side. Inside, I looked at the young woman, rolled my eyes, and replied. "No, Mrs. Smith and I aren't having, well, sexual relations in any way."

The young 19-year-old college girl smiled as she looked into my eyes. "Why, Mr. Smith, no relations at all? You mean you aren't engaging in any kind of sex?" she asked in a clinical manner "No intercourse? No fellatio? You mean she doesn't even masturbate you?"

I shook my head no.

"That's quite sad." She moved closer and slipped her hand onto my thigh. "That's very sad, especially because you are such a nice, caring man."

Her naughty talk sparked a heat wave in my pants, resulting in a bit of tenting.

Tara removed her hand, but not before gazing at my obvious erection.

"I've learned a lot in school," said the girl as she changed the topic, "it has been a lot of hard work, and a lot of late night studying."

I merely nodded, noticing once more how pretty she was sitting across from me. I dreamily thought of her accidental touch of my leg, and how I'd love to have her stroke me, suck me or fuck me.

Clearly Tara would be the main attraction that night when I imagined that and more in a late masturbatory session.

Her voice snapped me back to reality. "You know I learned a lot this semester not only about psychology, but also math, English and even study techniques. But I think my favorite course was in social studies. We talked a lot about embarrassing subjects, like relationships and, well, sex. You can imagine how embarrassing it is to talk sex in front of the guys."

"Well, not really Tara, but maybe for me in front of a woman, like you."

"Are you embarrassed now?" she asked.

"Uh huh."

She looked out the window, back and me, and smiled once again.

"No need to be, this is like, well, a counseling session. It's private, confidential, and nobody will know we talked."


The pretty girl looked at me, smiled, and then continued. "I did have some time for fun in school, a little time for experimentation."

She stopped talking for a minute, I merely looked at her.

"Know what I learned?"


"Let me show you..."

With that the young girl reached over and unzipped my trousers. She reached in, feeling around until she could awkwardly insert her hand inside the waste band of my boxers. She slipped my hard, throbbing cock out into open air.

"Mr. Smith, I learned to do this..."

She began slowly stroking my dick, smiling as I groaned, then bent over and gave my cock a long lick around the tip.

It was heaven. Her mouth was so hot and wet, her lips moist, and my cock jumped like it hadn't for years. Tara nibbled away for a couple minutes then lifted her head and looked around, moving back to the passenger seat.

"But..." I groaned, wanting to pull her back onto my dick but not knowing what has really happening.

"Mr. Smith, don't you think this is a little too out in the open," said the girl. "I mean, I have a reputation to protect. Anyone could walk up to the car here." I had to agree, as we were in a parking garage merely steps from the elevator and several other cars. Starting the car I drove up another level, circling before deciding on a secluded spot farthest from the elevator where I could look in the rearview and side mirrors for intruders.

Throughout the drive Tara softly stroked my dick.

Turning the car off and setting the mirrors, I looked once again at the pretty young thing. I couldn't believe it, the girl was half my age. Her smile was infectious, her legs beckoning; she was an attractive young lady.

"Kiss me, Mr. Smith," said the young girl, demanding not asking.

We embraced, lips locking and tongues tangling. We made out like high school kids, losing track of time and location. I heard a car approaching and broke the embrace, but kissed her again once it was safely away from us.

"Mr. Smith, we have to be a little careful. We don't have much time. Can I kiss your cock again?"

I wasn't about to argue with or decline the request. I looked around, the coast seemed clear.

Unhooking my belt and lowering my pants and underwear I readied myself for nirvana while Tara knelt on the seat and bent over to my side. She stroked my engorged cock for a bit before kissing me on the cheek. Then she dove down onto my throbbing manhood.

Tara started by kissing all over my hard meat. Not a centimeter went untouched by her inquisitive tongue. When she finished with the bottom of the cock she replaced her lips with her hand, and stroked the dick while kissing higher and higher toward the tip.

Pre-work done, she ovaled her mouth and sucked on the tip and stroked the base as I struggled to hold off my orgasm. I wanted to cum, but I didn't want to cum fast like a teenager. Still, I couldn't hold off.

"Oh my God!" I cried, just a couple minutes into the act. Tara increased the speed of her stroking my throbbing cock, and tightened her lips around the tip of my dick. My orgasm started deep in my balls then started its eruption.

"I'm cumming Tara, pull off!" I demanded.

The girl didn't budge from my cock. She had a firm grip on the base of my cock and her mouth kept sucking as my dick began its volcano like eruption. She attempted to swallow all of my juice, but some escaped her mouth as she struggled to breath. Still, she didn't stop her sucking, even after my dick started to shrivel. She kissed and licked and sucked until it tickled, but still didn't leave my squeaky clean dick until I pushed her away.

"That was incredible, Mr. Smith," said the girl, her tongue searching and finding some of the sticky residue of my orgasm on her cheeks.

I could only moan, savoring the moment.

I looked at the girl, pulled her close and then did something I had never done. I kissed the girl and our tongues battled as I tasted my stuff. We swapped spit and secretions as my dick once again rose to attention.

"Mr. Roberts, er, Mr. Smith, you animal," joked the girl. "I must not have done a good job."

"Oh Tara, you don't know how good that felt. It was fantastic."

"Mr. Smith, you don't know how good it felt for me, I loved sucking your cock," she cooed.

We kissed as she stroked me again. I was hard, not rock hard but hard, as she worked my dick again.

"Uh, I think we're pushing things if I were to go down on you again here," said the sexy college girl. "We don't want to be busted by security."

Damn, I wanted to feel those lips again on my cock. But she was right, we were lucky to have stayed away from prying eyes for so long. I pulled up my boxers, then my pants, but she reached over and pulled out my dick.

"I didn't say put this away, just get presentable."

I did, and she kept stroking my semi-hard cock. I backed out of the space and started down the parking garage, cringing each time we passed by someone heading toward their car. I wondered if anyone could tell Tara was jerking me off. Beginning the ride home, I held the wheel tight as Tara stroked my cock.

We made small talk as if nothing had happened. I think I had a wry smile upon my face.

It was dark as we pulled into our development. Tara surprised me again by pointing to a parking lot near some baseball fields, instructing me to pull over. We found a secluded spot and Tara quickly unhooked my belt and directed me to lower my pants.

This time, she needed to work a lot harder on my cock, but neither one of us cared. I may have felt like a teenager, but my older dick wasn't used cumming twice in an hour. Tara obviously liked to suck cock, my cock, and I savored the sensations. I lifted her skirt and slipped my hand onto her ass then under her red cotton thong.

She was content with sucking and stroking my cock. In the moonlight I admired the top of her head, slowly bobbing up and down on my manhood and watched her ass wiggle to my slow stroking.

From time to time she'd lift off my cock and tell me how much she enjoyed sucking me, a comment which only made me throb more. She said my dick was wonderful, my cum tasty, and soon I was ready to pop once again. Tara sucked on my cock, a girl on a mission, as I stroked and gently smacked her ass.

This time I didn't tell her I was going to explode...I think she could figure that out on her own. I started to cum and she milked my dick dry with her sensuous lips. Like earlier, the blow job wasn't complete when I came. The girl continued to lick and suck my shriveled cock for several minutes after my orgasm.

What a girl, what a mouth, what a woman Tara was. Pulling up my pants, I wondered what had possessed the young girl to suck off a guy as old as her father. She stopped me as I began to talk. "Stop, no talk. Let's just savor the moment. Let's not ruin things."

We kissed for a while, then held each other right, before she said her mom would begin to wonder where she was. I drove her home, dropped her off, and pulled next door into my driveway.

I wasn't sure what she had meant by ruining things, but I do remember whacking off that night while imagining Tara sucking my cock.

I'd see her from time to time, attempted to be around when she was, but there was never an opening for me to approach her, nor did she make any attempt to privately contact me. We'd speak at dinners, smile special, knowing smiles, and act like father and daughter. I began to think it had been a dream, or, if reality, a one-day affair.

A week after our get-together and right before Tara was heading back to school, Carrie and Constance decided they needed a day at a local spa on a Saturday, and I resigned myself to do several "honey do" projects around the house. Working in the basement, I was startled by a knock at the rear door. Looking around, I spotted Tara. She did not look pleased.

"What did you tell your wife about us?" she spat, slapping my face.

"Whhhaaaattt?" I stammered.

"You're a bastard, you know, I'm grounded and you act like nothing is wrong."

I attempted to explain I had no idea of what she was speaking about, but the told me to shut up. She put her hand on my head, pushed me to the floor and lifted her skirt.

She wasn't wearing panties.

"Suck it you bastard. If I'm going to be in this much trouble it's going to be worth it."

I didn't know what to do, but spying the neatly trimmed bush in front of me I figured I'd dive in until I could figure out what the heck was going on.

I licked her pussy, lightly then with more intensity, for several minutes as she rocked against my face. She held my head tightly against her, and had to I gasp for air. Her pussy was tasty, and I have to admit that despite my concern that her parents might have found out about us I continued to suck her sexy twat.

Holding her ass in my hands I licked away at her college girl core, bringing forth deep moans from her mouth. After a bit I wanted a different, more comfortable angle, so I lifted her and walked into the other side of the basement, laying her gently on the pool table.

Now I took a little more time to explore. I slipped next to her, kissed her, and then dove down for more of her tasty, tangy cunt. This time I used not only tongue, but fingers and even my nose as I worked the young girl's pussy with all my skills. She tasted incredible.

After a bit her mid-section began to bounce and her pussy began to pulsate, and soon she shuttered in the first of several orgasms. I continued to kiss and stroke, but soon she pulled me up toward her face. We kissed for several minutes, holding each other tightly as our bodies slowly rocked in unison.

"You are so good to me, Daddy," said the girl, looking into my eyes. "You've always been wonderful to me. You listen, you counsel, you help me and you cheer me up. Now, Daddy, fuck me!"


Tara was emphatic. "Fuck me...now."

I thought of my wife, I thought of her mother, and I thought of my dick. It was throbbing.

My dick won out.

I lowered my pants, lifted her legs, slid my cock up and down her pussy lips then took the plunge. Or at least tried. The girl was tight, extremely tight. "Don't worry Daddy, I can take it."

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