tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Perfect Chance Ch. 02

Daddy's Perfect Chance Ch. 02


Hi all, thank you to everyone who commented on part one. I got several comments about no intro and too rushed, so I've slowed down, and gone back and explained. I hope this story is more to everyone's liking.


"What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

Michael, Tina's older brother was standing in the doorway, looking down on his father and sister who were both naked and smelling of sex.

"Michael, I swear, it's not what you think, I was....." Tina had no idea what to say. It could only be one thing and that one thing was pretty obvious. She could feel herself turning beet red and wished she could sink into the carpet.

Michael walked over to the two and knelt down. "Dad, you said you would wait for me. I told you I wanted to be here."

Tina felt her daddy running his hands up and down her ribcage and saw Michael's eyes following his father's hands' progression.

"I'm sorry son. She was a virgin, I couldn't hold out any longer.

"What are you talking about? You planned this? The two of you?" Tina was becoming angry. She thrust her father's hands away and moved away from both of them. She could feel the tears start in her eyes, but she didn't want them to see her cry.

"I should have just given Bryan my virginity! At least he was honest with me. He didn't trick me into having sex with him. Oh, god, I'm so embarrassed." Tina took off for her room and they heard her door slam.

Danny got up and started pulling on his pants. He had messed up and he knew it. He sat down hard on the sofa and Michael came over to plop down next to him.

Michael looked over at his father, "What was she talking about with Bryan, what does he have to do with any of this?"

"Bryan broke up with her. She went on a shopping rampage this afternoon and spent so much money on the credit card that the company called me to verify that all the purchases were allowed. When she came in, she was upset, and I was upset, and I tried to comfort her; she told me Bryan broke up with her because she wouldn't have sex with him, and well, I guess I got carried away." Danny turned away from his son, he was sorry that she was hurt, and shamed by her embarrassment.

"You know we have to fix this, right? I hope you were at least gentle with her." Michael looked angry that he might not have been.

"No, no, right before you came in, she said she enjoyed it, she's just embarrassed, and it's not like I spent any time on seduction. I think we can fix it. I'm going to shower; you look in on her and see how she is."

While his father went to the master bath to shower, Michael went to his sister's room. He heard the water running in the hallway bathroom, so he decided he would wait for her in her room. When she finally came into the room, she was wrapped in only a towel which just barely covered the lower curve of her ass. Her legs were long and so white. She had never been one to tan, and said she would rather always be white than to end up with eighty year old skin as a forty year old.

Tina stopped when she saw her brother leaning back on her bed. Her face turned red and she turned her back on him, not realizing that giving him a view of her shapely buttocks was probably not the thing to do.

Looking back over her shoulder, she glared at him, "What do you want? Haven't you two done enough today? Please leave!"


"What do you mean 'no'? What do I have to do?" Tina started crying again and looked around for a place to cover herself. She couldn't let the towel down, she couldn't sit without revealing everything, and she was starting to get very frustrated.

Michael jumped up off the bed and was wrapping his arms around her within three strides. "Oh, sweetie, please don't cry. We never meant it like that. Please, I can't stand for you to cry. Dad's just an oaf, I swear, what can I do? Please?" He was rubbing her back, and patting her wet hair, trying to calm her down.

Tina hiccupped and rubbed her face across his shirt, leaving streaks of tears and whatever was leaking from her nose. Michael looked down at his shirt with a slightly disgusted look and Tina couldn't help but smile at him. He really was sweet.

Michael led Tina back to her bed, "Here you go sweetie, you get under the covers, and I'll lie on top, that way you won't be embarrassed, ok?" He covered her up, lay down beside her and pulled her head onto his chest.

"Michael, were you and dad really planning all this? I mean, I'm your sister, how could you see me like that?" Tina looked up at him with a confused and slightly shy expression.

"Ok, T, all out. I know dad and I handled it wrong, but you have to understand some things. First of all, you are the first person dad has had sex with since mom died and he..."

Tina interrupted him, "Michael, mom died five years ago, that can't be right."

"T, let me tell this. I know it was five years ago, but you had just become a teenager, and I was rebellious, and when I finally went off to college, you were in high school, he never felt it right to bring another woman into the house. Anyway, he loved mom with all of his heart, and he couldn't imagine ever replacing her with anyone. But the fact of the matter is, he does have needs and urges, and sometimes they can run away with a man."

Michael looked down into his sister's face to see if she was understanding everything he was saying, "Dad and I first spoke about you right before your eighteenth birthday. He was afraid you were having sex, and asked me if he should take you to a doctor for birth control pills, but he didn't know how to talk to you about it. I assured him that you were not having sex, but he wasn't all that convinced."

Michael waited here to see if Tina had anything to interject but she was just staring up at him. "So anyway, while we were talking, dad figured out that I had a crush on you. He kept telling me how wrong it was, but finally broke down and told me that he had been fantasizing about you since you were fifteen."

This time Tina did have something to say, "Fifteen? You two have been ogling me since I was fifteen? How did I not notice?"

"I haven't, I only noticed you last year, after I accidentally walked in on you in the bathroom, but he does the laundry and gets you up in the morning, so he noticed more. We wanted to surprise you on your birthday; we thought you would enjoy being made into a woman by the two men who loved you most in the world."

Tina snuggled in closer to Michael and put her arm across his chest, listening to the rumble in his chest while he was speaking. "It was actually dad who chickened out. It wasn't that he didn't want you anymore, but he was afraid that if he hurt you your first time, you wouldn't want to make love to him anymore, and he was sure that once he had you, he wouldn't want to let you go."

Michael felt himself getting hard as Tina's fingers started tracing circles on his side. He tightened his arms around her and gave her a kiss on the temple. "Can I ask you a question, T?" Tina looked up at him and nodded her head.

"Did you like what dad did to you? I mean before I came in and ruined it all."

Tina tucked her head down and Michael could see the blush rising all the way up to her ears. "I really did Michael. He made me feel so good; I never imagined anything like it."

Michael lifted Tina's chin by a finger and leaned down, giving her a kiss on the lips. It wasn't a passionate kiss, no tongue, no nibbling on the lips; just a comforting kiss. Tina started pulling away, but Michael rested his hand against the back of her head, keeping her in place.

Speaking against her lips, Michael whispered, "Please don't pull away from me, T. I love you so much, and dad does too. We can't help it that we love you as more than a sister or a daughter, but we do. We want to show you our love, and we'll never hurt you, please know that."

Michael started kissing her again and this time she just melted into him. He licked across the seam of her lips and brushed his hand down her back and across her thigh. "Please open for me, sweetie. Let me in. I want to taste all of you, know all of you."

Tina parted her lips, and Michael's tongue swept through, tasting her sweetness. Wrapping his arm back around her again, he turned her so she was lying on her back, with himself leaning over her. He swept the covers off of her as she grabbed the towel and wrapped it even more tightly around herself.

Michael looked up at Tina and smiled. "Don't hide yourself from me. I only want to see you, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever known, and I want to prove my love for you." Tina didn't move her towel, but she did loosen her fingers on it.

Michael took the corner and slowly pulled it back, exposing her fully to his gaze. Tina watched the look in his eyes and was awed by the love she saw in them. She watched as he reached out, and palmed her right breast. She was feeling everything she had felt with her father, only more so, because she knew what was to come, and her body was begging her for a repeat of its earlier experience.

"You are so beautiful. I could look at you forever." Michael leaned over licked his way around the perimeter of her breast. Tina was now wriggling around and grabbed his head, wanting him to pay attention to her nipple. But he defied her making his way to the valley between her breasts.

"Michael, what are you doing?"

"I'm showing you how it could be, if you would let dad and I love you the way we want." He continued his exploration of her body, ignoring her nipples. His hands were running down her legs, fluttering over her knees and tickling up the outside of her thigh. His mouth was leaving wet kisses all over her stomach.

"Michael, dad didn't do anything like this, I want to feel like I did before."

"You will, you have to trust me. Dad was overwhelmed with you, but you felt ashamed afterward, I plan to make you see just how much we love you, and that you never have need to feel ashamed of anything we do. I'm going to draw this out until you are crazy with want, you will feel things that you never thought possible."

Michael moved his mouth back up to her neck, and licked up the vein running through the side of it. He then swirled his tongue around the edge of her ear. Tina giggled and lifted her shoulder. He moved his mouth to her shoulder and kissed his way down her arm. Taking her hand in his, he lifted it up to his mouth, and kissed each fingertip.

Michael licked the pad of her middle finger, than ran it over her own nipple. He repeated on her other nipple, loving how much they pulled up, and how hard they became. Tina was watching as her own finger brushed across the tip of her nipple, shocked at how it felt. Finally, Michael leaned over and kissed her directly on the tip of one. She gasped.

"More Michael. Please, I want more."

"I know exactly what you want; I swear you will get it." He took her nipple into his mouth and suckled as Tina arched into him. She grabbed the back of his head and held on tight feeling his tongue flick around and play with her. She felt his hand run back down her stomach and skip over her center as he caressed her thighs.

Tina spread her legs and tried to lift her hips to him, but he once again evaded her and ran his hand up the opposite hip. He started kissing his way back down her stomach, and slid himself until he was lying between her legs. He kissed his way up her right thigh, skipping her sweet smelling center, and down her left.

Tina was pushing herself down, trying to get him into the right spot so Michael reached up and placed his right hand across her stomach to hold her still. Michael used his left hand to spread her lips, and locked onto her clit with his mouth. Tina wrapped her legs around his upper body, and squeezed him.

Michael let go of her clit quickly, not wanting her to come too fast. He only wanted to keep her on edge for a while. He moved his tongue back down licked his way back up her slit, savoring the taste of her.

"Michael, please, I can't take it anymore."

"Yes, you can. I know you want to come, but I want you to really enjoy this. Remember, trust me, I will never hurt you." With that Michael returned his attention to her gleaming pussy. Moving his hand from her stomach, he pulled her lips back with his thumbs and went directly for her hole.

Michael pointed his tongue and stuck it as far as he could into her tight hole. He flicked his tongue around, feeling her inner muscles twitch around him. He brought his right hand into play, pushing his first finger into her. Tina was bouncing herself on his finger, trying to push him even farther into her.

Michael curled his finger and pulled out while Tina moaned and her fingers curled in his hair. Michael finally decided she had had enough. He latched his mouth onto her clit once again while he jammed three fingers into her. She was so tight he could barely move his fingers, but he wiggled them as much as possible while sucking hard on her clit.

Tina actually screamed and dug her heels into his back. She was thrashing around on the bed and had yet to release his hair. Michael just kept up his sucking and pumping within her. Finally he scooted back up to her side, and held her as she calmed down. Tina was still rubbing her thighs together and grabbed onto his shirt.

When she calmed she looked up at him. "I don't understand, you didn't do what dad did."

"That's not what's important. Did you enjoy it?"

Tina held him tighter, "I thought I was dying. My whole body exploded. I don't understand how you did that."

Michael laughed and hugged her. "That is all that matters. I wanted to make you feel good, and I did." Michael leaned down and kissed her. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue, and found herself licking her own juices off his mouth.

Michael pulled back from Tina. "Baby, I know that dad felt very badly about this afternoon, I think we should go and find him."

Tina got up and pulled on a robe. They then made their way to their father's room.

Michael and Tina found their father sitting in the dark in his room. Tina walked over to her father and curled up in his lap. "Daddy, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I really am." She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and laid her head on his chest, "Please daddy, talk to me."

Danny moved to push her off his lap, "No, baby, you were right. I shouldn't have taken your virginity, or even thought of you like that. It was wrong of me, and I'm sorry. I hope you will forgive me."

"No, daddy! Please, Michael explained everything. And I love you too, really and truly, with all my heart, don't turn me away daddy." Tina tightened her arms around her daddy's neck, almost choking him. She wiggled around in his lap until she managed to sit facing him, straddling his legs.

"Daddy, I always loved what we did; I was embarrassed that you and Michael had been talking about me, that's all I swear." She leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. When her daddy didn't respond to the kiss, she started crying, and leaned her forehead against his chest.

Danny had never been able to listen to his daughter cry, even when she was a baby. It broke his heart to hear her cry now. He raised his hands and hugged her around her back, patting her comfortingly and making shushing noises.

Tina looked up at him with watery eyes, "Daddy, please kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it, like you love me."

Danny groaned, knowing he was beat. He'd been without a woman for years before this afternoon, and he couldn't stand the thought of not having his daughter again. He had gotten carried away this afternoon, but he would make it up to her. He leaned in but instead of kissing her lips, he licked around the perimeter of them. Tina opened her lips and leaned into her daddy, crushing her breasts against his chest. She tried to catch his mouth with her own lips, but he moved back from her, teasing her.

When Tina leaned forward with her tongue sticking out, trying to capture him for a proper kiss, he flicked out his own tongue and just licked across her. Tina gasped, and opened her eyes wide at him. Daddy leaned in and licked her tongue again, pulling it into his mouth to suckle on.

He moved his hands to the front of her body, and slid them through the opening in her robe. He cupped her breast and gently squeezed it. He continued to suckle upon her tongue as he ran his hands over her breasts, cupping and caressing them. Tina leaned forward in her daddy's lap, and rubbed her sex on his growing staff.

Just as daddy and Tina were starting to lose control of themselves, they were brought back to the room by Michael. "Hey you guys. You think I could join you this time? You two already enjoyed each other without me; I think it's only fair that you include me. Daddy and Tina looked over at Michael who was lying back on the bed, still fully clothed, but rubbing himself through his pants.

Tina giggled and buried her head in her daddy's chest. "Daddy, you and I have made love but Michael only made love to me with his mouth. He never even got undressed, so I haven't ever seen him naked. Would you be upset if Michael was next? I don't want him to think I am playing favorites."

Daddy set Tina on her feet and stood up with her. They made their way over to the bed, but when Tina started undressing Michael, daddy stopped her. "Tina, baby, there is something I have to explain to you. There is a reason Michael did not have sex with you. You see, I had a vasectomy many years ago, after you were born. So, I can not make you pregnant, but Michael hasn't. He really doesn't want to use a condom, and you aren't on birth control."

"Do you understand what dad is telling you, sweetie?" Michael reached over and pulled Tina to his chest, hugging his arms across her front.

"Does that mean that we can't do anything, Michael? It's not that I didn't like what daddy did, but I think I would be sad if I couldn't share my love with you too."

Michael gave a little chuckle and squeezed her tighter. "I would never let that happen, T. What it means is that we have to be a little more creative in how we show our love. I have an idea, but I'm afraid that you will be scared or won't want to do it."

"But, Michael, I was scared to lose my virginity, and daddy promised me that he wouldn't hurt me, and he didn't. I won't be scared with you or daddy ever." Tina was twisting around in Michael's arms to stare into his eyes.

"I have an idea for another place I can have sex with you until it's safe for us to have it like you and dad, if you will trust me." As he spoke Michael ran his hand down Tina's back and rubbed his fingers in the crack of her ass.

Understanding dawning on Tina, her eyes grew even wider, and she turned back to her father for confirmation. Her father nodded at her, and moved in to hug her from the other side.

"Yes baby, Michael could come into your ass, and there would be no danger of pregnancy. I will be right here with you the whole time, and he will take it very slowly, so you won't be hurt."

Tina turned back to her brother, and reached up to hug him. "I do trust you Michael, and I won't lie, I am nervous, but you would never hurt me." With that she once again started undressing him. She pulled his shirt over his head, and stared at his chest.

Her father and brother were so much alike. Both had dark blonde hair. Both had blue eyes. Her father's eyes were a light blue; that could almost be grey when viewed from far way, while her brother's were a deep green-blue. Her father had a thick mat of hair covering his chest running in a line down his stomach but her brother's chest was almost hairless.

She loved them both so much. As Tina leaned in to kiss her brother again, her father came up behind her and removed her robe. He caressed her ass and back while her brother fondled her tits and nipples. She felt like she would go into shock from sensory overload.

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