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Daddy's Poker Party


Daddy's Poker Slut

I had always been a daddy's girl. Ever since he and my mom spilt I had been living with just him. He was very attractive at 6' 2 200lbs brown hair and big brown eyes, and was a true ladies man. As a bachelor I grew up seeing him with all kinds of women, mostly bimbos though. Ever since I was 18 he had been dressing me as well as fucking me. I had no problem with it, and most of the boys at my school didn't either. Daddy had always talked of showing me off to his friend but hadn't backed it up as of yet. However that would all change soon enough!!

What I thought was going to be just another Friday night turned out much different. Daddy came in and proposed an offer I couldn't refuse. He was having his monthly poker party and this month was his turn to host. He explained it was a lot of drinking, smoking, cursing and playing cards among his friends. He asked if I could dress up and play waitress for them so they wouldn't have to get up, although I know that’s not the only reason he had in mind. I agreed of course and started to get ready for the party. A couple hours later Daddy called up for me to come down. I was all ready to go in my short little black skirt with slits on both sides, a tight white halter top, it was so skimpy I couldn't possibly wear a bra under it, a tiny little silk black thong along with some sexy black thigh highs and my favorite 5 inch platform heels. "MMM such a naughty little girl you are" He said with a smile as his big hand ran up under my skirt and spanked my tight little ass. "Oooooh Daddy, just for you.." before I could finish my sentence the doorbell ring. "Why don't you go and answer that babe, just bring the guys on down here when they show up" I smiled and headed up the stairs to the front door.

I swung the door open to find one of dads friends standing there waiting. It was Mike, he was my dads age, 46 years old around 6' and pretty close to 200lbs. Not overweight by much, but a kinda shy sort of guy, or so I thought. "Hey Mike, all ready for the party?" I asked him as I let him in and lead him downstairs. "Yeah uhh you gonna stick around tonight?" He asked as he followed me down. I could feel his eyes all over me, unlike most women I like it. "Yup, I'm gonna be your waitress for the night" I replied as I let him in to see dad, just as the doorbell rang again. Again I answered the door, it was his other 2 friends for the party Jake and Charles. "Hey guys ready to party?" I asked as I giggled and let them in, Charles’ eyes were all over me and he didn't care much to try and hide it. Charles was the only unmarried one of the group, though it wasn't hard to see why. He was a rather fat, unclean looking guy. Then there was Jake, I had always had a crush on him. He was at least 6' 6 and 220lbs and that shaved head was so sexy on a black guy. "Hey Hun why don't you go grab us a round of beers huh?" My dad asked me. "Sure Daddy, be right back with those" I commented as I strutted off and heard the beginnings of a poker party starting up with the shuffling of cards.

"OK boys here is the first round" I said as I came back out with two handfuls of beer. I walked up to Daddy first and set his down. Then I made my way around the table. When I got to Charles I bent over to set his beer down and I felt his hand slide up the back of my thigh and rubbed it lightly. I stood up and just smiled down at him while he rubbed my leg. "Hey Hun why don't you come sit on my lap, for good luck" My dad smiled over at me. I winked down at Charles and walked over and plopped onto his lap, my chest bouncing as I did. I sat there as he rubbed on my thighs and got an erection that was poking the side of my ass. I kept serving drinks and flirting with the guys. As they drank more they started to get a little more bold as they had all felt or pinched my ass at least once.

Finally my dad started to get a little more serious. "OK guys, I have noticed your eyes, and hands, all over my daughter tonight. I know we usually only play for money but how about something a little different for the rest of the night" I stood next to him smiling, knowing he would have something good in store as usual. "And what exactly are you talking about there Joe?" asked a very eager Jake. "Well here is what I propose" He said as he leaned back in his seat to explain further. "The winner of the round get to tell little Ashley here one thing to do. She will of course do whatever you tell her to. But whenever the next guy wins your turn is up and his turn begins. Deal?" All the guys seemed to be lost in thought of what this could entail. The all just nodded their heads as Charles quickly grabbed the cards and started dealing them out. Daddy looked up at me as if he was asking if it was ok. I smiled and nodded at him as he patted my ass. Mike won the first round "I'll start off easy for ya Hun, how about you just sit on my lap like you were your dad there?" He scooted away from the table and patted his lap. I pranced around to him and sat down, squirming around trying to get comfy as my ass rubbed all over his crotch, feeling his dick grow as his hands stroked my inner thighs.

The next round seemed to fly by as the next guy wanted his turn I am sure. This time it was Charles, he gave me a look that told me he was up to trouble. "You know, having you sit on my lap does sound pretty good Hun, hop on over here" I walked over to him, thinking it was a little too easy for a pervert like him. When I walked over I realized what he was up to. He had his dick in his hand and it was fully hard, a good 7 inches and thick too. I just smiled at him, not letting the others in on his secret as I slid down onto his lap. His hand caught my skirt as I sat so that it was around my waist. I felt his hard cock slide between my smooth legs and rest right up against the silky fabric of my thong. I leaned forward with my elbows on the table as he slowly thrust his cock between my thighs, rubbing it against my pussy through the thong. Before I knew it my dad told me it was his turn and he wanted to take my top off for me. I got up slowly off of Charles’ lap and walked over to him. He grabbed the bottom of my halter and slid it off over my head and tossed it on the table. The guys tried to keep playing but they all stopped long enough to stare as I rubbed my erect nipples for them all. Jake won the next round, and in his deep voice he ordered me over and told me he wanted to lick and play with my perky tits. I happily straddled his lap with my tits in his face as he rubbed and sucked on them. My wet pussy sliding up and down the bulge I could feel in his pants.

As soon as Charles won I knew I was in trouble again. "OK Ash, time to lose the skirt Hun" He announced as he motioned for me to go over to him. I strutted over and wiggled my hips side to side as I slid out of the skirt. The guys all watched carefully until it hit the floor. I hopped back onto Charles' lap, his hard cock sliding between my legs again as it rubbed against my now wet thong. Mike won next and that’s when the game stopped. "Ash I think its time you take care of something you started for me girl" I got up and walked over to him, his cock was rock hard and sticking out as well. I licked my lips and leaned over, taking it into my hot mouth. He leaned back in his chair and let out a load "Ohhh that’s it Ash, suck it good" I heard zippers all start to come undone around me. Then I felt something on my pussy, someone’s hand was rubbing it. I took my mouth off Mike's cock and stroked it as I looked over my shoulder to see Charles rubbing his cock with one hand and my wet pussy with the other. Before I could say anything Mike grabbed my head and pulled it back onto his cock. I kept on sucking as he guided my head up and down his shaft. Then I felt the fingers slide my thong off. Only moments later I felt a cock head pressing against my pussy. I moaned as I felt it slide in slowly. Mike was groaning louder and louder as he held my head down on his cock. I felt hot warm spurts of cum shooting down my throat as I felt Charles pumping his cock deep inside me.

I sucked all I could from Mike's cock as he slid it out of my mouth. Before I could let out more than 2 loud moans I had the biggest black cock I had ever seen dangling in my face. I quickly gobbled it up, sucking it to a full 10 inch erection. Not long after I felt Charles grab my hips tight as his cock withdrew from my pussy. I heard his loud moans as he shot a thick load up my back and on my ass. "Hmmm about time I can get over to that sweet ass" Jake said as he reached back and slapped my ass, sliding a finger up and down the crack as he rubbed my asshole. "You want me to fuck your tight white ass while your dad watches you don't you?" I nodded my head yes while still bobbing up and down his thick black cock. He pulled out of my mouth and moved around to my backside. Slowly pushing the head up against my tight ass. "You sure got a tight ass Hun" he said as he slowly pushed the head inside. Feeling my asshole stretch around the thick cock. I looked over to see daddy stroking his thick member in his seat. I smiled at him and wiggled my finger, motioning him over to me.

He walked up to me, cock in hand, as I let my mouth open wide to let out a moan. I felt Jake sliding in and out, working his cock in deeper each time. Daddy stood in front of me, slapping his cock on my face. I opened up wide as he shoved it deep down my throat, almost making me gag. "That’s how my girl works a cock" he said as he pumped my mouth full of cock as I sucked it. My tits starting to bounce all around as I took a dick in the mouth and another driving hard and deep into my ass. Moaning as I slid a finger between my legs and rubbed my clit, fingering my pussy. Both men grabbing hold of me and using my mouth and ass. Grunting it out as we all start fucking in a rhythm together. Before long Dad pulled out of my mouth and started jerking his cock in front of my face. At the same time I heard Jake shout out "I'm gunna cum in your ass!" I felt his hot cum spurt into my ass. Just then I felt another hot creamy load splatter against my face. My own pussy shivering with pleasure as I felt a warm rush shooting throughout my body. Jake kept right on pumping as his cock spurted a big load into my ass before pulling out. Dad finished off his load that covered my face.

All the men were sitting back in their original seats, drained from the action. I stood with cum dribbling down my thighs and from my face onto my chest. Licking it off my lips and rubbing it into my chest. "Well boys it's been fun, but I'd say I need a shower now. I better see you all again for the next party here though, right?"

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mmmm please do

id love to be daddy's little slut taking his and his friends loads in all my holes

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