tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Pretty Girl

Daddy's Pretty Girl


My daddy was always the only one who told me I was pretty. You know how most people go through an awkward phase growing up? Well, the entirety of childhood was my awkward phase. Always a little chubby, a little clumsy, and shy to a fault. I wasn't exactly miss popularity in school.

Boys didn't pay attention to me, girls were cruel. But daddy was my best friend.

We spent countless hours playing video games together. Once when I brought home a report card boasting straight A's he bought me a Tony Hawk game as a reward. We played it non stop that weekend. Every Time he scored higher than I had I would tackle him and we 'd wrestle until he pinned me down and tickled me until I was laughing hysterically and couldn't take it anymore. Then when I got good enough to beat his scores he'd tackle me instead and we 'd wrestle. Sometimes I even pinned him! Though I'm sure he was letting me win. Every time we'd wrestle it would end in tickles and uncontrollable laughing. When I would finally stifle my giggles he'd sigh happily and say "Oh my brilliant, beautiful girl. I love you so."

My dad, and those words, got me through high school. And now, they were getting me through my first year of college.

I'm 19 now and college was proving no easier than junior high and high school. Though I've thinned out, I'm still a little curvier than the other girls. My name's Piper, by the way. My roommate, Sarah, is stick thin and model beautiful. She's tall and blond and angular. I, on the other hand, am short at 5'5", with brown hair and a sprinkling of freckles across my nose. My breasts are larger than I wish they were. They make me self conscious and hurt my back. My hips are rounder and my thighs fuller than I wish they were. And don't get me started about my ass! Shopping for pants is a horrorshow. Everything is made to fit girls like my roommate. So I cover everything up the best I can with clothes a size larger than really fits.

I've had a hard time making friends at college. My roommate is nice, but we're not exactly close. She has a steady stream of boys over to "visit", who rarely speak to me. Which is fine with me. I'm painfully shy and keeping my nose glued to my homework is preferable to the uncomfortable small talk I'd be forced to make with Sarah's hunk du j'our. Unfortunately my aversion to awkward social interaction leads to severe lonliness. I call my dad on a regular basis. Sometimes I just need to hear him say "Oh my brilliant, beautiful girl. I love you so." on a bad day. Once, a boy from my biology class asked me out to coffee. Sarah, probably trying to grasp any opportunity to have our room to herself, swore that he was obviously interested in me and somehow convinced me to go. I was scared but secretly excited that a cute boy might like me. He really just wanted my lecture notes. I left the coffee shop fighting back tears and immediately called my daddy just to hear those words.

That was three months ago. But that embarrassing incident and its lingering sting is behind me now.I've just arrived home for the summer and I cannot wait to trounce my daddy in video games!

He arrived home from work around 5:30 and instantly swooped me up into his arms for the biggest, best bear hug that only my daddy can give. He lifted me right off the ground! "I've missed those hugs, daddy!"

"I've missed them too, pretty girl." he set me down gently and backed up a step to take me in. He tsked and shook his head at my too-short shorts.

"It's hot! Besides, it's not like I'm out in public, it's just you. And you HAVE to love me and my thunder thighs."

"You do not have thunder thighs. You, and everything about you, are beautiful. Now, what do you say we go have a nice welcome home dinner? Go change." He smiled big and his eyes scrunched at the corners. I'd never noticed the wrinkles around his eyes before. They made him even handsomer than I remembered. I turned and he swatted my bum as I ran up the stairs to change.

We had dinner at my favorite local burger place. "Oh man, I'd forgotten how good REAL food is. Ramen will be the death of me. I was in desperate need of a big, real meal" I dipped my french fry in ketchup and, clumsy as ever, dripped ketchup into my cleavage. "Ugh! I hate these things!" I grumbled, exasperated with my double D breasts. "They are always in the way!"

"Oh shush." Daddy said, as he reached across the table and inserted one finger into my cleavage and wiped the spilled ketchup. He put the finger in his mouth and licked it clean. "Like you said, big and real are best."

I gasped and laughed, blushing "Daddy!" He began laughing and went back to eating his burger.

I'm sure he was just teasing and being a little naughty, but in the back of my mind I wondered "was Daddy flirting with me?" I blushed harder at the thought and I felt my nipples get hard against my bra. No, that would be wrong. I was embarrassed that I'd thought that of him, and a little ashamed that the thought had excited me. He must have seen me blush because then he pushed his bottle of beer across the table at me and whispered "when no one's looking" with a wink. I smiled and took a swig.

We sat for a long time chatting, teasing, and surreptitiously sharing another beer. I tried not to, but I kept replaying the feeling of his finger sliding between my breasts. I knew it was wrong but it was exhilarating and I couldn't stop. I thought about him putting his finger in his mouth to lick the ketchup off and imagined how salty his lips would taste if I kissed them. I wanted to feel his hand on my breasts again. I imagined him carressing them, licking them, biting them. The waitress dropping the bill at our table snapped me back to reality. My heart was racing. My panties were wet.

I was ashamed of the things I'd thought thought about my dad and was quiet most of the way home. I decided to just push those thoughts right out of my mind, never to be heard from again.

About a block from the house dad said "Everything ok pretty girl?" and laid his hand on my knee. His touch was a jolt to my senses. My pulse quickened and my skin tingled.

"If you ever want to talk about anything, don't hesitate. No matter the subject. You come for me. We'll work it out."

At his touch I knew. There was no way to deny these feelings, no pushing the thoughts away. I wanted my daddy. Wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel him and taste him. I needed it to happen.

"Thanks daddy," I breathed. "There's something I'm thinking about but I'm not sure how to handle it."

"When we get home, let's get in our PJs, put a game in the console, and you tell me about your problem. I can show you how to handle it. No matter how big."

When we got home I ran upstairs and changed into my favorite pajamas. They were just a tshirt and shorts but they were so comfortable. I'd gone up a cup size in the last year so the pink tshirt was tighter than I remembered it being the last time I wore it. The front pulled tight across my breasts and my cleavage was practically popping out of the deep v neck. I pulled the pink and purple plaid shorts up over my bum and folded the elastic down over my round hips. These, like so many other pants, just did't fit my curves.

I went downstairs and found my dad already in the den getting the game ready. My breath caught for a moment when I realized he was only wearing boxer breifs. They were striped in blue and white and they showed off his ass as he was bent over inserting the game disc into the console. There were two icy cold bottles of beer sitting on the coffee table.

"It's awfully hot so I opened a couple beers for us. I also hope you don't mind my... uhh... pajamas." he laughed.

I sat on the couch."That's ok, daddy." I sighed, my eyes never leaving his delicious ass. "I want you to be as comfortable as possible when I pound you! umm.. I mean, in the game. When I beat you in the game."

He laughed and walked toward me to join me on the couch. All I could see was the outline of his enormous penis in his tight underwear. I desperately wanted to see it. I imagined reaching for the waistband of his breifs and pulling out my daddy's thick cock and taking the head between my trembling lips.

He sat next to me and with a devilish grin said "Oh, we'll see who takes a pounding tonight, pretty girl." and handed me my beer with one hand and rubbed my thigh with the other.

I could feel my nipples harden instantly, straining against my already tight t shirt. Could it be? Did he want the same thing I wanted? Did he want to violate his sweet little girl as much as she wanted to be violated by him? Nervously, and looking for courage wherever I could find it, I chugged my beer. A droplet of ice cold condensation dripped from the bottle and landed on my breast. My chest rose with my excited breath and my father watched, hungrily, as the drop rolled down the slope of my large breast and into the deep, sweet valley of my cleavage.

"Just because I allow you to drink," he said, still staring at my tits, doesn't mean you need to get drunk. Besides, that won't save you from the spanking you're going to get." He handed me a game controller.

Spanking? Was he just trash talking for the game or did I have a pleasant surprise in my near future?

He started the game and said "So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"O- oh." I stuttered, suddenly nervous.

"Is it a boy?" he asked.

"Umm... not a boy, exactly. A man."

"I see," he said, grinning. "He's older?"

The competition on screen was getting tenser and I scooted a little closer, partially from enthusiastic game play, and partially so I could feel his skin on mine.

"Yes. Quite a bit older." I mustered, biting my bottom lip with nervousness.

"That's good," he said, giving me a sidelong glance, "Someone more mature than the boys you go to school with will be a better fit for you."

"I'm glad you think he'll fit, daddy," I giggled flirtatiously.

"I'm confident that it will be hard, but it will most definitely fit."

I could see the bulge in his underwear getting larger as his dick hardened. Then I knew for certain. He wanted me too. The sight of his growing erection sent electric tingles across my skin. My gnawing desire to take his cock in my mouth was all I could think about. All of my focus was on the rock hard cock I could see pressed against the striped cotton of my father's boxer breifs.

I was practically drooling when he suddenly shouted "I WIN!" and tackled me in victory. But instead of his hands at my waist to tickle me, his mouth was on mine. Kissing, biting, licking. His tongue was soft and warm in my mouth. He tasted of hoppy beer and absolutely pleasure. He moved down and began urgently kissing and biting my neck. "Ohh, daddy." I moaned.

"Oh my brilliant, beautiful girl. I love you so."

Those words.With those words the wetness between my legs dripped.

"I love you too daddy. I want you so badly!"

He pulled my shirt off and my full breats bounced out. A moan of sastifaction escaped his lips. His teeth on my neck dug a little deeper and his fingers dug into my round breast. He pinched my erect nipple.

"Ow!" a small, surprised, declaration of pain.

"Did I hurt you, baby?"

"Yes," I told him. "But it was a good hurt. Do it harder, Daddy!"

He did as I requested and I squealed in delight. This was better than I had hoped it would be.

He pushed me onto my back and circled one of my nipples with his tongue. He gave the other nipple one last hard pinch and moved his hand down to my plaid pajama bottoms. He peeled the tight shorts down from my waist and slid them down my legs, throwing them in a heap on the floor. His teeth bit down onto my nipple and with his fingers he softly parted my lips and found my clit with ease. He rubbed it gently.

I gasped at the intensity of my pleasure.

"Your pussy is just as pretty as the rest of you, baby girl."

"Mmmm... thank you Daddy."

He slid two fingers inside me. A deep, involuntary moan came out of my mouth. "Ohhhh, Daddy. That feels so good."

"I'll make you feel even better, honey."

And just like that my legs were over his shoulders and his mouth was on my pussy. Tongue massaging my aching clit, two fingers pounding my hole. I loved it, but I wanted more. I wanted it harder. I wanted my Daddy's big cock in my tight little pussy.

"Oh Daddy, please fuck me!" I cried.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good honey. I'll fuck you soon enough, but first you're going to see how Daddy tastes."

He stood up and pulled down his underwear. There is was. I'd been imagining it all day. it was even bigger than I'd imagined. I wasn't sure I could get it all in my mouth, but I was certainly going to try.

He saw the hunger in my eyes as I stared at his huge cock. "Is this what you want, little girl?"


"Why don't you ask for it, then. Like a good girl."

"Can I suck your cock?"

"I taught you better manners than that, young lady. Now ask nicely."

"Oh, Daddy. Can I please suck your cock? Pretty, pretty please?"

"That's better"

His knees straddled me on the couch and his enourmous dick dangled over my mouth. I salivated with desire. I wrapped one hand around his shaft, my fingers barely meeting. I timidly placed my lips around the head. He moaned.

I took more of his thick shaft into my mouth and I felt the muscles in his legs shudder in delight. I loved making my Daddy feel good. It made me so happy to know I was bringing my favorite person so much pleasure. I bobbed my head up and down and slid my wet lips along the length of his rock hard cock.

"That feels wonderful, pretty girl" he said in nearly a whisper.

In response to his praise I took more of him into my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock enter my throat. The feeling was amazing. I loved the way he felt, the way he tasted. I never wanted to stop sucking my father's cock. I pushed him deeper still. My eyes watered and I gagged a little but it was worth it. Tears running from my eyes I looked up to see his head thrown back in ecstacy. I loved making him feel so good and I knew I would let him do whatever he wanted to do to me, so long as he continued to be that happy.

He slip his dick from my mouth and, disappointed, I stuck my bottom lip out.

"No pouting, young lady. Besides, we're not done yet." he said with a naughty smile.

"Yay! I exclaimed, clapping in excitement. I just couldn't contain my enthusiasm for what my dad would do to me next.

He withdrew a condom from the sidetable. I smiled broadly, overjoyed.

He said "Tell me what you'd like, baby." as he put the condom on.

"I want you to fuck me!"

"What did we talk about, young lady?"

"Oh please fuck me Daddy! Please please put your huge cock in my pussy!"

And with that he did. He eased it in a first. it was so big I was afraid it would hurt, but everything preceding that, his masterful pussy licking and then his cock down my throat, literally bringing tears to my eyes, had made my little pussy so wet that his dick slid in beautifully.

He went softly and easily at first. Sliding the length of his thick cock slowly in and out of my tight little flower. Oh god, it felt so nice. In and out and in and out. Our sweating bodies pressed tightly together and my Daddy and I had sex for the first time. My fingers grasped the flesh of his back as he rythmically pumped his his shaft in and out of my pussy, slick with wetness. I wanted more.

"Oh god, fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard!"

He rose up onto his knees and threw my legs over his shoulders.

"I love your sweet little pussy, baby girl." He growled as he pounded my tight teenaged cunt. "Do you like having your daddy's dick inside you?"

"Oh god yes!" I cried "Yes Daddy!"

He roughly grabbed my tits and his fingers dug into their soft white flesh. No one had treated me so roughly before. This. This was fucking. I fucking LOVED it.

"Fuck me Daddy!"

"You're a naughty, naughty girl, letting your daddy fuck you like this."

"Mmmm, yes! I'm a bad girl!"

"But you love it, don't you? You love getting fucked by your father, you bad bad girl."

"Yes! Oh god, Daddy! Yes!!"

I was yelling now, I could not contain myself. Daddy drove his cock deeper and deeper into my virginal pussy. His balls slapping against my round ass.

"Fuck!" I yelled. The deeper into ecstacy my father's fucking drove me, the less articulate I became.

He rubbed my clit with a finger, still fucking my pussy as hard as I could stand, and insterted his dripping wet finger into my mouth.

"Do you like the way your sweet little pussy tastes, honey?"

"Oh fuck, yes daddy." I was sweet, just like he said. I loved how naughty it was that my daddy made me taste my own pussy. My daddy knows what I like.

He turned me over so I was on my hands and knees. I could feel his cock go even deeper this way.

"Oh my god Daddy!" I screamed as my eyes rolled back. My pleasure was building, I felt like I would explode.

"Daddy's good little girl." he said as he gripped my shoulder with one hand and my ponytail with the other. He gripped my shoulder tight and pulled my body toward him, ramming his huge cock as far as he could into my inexperienced little twat. He yanked my hair so hard my head jerked back.

"Cum for Daddy." he growled.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed "Oh god, Daddy I'm cumming!!"

We climaxed together, my daddy and I. It seemed like my orgasm would last forever. Sweaty and still gasping to catch our breath, my daddy spanked my ass as he pulled his cock out of my pussy.

He lay down next to me on the couch. Distractedly he softly traced my nipple with the tip of his finger and sighed "Oh, my brilliant, beautiful girl. I love you so." and a shiver of contented delight ran down my spine.

"I love you too, Daddy. I almost don't want to go back to school in the fall."

"Don't worry, honey. There's lots more summer left."

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