tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Punishment Ch. 03

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 03


Walking up to the house with bags in hand from the store and stepping inside I was instantly welcomed with a delicious aroma of cooking. I took a deep breath as I tried to pick apart the smells, instantly my mouth water when I pieced together spaghetti was cooking.

My daughter came out of the kitchen wearing nothing but a black sports bra and booty shorts that gave my still cum coated dick a twitch of life. She bounced her way over to me with a big smile, wrapping her arms around me and giving my scruffy face a wet kiss.

"Hi, daddy! How was work?" Her voice raised to a cutesy tone.

I furrowed my brows at her, a little curious on what was going on. "Uh, fine. Everything went well today, got off a little early and went shopping."

Upon inspecting the bags in my hands her eyes went a little wide, "Are those for me?! Did you buy me clothes, daddy?"

Walking away with a small chuckle I headed down the hall where the smells grew bolder in my nose, I was hungry and it smelled good. "Yes, baby girl. I did, but you will have to see them later. First, I am starving!"

Heading into my bedroom, I set the bags on the bed just as I heard my daughter call out into my room.

"Dinner will be done shortly!"

"Sounds good!" I called back

Kicking off my work boots, I walked towards the closet and pried apart the wooden twin doors. I stuffed them in the corner and began undressing piece by piece. I began changing into just a plain t-shirt and a loose pair of jeans when my eyes caught the large cardboard box in the corner of my closet.

I stopped getting dressed as I stared at it, "It's been awhile now. I could just maybe look through it." I tried to convince myself it was okay.

Feeling a knot form in my throat I shook my head, "No, I'm not ready. I can't yet... I just can't,"

I quickly finished getting dressed and slammed the wooden doors taking a deep breath. Getting my mind of THAT box I tried to focus on other things, like the smell now coming back into view once again.

Releasing my held breath, I headed for the kitchen, inside I saw my daughter stirring a pot of spaghetti, yes! I was right! Come on now, what father wouldn't be proud of his daughter cooking a delicious meal for him.

Walking over to my baby girl, I wrapped my two big arms around her from behind giving her a big hug. "You know, I love you baby girl. I appreciate this meal and effort, but you know this doesn't change anything, right? You're still going to be punished for what you did."

She let a sigh out as one of her hands came up to my arms and rubbed it side to side, it was comforting. "I know daddy. I wouldn't want it any other way, I did what I did to get your attention and punishment. So, I will gladly take everything you give me, I understand what I did was wrong and purposely provoked you. So, I am ready to accept the consequences."

A bit surprised to hear that from her, sounding so much like a grown woman already. Even though she was barely eighteen, my daughter was maturing rather quickly. A smirk spread across my face as a devilish thought now came to mind.

"Well, let's see how well you have been doing on your punishment thus far."

She was halfway through asking, "What do you m-" When suddenly I dropped down and yanked her shorts down past her knees. Exposing her bubbly ass, I was glad to see she had a bare bottom.

"Oh, my gosh! Daddy! What the hell?!" She squealed but didn't try to yank up her shorts.

"Mmm, looky here. That's such a nice-looking bottom baby girl." I slid my thumbs into the crack of her large ass and pried apart her cheeks exposing her tight pink puckered hole.

I squeezed and kneaded her ass like dough, she continued sitting there in front of the pot stirring while making gentle moans and little cute noises almost involuntarily. Feeling I had satisfied my curiosity, I brought her shorts back up and smacked her bottom twice.

"Well done, baby girl. I half expected you to have some panties on." Commending her for keeping to my request.

"Of course, daddy you told me no underwear, phone, or computer. I didn't want to exactly poke the bear anymore." Trying to appeal to me she used that cutesy voice.

I walked over towards the table and relaxed a little, sitting back I stared out of the window. Wondering to myself, how far was I willing to go with this? I know I should have thought of this long ago, but everything was moving fast. Was I really prepared to cross a line? Such a taboo act that could end me up in jail and ruin my life. This was a very serious subject, but my daughter was very much aware of the situation and we both knew the consequences. We had to be careful, if we managed it properly we could have a happy life together.

My thoughts were interrupted as a heavy plate of food was set down in front of me, glancing down at the mountain of noodles covered in sauce and meat my mouth fell open.

"My word, did you make enough... to feed the children of Africa?" Finding a fork buried near the side I pulled it free.

"Well, I wasn't sure how hungry you were. If anything, we can use it for leftovers." Beth suggested.

"Yeah, for the next week." murmuring under my breath.

Beth sat her plate on the table just across from me, sitting down she began digging in only after I did. We both ate in silence, finishing up rather quickly I was stuff halfway through my mountain of noodles. I caught Beth, staring at me in thought from time to time. As if she was trying to read my mind to see what I had planned.

"Beth, why don't you go ahead and clear the table, clean the plates and get everything cleaned up. I am going into the living room, come and find me as soon as you are done."

Beth didn't hesitate, standing up she grabbed the plates and began taking them into the kitchen to clean off. I stood and headed towards the living room, taking a detour first. Entering my own room, I walked over towards my closet and reached into the top, shuffling through my many belts. Choosing a nice thick black one with a leathery touch against my fingers. I headed back towards the living room and sat back on the couch, awaiting my little girl.

Beth came walking in, she was quiet and had a worried look on her face as if she was trying to figure out what exactly was going to happen. Holding the belt in my hand doubled over so it looped at one end, I patted it gently against my leg.

"Before we start there are some things I want to discuss." My voice raising the tension in the room.

Beth sat down on the edge of one of the recliners, she showed she was listening with a single head nod, "Alright daddy, what do you want to "discuss?""

"First, I want to make it clear that you are my baby girl and I am your father, so what we do and when we do it will be strictly on my say so. I am sure I don't have to remind you again, Beth. But what we are planning on doing and have done is by far against the laws of normal people. No one would understand the depth of how we feel for each other, seeing it as only taboo and forbidden. So, what we do can never be told to anyone; no one must find out about this baby girl.

Her eyes seemed to light up with a bit of understanding, waving her arms around in front of her, "I promise daddy, no one will find out! I want this to just be between us, I want this more than anything daddy! I really enjoyed what we did last night and I want more, so much more."

I couldn't hide the smirk, Beth was confessing her feelings to me and I am glad it was mutual. I was beginning to wonder though; did she love the pain and punishments? A thought for another time.

"I am glad we are on the same page. Secondly, Beth. You are no longer allowed any boys while we are going to be... closer"

"You mean while we are having sex?" Beth stated bluntly.

I nodded slowly, seeming almost weird to say it out loud. "Yes, while we are having sex baby."

"I can do that daddy, I only brought in that one boy because I wanted to have you punish me... to get you to push those boundaries" Beth admitted once again.

"Yes, I understand that my love. But you also have quite the oral practice there, not even your mother could take me flawlessly like you did. Am I right to assume that you have been with more than just a few guys?"

She slowly nodded, her body shifting a little to a more uncomfortable slouch. "Yes, but I promise that's it. I am still a virgin, no one has penetrated me before, except like fingering and stuff."

Phew! I thought to myself, not only was I going to be the first one to fuck my daughter senseless, but she also was still a virgin! That alone was enough to make me happy.

"Good girl, now are you ready to get on with your punishment? This is going to be one of several and I want to make sure you are ready for anything."

Beth gave me a hesitant nod as if trying to convince herself that she was ready.

I pointed my looped belt at her, "I want you to take off all your clothing right now, let daddy get a really good look at you in the light."

Beth slowly stood from the recliner and moved in front of me. She took a deep breath before sliding off her sports bra. Her large C-Cup sized breaths bounced free and her pink nipples looked deliciously perky. I was anxious to squeeze and suck on her gorgeous breasts but I wanted to pace myself and take my time with this, after all, she was still in trouble.

As my cock began to stir in my pants from the forbidden lust I was feeling, I watched my daughter slide her fingertips into the band of her shorts before pulling them all the way down and kicking them behind her. Beth folded one arm underneath her breast giving them a plumper look.

I stared at every curve of her body; from her long blonde her, pink soft lips, perky pink breast, down to her v-line that formed to her bald pussy and curvy thighs, all the way down to her cute little pink painted toes.

"Is it better in the light daddy?" She asked while trying to break the awkward silence.

I slowly nodded while clearing my throat and sitting a bit more upright, "Yes baby girl, I do think the light compliments your body very much so."

Standing up and taking a deep breath, I caught her eyes glancing down to my building desire outlined in my pants. I walked in front of her with the belt and began instructing her on her first punishment.

"For you first punishment young lady, I am going to make you work on that bubble butt of yours."

She furrowed her brows at me in confusion, "You want me to work out?"

A sly smirk held on my face, "Yes, but it won't be that easy. I assure you. I am going to have you do thirty squats, let's see if you can take it."

She seemed a bit confused while I walked around behind her. Beth took a stance with her feet slightly apart, she then proceeded to squat down with her ass sticking out. I took the opportunity to swing my belt with some restraint underneath her ass, I felt and heard the belt pop against her skin.

Beth squealed as she stood up and quickly turned towards me with a surprised look as she rubbed between her legs, "Daddy!"

"That wasn't even that hard, it couldn't have hurt that much."

"No, but it just shocked me is all... it smacked right against my pussy lips."

Right on the sweet spot, I chuckled to myself. "Now you see why this is a punishment, turn back around and I want you to count this one out. We are going to thirty, starting at one. I want you to count out the number and say, "Thank you, Daddy." or we restart completely over. Do you understand?"

Beth was biting her bottom lip as she slowly turned her back to me. I wondered if she must have found it a bit harder to make herself squat down. Knowing she was exposing herself and preparing for a smack against her ass or worse, her pussy.

Down she went, her bubbly ass pushed outwards and I swung the belt gently underneath her hearing the pop and her squeal. "One, thank you, daddy."

She raised up and squatted down again. Swinging the thick black belt underneath her ass the leather clapped again against her pussy causing Beth to squeak out in pain. "Two, thank you, daddy!"

My dick was rock hard as I watched her ass cheeks stick out each time she bent down and prepared for the slap of my belt against her sensitive areas. Pop! "Three, thank you, daddy!"

Again, and again I popped the belt underneath her as she continued to squat down. Hearing her grit her teeth each time. Beth was finding it harder and harder to force herself to squat down for her daddy to allow him to smack his belt in her growingly painful areas.

By the time, she was at twenty-eight, I began really putting a bit more swing into it as she was trying to just get it over with. Beth squatted down and I pulled back allowing the belt to sway backward before swinging forwards and giving a little force to it. A loud pop was heard as she squealed and fought back tears from the pain. I could tell that one hit right at home, my cock was throbbing at this point against my jeans as I desperately was needing release.

"Twenty-nine, thank you, daddy." Standing back up, she ran her hand quickly to her burning pussy and rubbed gently to soothe some of the pain.

"Come now baby girl, last one. Don't stop now, I would hate for you to have to restart." More wanting her to finish so I could have my way with her.

Beth took a deep breath, spreading her legs a bit further apart. She wanted this last one to count and wasn't looking forward to anymore. I internally applauded her as I swung back further this time extending my arm all the way back before swinging it forward with more force. The belt smacked firmly right against her pussy, she squealed out loudly in pain as she cried out, "Thirty, thank you, daddy!"

Falling forward now onto her knees, her face falling directly into the carpet. Her hands were gently rubbing the folds of her red burning pussy. I dropped the belt and kneeled behind her, I rubbed her bottom gently.

"There, there, baby girl." I soothed her, listening to her light sobs from the pain.

"Hush now, daddy finished with your first punishment. You took it like such a big girl." Trying to calm her down. However, my blood was filling my other head, swelling even and making it rather hard to focus on her needs.

I was kneading my daughter's bubbly ass while trying to sooth her, but I just wanted to play with the large mounds of flesh in my hands. Prying apart her ass I looked at her little pink hole, it was too much to resist.

I began unzipping my pants, freeing my thick cock. I began by gently stroking it and it suddenly hit me, I could still smell the last girl's pussy juice covering my cock but I wasn't about to let my daughter find out.

I pooled together a mouthful of saliva and bent down towards her ass, letting it dribble out of my mouth and down the crack of her ass coating her puckered hole nicely. Once glistening with my spit, I used my thumb and eased it into her tight hole. Met with resistance I continued to sooth her.

"Shhh, it's alright now baby. You need to let your body relax."

A small sniffle came from my baby girl, "Why my ass daddy?"

"Daddy has already beaten your pussy enough, and I want you to keep your virginity for now. So, I am going to abuse your tight little asshole, alright?"

She seemed less than certain but took a deep shaking breath and began to relax as best she could. My thumb began sinking deeper into her asshole, the tight warmth gripped at my thumb. I was so excited to bury my cock balls deep inside her, it took a crazy amount of self-control.

Once my thumb had fully sunk into her asshole I let it rest inside, swirling it around to try and stretch her out. Pulling back, I took it nearly all the way out before spitting onto it again and forcing my thumb right back into her ass.

Repeatedly, I slowly thumb fucked my daughter's asshole, wanting to really open her up. Once I felt she was ready I then removed my thumb, coated two fingers with saliva and eased those two digits right into her stretching hole.

I continued to hear grimaces, grunts, and groans from Beth while she tried her best to relax her ass around my fingers.

Asking with some concern, "You alright, baby?"

She nodded and gave a weak, "Yeah."

"Why don't you try rubbing your clit? It should help with the pain and make your ass feel better." Suggesting my daughter rub her clit so her father could continue to defile her asshole with less discomfort.

I watched her snake her hand underneath herself, still resting her face against the floor and ass high in the air for me. Her fingers danced small circles around her clit. I leaned back to watch, moving my fingers in a steady rhythm with her own.

I saw how red and puffy her pussy was now. I felt no shame in admiring my work, to be honest; it was a punishment she deserved with more to come. Her painful grunts soon turned into small gasps of pleasure.

My fingers twisting and pumping inside of her ass while her clit was being stimulated by her own hand. Faster and faster her fingers danced in circles around her pink nub with my fingers increasing in speed to match hers.

I felt like she was about to cry when I pulled free my fingers free. Beth desperately wiggled her ass at me, "No daddy! Please put them back in, I am getting close! Please!" Her own fingers having slowed nearly to a halt.

Sitting up I placed the mushroom shaped head of my cock in between the folds of her young red welted pussy lips and rubbed it up and down. I could feel my cock head bathed in the warmth of her growing arousal, coating it nicely.

I desperately wanted to just ram it inside her tight pussy right then and there but I continued to fight the urge and pulled back, using my fingers to stroke my cock from head to base and coat as much of it as I could. I placed the bulbous head directly on her twitching puckered hole readying myself for what I desperately have been wanting.

Pressing my hips forward at a slow and steady pace my hands holding her ass firmly with my wet thumbs, spreading her ass apart so I could watch as her delicate pink ring expanded over the head of my cock. It was such a wonderful sight to see my daughter's asshole stretch over my rod like a small glove.

Once I had pushed the head right into her ass, I kept the steady pressure and forced inch by inch inside of her. Beth wiggled her hips gently with grunts of discomfort.

"How are you doing?" Less concern in my voice, there was no way I was stopping.

"Nnngh... daddy my ass is so full! I- I don't know if I can take it all." She pleaded with me.

"Baby girl, this is part of your punishment. You've been a bad girl and now I am going to punish your tight little hole."

I watched as the entire length was nearly sucked all the way inside of her. Finally, with one more gentle push and a squeak from my daughter I was balls deep inside of her. It felt fantastic to rest my hips firmly against her pillowy ass, the inside warmth wrapping tightly around my entire shaft.

Grabbing her hips, I took a steady breath and pulled back, I could feel the suction as I did so. I was unable to take my eyes of my throbbing erection slipping from her pink ring feeling the head just about to pop out before I gave a gentle push back inside.

"Daddy, you're so thick. You're spreading my ass so wide... Please, I don't know if I can do this." Uncertainty starting to strain her voice.

"Shh, baby girl. You just need to let it adjust, deal with the pain as part of your punishment. Take my cock into your ass and be grateful you have a father who cares enough to punish you and correct your actions in life"

Slowly my rhythm increased as I continued to force shaft's entire throbbing length down the unused hole of my daughter's warm gripping asshole. Her voice gave out squeaks each time my cock reached her inner depths almost like forcing the breath out of her lungs.

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