tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Trick and Treats

Daddy's Trick and Treats


You are Daddy's little girl and are planning to come home from school for the long Halloween weekend. You wanted to come home to see your Daddy; he had been sad and lonely since mommy had left him. As an added bonus, some of your high school friends were planning a killer costume party that was guaranteed to be the party of the year.

Truth be told, you were feeling a little sad and lonely too. Since you'd gone away to school, you were homesick; since you were a little shy, you had not made as many friends as you had hoped, and none of them seemed to like you as much as your friends from home. You had gone out with a couple of guys, but there always seemed to be that something missing' none of them could measure up to your Daddy. No one seemed to be able to make you feel the way that Daddy makes you feel. No one was as kind or as supportive to you as Daddy and frankly, none of the guys you met made you weak in the knees as your Daddy when they held you tight like when you gave your Daddy a big hug. You felt safe and loved in Daddy's arms; that was something that no guy seemed to be able to replace. God, you were glad to be home again; you had so missed your Daddy.

Since you were only going to be home for a couple of days, you'd taken a red eye home so you could be there as long as humanly possible. You got out of the cab and tip toed in the door to find your Daddy sound asleep in his favorite chair in front of the television. You knelt down beside him and nuzzled your face against his cheek and neck. He stirred, awoken by the feel of your long hair caressing his neck and shoulder.

"Hey sweetie, how did you get here, what time is it, is everything ok?" The questions firing from his mouth in a confused manner as he awoke from his dreams, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and then smiling the smile that only your Daddy can smile; the smile of recognition and love for his little girl.

"Daddy, I'm so glad to be home. I've missed you so much that I wanted to surprise you and come home a few hours early!" as you jumped into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, smothering his cheek with little kisses. "Since there's a party that I'm supposed to go to, and I still have to shop for a costume, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my perfect Daddy." You squeezed him as hard as possible, he felt so good in your arms, better that you had remembered and certainly better than any of the boys at school.

"I've missed you too honey. The house has been quiet and lonely since you've gone away to school." You hold your finger to Daddy's lips and smile into his eyes, hugging him tighter, if that was possible, feeling warm and tingly inside realizing that your Daddy has missed you just as much as you've missed him.

Daddy looks at the clock and sees how late it actually is. With out a word, Daddy scoops you up in his arms as he carries you up to your old room. He lays you on your bed, kisses you on the forehead and says, "Get some sleep princess, it's so good to have you home again with me." You drift off to sleep to the happy thoughts of your Daddy; his smile, his masculine smell, the hair on his face and best of all, the feeling of being held in his strong arms. You are as happy as you can ever remember being as you nod off into a deep, blissful sleep.

Your eyes flutter open and you stretch your long lithe body from your sound sleep. You still can't get over how good it feels to be home. You look down and you're still in your belly shirt and short pleated skirt that you had worn home on your flight. You roll to your side to stretch some more when you feel the stickiness between your long, sexy toned legs. You are finally conscious enough to understand that your legs are wet and sticky from your dreams. You move a little more and feel the dampness of your panties against the smooth skin of your sex. Your mind registers the fact that you've had such an intense dream that your pussy is sopping wet, so wet in fact that it has soaked your slender thighs with your juices. You crawl out of bed to remove your skirt and see the huge wet spots on BOTH the front and back of the material. Wow, that must have been some dream; God, how you wish you could remember it. Just the sight of your panties, thighs and skirt send a message to your beautiful round breasts; you begin to feel them trapped under your little shirt, your nipples hardening. You feel that they are a little sore against the thin layer of cotton, as if they'd been hard all night. Man, you really are starting to get mad that you can't remember what your dream was about. Oh well, now that you're awake and your body is telling you how anxious it is, you might as well behave like you used to in your old room. You quickly slip off your belly tee and your soaking wet panties and lay back down in your bed. Since your sexy tight body is sending you an obvious message, you might as well enjoy it.

You lean back on your bed and let your hands roam freely all over your aching body. Each caress brings a new, more intense soreness to your nipples and an increased wetness between your legs. You've played with yourself many times in this room previously, more than you could ever hope to count, but something about this time is spellbinding. You have yet to touch any of your more sensitive parts, but already you feel a tingling in your stomach that only means one thing. Your long sensuous fingers move from massaging your curvy hips and just graze against your inner thighs, several inches below your sex and suddenly, you feel your entire body tense up as spasms quake in your pussy and a pool of liquids forms between your legs. WHAT WAS THAT DREAM ABOUT?

Enough teasing already; you take a breast in each hand and begin to rub and massage them, each touch a little firmer, a little rougher. You tug and twist and squeeze your now rock hard nipples. Your breath is quickening, your back arches off the bed as another tremor moves through out your body, now covered with the sheen of sweat. You trace your fingers down your belly and begin to pull, tug and twist your lower lips. You actually are having a difficult time getting a grip on them due to the incredible amount of moisture soaking your privates. Your fingers continue to dance and tease your sex, massaging your lips, teasing your entrance. You grab a hair brush from your nightstand and drive it into your ravenous opening, you feel your strong vaginal muscles clamp down, your eyes role back in your head as you feel your entire body rise of the bed. You can't take much more, but knowing how amazing this experience has been, you know you've got to finish it off right. Still pumping the brush handle in and out of your dancing pussy, you take your other hand and finger your until now ignored clit. Now you blast off, your entire body is shaking as your mind drifts to the thought of how good it is to be home with Daddy. At that exact instant, your body lurches into the air as your drive the brush deep into your cunt and your palm grinds against your raw clit. A flood of liquid is released and you feel your legs bathed in their intense heat. The trembling and shaking goes on for what seems like forever. As you collapse back onto your bed, panting, your breathing labored, it begins to dawn on you that maybe you do have an inkling of what your dream was about. You close your beautiful eyes and begin to doze off to recover from the most intense experience you've ever had. A smile creeps to the corners of your luscious lips; you now know what you're going to be for Halloween, and if you have your way, it's going make for the best night of your life.

By the time you wake from the slumber brought on by your morning treat, it is noon. You drag yourself downstairs, excited to spend some alone time with your Daddy. You get to the kitchen to find a note on the table from Daddy:

"Sweetheart, I had to go to the office for an emergency. I was so looking forward to spending the day with my best girl, but now I'm afraid that by the time I get home, you'll be getting ready to go to your party with your friends. I hope that I get to spend some time with you before you have to return to school. I really have missed you more than you can imagine. Love, Daddy."

You read the note again and again. You do know how much Daddy has missed you because you've missed him just as much. You read the note once more and become even more determined to put your plan into action and make this the best night of your young life. You race upstairs to take a bath and get ready for the day ahead of you. Everything must be ready and waiting for when Daddy gets home; you understand that now, more than ever, you must bring your idea to fruition, for both your sakes.

By the time you returned from shopping for your costume, it was about 6. You are very excited to put it on and show it off, but at the same time, you are nervous, not completely confident that it will have the desired effect. You race upstairs to the bathroom to begin to prepare yourself for the upcoming evening; you want everything to be just so, especially your appearance. You stand in front of the mirror as you undress, slowly caressing and teasing yourself. You are a voyeur watching as your long fingers begin their expedition of your hard sexy body, tracing down your neck, fondling and squeezing your full breasts, ticking your flat belly and then trailing around your hips and grabbing your perfect round ass. You feel your nipples begin to harden and the moistness begin to collect between your folds. You know you could stand here all day and watch yourself, but you don't have the time, so you turn on the tub and go to your room to lay out your costume.

By the time your costume was neatly arranged on your bed and you've returned to the bathroom, the tub was nearly filled with very warm water and bubbles of your favorite scented salts. You gingerly climb into the warm soothing water and slowly sink into the water, your senses giving themselves to the sensations of the heat and aroma filling the room. You feel as the tension leaves your body and your mind finally begins to relax after a long day of preparation. Once again, your hands begin to explore your lovely body. Your eyes slide shut as you begin to enjoy all of the stimuli converging upon your young body. As you continue to caress and fondle your body, you begin to feel the passions rising. You bite your lip trying to regain control; you were hoping to save all of your strength for this evening, but in the end, your cravings win out. You lean back in the tub and spread your long slender legs, pulling your supple thighs to your chest, letting your knees spread as far as possible in the confines of the basin. You've been smoldering with lust for hours; even though you came several times this morning, you are hornier than you can believe. There's no time for a tease anymore, you need to cum right this second. You grab your waterproof vibrator that is your travel companion and begin to fuck yourself deep and fast. You are slamming your palm into your pussy over and over; your other hand is pulling, pinching and twisting your hard knob. You keep pounding away, you feel your body beginning to tremble, and your hips are furiously bucking up and down, splashing water all over the floor. With a final thrust, your entire body tenses up, you cry out in ecstasy as your pussy convulsed around the vibrator, squeezing the plastic so hard that you think you may crush it with the intensity for you climax. You collapse back into your bath, your hand and mound sore from ramming into one another. You moan and close your eyes. God, you pray your plan works because you fear that your body will not be able to take much more of your self abuse.

You are sitting in front of your mirror, applying the final touches to your make up when you hear Daddy drag himself into the house after a long day at work. You smile to yourself; you're so excited to see your Daddy. You've missed him all day, but are so very excited to have him see you in your costume. Before you head to the top of the stairs, you check yourself out one last time in the mirror. Not to be stuck up, you look amazing. You scamper to the landing at the top of the staircase and yell down, "Daddy, I've missed you so much today. Since it's Halloween today, I've got a treat for you, but first, you must promise to take me trick or treating before my party tonight." You are so excited to hear your Daddy's voice that you're squirming with anticipation.

"I've missed you to princess. You're not serious about the trick or treat part are you sweetie? I've had a hard day and would like to just relax with my little girl before she heads out for the night. Besides, isn't 20 years of age a little old to be still trick or treating?" You could hear the fatigue in Daddy's voice, but you were not about to be denied what you've been planning all day long.

"Daddy, PLEASE. PRETTY PLEASE Daddy. I promise it will be fun and I KNOW you're going to love your treat. PLEASE DADDY!!!" You know that Daddy will not be able to refuse his little girl anything when she is so cute and pleading.

"Alright honey, I'll take you trick or treating. You know that I can't resist doing anything for my little girl." You are ecstatic; besides, you know Daddy's attitude will change once he gets his treat.

As you begin to make your way down the stairs, you draw several deep breaths. This is the moment of truth; you'll finally see whether your day of scheming will achieve the results that you've been hoping for.

As you appear around the staircase, Daddy is sitting in his favorite chair, reading the paper. You inspect your costume one last time; you feel the butterflies churning in your tummy. You see Daddy beginning to fold his paper, as his eyes are about to leave the black print for you in your costume and all of its glory; finally, the moment of truth is upon you. Daddy looks up and his eyes fly wide, his mouth drops open and you hear him gasp as he tries to catch his breath. From the flush quickly coming to his cheeks, you believe your costume is working, but Daddy's words leave no doubt as he stammers trying to put together a coherent sentence.

"B-B-Baby, that's some costume. Who are you supposed to be?" His eyes are trying to soak in every last inch of you, his most stunning daughter.

"Oh Daddy, I'm a Pussy Cat Doll. They're all the rage. They're dancers, like from when you were my age." You are beginning to feel a flushed yourself. You hadn't realized just how powerful of an effect your Daddy's stares would have upon you. You feel sexier than you've ever felt. Your shoulders are back, head held high, standing with as much poise as possible. Your hands are firmly planted on your hips, your long, long legs spread to shoulder width, with your left leg turned outward, really showing off your slender toned thigh.

"You, You want me to take you out trick or treating in that?" Daddy must be referring to the pink feather boa adorning your silky smooth shoulders. Or maybe, he's referring to the black leather bustier that tied up the front and just happened to not want to close completely, showing off plenty of skin between your two, rather large perfectly rounded breasts. The bustier was also just the right length; squeezing your breasts tightly enough to seem if you move just quickly enough, both will come spilling out and short enough to expose half of your rib cage and all of your flat soft belly. Perhaps he was referring to your bright red hip hugger panties partially covered by a maroon garter belt that trailed down your thighs to lavender thigh high stockings. Your look was finished off calf high black leather boots. You truly are a sight to behold. The longer you stood there with Daddy staring at you, the more and more excited you were getting.

"Daddy! Don't be such a prude. It's not like I'm going to running around naked. I'm just going to go trick or treat with my Daddy." So far, so good; Daddy was reacting just as you were hoping. You could see the bulge beginning to form in Daddy's crotch, which in turn was making your nipples harden against their leather confines and the first trickle of moisture was forming in your dark maroon panties. "Don't I make a good treat Daddy?" You give Daddy a coy smile and bat your eyes at him innocently.

Suddenly, your Daddy's expression changes from one of shock to a look of undeniable lust. Daddy's eyes narrow and his mouth closes with a sly sneer forming on the corners of his mouth. Beneath your cool, sexy exterior, your heart feels like it's going to pound right out for your chest. Your breath is quickening as you realize that your fantasies seem ready to come true.

"Yes baby, you do make quite a delicious treat. But before Daddy takes you trick or treating, he thinks that you deserve a trick for being so mischievous." Daddy stands and walks towards you, his eyes locked into yours. As he approaches, his eyes never leave yours and you are unable to look from his. He continues his advance and you slowly retreat until all of a sudden, you back into the edge of the couch and fall backwards, your legs spread wide. Before it registers what has happened, Daddy is on his knees between your thighs, caressing, rubbing, kissing, licking and sucking. He is working his way to your panties. You feel the heat building exponentially under your silk panties and feel the trickle becoming a steady flow. You lean back and moan as Daddy's fingers reach the top of your panties and pull them just below your hips. He is licking and sucking your luscious folds, tasting your sweet juices. Your hips are lifting off the couch to meet his advances; your long legs leave the ground to wrap around his torso, trying to pull him into your ravenous sex. Daddy's finger brushes your hard, aching clit, sending a spasm throughout your body, forcing your head back. At that moment, you feel something hard and very cold at the opening of your juicy pussy, sending shivers up and down your spine. Before you are able to open your eyes to see what it is, Daddy has pushed it deep into you. Your muscles begin to convulse as your velvet walls surround and embrace the intruder. Daddy is still buried between your legs, licking up his little girl's candy treat for him as you try simultaneously to adjust to the invader snuggled in you and come down from yet another incredible orgasm.

You slowly regain your breath and unwrap your legs from around your Daddy. You look down to your Daddy and smile, running your fingers through his hair. Daddy looks back up to your eyes and returns the smile, but it isn't his normal Daddy smile, it is a very sexy devilish grin. Daddy kisses your belly and pulls your hipster panties up over your curved hips. He stands and extends his hand to you; he helps you to your feet onto wobbly unsteady legs. Daddy pulls your close and kisses you passionately. As you taste yourself on his lips and feel your nipples trying to rip through their leather prison and a renewed moisture between your tender folds. Daddy holds you tight, and brushes your raven hair from your face as he looks deeply into your eyes. He licks and sucks your earlobes and neck as you slowly try to regain your composure.

"OK princess, it looks like it's time for us to start trick or treating. Grab a pillowcase from the closet and let's get going before it gets too much later." You are a little stunned; you had only suggested it to get Daddy thinking about you walking around in public in such little attire, to get to him to think of you sexually, so you could seduce him; now, he was really going to do it, but since your plan had worked out so well, you decided to give yourself completely to your Daddy and see what he has in store for you. When you take your first step towards the closet, you are suddenly brought to the understanding that the cold, hard object is till nestled in your pussy. You look back at Daddy and he has a broad grin upon his lips, knowing what has just crossed your mind. "Hurry up little one, no time to waste."

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