Dad's The Man Ch. 11


"No, what?"

"Gina was a lesbian. At least she thought she was, but it amounts to the same thing 'cause you're the first man she's ever had. You're no average Joe."

"Gina has, or had, an issue, is all."

"Doesn't matter. She's met lots of men, but you made a strong impression on her right away. You really don't know a lot about women, do you?"

"Aw, c'mon, kitten."

"(giggle) It's okay."

"Hmm. ... Hey, if I get some lumber and stuff, you wanna start on finishing the basement?" he asked, modestly changing the subject.


"I'll help, but you'll be doing a lot in the daytime while I'm at work, plus you'll have to make sure the electrician and plumber and all those guys know what we want."

"With a raised floor and everything?" I asked doubtfully.

"Most certainly. You can handle it, kitten, plus you can always use your computer if you have questions, or ask me when I get home."

"I,... well, I suppose,... You'll have to get me started once I get the basement cleaned out, though."

"Yup, I'll help you with that, but don't clean out the whole basement, just a section. I suggest you start with the furnace area, get that walled off and separated."

"That would be good practice for the rest," I said thoughtfully. "Do you really think I'm ready for the rest of it, though? What if I screw up?"

"If you screw up, you'll fix it, just like you always do. This is no big deal, kitten and you may not have been much in math, or science class, but if you had taken shop, you'd have gotten top marks."


"Yeah, you're good. And you look fuckin' spectacular. I'm not really sure how that applies, but there you have it."

I giggled and rubbed his tummy, saying, "Okay, I'll do it, you buttered me into it."

"Great. I'll grab some stuff for some subflooring before the week is out."

"I'll have the furnace area cleared and cleaned up by tomorrow, or the next day."

I knew he was only trying to help me to feel like I was earning the wifey car, but I didn't say anything. At that point, I accepted it because I knew it would make him happy.



May 01/09

Gina showed up after her shift at Jaybirds for the evening, as planned. The well drillers all enjoyed a great look as she walked up the driveway in her stylish, short nightclub dress. She stopped on the pavement, closest to where I was standing on a pile of dirt where I was watching the progress of the heavy equipment. Of course, I had my blue and gray welding jacket on over a snug, black T-shirt and a pair of my older, tighter work jeans, so they were checking me out since they'd been there.

I stepped down off the pile to join her, muddy paratroopers stepping up to expensive, dainty, high heels. Putting my hand on the small of her back, I leaned in and gave her a nice kiss on the lips.

"How was your day, smutty?"

"Good. Yours?"

"Alright. They won't be done today, they had troubles with their equipment earlier."

"I'll bet," she smirked. "It's getting pretty nice out, isn't it?"

"Yeah, Summer's finally here. You look great."

"You too, baby," she replied. "Geez, I still can't believe the Marilyn Monroe style looks so good on you with my hair colour. Dam, I could never pull that off, not in a million years! I'm jealous."

"Thanks," I said, always pleased with her compliments.

"Coming in soon?"

I looked behind me at the drill guys, the five of them suddenly looking away, though they couldn't hear our conversation over their equipment. Looking back, I replied, "Should probably let them get to their work before they have an industrial accident. I'll be down in the basement, working until they quit for the day, so go ahead and get comfy if you like, I'll deal with them."

"Sure. When are they leaving? Five?"


"See ya then, slutty."

The men pretended not to be watching her as she continued on down the driveway to the rear of the house. Can't say I blame them. Hell, I was watching her, too.

I told the guy in charge to come around to the basement door if they needed anything before they left. Walking around to the back of the house, I couldn't help but smile, knowing they were watching me now, their minds probably all awhirl over that kiss and light embrace. In a sense, it was almost as good as stripping, better in some ways.

One of them stepped inside the doorway later and called that they were packing up for the night, would be back tomorrow, and were indeed leaving the well driller. He made special note of how they were going to Byron's Lounge for beer before they went home. I thanked him, closed, locked the door and went upstairs to find that Gina had already started supper. Sort of.

"Gina, you know how you say that I shouldn't dance 'cause it's not for me?"


"You shouldn't be doing anything beyond washing dishes in the kitchen. It's just not good, not only for you, but me and Daddy, too."


"I've seen you screw up TV dinners. Admit it, you're doing good to make a decent cup of coffee for yourself."

"I don't believe I'm hearing,...! Oh, dammit, am I that bad?"

"It's just not your thing, smutty. Like haggling bargains out of people isn't mine. Besides, you're our guest, so sit down and tell me about your day, I'll take over from here."

" ... Fine. But, I'll have you know that I make some pretty good toast."


"About my day,... Well, it was the usual stuff,... couple of dancers from the night shift are on days now, you should see them. Tanya and Tisha are their names, if you can believe that."

"Are they,... together?" I asked while scraping the mess she'd started into the garbage without her noticing.

"No, they're just a team. They work together and think they're something else. Sort of the cheerleaders of the strippers, if you can imagine."

I laughed out loud at this, remembering the cheerleaders from high school and finding her analogy to be pretty funny.

"Yeah, exactly. They are in pretty good shape, though; they look good. So, what about your day? I hope you weren't flashing those poor guys out there?"

"Nah, nothing like that," I said, smiling while I filled a pot with water. "Just a little extra wiggle, accidently dropping my gloves and having to bend over to pick them up, etcetera."


"(giggle) I actually got a lot done today in the basement, even though their technical difficulties slowed me down a little, having to go out there and get the story and so on."


"Yuh?" I asked, grabbing several small potatoes from under the sink.

"Is it allowed to kiss the cook?" Gina asked.

"Actually, if you don't kiss the cook, you don't eat. And if you want dessert, you'd best go put something sexy on."


A few hours later, sitting there watching the news, I caught Gina's eye. She was grinning and directed her gaze to Daddy, sitting there reading his paper, specifically down to his lap, then back at me.

"Daddy, are you wearing underwear?" I asked.

" ... Yup."

"Well,... take your pants off, okay?"

"Take all your clothes off," Gina said with a wide smile. "I want to see you naked again."

He lowered his paper and was looking from one to the other of us, grinning and said, "Fuck, I love you two. There's more to life than just sex, you know."

"Daddy, take off your clothes," I softly nagged with an expectant smile while getting to my knees at my end of the couch.

"It's kind of embarrassing, you know, taking my clothes off in front of two beautiful young women."

Gina rose and made her way to his side to have a seat on the arm of the couch, saying in the process, "If you had anything to be embarrassed about, we wouldn't want you naked. Please take them off?"

"Yeah, Daddy. Cause you're not even supposed to be wearing underwear, so you have to get naked for us."

"How in hell does that work?" He laughed as I moved closer.

"It works like us taking them off for you if you don't hop to it," Gina answered.

"Ohhhhhh, That's the way it's gonna be, is it?"

"That's right."

"You and what army?"

She grabbed his wrists and did her best to hold him with a desperate grin, slipping from the arm of the couch and into his lap as I grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and yanked it up over his head. At first, I think he was only fooling around, but then I was hauling him over on top of me, working the T-shirt up his arms just in time as Gina lost her struggle to hold on to his wrists. We both laughed wildly at his protests concerning his now ruined newspaper as I tried to hold on to his arms, using his own shirt wrapped around his forearms to every advantage as Gina started quickly undoing the front of his jeans.

I was losing my grip as he started to work his arms the rest of the way out of his T-shirt, sacrificing it to save his pants, probably, but it was too late. Gina had his pants undone and was already yanking them down from his hips, showing the black briefs I'd gotten him and the package they contained. I could tell he was starting to get hard as I squirmed for better positioning under him, attempting to re-deploy my hands to his chin and forehead a second before he would have freed his arms.

He quickly removed my hands and bent forward, an excited chuckle escaping him as Gina was just then working his pants down over his knees. He grabbed her by the upper arm before I could stop him and hauled her up his lap, somehow coming up with her thigh in his other hand. I tried to pry that big hand off Gina's delicate thigh as he squeezed just enough to make her scream her laughter, begging him to let her go, but it was just no good.

Before I knew it, he had her almost completely turned around and on her back, head hanging over his bare thigh, her hips on his belly. The only way she didn't fall right off his lap was because of the hold he'd gotten on the waistband of her jeans with one hand, the other busily undoing the front of them while her arms flung around wildly, searching for a way to stabilize herself. I managed to haul him back down on top of me with my arms around his chest, but it took all I had and it didn't stop him, or help Gina's situation at all as she could only laugh desperately, like I was.

He hauled her body even further up as he raised her legs and literally shook her out of her jeans, she watching helplessly and too weak from laughter to stop him. She wore a wine coloured, satiny G-string and we could see her cute little bum hole as she struggled uselessly to free herself . My own hold on his chest relaxed, as I too was out of breath and distracted by what was happening to Gina.

Once her jeans were gone, he spread her thighs as she watched, hands on the floor beneath her and unable to keep from being hauled up his body once again so Daddy's mouth could set itself on the narrow strip of satin that covered her pussy.


I let go of his chest to hold one of her legs for him and pull the front of her G-string down.

"H-hey! Traitor! Ohh, my clit!"


"Uhh! Okay, I give up, Da- Ohh-!"

We decided not to take any prisoners. Gina's underwear was soon pulled and twisted around until her pussy was completely defenseless against his swishing and driving tongue. I readjusted my position again so I could pull her even closer, spreading her legs further so my tongue could join Daddy's.

We made her orgasm like that and I remember laughing happily, even a little giddily as she did, somehow managing to hold herself up until Daddy pulled her to a more stable position where she could relax, panting in bliss with her back on his chest, her legs over the back of the couch.

Once we regained our breath, Gina her senses as well, he pushed her down and sat up, getting mostly off of me as I groaned, crawling out. As soon as I got to my feet, his hand captured me via a fistful of T-shirt, right under my arm.

"Where in hell do you think you're going?" he asked with a devious smile, pulling me down closer as I giggled wildly again, grabbing his hands and halfheartedly trying to free myself. "Now, little witch, I remember you said you gave up."

"I don't remember that," Gina said coyly, screaming a second later when his hand went down her shirt and presumably grabbed a nipple. "I said it, I said it!" she laughed helplessly, enjoying the familiar pain.

He eased the pressure of his pinchytwist, saying, "So, as the losing party, you two have to pay restitution, don't you?"

"But I was on your side!" I reminded him.

"I don't care, I have no respect for traitors, either."


"Ha, ha!" Gina taunted as she spread her legs on the back of the couch and stroked her pubic hair.

"So, witchy here, is gonna get your clothes off. Assuming she's capable."

We both looked at each other, open mouthed smiles on our faces as we sized one another up. Gina's in great shape and taller than me, but I'm a bit thicker and more solid, so I figured my chances were pretty good as she peered back, appraising me as well.

"I can do it," she said.

"No way," I assured her.

"Yes, way."

"In your dreams, smutty. Daddy, let me go. I'll show her."

His grip loosened, left my shirt altogether and I straightened up as she writhed around and got off him. She joined me on the other side of the coffee table and made a grab right away, getting hold of the neck of my T-shirt and yanking me right off my balance and towards her, the shirt tearing down the top of one shoulder and short sleeve in the process until she already had it half off.

I couldn't get her off me, her braless boobs pressed against mine from behind her top so I couldn't get hold of her nipples. So, I grabbed her bum and pinched, producing screams as the rest of my shirt came apart and fell to my waist. She finally had to pull away and I managed to get a nipple, still pinching her bum with my other hand.

Gina decided to let me do my thing and, even while screaming over my assault, used her hands to undo my jeans, rather quickly I might add, and begin working them down while I realized pain wouldn't stop her. I made a grab for her arms, hoping to stop her that way, but my pants were already to my knees and I couldn't part my legs far enough to plant myself. We struggled against one another until she eventually gained the upper hand and crushed me against her again, deftly popping the strap of my white bikini bra with a quick touch.

She wrestled me to the carpet as I struggled against her, grunting, groaning and laughing, trying to hold the bra cups to my boobies while her other hand yanked my panties down. She got off me suddenly, taking my bra with her, dropping it and grabbing my jeans and bikini panties, yanking them to my ankles before I could stop her, laughing triumphantly as my legs were jerked up in the air and I was suddenly left on the carpet, wearing only the remnants of my T-shirt.

"I win! Winwinwinwinwinwinwin!" she rejoiced, hopping up and down, her boobies now free of the hanging velvet that had covered them.

"I don't believe it!" I exclaimed, getting up and looking at Daddy while Gina did some kind of victory dance. "I was robbed! Cheated! Unfairly defeated!"

"Wiiiii-nner, wiiiii-nner, I-am the wi-nner!"

"A sore loser and a sore winner," my father chuckled. "Nice."

"What good is victory if you can't enjoy it?" Gina countered.

"Can we have your cock now!? I asked, smiling and exasperated with them both.

"She lost, so she has to get slamfucked," Gina insisted, pointing at me, but speaking to him.

"Uh, slam-fucked?" he had to ask.

"She has to swallow all your cum!" I dictated, pointing at her in turn. "Cause she lost, too!"

"Well, she's right about that, witchy. Hope you're not still full from supper."

"Ohh,..." she said, looking at his now fully hardened cock, still in his briefs.

"And kitten,... Well, we'll see how you hold up."

I only looked at him, anticipating a good thrashing with a grin as Gina took me by the shoulders and led me to the coffee table. She put me there on my knees and bent me over so that my hands were on the carpet on the other side, bum in the air, wet miffy exposed and vulnerable to the hard fucking I was about to receive.

Looking behind me, I saw him stand, Gina pulling his underwear down for him, watching his stiff rod, pointed at the ceiling, bob and weave as he took a step closer. She took it and put it in her mouth, as much of it as possible, and bobbed on it, moaning and slurping before letting it go and pointing it at miffy, her other hand at the top of my bum.

His wet cock entered, hastily and completely filling me as I uttered a long, squealing wail.

"Mmmmm, miffy likes being stuffed full of Daddy's cock, doesn't she?" Gina teased.

"Yeah! Ohhh!"

He started thrusting in and out while Gina whispered more dirty things in my ear, telling me what a little slut I am and all that other stuff she knows I get right off on. It wasn't long before he was banging me pretty hard, gripping me by my hips so I couldn't bounce off the coffee table and land in a heap on the floor beyond.

"Uh! Uh! Uh-h! Oh! Oohh!" I expelled over and over, loving the pain as he rammed me, miffy still somewhat tight for him, even at this point.

"Harder, Daddy," Gina advised, standing to run her hands over his chest. "Fuck your daughter good and hard, she needs it."

His thrusts became even harder, faster as she locked her lips to his, one hand at the back of his head and the other between her legs. I wasn't long having an orgasm, a fantastic one, too. I was let go after he fucked me through it to gently topple from the coffee table to the floor, chest heaving, moaning and so satisfyingly sore.

Daddy, meanwhile, was pushing Gina down to the couch on her back. Much to her surprise, he spread her legs wide and shoved his way inside her wet pussy and started soundly fucking her, too. I struggled to my knees as she stared up at him with an expression of awe and adoration, grabbing her own legs and holding them spread even further, her feet almost beside her head. He leaned over her, his hands buried in the upholstery, driving himself down and into her ever harder until she was being slamfucked, too.

"Ah! Ahh! Uhh! Fu! Ah-h!" she squawked repeatedly, her gaze still locked on Daddy's face.

Her body, driven into the couch with each thrust, bounced back up to meet his next every time and he kept this up even through her climax, relentlessly fucking her crazy until he suddenly pulled out and dragged her closer, pulling her face to his cock. At this point, I'd made it to the couch myself and helpfully guided it into Gina's slack jaws, her lips closing around it while I stroked my father, his groans becoming increasingly louder and more urgent.

Gina recovered enough to take over and I watched as she stroked him with both hands, sucking voraciously and eagerly at the same time as though his cum were a life saving medicine. It was easy to tell when he came.

"Mmmm. Mmmm-Mmmm! ... Mmmmmmmm! (slurp) M-ghmmf- (gulp) Gmmmm, mmmmm! (gulp, slu-urp) Ommmmmb! (gulp)"

"Yeah, suck it all up, smutty," I breathed, stroking the back of her head as she continued jacking him with both her hands, eyes closed. "Swallow every drop of that stuff."

"(glulp) Mmmm!" she replied before she let it out of her mouth.

I grabbed it and put it in mine, looking for anything she may have missed and enjoying the feel of it while he was still hard.

"(gasp!) I wasn't supposed to get slamfucked," She reminded Daddy with a grateful smile.

"Uhhh,... says who, witchy girl?"

"I'll cast a spell on you," she threatened.

" ... You already have," he panted.

I giggled around his softening cock.



May 12/09

Another great day, today. Not only did I finish the framing in the basement, but I got a big surprise, too.

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