Dad's The Man Ch. 12


"You're not a bad person, kitten," he told me. If you were, we wouldn't have had this conversation."

"Dad's right," Gina said. "Absolutely and one hundred percent right. It's like Tom Cochrane says, a mad, mad world."

"There, see? Even witchy agrees, so you're outvoted and hereby forbidden to feel bad, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," I said, my smile wider and feeling a lot better now.

"So, whatever happened to him?" Gina asked.

"Pizza face? Yeah, that's the weird part," Daddy replied. "Last I knew, he was hanging around the Elmbrook Mall parking lot, staggering around, drooling and trying to talk to women. Frontal lobe damage, the cops told me, but what's weird about it is how he hangs around the area where it happened."

"Uhhh,... Gina began as my eyes widened and I looked at her. "Does this guy wear a reflective vest, hardhat? Really strange, bright blue, crusty eyes?"

"I don't know, I don't go to malls very often, and I never go to Elmbrook, but yeah, he did have bright blue eyes."

"We've seen him lots of times," I said, surprised at this unlikely connection. "We just ignore him when he tries to talk. Sometimes he falls and stuff."

"Oh my god, you did that?" Gina asked, as surprised and mildly shocked as I was before her expression suddenly changed and she added, "Oh, sorry, Dad, I shouldn't have said that, it's just,... a surprise."

"S'okay, he shrugged. "Obviously, it's not something I'm proud of and I sure as hell didn't mean for it to turn out the way it did but, like I say, better him than me."

"I'll say," I confirmed.

He really did make me feel better about myself, too. I should have told him about how I was feeling right away, should have known that he, of all people, would understand and be able to help.

One thing about it that does persist and that I never mentioned to either of them, however, is how I often wonder what Sheila would have done in my place that day.


Jul. 11/09

It was a usual day. I finished up the painting in the basement and, tomorrow, me and Gina are going to get started on the trim for the doors and windows. She's gotten really good with the chopper saw because she knows a lot more about geometry and angles and stuff than I do, so she knows what I need right away and gets a perfect angle almost every time.

Gina and I put on a couple of short skirts tonight with garters, turned our backs to my laptop and took a picture while our hands were on each other's bare bums, looking back at the laptop with horny smiles. I'm going to put it in Daddy's lunchbox tomorrow morning.

Speaking about Gina and bums, I've been thinking about how she put her finger a little way inside mine a few weeks ago. I wonder if she'd think I was some kind of freak if I asked her to do it again? I don't think she would.



Jul. 18/09

Daddy got me an MP3 player for the Trans Am with an amp and four speakers. I was so happy/horny, I wore my favourite, skimpy little pink panties with the pretty purple, blue and white hearts all over them with the matching (of course) bra while I was helping Daddy install the deck in the Garage. I couldn't stop grinning like an idiot, constantly pulling my short skirt up, so I could see them.

"Daddy, look at my panties," I said with my back to him, skirt pulled right up. "Aren't they nice?"

"Almost as nice as what's in them," he answered.

"(giggle) Look at my bra, too," I said, turning and pulling my shirt up to my neck so, he could see.

"Kitten,... you're being a distraction. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to get this done sometime tonight."


"It's alright," he chuckled.

"Umm,... can you fuck me tonight? I'm really horny and I need your cock."

"How would you like it?"

"Slow and nice so we can kiss while we do it, then good and hard so I can feel like a dirty little whore."

"You got it."

"Um, can you cum all over my face, too? And in my hair and stuff the way I like?"

"Anything my little slut wants."

"(giggle!) Aw, Daddy, I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetie. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'd still feel that way even if we weren't sharing a bed. You know that, right?"

"Yup, I feel the same way. Do you love Gina, too?"

He paused in his work, looked at me with an almost vulnerable smile and said, "Yes. Yes, I do. I hope that doesn't make you jealous, but you had to know that this would happen. Right?"

"Uh huh and no, it doesn't make me jealous. You're supposed to love her and it makes me happy. Have you told her?"


"How come?"

" ... I dunno. Sometimes that's hard to say, I guess. At least the first time."

"Well, she loves you."

"She tell you that?"

"No, but I can tell by the way she looks at you. You should tell her."

" ... I will."


"Geez, kitten," he complained.


"Well, I said it's a hard thing to say the first time."

"Yeah, but I think she really wants to hear it. She needs it, especially from you on account of how her dickhead father treated her."

His lips compressed, remembering what I told him of the events leading to her early ejection from her home and Dottie's subsequent discovery of her as Gina related the story to me.

" ... Yeah, I'll tell her soon."

"Thanks, Daddy," I said with a bright smile. "I'm so happy,..."


"Are you?"

"You can't imagine," he assured me. "I mean, I still feel guilty about you at times, but you've done so much for me. I can't ever remember being so happy."

"Not even when,...?"

"When Sheila was around?" he assumed. "No. I mean I was happy then, but not like now and, obviously, that didn't last. There was always this sense of,... I don't know. It was a lot like walking down train tracks while wearing a walkman and listening to my favourite tune of all time, you know?"

"Not really."

" ... It's kinda hard to explain, but deep down, I knew I was being stupid. Deep down, I knew I couldn't trust her and that there was something big coming down the line and that, if I didn't turn the walkman down, I was going to get hit."

"Why didn't you?"

"That's a pretty hard thing to do when you're enjoying the music. Know what I mean now?"

" ... Yeah, I think so. Daddy, I'm sorry she hurt you."

"Not your fault, kitten."

"Well, somebody should apologize and, since I am technically her daughter, that means me."

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me with a sad smile before reaching out and pulling me into my car with him, sitting me on his lap and putting his hand on my thigh, his other rubbing my back and making my eyes all sleepy-horny.

"You owe me no apologies, not on your own behalf and sure as hell not on hers. Never think for one second that you do. Anyway, it was a long time ago and I'm over it. Remember what I told you and witchy about the past?"


"Well,... I only figured that out since we've been together."

" ... I love you so much, Daddy."

"I love you too, kitten."

We kissed then, that kiss turning to a pretty heavy make out session, his hand disappearing down the front of my panties before he shook himself away.

"Okay, later!" he sighed, "Geez, you really do it to me."

"Your cock is all hard."

"Now, that's your fault."


"Go on in the house, you're really distracting the hell out of me, now. I'll finish this up and be in later, but I'll get the speakers installed tomorrow."

When he finished up and came in, Gina and I were looking at paint colour swatches and holding the multi coloured cards up, looking around the living room and trying to picture some of the samples painted all over the walls.

"Actually," she was saying, holding the cards spread out in her hands as if she were playing poker, "I kinda like what's here now, it's just an old job and a bit too dark and drear- Ahhhhhhh!! Daaaad!"

He'd come up behind her and pinched the very bottom of her bum, almost between her legs. She jumped in alarm and the cards went flying everywhere, but before she could say anything else, she was spun around and lifted right off the floor. Her legs bent at the knees as, to her great surprise, she found herself sitting in his hands, her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck in order to hold on as his lips pressed to hers in an incredibly passionate kiss that she fell totally into.

"I love you, witchy," he said, adding, "and when I say that, I mean it in every sense, same as I mean it with kitten."

She could only stare for a moment, obviously not expecting this, her brain visibly scrambling for something to at least think, if not say.

" ... Ohh,... Daddy, yes, I- I love you, too. I love you so much, baby."

She hugged him tight as he swiveled back and forth at the hips, rocking her gently, comfortingly as I watched, pleased as punch. She looked at me from over his shoulder with the happiest expression I think I've ever seen on her face.

Later, Gina sat back as Daddy made good on his earlier sexual promises to me, masturbating as she watched him fuck me so nice at first, then bang me senseless. Finally, she came herself watching me suck on his cock until he came in my face and hair, his big hand holding me right there by the hair at the back of my head.

I wonder if that'll ever get old for me?



Jul. 21/09

Yet another fun filled, happy day in my fun filled, happy life.

I've started another story for Literotica, this one only one chapter in length, (the kind I like to call a 'quick n dirty') about a woman who gets used in a back parking lot.

Writing smut is hard because the sex scenes are so distracting and repetitive. It's where my creative process gets bogged down, where I make most of my typos and when I'm always having to remind myself that typing one handed is quite counterproductive. It seems I'm learning despite that fact, though.

Me and Gina were down the basement earlier this evening in our new, albeit temporary, workout room. We were hanging out with Daddy in the garage, watching him work on the truck until he sent us away because our bodies were distracting him. It was the stretchy, low riding little shorts we were wearing that let our bum cheeks hang out a little and our tight, short tank tops with no bras underneath.



We were doing our stretching routine together and, as always, it was making me horny. Exercise always does and, after I googled it, I found out that it's normal.

"Which do you like better? When Daddy cums all over your face, or in your mouth, so you can swallow?"

"Heh. Ummmmm,... I think in my mouth. It's so smutty and dirty. Plus, I like the feel of it, all that sticky, gooey mess sliding down my throat."

"Mmmmmm. (giggle)"

"Which do you like?"

"It's hard to decide, but I think I like it on my face. I love the taste, but I usually always get some in my mouth anyway, and I love seeing myself in the mirror like that."

"I know. You should transfer all those pictures to a data stick, it's buggering up your computer. You know what I think would be fun?"


"If he came in our bras. In the cups, I mean."

" ... Yeaaaaah. How did I not think of that?"

"I'm a little surprised, myself. You're going to pull a muscle, come back a bit,... that's better."



" ... Well, I've been kinda wondering about something."

"What's that?"

"Um, well, a little while ago you did something to me that felt really good."

"What, something different, you mean?"


"What was that?"

"Well,... this is a bit embarrassing."

"No need to be embarrassed, this is me, remember?"

"Yeah, I know,... Well, you put your finger,... in my bum."

" ... Ohhhh," she said, suddenly recalling with a smile. "Yeah, I remember that. So, you liked it, huh?"

"Yeah. And I was kinda wondering,..."

"If I'd do it again?" she finished, her knowing, horny smile pinning me to the wall as it often did.




"Ask me."

" ... Like, now?"

"If you want it now, sure."

I felt the flush I'd been fighting come over me as I looked away, embarrassed, but asking anyway, "Would you?"

"You have to look at me and ask for exactly what you want, hornytoad."

"But,... (sigh) Will- will you put your finger in my bum?"

"Say please."


"Pretty please," she said, smiling wider as she teased me.

" ... Gina, will you please put your finger in my bum? Pretty please with cherries and Daddy's yummy cum all over the top?"

" ... Wow. When you ask so politely like that, how can I refuse?"


"Come here, you little tramp."

I stood in front of her and we kissed, then licked each other's tongues for a moment while I pulled the front of her tank top down, allowing her scrumptious boobies with their already erect nipples to fall out.

I felt her hands rest on my hips, slowly making their way down into the waistband of my shorts and continuing with them caught in her fingers until I felt the cool air of the room on pantyless miffy. When they plopped to the floor, I was guided down to join them on my knees, she getting down after me, smiling and rubbing my bum softly.

"Down on your forearms, cheek on the floor, knees spread just a little," she purred.

I did as told, my arms and legs trembling just a little from anticipation. For me, the only thing more exciting than a new sexual act is nothing and I could feel that familiar, slight tummy cramp of lustful excitement. If only Daddy was the one to take my virginity and not that loser at the Library. It's my biggest regret in life to date.

"Now, just relax while I play with miffy and get- Oh, slutty, you're already so wet. Mmmm, my horny girl."

"Oh. Oh, Gina,..." I crooned as her fingers began stroking my slick lips, soon playing at my clitoris before poking around seductively at my opening.

I gasped with a shudder as two of her fingers slowly penetrated me, her thumb at my clitty as she kissed and nibbled at my bum cheeks. She fingerfucked me for a short time, bringing out my fluids, caressing my bum hole softly and slowly with the viscous stuff until she stayed there, rubbing a bit harder and in circles, making me twitch and writhe. She began pressing at it a little, off and on, circling and pressing until one of her fingers slipped just inside.

"Uufff-! Ohh-h!" I groaned, wincing.

"Relaaaxxx," she breathed.

I did, although it was hard. I was a lot more relaxed the last time she did it and the somewhat uncomfortable feeling I experienced today wasn't present then. Of course, then I was kind of in the heat of the moment, as they say.

"That's better. Now, just stay like that and,... I'll make you feel so nice,..."

The deeper she got, the more it hurt and the more uncomfortable it became, but relaxing made it a lot better. Soon, I could feel her knuckles against me and she began slowly fucking me like that. The uncomfortable feeling faded as my bum adjusted to this invasion and I was able to mentally get off on the fact that I was being sodomized like a little street whore.

"Ohh! Ohh, smutty, I really like this!"

"Mmm hmmm."

She began using a different finger, a bigger one and that felt just great. She pushed it in and pulled it out so slowly, two fingers of her other hand suddenly finding their way up inside miffy as I began to wail.

"Ahhhh!? Ooooh, I'm such a little slut!"

I couldn't believe the orgasm I had. It's not like it was the best, or anything, but it just felt different. Gina pulled me up to a sitting position on the floor in front of her after I was done, putting her arms around me from behind, rocking gently and kissing my neck as I hummed contentedly in the afterglow of my orgasmic gyrations.

"That was,... Oh, wow, smutty."

"Mmm, I know."

"Have you ever,...?"


"Did another woman do it to you?"

"No. I use my fingers, or a dildo. I didn't want to ask the others because,... well, I didn't think they would have been into it. You're the first one I've been with who I could really be,... Heh, who I could really be my true, smutty self with. And it's so much more fun with you than it would have been with them because you're so precious and innocent."

" ... Not anymore."

"Yes, you are. Innocent, I take it you mean?"

"Yes. How can I be innocent at this point?"

"Most people wouldn't be, but you're different."

" ... Oh. Um, a dildo?"

"Uh huh."

"Wow. A vibrating dildo?


"That must be,..."

"It sure is."


"I don't do it very often. It's not good to do it too often."


"Do you know what a colostomy bag is?"

" ... No."

"Well, It's not uncommon for older homosexual men to end up with one because they've had their butts reamed so many times that their sphincters are all stretched out, so they no longer close. What happens then is a real shitty mess."


"You said it. So, they have to go get a colostomy bag, which as I understand it, is this plastic bag with a hole, something like those refill bladders that save production of plastic bottle containers, you know?"


"Okay, so what they do, is- I mean the doctors –they cut and redirect the intestine, or bowel, or whatever to a hole they make in the person's side where it connects to the bag."

"Ew!" I repeated.

"And when the bag gets all full of,... shit, they disconnect it and toss it in the garbage, then put another one on. Unfortunately, the seals on these colostomy bags don't always seal perfectly and, hence, another shitty mess."

"Ew, ew, ew!"

"That's why you don't want to do it too often. And don't get into crazy insertions, either. Some people will use anything from a fluorescent light bulb to a person's fist. The less said about rodentia, the better. That stuff is stupid and dangerous and best left to stupid people. Remember, God put stupid people on Earth for a reason: So the rest of us could learn from their stupid mistakes."

"How do you know all that stuff, anyway?"

"Remember when I told you that some guys who pay for a private dance will sometimes just pay a girl to sit and chat with them?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, there's this regular I used to get at the club who used to just want to chat sometimes. He's single, lonely and works at an adult residential care home for the mentally ill and he sees a lot of this kind of thing."

"That's what you talk about?"

"Not just that, but it's a pretty stressful and thankless job and, not having a woman, he likes to talk about his work week, have someone to gripe to and laugh with. Some of the stories he told me are actually hilarious."

"Hm," I offered, a little sad that I'd missed out on that aspect of dancing. "You know, I'm still a little put out about not being allowed to dance anymore."

"I know, but it's what Dad and I want. It's to protect you, like what you did to Tanya and Tisha to protect me."

"Yeah,..." I said a little gloomily.

"Besides, you really like working down here. You're getting things done and saving us a lot of money, that's as good as contributing a paycheck."

"I'll be starting the other half of the basement, soon. After that, what'll I do?"

"I'd take an online writing course, if I were you."

" ... Really?"

"Really. You've got talent and the time to develop it, why wouldn't you?"

"What about carpentry? The team were gonna be?"

"Do both."

We talked about it some more, giving up any pretense of finishing our workout as we sat, half clothed, on the floor, chatting and stroking each other's hair, caressing arms and legs, every once in a while an erect nipple. As we spoke, I marveled at how fulfilling it was to love and be loved by two different people, to experience the variety of intellect and emotion that flowed from each of them.

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