tagIncest/TabooDad's The Man Ch. 12

Dad's The Man Ch. 12


Jun. 03/09

I'm just about done the drywall stage in the basement. It wasn't too bad, all in all, but not as easy, and surprisingly quick, as insulating the foundation walls.

Gina joined me again today. I can't say what a relief it is to have her out of bed and back in the land of the living again. I mean, sure, it's only been five days, but I was getting pretty worried about her and what those two bitches may have done to her state of mind.

She sat around some, helped out here and there and even smiled at my jokes. Her face is starting to heal up, as is all those bruises on her body. My legs and ribs are still bothering me a bit and my nose is still a little touchy, but I'm getting better every day.

"I keep trying to imagine you there," she said out of the blue, sitting on a bucket of drywall mud with her knees together, feet apart, playing idly in the dirt with a long shard of drywall in a pair of loose jeans and one of Daddy's shirts. "I couldn't believe it when I saw what you looked like that night, when Dad turned the lights on and you told me. I mean, that you would actually go down there and stick up for me, fight for me,..."

"Well, I love you," I explained, grunting a little at the pain in my side as I fitted a piece of drywall, not really wanting to talk about it.

"But,... I just never would have imagined anyone doing anything like that for me. But, even weirder, it's almost as if you were there when they beat me up and we won. It's hard to explain, but it really helped a lot. Don't ever doubt how devoted to you I am,... superkitten."

I smiled at both her joke and her sentiment, saying, "I just wish I really was there when they started on you."

"Me too, but,... you still kept your promise."

I finished screwing the medium size panel to the wall with the gun and asked, "What promise is that?"

"You once told me, when you were relating your little fantasy about me, that if anybody ever hurt me, you'd break their head. You kept your promise and, even though I wish so much you didn't have to, that none of it ever happened, that means a whole lot."

"Smutty, I only have two people in the world and I love them so much, you can't imagine. You really can't. I don't like people messing around with that."

She smiled at me again and said, "Just like Dad. There's something I don't get, though." Gina said.

"What's that?" I asked, running the sharp utility knife across a fresh sheet of drywall.

"Whenever we wrestle, I always win. Always. Yet, you were able to beat up Tanya and Tisha while I couldn't."

"Oh. Well,... it wasn't really like that."

"What do you mean?"

I really didn't want to get into it. As I've written, the whole thing kind of bothers me on some level, that I'd be capable of doing something like that to another person.

"Well, you know. We respect one another and you're better in that kind of contest than I am, but I don't respect them. I hate them and I didn't go there with it in my mind that it would be any kind of contest at all. I went there to make them pay and that's what I did, plain and simple."

"I guess. Still can't imagine it, though. I still can't believe you haven't been arrested for assault."

"They can't let that happen. They'd be ratting themselves out if they pressed charges and they'd come out looking a lot worse than me. That's the last kind of trouble they need right now. No, they'll keep their mouths shut and so will the others."

" ... You have this,... totally unexpected, almost incredible side to you sometimes."

I gently kneed the drywall that I'd stood up on edge, cleanly breaking it down my mark and paused to smile and wink at her, saying, "That's my superkitten persona. See, by day, I'm a mild mannered, hard working DIY queen, but if there's trouble, or if there's an orgasm to be had in a new and slutty way, I become,... her."

She chuckled at this, wincing a little as her smile pulled at her healing lower lip before, "Hey, baby?"

"Uh huh?" I asked, hoping my humour would change the subject as I lifted the piece I'd cut out to the wall in preparation of cutting out a hole for a switchbox.

" ... I'm not sure I can go back there. To work at the club, I mean. I'm just not,..."

I glanced over my shoulder at her, saw her expression and put the panel down. Taking a seat on an upturned milk crate across from her, giving her my undivided attention, she went on.

"I- I guess I have trouble thinking I can go back with any dignity after they all saw what happened to me. I always tried to be,... professional and respectable and to have them do that to me,..."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," I told her.

"I know that. In my head, I know that, but whenever I think of going back there,... Shit, I get nervous just thinking of a trip to the mall, now."

"Really?" I asked, concerned at this.

She nodded.

"Well, I can understand how you'd feel that way about the club, but,..." I trailed off, trying to think of the right words to help her back to the strong, independent, confident mindset that I love so much about her. "Hey, remember that DS9 episode earlier this morning when we got up?"

"Umm, yeah."

"Remember when Worf said that a siege mentality is ultimately self defeating?"

" ... Yeah," she sighed. "But,..."

"But it would be easier if you had a nice little hole to crawl into, right?"

"Pretty much."

"Hm. You know, that's how I used to feel all the time at school and stuff and, to a degree, I did kinda crawl into a hole. But it wasn't healthy. The way I've gotten over some of that in myself since I met you proves it. You'll be okay, you just have to give it some time and remember that me and Daddy are here for you. You'll be okay. As far as the club goes,... what, are you just going to do private gigs from now on?"

"I think so, yeah. But maybe you're right about just giving it some time."

"You always told me that you never run from anything."

"Maybe that was a lie, more for me than you. I mean, I've never gone back to my parent's house since they threw me out, have I? I never will, either. Dottie,... She made plans. I let her assume I'd move in with her when it was possible, but I ran away from that, and then the whole town."

"That's different, you have no place there, or with Dottie and you know it, as well as you knew it then. You don't want to be there, but I guarantee you, if you decide to go back to your day shift, nobody will be looking at you and laughing, not even to themselves."

"Hmm," she agreed thoughtfully, watching the end of her drywall spear as she drew out random designs in the dirt with its tip.

"Well, know that me and Daddy will support you, whatever you decide about your shift, but we won't let you become a recluse."

She smiled and said, "Thanks. ... Kat?"


" ... Well,... There's something,... I hate to ask."

"Gina, we share my father's cock, you can ask me anything."

She smiled wider at this and chuckled softly, taking her time, but finally speaking her thoughts.

"Well, I've been wondering for a few days now if it would be alright with you and Dad if,... if I wanted to, um, move in here. For good. I want to be here with you two."

I guess I should have expected this, but I was surprised nonetheless. In a way, much like her car, I'd always thought of her apartment as a part of her, a sort of physical monument to who and what she was, the independent, fiercely proud and confident woman I'd fallen in love with. I told her as much, asking if she was sure she wanted to leave that, to make that decision at a time like this.

She nodded, saying, "I know, but that independence,... it was just what had to be. I had nobody until you came along. I could never count on the girlfriends I had before you, I knew that. My independence and all those other things that came from it were a necessary element in my life that I had to maintain because there was nothing else, nobody else. It's different with you and Dad, I know I can trust and count on you two."

"Gina,... Look, I'd love it if you moved in here and I know he would too, but,... I think you should just wait until you get back to yourself before you decide this."

"What if I don't get completely back to myself?"

I didn't know what to say to this. It's not as if she's the same person she was before her parents threw her out, after all. She can't be.

"I don't know," I said after a pause. "But we'll talk to Daddy about it when he gets home and see what he says. Okay?"

She nodded, another little smile appearing.

"I think it's a great fuckin' idea," Daddy said later on at the supper table, looking surprised and pleased, this expression passing from one to the other of us as we sat, eating with him.

"But, Daddy," I cautioned, "what about the other stuff? About how she doesn't want to go out and how she maybe shouldn't be making any big decisions right now?"

He remained silent for a moment, setting his eyes on Gina as she gingerly chewed on the chicken cutlets I'd prepared.

"You say you don't want to go to work because it would be awkward for you with the other girls."

"Yes," she answered.

"That's natural, to feel that way. I wouldn't want to go back either because it would make it too hard to get over it and move on, always being where it happened, where I was made to feel,... Always being reminded. It wouldn't help me to move on.

We both nodded at his words as he continued.

"Moving on requires facing up to yourself, being resolute enough to pick yourself up and get over it, get on with your life. That doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to something you don't want to and don't have to. As for moving in here,... Well, obviously, you don't want to go home, do you?"


"Why, do you suppose?"

"Because,... I want to be here with you two."

"And we'd love to have you. Are you making this decision because of what happened?"

" ... Uhh, I'm not sure. I mean, I,..."

"You realize," Daddy said, "you didn't go home after the hospital, you came here."

"Yes, I needed you both."

"Do you still?"


"Will you still need us after you're all healed up and over this?

" ... Yes, yes, of course."

"Would you say you needed us before the fight?"

" ... Yes."

"So, with that stuff in mind, do you think it's a good idea that you move in with us?"

The poor thing smiled as much as she could without splitting her healing lower lip open again and nodded, affirming, "Yes, I do."

"I don't know what the hell you do over there all by yourself, anyway."

"Think about you two, now," she admitted.

"Well, why didn't you just come over?"

"I didn't want to be a pain and wear out my welcome."

"That's crazy talk," he informed her, forking some mashed potatoes into his mouth after.

I only smiled like Gina was, seeing the sense in everything he said and excited about the move now that I didn't have to worry about her mental and emotional state. He only made me feel better when he went on after swallowing, tapping his fork lightly on his plate every once in a while to emphasize.

"And, like I said, you will get over this, you're a strong girl. No, you may not be the same, but nobody ever stays the same, anyway. Events and experiences in our lives shape who we are, but it's important to remember that so do the people who love us and the support they give. What happened was a horrible thing but, ultimately, whether or not it was a negative experience for you depends on how you decide to deal with it. Remember, this shit is in the past and even the only physical evidence that it even happened, other than very bad memories, is already healing up and will be gone before you know it.

"Don't let some event that only exists in your memory fuck up your now, don't live in the fantasy world of the past, live what's real, enjoy what's now because that's where we all are."

Wow. Of all the good things Daddy has said, this has to be one of, if not the best. We both got up and limped to the end of the table and hugged him tight.

We sat in the living room after with the TV muted, making plans. Gina will be moving in soon, shortly before the end of the month while we slowly help her pack up and bring stuff over piecemeal. We'll store her furniture downstairs until we decide what all we want to put where and get rid of anything we can't use. Since we're finishing the basement, I can't see as how we'd be getting rid of that much.

I can't wait.



Jun. 20/09

Oh my god, it's been so hot out. We still make fun of Gina for wanting an air conditioner, though.

It was a fun day just the same. Daddy started mudding the drywall in the basement while Gina helped me get started on some doors and jambs. Sometimes we'd stop and watch him work with stupid grins on our faces.

We're both mostly healed up, bruising and soreness all but gone, and it's nice to see Gina smiling without having to hold her finger on her bottom lip, nicer to see no scarring anywhere and even nicer that she's been coming around on going out and facing people, like Daddy said she would. Of course, our regular trips to her apartment in the truck helped to ease her back into the reality of having to leave home at some point. I'm really glad she decided to give up her shift, too.

We were talking about it after we knocked off. Gina was insisting that I sit down and relax while she did the dishes because she didn't feel she was contributing, so I finally let her dry as a compromise.

"Smutty, you're one of the bread winners, one of the bill payers, that's how you contribute," I was explaining.

"So is Dad, but he still cooks and does dishes and works on the basement."

"Well,... you can't cook," I told her.

"Granted, but I can sure as hell do dishes and clean up."

"But I'm not a bread winner, I'm the wifey and it's my job to see to-"

"Oh, come on. I mean, it's cool that you think that way, but if I were you, I wouldn't try to stick either of us in any kind of traditional role, because-"

"You're both wasting your time," Daddy commented from behind his paper.

We looked in at him and he continued as though he was reading what he was saying.

"You're debating household chores when you should be thinking ahead. You're both smart and talented with plenty of time and every chance ahead of you. Witchy, you should be taking a real estate course and kitten, you oughta be taking carpentry and a few other courses. You two would go far together like that."

Well, shit, it is a good idea. Gina and I just looked at one another, a bit dumfounded, but soon grinning. She and I talked about it for a bit before finishing the clean up and heading into the living room to join Daddy in front of the TV.

He was watching us walk across the carpet with a funny smile and said, "You two, take each other's shirts off."

I giggled as we both stopped up, looking at him with surprised, but pleased smiles. We turned to face one another, me in my old gray jeans and gray button up shirt, she in a pair of blue hip huggers and a red cammie.

Gina raised her hands, looking into my eyes, and began with my top button. After working her way down to the waistband of my jeans, she spread my top open, exposing my low cut, black lace bra. Pulling my shirt tails out and finishing with the buttons, she then pushed the garment over my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind me.

Then it was my turn. She raised her arms, still giving me her sexy grin, and I took the bottom of her cammie and slowly pulled it up, over her head and right off, leaving her in her sheer, black bra.

We stood facing him after, sticking our chests out and proudly showing him our wares, a delicious lump forming in his pants.

"Now your jeans."

We complied, slowly pulling each other's jeans down and off to reveal our black panties, mine matching my bra in black lace, Gina's matching hers in black sheer.

"Don't you two look good enough to eat?"

"Do you want to?" Gina asked eagerly.


"Not just yet. Why don't you two come get on the couch and play with each other for now?"

We gained the couch and happily started kissing, caressing and groping each other, really getting off knowing he enjoyed seeing this and happy that he'd just tell us to do it. We got each others' boobies out and sucked their nipples, our hands down the other's panties, legs spread for him to see everything we were doing. We gasped and moaned, writhing in our embrace and feeling totally free to do whatever we wanted, or whatever we were told.

"Lick each other's pussies," he directed.

Complying, we moved around opposite one another to remove our panties, Gina on her back and raising her legs for me while she pulled mine down to my knees where I lifted them for her, one at a time until she could remove them entirely. After adopting the sixty-nine position, we were soon humming and moaning into each other's wet pussies, raunchily grinding face to lips as we licked and sucked.

I lost myself in what I was doing, knowing my father was watching, but still surprised to see his cock gently touch my lips, not even having noticed him getting up and removing his clothes. I gratefully opened my mouth and allowed him to insert, gently fucking me like that until he drew out and I helped him inside Gina.

Now, I have to say that I just love watching him fuck her. I love seeing them together, especially when they make out, and I could sit, fingering myself all day just thinking about it. Getting to watch is something else and I also love when she calls him 'Dad', or 'Daddy'.

She groaned out a high note as he slowly drove his weapon inside her, this being the first time I noticed that she can take almost all of him. I wonder if it's because she's older, or taller, or because she's been using dildos for longer than me.

In any case, I sucked on her clit while she continued to groan and writhe under me, sucking miffy like she so well knows how to do. Before too long, I felt her body begin to twitch and heave, stretching beneath me, a sure sign of an oncoming orgasm.

"Oh, god! Ohhhhh-! ... Ooooooohh, fuuuuck! Gonna cum! Daddy, I'm gonna cum, oh, ffuck, yes! ... OH, FUCK! FUCK ME! AHHHHHH, FFFUUUUCK!!"

She came a nice squirt, getting me in the face as I continued to lick her clitoris, holding her legs spread for him. When it was over, as I was hoping he would, he repositioned himself behind me and it wasn't long before I heard the sounds of Gina happily, sloppily sucking her own cum from his hard cock. Then, she helped him up inside me to my slowly building wail.

"Oooooooooohhh, Daddy, it hurts!"

With him fucking me, she licking and sucking my bud while I returned to hers, it wasn't long before I got close to my needed release. When Gina's wet finger suddenly breached my bum hole, it happened then and there. I went crazy, choking over my own saliva in the middle of my climax as Daddy's hips slapped my bum cheeks over and over. When I was just finishing, I heard him suddenly groan, just before his hot shots repeatedly splashed my cervix.

He continued fucking me, slowly and gently now as I felt his cum leak out of me, heard Gina greedily licking, her tongue making wet, splishy sounds in his running semen. So good!

After hearing Gina suck Daddy clean, feeling her do the same for me while I did the same for her, we finally got sitting on the couch again, Daddy in the middle with an arm around each of us while we sat there smiling happily for the rest of the evening, naked, satiated (for the time being) and content.



Jun. 22/09

Having finally figured out a good premise, a turning point and an ending, I've started on my Literotica story today. It's about two women who get themselves into trouble in Las Vegas and have to do some jobs for a gangster to get themselves off the hook. I'm going to call it 'The Payment Plan' and, so far, I think I'm doing alright, but I know I still have a long way to go.

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