tagIncest/TabooDad's Visit

Dad's Visit


Before you begin reading, I'd like to tell you that this is a true story. It's based upon actual events that occurred a few weeks ago.

My husband and I had my Father over for a visit last Fourth of July weekend as a Father's Day present. Ok, well he really isn't my biological "Father" but he adopted me when I was 4 years old when he married my Mother. He currently lives by himself, about 1,000 miles away.

It had been about 13 or 14 years since I'd seen him before last Independence Day although we do speak to each other every weekend. It was also the first time he'd met my husband. I was very happy to see the two of them hit it off right away, bantering back and forth about sports, jobs, and the like.

My Dad, even at 60, has kept himself in great shape and was very tan. My husband and I are in our late 30's. I am 5'4" and 110 pounds, measuring 34C-24-34 with long, straight auburn hair. My husband is 5'10" and 200 pounds. We both workout religiously to stay in shape.

Anyway, the weekend came and went without incident, or so I initially thought. Little did I know that when I had gone off to sleep my husband had taken the liberty of showing my Dad a video of me and a girlfriend of mine having sex that we had taped here at home.

The day after my Father left, my husband told me of what he had done. Initially, I was startled to hear this, but after a while, I was intrigued at the thought of being their "entertainment" for the night.

I asked how my Dad reacted when he saw the video.

My husband informed me that my Dad sat open-mouthed; looking a bit shocked upon watching this movie for the first time. But, after having a drink or two, he seemed to really enjoy it and actually asked my husband to play it again.

He also wanted my husband to wake me up so that I could dance for them live! At that time (thankfully), my husband declined to do so.

Well, a year has passed and the time had come for my Dad to visit us again this year for the July 4th weekend. This time I was prepared and looking forward to, I might add, his visit. During the past year I also learned that it has been about 15 years since he's been with a woman after my Mother robbed him of everything he once owned.

The more I thought about this, the more determined I was to make sure that this would be a weekend that none of us would soon forget.

Upon arriving home from the airport, I changed into something a little more revealing, something I'd normally only have worn for my husband on our weekends alone. My outfit was composed of a tight pink Playboy tank top that stopped about 3 inches above my belly-button, no bra of course, and a skirt so short that the very bottom of the curve of my ass was able to peek out.

I was also sure to wear plenty of body jewelry. This included many bracelets, a belly chain, anklets, and toe-rings.

I could feel myself begin to get nervously aroused as I checked my look in the mirror and noticed that even the tan lines around my nipples were in plain view through the tank top.

I proceeded downstairs and the three of us sat on the couch sipping on our choice of alcoholic beverages, flipping around to various TV stations frequently stopping at the Playboy channel to look at all of the beautiful nude women.

After a few hours of drinking, chatting and watching television, I decided that now was the time.

I asked the guys if they would like to "see a show." They both readily answered yes. With my heart in my mouth, my stomach in knots and my palms a sweaty mess, I casually asked my husband to cue up my favorite music. Prior to this, I had never, ever, danced and stripped for anyone before other than my husband.

I got up and began dancing in front of my Dad, knowing my husband had run to get the video camera and that he was now behind the couch filming the entire episode.

My Dad watched with fixed eyes as I swayed and moved to the music. Slowly, one piece at time, I took my clothes off until I stood before him wearing only my platform heels and body jewelry.

Our eyes were locked on each other as I approached him. I spread my legs so that I was now straddling his knees while continuing to move to the music.

Slowly he reached up and began caressing my thighs as the wetness began to build within me.

He inserted his finger between my swelling pussy lips and proceeded to move it around until I began to hear the moist sounds my juices make when I get turned on. Without warning, he suddenly removed his finger, so I grabbed his hand to suck off my juices.

I then placed his hands on my breasts and he greedily grabbed at them. I leaned forward so he could lick my nipples. He readily sucked on them, forcing them to stand at attention.

Unfortunately, the effects of the alcohol were beginning to overwhelm my travel-weary Father, so my husband came around from behind the camera and ran his hand across my wet pussy and bent me over directly in front of my Dad sliding in his big dick doggy-style.

The entire time my husband was fucking me, I was bent over facing my Dad, who struggled to stay awake to watch me get fucked. My long hair was brushing back and forth over my Dad's crotch as my husband continued to pound me.

I asked my him if he liked watching his little girl get fucked. His reply was "oh yes" before he slipped into unconsciousness and hopefully had dreams of himself fucking me.

Believe it or not, the next morning passed as usual with breakfast for the 3 of us and lunch following suite. I made sure I wore a tight white t-shirt and hot pants during the day as I went around fixing things for us to eat.

We kept the TV tuned to the Playboy station as the day passed.

We resumed our alcohol consumption in the early evening again. I wore a Britney Spears type of school girl outfit with black pumps. The shirt was white, with short sleeves and tied in the front. It barely covered my C-cup breasts as my nipples strained to make their presence known through the fabric. The skirt was black and red plaid and sat so low on my hips that my bikini thong tan line was easily seen by all who chose to look.

My Dad complimented me on how pretty I was and how great I looked.

When the alcohol had begun to take effect, my husband popped in the video he and my Dad had watched last July of me and my girlfriend making love. This time the three of us watched it together.

Dad asked me if I enjoyed doing this.

I told him, "Yes, I loved licking her body and getting my clit kissed by a beautiful girl with soft, milky tits." We watched my naked girlfriend then strip me of my clothes. She danced for me and I ran my hands up and down her smooth, sexy body. We kissed deeply and passionately.

She guided me backward to lie on the floor and I spread my legs for her so she could lick at the nectar between my tan thighs. I pulled her hair away from her face so I could watch her enjoy the taste of my pussy. We switched positions so I was able to savor her sweet juices as well.

My husband then briefly excused himself. The minute he disappeared, my Father turned, looked at me and said, "Do you want your Dad to lick your clit?"

"Sure," just blurted out of my mouth. My God, I thought, was that MY voice that said that? By then, it was too late; he began moving in for the kill.

He commanded me, "Ok, drop your skirt."

I slid my skirt off as I was told and leaned back on the couch and spread my legs as wide as I could. He got up off the couch and placed himself between my legs and began licking.

My husband returned, took one look at what was going on and went to get the video camera again. He then proceeded to give my Dad hints about how to make me come.

"Use your fingers to spread her lips and focus directly on her clit. That's what really gets her going."

I thought I was delirious, with part of me not quite believing that this was actually happening. I have to admit though, as my Father's nibbling, licking and sucking continued, I was SO into what was taking place.

My Dad followed the words of advice to a "T" and I closed my eyes to enjoy his tongue lashing. I began to moan.

My husband said, "When you hear her begin to do that, you're on the right track. But be careful, she's a squirter when she comes."

My Dad continued to lick my swollen lips and erect clit occasionally stopping to stick his tongue deep inside his Daughter's pussy. This led me to gasp and groan involuntarily and finally the wave of my building tension began to crest.

My own Father was bringing me to orgasm, not once, but twice! When I took a moment to look down, I realized that I had soaked my Dad's shirt entirely!

He had to remove his wet, sticky shirt as he sat back down on the couch.

I got up from the couch, went over to him, unzipped his pants and pulled out his brick-hard prick. I had to pause for a moment when I realized just how big this thing was that stared me in the face.

The head was a very deep crimson that extended up, well past his belly-button. Its shaft, which I could barely get my hand around was as hard as steel as it stood at attention, waiting for my lipstick-covered mouth.

I began to feel a giddy lightheadedness at the thought of what I was about to do. I bent forward to take the head into my mouth as I heard my Father exhale in a soft audible sigh.

I started to suck on his dick slowly, taking the time to run my tongue up and down the length of the shaft.

My husband was busy changing camera angles around me to get the best shot of me giving my Dad a blow job.

I could tell my Father was enjoying this as his rod was now appearing to get even harder. My husband set the camera on the tripod and whirled around behind me, raising my rear into the air as he pulled out his cock and slowly slid it into my ass.

Needless to say, I was sufficiently lubricated from my Father's earlier tongue work as my husband rode my ass slowly, then faster. All the while I continued to suck on my Father's cock.

I was being pounded back and forth, between the two them when my Dad said to me, "You are going to make me come."

I breathlessly told him, "come in my mouth and I'll swallow every drop of it."

Almost instantaneously, I could feel the pulsations that signal the beginning of the eruption. His spasming muscle finally sent a torrent of creamy sperm into my wide-open mouth and down my throat. I needed three salty mouthfuls to get it all down, but it was delicious.

A few moments later, I could feel my husband's cock throbbing in my ass as it spilled its load as well.

I reveled in the scenario that had just unfolded, imagining I was right out some adult movie with cum running down my chin and squirting out of my anus, what a rush!

The next day was a repeat of the previous day with me parading around again in tight, short clothing fixing breakfast and lunch. I had a clearly defined thought that was, "I could really start to get used to this."

Evening rolled around and we got another early start, as this was my Dad's last night here and he had an early flight the next morning.

It was his night and now after seeing and tasting his cock, my pussy literally ached with anticipation. I could not wait for what was to come.

The third night I wore a skimpy white tube top that really shows off my tits and tan. I paired this with a set of hot pink low-rise shorts that publicly display at least half of tanned my ass cheeks, the appropriate body jewelry and clear-platformed stripper heels.

We enjoyed a few more drinks when I quickly mustered up the courage to grab my Father by the hand and lead him to our guest bedroom where he was staying. This time, I forced my husband to stay outside the closed bedroom door. I was only going to let him listen to what was going on inside.

It was fairly dark in the guest bedroom, but there was enough light coming through the light-weight cloth drapes that really set a sexy mood to the scenario.

I began by allowing my Father take off all of my clothes and I then proceeded to do the same for him, kissing the head of his wonderful cock as I removed his shorts.

We laid on the bed together and ran our hands all over each other. We kissed lustily as our tongues became intertwined. I slid down to give him another long, slow, juicy blow job. His cock, already almost fully aroused, rose to the occasion, hot and hard in my grasp, pulsing in my hungry mouth.

He told me stop and was sure to let me know that I was going to be his for the taking. He forcefully put me down on my back and spread my legs.

Dad then savaged my womanhood with his mouth and fingers. Every stroke of his tongue over my engorged clit sent bolts of pleasure through my body as loud, very audible gasps escaped from me. Almost uncontrollably.

I knew my husband could hear us outside the door which only served to turn me on even more.

"Get up" my Dad ordered me.

I rose to my knees and arched my back, waiting for him to mount me from behind.

"I am going to fuck you princess and fuck you hard."

Hearing this really put me over the edge and I went right along with him saying, "I am going to pay you back for all you've done for me over the years!"

He slid his finger into my now-dripping pussy and rotated it around inside until I was soaking wet and literally begging for him to finally fuck me.

"Dad, PLEASE fuck me," I pleaded.

With that, I felt the head of his cock begin to separate my pussy lips, then slide swiftly inside as he grabbed my hips and pulled me to him.

He was buried deep within me now, leaving his enormous member there for an instant to thoroughly enjoy and take in the moment. Then his thrusting began, like a mechanized purpose-built piston pumping away at me.

His dick was wickedly fulfilling and I was going to enjoy every last meaty inch of it. He fucked me for what seemed like an eternity.

"Faster, harder" he commanded. "I've always dreamed of doing this," he said.

Both of us were now sweating profusely. As my nether regions continued to be brutalized by his cock, I could feel his pulsations quicken, heightening my already crazed thought process of having my Father empty a huge load of his semen inside my womb.

So there I was, as his all-too-willing participant, mating, no, BREEDING with my Father. Just before he began to drain his balls, he slowed down and slid in as far as he could go. This created both pleasure and pain, causing me to scream as I was stretched internally to accommodate him.

Finally, He gave a few longer, harder strokes before exploding, gushing a never-ending warm, sticky stream deep into my helpless pussy.

Totally exhausted, he collapsed next to me falling fast asleep.

I slipped out of his bedroom very wet, sloppy and satisfied. My husband was waiting outside the doorway with a big grin on his face.

"Did you enjoy fucking your Dad?" He asked.

"Yes." I told him. But, now I was in desperate need of a shower and some sleep.

When taking my Dad to the airport the next morning, he told us what a great time he had.

He said that it was his best weekend in more than 20 years and that he can't wait to come back again next year.

Trust me when I tell you that he really does speak for the both of us.

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