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Daemon Lover


Chastity was not a woman who lived up to her name. In fact, Chastity had some rather odd perversions; one of them which was an obsession with the alien race of Daemons. Now, she certainly wasn't the only woman to have this obsession - although it really was considered a perversion among most of society, but she was one of the few that had the wealth to indulge in it. Having just inherited a great deal of money from her Great-Aunt's death, she had more than enough to set her own affairs in order, buy a Daemon slave, and have plenty left over to save or do whatever she wanted with.

Lustfully she went through the ranks of Daemon males for sale on file... they were an interesting species; rumor had it than they had actually been created to be sexual slaves. Well, sexual slaves of a sort. The Daemons were very large - all of them were over 6 feet tall (something Chastity in particular liked, at 5'9" she couldn't always find men who made her feel small), and very well muscled. Their skin had a slightly reddish cast to it, and their hair was always jet black and silky; for the most part they resembled very large human males. The biggest difference was that the Daemon's were in possession of two large cocks, one right below the first... Chastity had always wondered what it would be like to be impaled on both ends. And the Daemon's dicks were always very large. Although they were called slaves, the Daemon's actually tended to be rather demanding, and very aggressive...

She wondered what it would be like to have the Daemon get frustrated, toss her over its shoulder and take her off to the bedroom. Apparently that was what they did if they started feeling neglected for too long - and neglected to them just meant lack of sexual activity. There was something very exciting about that... especially because part of the contract when you purchased a Daemon slave was not to harm them in any way or punish them for being what they were. Every woman who purchased one knew exactly what she was getting into.

There he was. Chastity stared at the screen, her pussy dampening in her seat... she didn't know why, she just knew that this was the one she wanted. His name was Drake and he was gorgeous... almost drooling she stared at his cocks. Turning, she went to the Telecaster to call in her bid for him; making sure that she bid high enough to have him. No one was going to take him away from her.


Lustfully Chastity stared up at her new Daemon slave... his olive colored skin and coal-like eyes did nothing to deter her from her interest. In fact, she found his differences all the more erotic as she climbed over him, exploring him with hands and mouth. He watched her through the slitted pupils of a cat, smiling. If anyone had looked into the room they could have been forgiven for assuming that she was the slave and he the master, nothing in the expression on his face said "slave" in any way.

Chastity began to lick up and down his twin cocks, her pussy wettening at the thought of having one in her pussy and one in her ass. It was so naughty, so forbidden... and something that she'd otherwise have to have two men in her bed for. While she was perverted and depraved, two things that she delighted in, for some reason having multiple partners in bed had never appealed to her. This was the perfect way to fulfill her fantasy... many of her fantasies in fact. She couldn't wait to "neglect" him and reap the reward when he came to take her.

Fisting one of the cocks, she began to wedge the other into her mouth, drooling over the stiff member as numerous sexual fantasies ran through her head. Drake just leaned back and watched as the human female pleasured him, her warm wet mouth sliding over his dick while her hand moved up and down the other. He didn't really care what species he was fucking, as long as there were two holes for him... he'd had sex with a Veridian once... males and females only had one hole to put anything in, it had been rather uncomfortable.

Pulling Chastity's hips around to face him, she didn't resist at all, he began to inspect her body, sliding his fingers up and down her fat juicy pussy lips and pressing one finger into her ass. Shivering with pleasure she redoubled her efforts on his cocks, liking the way it felt as he caressed her lower half. Leaning his head forward he pressed his mouth to her pussy, the rough long length of his tongue making her cry out with passion... it was much longer than any human's tongue, and roughly-surfaced, almost like a cat's. The feeling was electric on her sensitive pussy lips and clit; especially as he stiffened the long, flexible probe and pressed it into her pussy, the tip exploring the walls of her moist interior.

She writhed and humped against him, ecstatic at the amazing sensations he was creating inside her, his tongue actually rubbing against her g-spot! Sighing disappointment as he pulled his tongue out of her pussy, she stiffened in surprised pleasure as he began to lick at her ass. Stuffing more and more of his cock in her mouth during her sexual frenzy, she screamed with pleasure around the thick meat, her hand wildly pumping the other dick, as his tongue began to actually penetrate her ass. It was like a sexual explosion on his face as she came, her ass tightening on his long flexible tongue... he smiled at the responses of her body, this was going to be most pleasant indeed.

Although Chastity had meant to spend more time exploring her new acquisition, Drake was ready to go... and part of the wonders of having a Daemon slave was that when he was ready, he was going to stop acting like a slave. Picking her up bodily, he laid her on her back and climbed between her legs, although she protested a little she was completely ignored. As his lips came down on hers, that long flexible tongue invading her mouth, and his dicks pressed against her ready holes.

Eagerly she moved her hips upwards, pushing his cocks the first inch inside her as she gasped in awed pleasure... he began to move into her, a little at a time, firmly and erotically stretching her holes simultaneously. Chastity writhed and moaned beneath him at the unaccustomed sensations, the way her body opened up for him, the fullness of her pussy and ass as they were invaded. She felt stuffed, like someone would stuff a Thanksgiving turkey, all this extra meat pushed into her body in ways that it hadn't been before.

When he finally hit bottom she felt as though she could barely breath, like all the cock that had been stuffed into her hadn't left room for air. As he began steadily thrusting, she couldn't hold still, wriggling and moving underneath him in sexual frenzy; all the built up excitement of waiting for him was boiling in her, flowing to her pussy in sheer passion. Her body quickly adjusted to the punishment of having two cocks moving at a bruising pace inside her, and she could feel her orgasm building to incredible heights as he pressed her hips into the bed.

Chastity came with a vengeance, screaming and thrashing underneath his thrusting body as her holes tried to clamp down on his moving cocks. Drake continued to pound away at her as she came, her holes spasming around him with orgasmic pleasure, unable to hold him in place... so her orgasm grew. Higher and higher he sent her as her nails dug into his back, legs kicking as she tried to stop the overload of sensory input, feeling faint from the intensity and length of her orgasm.

The Daemon continued pumping, enjoying her feeble struggles as he continued to slide in and out of her holes. Her inner convulsions felt fantastic and he knew that he was close to his own climax, especially as she writhed so delightfully underneath him. Looking down at her gasping tear-stained face, he grinned widely, his tongue flicking out across her lips as she arched her back with a desperate cry.

Finally he slammed into her, filling her completely with his twin cocks; her softer body thrashed against his rigid muscles, trying to escape the bruising clasp of his arms, pull herself off his cocks as fluid began to fill her holes. As his arms relaxed around her, his orgasm finished, she sobbed with relief, exhaustion over taking her.

That night she woke up with him curled around her, hard dicks poking insistently at her holes as he caressed her breasts. Although she was sore and somewhat frightened of having sex with him again, she couldn't help but moan with pleasure as he began to press into her once again... this time from behind. As his hand slipped down to rub her clit, his dicks slowly filling her up again, she wondered if it was possible to die from too much pleasure.

Maybe... but what away to go. Pressing back against her Daemon lover, she reached back to run her hand up his thigh, her holes tightening over his thrusting cocks.

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