tagNonHumanDaimon's Deal Ch. 02

Daimon's Deal Ch. 02


"I cannot make deals with virgins" he said his face calm as though talking of mundane things.

Charlie inwardly balked, her mind rejecting the implications even though she knew what he meant.

'I don't understand what you mean,' she said in her mind.

"Oh but I think you do. You are a virgin. No matter how sinful you may be, you are still as pure as lily white snow and I cannot bargain under such circumstances," He smiled cruelly.

She shivered, 'I don't want this deal, forget it,'

"But you do. Don't lie to yourself Charlie, you want this so bad you even entertained the thought of it just now,"

'Well that's not going to happen, I'm not going to just lose my virginity for a deal with you,' she thought angrily.

"You mortals make me yawn how you cling to the very concepts that mentally enslave you. Do you plan on saving it for marriage," he asked staring into her eyes.

She could not hide from his gaze and inwardly squirmed as she thought of her crush. Reading her mind he came to an understanding.

"Ahh, you want to give yourself to this man you yearn for. Do you think that will make you attractive, hmm? A 21 year old virgin who has no experience compared with the gorgeous women who fuck his brains senseless every week,"

His words cut her deep, undermining her believed one true value. She mentally projected to him a fuck you and the middle finger to guard her thoughts.

Now shut out of her innermost thoughts, he stared at her incredulously. "No mere mortal has blocked me from their thoughts. You are rather interesting,"

He gazed at her a second more, his eyes seeming to gaze into her very soul.

"I will make a gamble here. I will give you one day of what you wish for, but one day only, shall we say a sample. If you wish for more you know how to find me," he said and abruptly disappeared.

Charlie sat up violently as her sleep paralysis wore off and almost fell off the bed. She cautiously gazed around the room then turned on her light. Yet before she could leave bed, extreme sleepiness over took her and she fell back upon the bed, already fast asleep before her head touched the pillow.


"Charlie, wake up you're late!" a pounding on her door woke her up instantly, and Charlie sat up and looked at the time. Jumping out of bed she ran into the restroom and began brushing her teeth. Looking up into the mirror she stopped, and gazed at herself.

Her vision seemed clearer, but not because she had better vision. It as though her eyes took in more details than she'd ever had, almost like looking at herself under a microscope. Her cocoa brown skin was flawless and her brown eyes wide and doe-like in their innocence. She suddenly looked at her hair and frowned, pulling a frizzy strand. Almost as if the thought were placed in her head, she submerged her hair underwater. Running her fingers through it she detangled her hair gently and placed loads of conditioner on it.

Her hair, now thoroughly moisturized, began to curl in on itself and she watched amazed as hundreds of corkscrew curls appeared in her head. Leaving the bathroom she went to the closet, and frowned once more at her clothes. Everything was in muted greys and baggy and something in her mind rejected her clothes so she shut the door. Exiting the room she walked over to Tasha's room and barged in and went to her closet.

Tasha came out the bathroom and exclaimed, "What are you doing in my closet!"

"Oh just browsing. I know you don't mind since I cover your half of the rent all the time," Charlie replied, a small smile on her face.

Tasha stared at her in shock, then walked back into her bathroom, unable to say anything. Charlie continued to look inside her closet while thinking about what she just said. She had never spoken to Tasha like that before and was always understanding of her financial situation. Yet the words just popped out of her mouth almost thoughtlessly. She stopped pondering it once she found the prefect outfit, a military green V-neck that would definitely show her décolletage, a shredded pair of black jeans from the closet and a pair of combat boots. Taking the clothes to her room and ignoring Tasha's indignation she and went to her room to get dressed. Once done she went to her bathroom and marveled at herself.

Her legs were long in the skinny black jeans and snatches of her brown skin showed through the rips and tears. The green V-neck contrasted perfectly with her skin and the cleavage was soft not too extreme, but very present. The combat boots completed the look as edgy and she looked at her face realizing something. Looking under her cabinet she grabbed the mac makeup set her mother bought her in the hopes that she would be more girly. Opening the foundation she lightly covered her face with it, then outlined her best feature, her eyes, with kohl. She slowly applied the mascara to her eyelashes, making them thicker and longer, which in turn made her eyes seem wider. After applying a nude lip balm to her lips she smiled in the mirror, fascinated by her stunning beauty. Winking at herself she walked out the door and went to her car.

Once at her school she parked her car in the university parking deck and made her way to the main campus. Without realizing it she walked differently, her hips slowly moving as though she were in an erotic dance. Some force within her had taken control of her body, and she was barely even aware. Once she reached the main campus she noticed all the looks her way and smiled inwardly. Someone abruptly stepped in front of her and she stopped.

She looked up at a handsome black guy and smiled, "Hello," her voice coming out breathy. Before he could answer she turned to walk away as though he were unimportant. The boy, suddenly bereft once her gaze turned away, began to follow her and she smiled to herself as he called out to her, "Hey, what's your name? I've never seen you around here before,"

She turned to get a good look at him and realized he was one of her crush's friends that was in her class. She gave him a blinding smile and winked at him, then kept moving. Once she reached her class she stopped, as if the force inside her didn't want her to go in yet. For the first time that day she pushed against that force, not wanting to be late for class, yet still stood outside her class. Instead the force directed her movements towards the bathroom were she looked at herself in the mirror.

Now dry her spiral curls look wild and exotic, almost as if they had a life of her own. Her heavy lashes gave her eyes a sultry look that did not take away from their innocent appeal. The small smile she had felt upon her lips all morning was still there, looking as if she knew something others didn't. What surprised her the most was the wink she gave herself, given that she didn't make herself do it.

She left the bathroom and headed for her lecture, knowing the teacher had already begun. She opened the door and entered, interrupting the teacher and turning everyone's head in her direction. All male attention was under her sway as she casually walked to her desk and sat down. She could feel His eyes upon her, the most important eyes in the room. Yet she opened her notebook and began note taking as if nothing happened.

Once the class was over she stood up and walked over to her professor's desk. "Professor Holloway, I apologize for coming in late," she said while looking at him straight in the eyes. He became flustered under her alluring gaze and stammered, "That...That is quite...quite alright Miss...,"

"Miss Charlie, and I promise it won't happen again," she said before turning away and walking out the door.

'Five...Four...Three..,' she mentally counted to herself before her name was called.

She slowly turned around and feigned a look of surprise as her crush called out to her,

"Your name is Charlie? My name is Drew. I never really introduced myself when I helped you yesterday after you dropped your things and well I..," he looked off as though searching for the right words. His beautiful eyes turned back to her, moving down every curve of her body.

"Would you want to go out sometime?" he asked looking at her head on. Normally she would have blushed and jumped for joy, yet the force inside her answered coolly, "I'm sorry I can't. But we can be friends though,"

"Oh... I mean sure, what's your number?" he asked clearly bummed out. Charlie was inwardly screaming at herself as she exchanged numbers with him, and turned to leave, but not before looking back at him and smiling.

Once she rounded the corner she had control back of her body and was about to turn back around to go to him before she realized how quiet it was now. She looked around and everyone had stopped moving, seemingly frozen in time. The hairs on the back of her neck stood and she slowly turned around to see Him, leaning against the wall. Fear grabbed her by the throat and she turned to run, yet she ran into him and fell on the ground. She let out a startled scream as she scrambled to get up and he chuckled.

"I see things have been working well, now haven't they?" his voice rolled over, warming her yet frightening her.

"You did this! You, you made me...,"

"I made you what," he mocked. "I made you pretty? Desirable? No you did all that by yourself this morning Charlie if I remember correctly,"

She "No, I wouldn't have dressed like this, or talked like this. I don't take advantage of people, unlike you,"

He smiled, sending chills down her spine. "Believe what you want, but you know you like it. This power you have is a heady one, and the funniest thing is that it was in you all along. All I did was set Her free,"

"It's a real thing then, this, this thing that has been controlling me all day," she asked panicked.

"Yes and no," he replied cryptically.

"Tell me dammit," she said angrily, not realizing she had walked towards him. She stopped as he walked the last distance between them and looked down at her. He leaned in, close, and his head dipped to her neck and he inhaled deeply. She shivered as his nearness began to overwhelm her and she took a step back, only for him to keep walking her back against the wall.

"That thing that is inside of you, she has a name. Primal. She is the basest part of yourself and she thrives on your basest desires. She is carnal, she is hunger, and she is the last part of you humans that is animal. She has always been there, yet you have shackled her in your morals and over analyzing in every step of your life,"

He leaned in close, his lips inches from hers. "You can deny this all you want, but when you want Primal back, you know how to call for me," he said, then turned around to leave. Suddenly feeling empty of his presence and called out to him, "Wait, if I am to call out to you how can I do so if don't know your name?"

He turned back around to look at her, amusement in his dark eyes. "I will tell you a small portion of one of my many names; Asura. I have not told a mortal my name in three centuries, and even then it was not my full name. My name is so powerful that you knowing even a piece of it gives you power over me,"

"Why can't I know your full name?" Charlie asked.

"The only time I want you calling my name out loud is when I am buried deep within you, tearing away your precious virginity as you come on my cock," his words shocked her into silence as his lust for her radiated off of him, scorching her skin.

"That's what I thought. I will be waiting," he said before she blinked and everyone began moving again. She stood there for a moment, lost in voices and commotion as she realized that a true demon had entered her life. Hurrying to her car she jumped in and left campus without even going to her other classes. Once at a stop light she laid her head on the steering wheel and sighed.

'You are so silly to deny him,' a voice in her head piped up, scaring her.

'Primal?' she thought back.

It purred in response, 'I have been waiting for you to acknowledge me for so long,' it said almost sadly.

'I...I didn't mean to....,'

'Yes you did. Your choices are always so calculated, so well thought out. I know everything about you, how you never took a risk, never felt the need, nay the urge to be alive!'

'But there's no need to, I mean my life is fine, I'm in school, I work, I support myself..,'

'You think those things keep us warm at night. You think when we will be old and alone we will comfort ourselves with the thought that we had a mediocre job after college and did everything on our list in perfect order?'

Charlie was silent as Primal's words struck a chord with her.

'That's what I thought. If you do not take this offer, never again will you be so in tune with your natural urges and impulse. I will be a distant nudge in the back of your mind or a stray thought, instead of this beautiful clarity I bring you.'

By the time Primal had stopped talking she reached home and jumped out of the car. Entering her apartment she ran into Tasha who glared at her with blazing eyes.

"I don't know who you think you are to just take my stuff and throw my issues in my face like that. What's wrong with you?!"

For once Primal was silent and Charlie struggled to reply to her angry outburst, "I...I mean I just wanted to try something new and..."

"Well then just ask, we're supposed to be friends and not act like this," Tasha said before storming out of the house.

Charlie inwardly thought, 'Oh so for once today you're silent and have nothing to say?'

Primal replied, 'Well you said you don't want me interfering, and I had to show you how you just let people run over you all the time,'

'But Tasha is my friend and she means well, we didn't have to be so rude to her this morning,'

'That may be true, but you have to remember I am just your basest, most animalistic urges. I knew what I wanted and I went out and got it. Tact is a human invention. But you can't deny you like the end result of my actions can you?'

Charlie reluctantly agreed, thinking of how Drew looked at her today. She suddenly thought of something. 'Why did you reject Drew today, this is what this is all about?!'

'Because, it would have been too easy to just go out with him. I f we want him to be ours he has to work for it, and Men always work harder for the unobtainable,'

'So you actually have a plan to get him?' Charlie asked incredulously.

'What did you think, you were just going to snatch him up and happily ever after? This is the jungle and he must chase, and we must act like we don't want to caught,' Primal said in a satisfied voice.

'So how about this. We give the Daimon our virginity, it's not like we need it anyway, so that way I can always be here. You'll still be in charge, I will just be the one who makes all the right decisions and you can curb my actions whenever you want.'

Charlie thought about it for a moment then replied, 'It sounds good, I just don't know about having sex with Him.'

'It's only one time, then we can seduce Drew and be the woman we always wanted to be,'

'Fine I'll do it,' Charlie replied firmly.

'Ok well we can just summon him tonight,'

'Tonight, I don't think I can I mean....,'

Primal's words came out angry and frustrated, 'How can you wait another second to be what you want to be, uninhibited and free? How can you stall when it is right there before us? No, we will not wait anymore, for now is the time to take what we want for once!'

Charlie was silent as she slowly nodded her head in agreement. Tonight would be the night they would accept the deal.

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