tagLoving WivesDaisy Becomes an Escort

Daisy Becomes an Escort


"My goodness Mrs Jones you have gone through a lot of batteries recently", said the shopkeeper.

"Oh yes they're for my er my digital camera yes I've been taking a lot of photos recently",replied Daisy Jones ,feeling herself blush as she thought of the much more intimate reason she wanted the pack of AAA batteries.

It seemed Daisy had everything. The trophy wife of a millionaire businessman, she lived in a very large house in a quaint English village, drove a chic red sports car and was pampered with every luxury she desired.

She was also drop dead double take gorgeous. Her stunning hourglass figure with a large peach shaped bottom and impossibly pert 36D tits was kept very fit and tanned in her purpose built home-gym and solarium. With piercing blue eyes, long natural blonde hair and cherubic features she had a look of naive innocence that drove men wild.

Daisy knew she was fortunate in many ways but one thing really pissed her off. She was completely and totally sexually frustrated. Her workaholic husband was so involved in expanding his business he rarely seemed to be home, and when he was he did little to fill Daisys high sex drive. Increasingingly she found herself alone in the marital bed knickers round her ankles, tanned firm thighs apart enthusiastically fucking herself with eight inches of vibrating black plastic.

Which is what brought her here to her local village grocers and newsagents buying batteries for the third time in a month to power her tired old vibrator that now seemed to be her only sexual partner.

She knew she could have affairs if she wanted to but she knew from watching the experiences of others that affairs were usually messy unhappy things.

"No I dont want another relationship I just would like to be fucked once in a while!" she thought to herself as she walked out of the shop.

Looking up she noticed the postcard sized adverts in the shop window. One of them caught her eye,it read in part - YOUNG ATTRACTIVE WOMEN REQUIRED FOR PROFFESSIONAL ESCORT AGENCY.

She tutted at the spelling mistake in professional but as she continued walking home she couldn't help thinking what it would be like to be an "escort".

First she pictured herself dressed in thigh high Pvc boots and ripped fishnets being impaled on a huge black cock her big boobs sweatily bouncing up and down. Then she created a complex fantasy that involved her sucking off a retired headmaster who pulled on her pigtails whilst his wife completed a jigsaw in the next room.

By the time she reached the driveway of her house she was practically running to get inside. Once inside she ripped the batteries from their packaging and rushed upstairs to her bedroom noticing her panties were already damp.

After trying to pull her knickers down with one hand and fit the new batteries into her sextoy with the other, she forced herself to calm down. Taking her time she teased her desperate cunt with sucked fingers before lovingly feeding her hungry pussy with her thick pulsating dildo. Still thinking about her dirty little hooker fantasy she continued to pound away at herself until she reached a groaning quivering climax.

A few hours later still sweating after a hard workout in her gym she decided to expand her little game by looking at escort agency websites.As she looked at the pictures of the sexily dressed girls and read the descriptions of what they were prepared to do, she began to feel increasingly horny. Pulling down her tiny blue lycra gym shorts she started to rub her aroused clit.

She noticed that many of the sites had phone numbers and she thought it would be incredibly erotic to ring one and pretend to be interested in working for their agency.

Feeling her heart beating as she waited for someone to pick up she could not help but continue to rub herself excitedly.

"Hi there Room 69 Escort agency" the answering female voice was friendly but professional.

She said her name was Mary and after Daisy had given the impression that she was an experienced escort interested in becoming one of their "employees" Mary explained how it all worked.

"You know its funny you should ring because you might just be able to do us a really big favour" said Mary,"the thing is we've somehow managed to doublebook one of our girls tommorow and its funny but I noticed that one of the clients lives within the same area code as you". She paused for a moment before going on.

"Would you like to "fill in" for us?"

"Ok" Daisy heard herself saying.

As Mary continued to explain the details (he was a farmer one of their regulars) Daisy found herself furiously rubbing away at her pussy which was by now becoming a little sore from all the abuse she was giving it.

"Oh shit Daisy what have you done now" she said out loud to herself after putting down the phone.

Oh well she thought she would ring in the morning and make up some excuse why she couldn't go. After all this was just a horny little role playing game she was playing with herself. Wasn't it?

The next day after driving to her nearest specailist adult clothing store and buying an outrageous "fuck me now" outfit she knew that this was no longer a game. Daisy Jones knew that at 6 o'clock that evening she was going to meet a complete stranger and let him use and abuse her perfect young body.

Later that afternoon after shaving her legs and pussy she put on her new "work uniform" a pair of tight black crotchless panties, a matching peephole bra streched across her fantastic tits, hold up fishnet stockings and a pair of killer 4 inch heels.

Admiring her exquisitely fuckable body in the mirror one last time she went into her hallway put on a knee length raincoat and began her journey.

Parking a short distance away from the farm address she had been given she set off to walk up to the farmhouse with her heart beating in her chest like a jack hammer. It was a fresh spring day and a mixture of the cool air blowing up her coat and her general randiness made her exposed wet hole ache and her nipples stiffen.

"Oh shitty fucking hell bollocks WHAT am I doing" she thought to herself.

Looking up she saw a face at the window that she guessed was her client, trying to smile at the farmer through teeth chattering with nervousness she knew she surely couldn't go through with it. Any second now she would turn on her heels and flee, any second now....

To be continued.

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