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Daisy Duke's Daisy Dukes


NOTE: This is my entry in the Literotica Summer Fun Contest. It is a story that might have aired on the TV series, "Dukes of Hazzard" but, unfortunately for admirers of male and female pulchritude, the show was discontinued. Except for the title and the names of the characters, there is no connection with the subsequent movie of the same name.

I hope you enjoy reading it and will vote accordingly.


Daisy Duke was royally pissed off at her cousins, Bo and Luke, because of an unusually dumb thing one of them had just said about Boss Hogg's latest attempt to destroy and bankrupt their Uncle Jesse and his rather unusual family. Once again, the ruthless Hogg's efforts had failed but only through a series of lucky breaks for his intended victims.

"Do you mean to tell me," she challenged them, "You think that little pig-faced SOB is entitled to our forgiveness, after the rotten stunt he tried to pull? After all the rotten stunts he's tried to pull?"

"Now Cousin Daisy, you know what the good book says. We have to forgive our enemies, no matter what they try to do to us." She couldn't tell which one it was who was speaking, and didn't care. Except for being big, handsome hunks, they don't look much alike - one of them had rather dusky skin and dark hair while the other was blonde with very fair skin. But, since either of them was as much of a moron as the other, she didn't usually even try to figure out which one was talking.

"The Bible also says you should turn the other cheek but I'm getting tired of turning my cheeks to that fat, low-life scoundrel."

Turning cheeks is one thing Daisy is extremely good at even though her stupid cousins have never noticed it. Her gorgeous ass, encased in a pair of the skin-tight cutoff denim jeans she always wears, is one of the great scenic wonders of The South. Except for her uncle and her ignorant cousins, all the straight men in Hazzard County strain their eyes to get a look at that perfect, succulent pair of hemispheres rolling and turning inside her cutoffs when she walks down the street. If she happens to be walking toward them, that's fine too because her face and dark brown hair are almost as alluring and her big, luscious breasts are never restrained by a bra under the partially unbuttoned shirts she wears most of the time.

As usual, she got tired of trying to talk sense to her cousins and stalked out of the ramshackle farmhouse where she and her Uncle Jesse and her cousins live. The uncle was one of four brothers but the other three, each with one offspring, had all died, leaving the surviving brother -- Jesse -- responsible for raising all three of the children. He has never married and has no daughters or sons of his own and it is a virtual certainty he will never do either.

The day was a hot one in mid-August and Daisy decided to go to a great little swimming hole she knows of, high in the woods where she had never seen any other person. The isolation was perfect, especially for the way she felt that day about her hopelessly stupid cousins so she had never told anybody about the place. It took almost half an hour to walk there, through heavy brush she had to push out of the way or tromp down and leaves that covered the ground. In her frustration, she kicked them out of the way but the effort was worth it. When she finally reached the crest of a low hill, she gazed down at one of her most favorite places in the whole world.

It is a placid mountain stream that slowly wends its way south and east until merging with the Altamaha River before it flows into the ocean. Fed by springs higher up, the little stream starts out cold but has warmed up slightly by the time it reaches her spot. The rivulet, which has no name she knows of, would have been too narrow and shallow for much more than wading but a pine tree fell across its course and more branches and other debris has become lodged in its limbs to form a sort of leaky dam. As a result, the river is much wider at that point and has carved out a deeper bed and this is where Daisy likes to go and swim in solitude.

From force of habit, she looked around even though she had never seen anybody else near her little corner of Paradise. She saw nobody that day so she quickly stripped off her shirt, freeing her lovely breasts and letting them sway and bounce, even though there was nobody around to appreciate the sight. Daisy next sat on the bank and untied and removed her ankle-high boots and soft cotton socks, which she stuffed into her footwear.

After looking around again and still seeing nobody, she unfastened her belt, unbuttoned the fly of her cutoffs and pulled the tight garment around her ass and down her shapely legs. The shirt and shorts were hung on a handy tree branch, with her boots on the ground under them and her cotton panties were soon added to the other clothing. Completely nude and reveling in the feeling, the sexy young woman stretched, flexed her shoulders and started walking into the stream.

The water felt wonderful, cool but not the paralyzing cold it would have been farther upstream. She waded into the swimming hole until she felt the wickedly delicious sensation of the water lapping against her pussy. Drawing her breath sharply between her teeth, Daisy bent her knees and lowered her body until she was submerged up to her breasts and could feel the coolness turning her nipples hard. Seconds later, she sprang forward in a form of surface dive and started to swim with strong strokes of her arms and kicks of her legs.

Back at the farm, Bo and Luke Duke still felt annoyed at the way their cousin had walked away from them, as if she thought of them as being not very bright. "Cousin Bo," one of them asked the other. "What do you think of that girl-cousin acting all snooty the way she did and then just walking away?"

"I didn't like it, Cousin Luke. And I think we should follow her and tell her what we think about it."

"Did you see where she went?"

"She went past that shed and I think she headed uphill into the woods after that. Do you think we should follow her?"

"I think so, Cousin Bo. We ought to be able to track her easy enough."

Although dumb as rocks, both young men had learned tracking from their uncle who often took them hunting and they had learned to follow deer spoor. They walked to the shed, found her trail up the hill and started pursuing her. It wasn't as hard as it might sound, because Daisy had left a path through the fallen leaves and they easily found her footprints where she had stepped on patches of moss or soft dirt. They didn't move as rapidly as she had but, except for the heat, they had no difficulty in following where she had gone. Even the heat wasn't much of a problem because they were in shade most of the time and had removed their shirts.

Daisy was having no difficulty at all just then. She had made two circuits of the small swimming hole, using an overhand crawl before switching to a peaceful backstroke. She really enjoyed swimming that way, because she could look up at the blue summer sky and the few small clouds and, most of all, she relished what her hands were doing to her breasts. With every stroke, they traveled the length of her body and paused briefly to cup those beautiful twins and gently tweak the erect nipples before her arms stretched out behind her to propel her backward. Daisy wasn't really masturbating yet but she had decided that was what she wanted to do when she left the water, lying on the soft moss with one hand fondling her breasts while the other played with her eager pussy.

Unfortunately, she never got the chance. There had been no attempt to hide her trail up the mountain and Daisy's cousins had followed it with ease. The first things they saw were the faded cutoffs and colorful shirt hanging from a branch and they immediately recognized them. Bo plucked her skimpy panties from a smaller branch under the first, and he did not recognize them, but knew what they were. Although they didn't know much about women's clothing, he and Luke were not so unaware of lingerie they did not recognize the small wisp of cotton for what it was.

Seconds later, they saw Daisy too and Luke shouted a greeting. She was still doing a form of backstroke but one hand was mainly busy on her breasts and the other had found her clit. The familiar three sided current of pleasure was already coursing among there and her nipples. When she heard the hail of her cousin, the young beauty was so startled she slipped under the water but her head broke the surface immediately. After that, she dog-paddled while staring and glaring at the two people she most didn't want to see. They were grinning at her while one of them held up her cutoff jeans and the other was displaying her panties.

"Go away!" she shouted.

"We're staying!" one of them yelled back.

"Yeah." The second cousin added. "You're either gonna have to come out of the water and get your clothes or walk home nekkid."

Even up until then, neither Bo nor Luke had thought of the situation as being any kind of a sexual one; they were just happy about the clever way they were embarrassing their girl cousin by making her show them her nude body when she left the water. They and their uncle were the only straight men in Hazzard County who did not think of Daisy Duke as an exceptionally hot sex object. She didn't think of it as being a sexual situation either, except in a negative way because, with the interlopers there, she would be unable to masturbate after leaving the water.

She glared again and started to swim slowly toward them, until she reached the point where the water was shallow enough for her to walk on the bottom. Her progress did not stop, but she crouched lower and lower as she drew near the two smirking men, keeping her delightful form covered by the water for as long as she could. Although even madder than she had been before coming to the swimming hole, she couldn't help noticing their broad shoulders and chests and their six-pack abdominal muscles. Once again her pussy started stirring, but this time it was not in anticipation of her own fingers on her clit.

When she finally had to stand up straight, she did so and continued walking ashore while the two men feasted their eyes on her nudity. That was when they realized the girl-cousin they held in such disdain was unquestionably the most gorgeous woman they had ever seen and their bodies, especially their cocks, reacted the way you would expect.

Despite their muscles and good looks, Daisy had never thought of her two male cousins as being sex objects either and she was probably the only straight woman in Hazzard County with that attitude. However, as a result of playing with herself, she was horny and, as she approached them, she became aware of their chiseled features and bold masculinity. She also noted the growing bulges in their crotches and, when she was less than two feet away from them, she stopped with her legs spread, her hands on her hips and her breasts swaying enticingly.

"Well?" the female hotty asked. "Are you going to just stare?"

The two male hotties didn't know exactly what she meant, but they knew what they wanted. Both young men had considerable sexual experience around the county, some of it with young, foolish women who had been enamored of their physiques until they became disenchanted by their minimal intelligence. Most of the sex they had enjoyed had been with older widows and divorced women. These cougars had not been bothered by their stupidity, as long as the young men had been able to learn how to sexually please them, and both cousins had learned to do that quite well.

Bo stepped forward first and cupped a hand under one of Daisy's succulent breasts before bending down and starting to lick the nipple. Luke was less than a step behind, and his mouth quickly began pleasuring the other of the lovely pair. For a few seconds, all three stood there, the men bent over and licking and sucking their cousin's breasts, until she suggested something better.

"That feels great, you guys, but it'll feel a lot better if we lie down on that warm moss over there." It was the place where she played with herself when alone but Daisy saw no reason to mention that.

The two men realized she was probably right, and they let her lead them over to her preferred place, where she lay on the ground with a lump of soft dirt under her head. They immediately knelt beside her and resumed their adoration of her big breasts and Daisy responded to them by squirming under their faces and by her pussy starting to lubricate.

That delectable aroma awoke a memory in Bo of something he had learned from one of the widow women he had recently been fucking and how delicious it was and how much fun. He started kissing his way down his cousin's flat belly until he reached her soft, round Mount of Venus, kissed her there and got to his knees. After circling around, he knelt between her legs, which had become spread during her involuntary movements on the bed of moss. She saw where he was and hoped she knew what he wanted to do so Daisy raised her legs to encourage him. Bo quickly ducked under so those shapely limbs could rest on his wide shoulders and hugged her thighs, leaving his nose just inches from the place that had produced the fragrant juices that were calling to him.

He had seen dozens of pussies before, mostly of older women, but none of them had been even close to as beautiful as the one in front of his face. Daisy's soft brown pubic hair was still wet and plastered against her lips, which were rosy pink and swollen, although he didn't know exactly what that meant. What he did know for sure was that he wanted to lick the fragrant juices from where they had trickled down onto her thighs, so he leaned forward to start doing it.

Bo realized immediately that, not only were her juices much tastier than those of the widow lady, the places where he was applying his tongue were infinitely softer and smoother and warmer and, in general, more fun to lick. Avidly, his tongue continued its journey upward on one outer lip until he reached her mons again. The soft hillock felt better than it had before and he kissed her there again and brought his face back to where he had started. There was another pool of nectar there and he devoured it before starting to lick upward on Daisy's other swollen pussy lip. Once again, he continued until he kissed the soft mound which he had come to consider the upper limit of the pussy he was so avidly eating.

Luke was not lucky enough to have been taught the joys of eating pussy and he wondered what Bo was doing but didn't really care. The departure of his cousin for lower parts of Daisy's body had left both her gorgeous breasts to him and his mouth eagerly switched back and forth between them, especially reveling in the way her nipples were so hard and erect. He had never been gentle with her before that day, any more than he would have been with his other cousin but he was then, holding her soft breasts as if they were pieces of art that were precious and delicate.

After a minute of licking, he drew one of the delightful orbs into his mouth and started sucking. While his mouth worked like a blacksmith's bellows, Luke's tongue brushed against the hard nubbin. That brief contact was even better than what he had been doing so he continued licking while he sucked and gloried in the writhing of Daisy's sexy body under his face and in her moans, which he recognized as being the result of intense pleasure.

Her two cousins were having fun but Daisy was probably having the best time of all three young people. The three-way connection of her nipples and clit had once again been established and currents of pleasure were coursing through her body, which was writhing in joy on top of the warm and fragrant bed of moss. She could especially feel the waves of joy rippling through her from where the cousin she thought was named Bo was enthusiastically applying his magical tongue to her needy pussy. Although clumsy and somewhat inept, his eagerness made up for any lack of skill. Luke's mouth was providing a great deal of delight too but there was something else she knew would be even more fun than what he was doing.

Having been sexually pleasured by traveling salesmen and other men of their experience, Daisy is a bit more sophisticated than her two cousins and she had learned to relish oral sex, especially what was happening to her. As much as she likes getting head, she enjoys giving it almost as much and that was what she wanted to do with Luke's cock. Although it would necessitate his mouth and tongue leaving her breasts, it would be worth the sacrifice. She would be able to play with her nipples anyhow, until she reached the climax which had been building since she was in the swimming hole.

"Slide up here next to my mouth," she told him. "There's something else I want to do now."

Luke was sure what she had in mind and was more than ready to do whatever his cousin wanted. Although not happy about having to stop sucking and licking her gorgeous orbs, having his cock cosseted between her lips would be more than worth it. He reached down and unfastened his pants so he could push them and his jockey shorts down and slid upward on the warm bed of moss until the mouth that was his target was level with his cock. It was hard but became even harder when Daisy took its length in her fingers and gazed at it with lust.

The other cousin couldn't see what the others were doing but he didn't care about that. Bo didn't care about anything but the beautiful pussy that smelled and tasted so delectable and, especially, felt so good to his lips and tongue. Daisy's body was writhing under him and she had started fucking up into his face, making what he was doing about the most fun he had ever had so he wanted to take no chances that she might accidentally push him out of the way. His arms gripped her thighs more tightly and he pressed his face more closely against her soft flesh.

From everything that was happening to her, Daisy was becoming more aroused while her movements became wilder and Bo was glad he had such a tight grip on her. Totally reveling in what he was doing, he pressed his face even more snugly against her pussy so he could thrust his tongue into the seam between her inner and outer lip. One of the greatest sexual pleasures he had ever known was the contrast between the slickness of the outer one and the texture of the inner lip, which had become so spongy with her lust. Because it felt so good he took his time, making it last, and licking ever more slowly until he reached the end of the inner lip and raised his head to see what changes he had made in his cousin's body and how she was responding.

He was quite gratified at what he saw. Daisy's whole body was thrashing about on their makeshift bed while her head was steady as she moved her face back and forth to take Luke's cock in and out of her mouth. Even more exciting was the way her clit -- what he called her man in the boat - had become so engorged with her lust it had pushed itself out from under its protective. Luke greedily lowered his face to lick all around the beautiful pearl, relishing the flavor and aroma and texture even more, possibly more than anything else he had ever done.

Pleasure rippled through her body from what one of her cousins was doing and her mouth thrilled from the way the other's cock was filling it. Daisy loved everything about the thick organ -- the way its girth spread her lips and crammed her mouth so full and the way the head pressed against the back of her throat as if demanding further entrance. She responded by opening her throat and letting the end slide in even deeper, until her lips and nose were being tickled by her cousin's pubic hair. Daisy left it like that while her tongue caressed the entire length of the cock that was filling her mouth, immensely enjoying the feel of the smooth skin that was stretched so tightly over the smooth, hard roundness.

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