Daisy Duke's Daisy Dukes


As fantastic as that felt, she knew it would be even more fun to move her face back and forth, enveloping Luke's cock while her tongue took fantastic delight from everything inside her mouth. Back and forth she moved her face and every time her mouth engulfed his cock, her lips and nose were brushed by Luke's dark, curly pubic hair. Daisy was murmuring softly of her joy, with her sounds being mostly muffled, but her cousin had no such limitation. He was moaning and whimpering from the exquisite delights Daisy's lips and tongue were given him.

Besides her pussy and her mouth, her eyes were also deriving joy from the coupling by the swimming hole. As she looked up into her cousin's face, she relished the grimaces of pleasure that were flickering across it from what her talented lips and tongue were doing for his cock. She still didn't know the name of the cousin she was sucking off or the one who was driving her wild with his mouth on her pussy but she resolved to learn and use them. The sex was so great, Daisy hoped and expected to have more of the same in the near future but she would have to learn their names first.

Luke was having just as great a time as his two cousins. All the blow jobs he had gotten until that day had been from older women, some of them quite unattractive, even to the point of being homely. He had never before seen his cock sliding in and out of a face as beautiful as that of his dark-haired cousin and the sight, as well as the tremendous physical sensations, was driving him to greater heights of ecstasy. His moans of bliss became louder and his body was writhing in front of her as he felt his climax approaching. Luke briefly considered coming into her mouth with no warning but thought better of it. Some women disliked having a man do that and he had hopes of more sex with Daisy, that day and in the future.

"I'm ready to come," Cousin Daisy," he informed her.

It hadn't been necessary because she could feel his cock throbbing against her tongue and knew she was about to get a big, hot mouthful of fresh cum. Daisy said nothing but tightened her lips so none of her cousin's juices would drip out and be wasted and started sucking faster and with shorter strokes. Less than a minute later, the big, hard cylinder jerked and she felt and tasted the first gush of semen on her tongue, exactly where she wanted it to land. It was delicious, rich and meaty with a hint of garlic from all the pizza she knew her cousin likes to eat.

She was not satisfied with one taste of the treat so she kept sucking and was rewarded when two more gushes, bigger and tastier than the first, spurted into her mouth. Although she didn't expect any more of his cum, Daisy kept her lips tightly wrapped around the big shaft and continued stroking her mouth back and forth until she had milked out everything the dark-haired man had for her. She smiled lewdly at him, removed his cock from her mouth and held it gently in her fingertips while her tongue licked from the bottom to the head, concentrating on the small slit in the end where a few droplets of his cum remained.

It was fun but Daisy couldn't spend too much of her time relishing the great blowjob she had just given to one cousin and the semen he had spurted into her mouth. Her own climax had been building up while having her pussy eaten and her mouth filled with cum and she was anticipating a great orgasm, followed by another from that same cousin stuffing her pussy with his cock. She turned to face the blonde head between her legs and shifted her body into a more comfortable position.

"My turn now," she announced. "Suck on my clit and make me come."

Bo was happy to hear that and extremely willing to do what she wanted. He was licking between the second pair of inner and outer lips and he continued until he reached her man in the boat again. After briefly raising his face to gaze avidly on the engorged pearl that had pushed its way completely clear of its hood, he opened his mouth and engulfed the succulent morsel. Remembering the instructions of the widow lady who had been his teacher, he sucked gently while stroking the swollen clit with his tongue.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" Daisy urged him.

Her movements became wilder, rocking from side to side on the bed of moss while continuing to fuck up against the face of the man who was doing so much for her. Bo clung more tightly to Daisy's thighs and kept is face almost buried in her sweet pussy while his sucking and licking continued.

"Yes!" she cried out joyfully as her climax began to erupt like a volcano. "Keep sucking! Keep licking!" she urged her cousin.

Her entreaties were unnecessary because Bo Duke had no intention of not continuing to suck and lick the most gorgeous pussy of his experience. Even had he wanted, he could not have moved away because Daisy's muscular thighs were gripping the sides of his head and her hands were buried in his blonde hair and pressing his mouth against her pussy. For as long as she was coming, her legs swung from side to side and she continued to ram her pussy against his face while imploring him to keep eating her.

Luke watched in amazement at what a vixen his cousin had become. He had never eaten a pussy in his life but he vowed to rectify that lack as soon as he could and hoped it would be that same day.

Daisy wasn't thinking about anything except what a tremendous orgasm she was having until it completely overwhelmed her. She cried out ecstatically; her back arched and she jammed her crotch against the mouth that had brought her to that admirable state. After her orgasm, one of the most momentous of her life, she completely relaxed on the makeshift bed of moss and enjoyed the ripples of pleasure as her blonde cousin licked the fresh juices from her pussy.

By that time, Bo was horny as a goat and needed to fuck or be sucked off more than he had ever needed anything. The widow woman had insisted that when he licked the juice from her pussy after she came, he should be sure to leave enough to provide lubrication for his cock during the fucking that would follow. When he had feasted on as much of his sexy cousin's fresh juice as he would allow himself, he rose from where he had been kneeling and prepared to cover her body with his.

Daisy's eyes had been closed in bliss but, when she saw her blonde hunk of a cousin kneeling between her legs with his hard cock aimed at her, she grinned in welcome and reached both hands between her legs to spread the lips of her pussy. He was not wearing a condom but she was not concerned because she was using birth control pills and had been found free of any disease during her medical exam a few days earlier. She knew both her cousins had been given a clean bill of health also so she was not concerned with safe sex.

Bo wasn't concerned with anything but getting his cock inside the pussy that awaited him. With one hand, he gently held his stiff shaft to guide it while the other hand supported his weight as he stretched his body out full-length over his waiting cousin. When Daisy felt the head of the hard cock against her wet pink hole demanding admission, she continued holding her pussy lips apart with the fingers of one hand while the other hand guided the welcome visitor until the tip was centered exactly where it belonged.

"Give it to me!" she whispered hoarsely. "Right here!"

Bo gave it to her, thrusting forward and feeling the head wedge between her lips and into the slick hole beyond. Daisy breathed in sharply between her teeth as she felt the presence, spreading her open and squeezing its way into where it was wanted. She was dripping wet but her cousin's cock is so big it stretched her lips and expanded her pink channel as had seldom been done to her before.

"Yes! Yes! Like that," she beseeched him. "Really give it to me! Gimme it all!"

Bo continued doing what she wanted, thrusting forward again and feeling an inch of his stiff cock burrowing its way into his girl-cousin's dripping pussy. The sensation was incredible because her well-trained kegel muscles were already starting to work on his erection and he delayed briefly to fully enjoy the erotic feeling. Seconds later, he thrust forward again and almost two more inches of his stiff shaft found a home in the pussy under him.

Daisy had been lying flat on her back but, with the deeper thrust of her cousin's cock, her legs rose in the air. The next time she felt the thick cylinder surging into her, she spread her legs farther, hooked her feet around Bo's legs and pulled herself toward him. She felt a sudden gush of her juices as most of his cock plunged into her pussy and, with the next stroke like that one, their bodies came together with their pubic hair mingling. This time, they stayed in that position and let the exquisite pleasure reverberate through their bodies.

Bo had been over Daisy with his weight supported on his hands, which is the position he usually prefers but he felt such an outburst of affection for his beautiful young cousin he lowered his body so he had full contact with her own sexy form. He slipped his hands under her upper arms so his weight was being supported by his knees and forearms and Daisy, almost reflexively, reached up to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Oh, that feels so wonderful," she murmured. "Let's stay like this and take our time. We've got all day." She moved her hands from his shoulders to his upper arms so she would be able to move better under him.

"It's wonderful for me too, Daisy. Yeah, let's make it last but I can tell I'm going to come before the day is over."

More conversation was neither needed nor wanted because they were both too busy concentrating on the great fucking they had just started doing. Over and over, but always slowly, Bo drew his cock back, paused with just the head still inside her, and plunged forward while Daisy pulled with her hands on his arms and flexed her legs as she thrust back to meet him. Their bodies came wetly together and her juices spattered on both of them. They continued like that and, with every stroke, she could feel a flood of ecstasy building inside her, especially every time she produced another spurt of her juices.

As the long, slow strokes went on, Daisy started rocking from side to side while her head tossed back and forth on the soft dirt. Her sighing and cooing in pleasure evolved into moans, and her eyes were closed in bliss. Bo's cock surging slowly in and out of her was one of the greatest things her pussy had ever known and she was reveling in each and every thrust. From the corner of her eye, she saw her other cousin had moved closer and his cock was just as big and hard as when she had taken it in her mouth. Daisy smiled because her pussy had plans for that stiff shaft.

The fucking was almost as good for Bo, but he knew a way to make it better for both of them. With his cock completely buried in her tight pussy, he moved his body slightly higher on hers. When he slowly withdrew, he felt her clit raking across the top of his shaft and he received the same sensation when he drove it back into her. After a few strokes from the slightly changed position, he started to fuck her faster and he expected to continue like that until she climaxed.

Almost immediately, Daisy felt the difference. She wouldn't have thought there was anything in the world that could have felt better than what her cousin had been doing but she would have been wrong. From the changed position, her swollen clit was being massaged better and twice with every stroke and her body reacted by moving more erratically. Her voice responded too. "Uh! Uh! Uh!" Daisy whimpered in the same tempo as the cock plowing into her pussy and her own thrusts back to meet it. "Oh god!" she cried out as a massive tidal wave of joy crashed through her body.

This time, her legs locked Bo's hips in a tight grip, and her hands clutched his shoulders, lightly scratching him with her short fingernails. While she was coming, he kept pounding his cock into Daisy's pussy and her body rocked from side to side as if to imprison and move his body the way she had his head. Bo knew he was on the verge of coming too but he said nothing and did nothing but plunge his cock in and out of the hottest and wettest pussy it had ever been inside.

"Oh god!" she cried out as her second climax of the day inundated her body. All her muscles clenched and she thrust her pussy against her partner for a final time.

Once again, Daisy completely relaxed after her tremendous orgasm, with her legs releasing her cousin and her arms flopping out at her sides. He did not stop or even slow down but kept driving his cock into her pussy until his own climax welled up inside his body and exploded forth. A big gob of cum spurted into the pussy that had elicited it, followed by two more like the first, before he stopped and let himself totally relax on top of his cousin.

After their great climaxes, the two young people lay in a happy pile on top of the bed of moss until Bo's cock softened enough to slip out of the hole that had given and received so much pleasure. Daisy looked up at and grinned lewdly at him.

"That was great. But I hope we're not through yet."

"I'll be ready for more in a few minutes," Bo replied.

"I'm ready now," Luke added, brandishing his cock. He had thought about how he would like to eat Daisy's pussy but his desire had faded when he saw how his cousin Bo's semen was trickling from the object of that particular lust.

Daisy smiled at the dark-haired man who had just spoken and saw he was ready for more, with his cock fully erect and aimed at her. So far, it had been a great sexual romp for all three cousins and she was happy to know there would be more. Daisy had come twice from her blonde cousin eating her pussy and fucking her, besides taking immense pleasure in sucking off the dark-haired one and swallowing his cum. That was a good start but she wanted her other cousin to make her come twice and she wanted to suck off the blonde one and taste his cum.

Since her pussy was flooded with the sticky semen of the latter, Daisy would have to clean herself before she could expect anybody to eat her out. Her body was sweaty with her exertions too, but a quick plunge in her favorite swimming hole would solve that too, as well as energizing all three of the people who were having such a great time. And, if she listened carefully to what they said to each other, she might be able to learn which cousin was attached to which name.

"C'mon you guys. Last one in is a rotten egg," the sexy brunette challenged her cousins as she stumbled to her feet and dashed into the water. After removing their boots and socks, they were right behind her, ready for a little dip in the water and a lot more sex on the bank.

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Daisy Duke interracial

I have considered writing a story involving Daisy Duke screwing a bunch of black guys on the hood of the General Lee. Thinking about using inmates escaped from a prison being seduced by Daisy. Whaddyamore...

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