She really didn't have a reason to come along. It was just one of his regular trips. There wasn't anything particularly special to do in Dallas during the day. She had found a place for a mani/pedi in the morning that was only a short walk. She had spent an hour by the pool just because it was warm and she was bored. She had spent the afternoon taking a nap on the oversize bed surrounded by too many pillows. It was a decent way to spend the day. She spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready. She had a surprise for him.

She had texted him that she would meet him in the hotel bar. He was running a little late but not bad. She told him not to worry. He scrambled in the door and headed for the elevators, the plan had already slipped his mind. It was only after pressing the button and searching his pockets for the key card that he remembered. He turned back around and headed for the bar.

It was larger than most and nicer. This was a nice hotel all around. Sticking his head in, he surveyed the tables looking for her. He spied a pair of legs at the bar talking to a couple of men in suits but quickly looked away. If she was looking for him, he thought it would be a bad way to start the evening, getting caught looking at another woman's legs. He scanned again and didn't see her. He headed for a barstool pulling his phone from his pocket. He sat at the end with a view of the door, ordered a beer and typed out a text for her. It all hit him at once. He took a first sip of his beer, hit send, heard her phone go off, and noticed the short platinum hair, the slinky white dress and his wife's succulent lips smiling at the suits that were clearly flirting with her up. He swallowed hard and smiled as she turned and looked at him. She stood up slowly, clearly wearing higher heels than normal. Knowing he was watching her she leaned down and kissed the old suit on the cheek and the young suit quickly on the lips. He heard her thank them for the wine and wandered over to him. She kissed him long and slow on the lips. With her hand clenched to his thigh she felt him stir in the slim cut suit pants. "Hey," she said. "You're late."

"You're delicious." He smiled back at her.

They took a cab to dinner. The flirted, she looked marvelous. He called it her Marilyn dress. Other than being 4 inches taller and 20 pounds lighter, she was hell of a tribute to the 60's pin-up. All she needed to complete the ensemble was a blast of steam from a street grate. They ate fish and steaks and drank wine. The first bottle was good, the second was better. They didn't necessarily need it but they enjoyed it. After dinner they cabbed it to a jazz club. It was dark and the music was a bit more Blues than Jazz and they enjoyed it. They poured martinis onto the wine, only one a piece. They danced. Drunk, they flirted.

It really started with him teasing her. He teased her about the suits. He thought it was good he got there on time; she would have been too much for the old one. She might have killed him.

"You liked when I kissed him, didn't you?"


"The young one."

"Was he that young?"

"Stop it. Tell me."

"You'll think I'm a pervert."

"I already know you're a pervert."

"Fair enough... yeah, you know I liked it. You felt it when you came over to me at the bar."

"You caught that, did you?"

"Oh yeah."

"It's been a while."

"We haven't done anything like that in a long time."

"I know! " He sat staring at her. He wanted her. His thoughts were on the times they had played. He thought about watching her. "Too long." They sat for a while listening to the music. She held his leg, he held her bare thigh.

"Let's go." He did what he was told.

The ride seemed to be taking forever. He stroked her thigh. The dress was thin and although it was warm out, he could see her nipples rising beneath the sheer white fabric. He moved higher up her thigh and her legs parted a little. She took a deep breath and he moved his hand higher. She had on panties and he ran his finger along them. She shuddered a little and then pressed her legs back together. She looked at him. He looked back at her and kissed her. It felt like a ridiculously long time until the cab pulled up to the hotel. He paid the cabbie and she stumbled out of the car with the help of a bellman. He took her around the waist and led her into the hotel.

"Can we call room service?"

"Sure, whatever you want."

"I want champagne."

"Here, we can just take it up." He pressed the small of her back towards the hotel bar and pulled the door open for her. They slipped inside. There were still a good number of people. He slipped between a couple of them and signaled for the bartender. Across the bar he saw the younger suit, sipping a beer and watching a basketball game. He was having a thought when she tugged on his coat. He leaned back to her and felt her breath in his ear.

"Love me?"


"So, um..." she mumbled a bit at him. He smiled back at her. "So, um... you want to watch me suck a dick?"


"Will you fuck me while I suck him?"


"What's our room number, forgot."

As he ordered a bottle of champagne from the bartender he watched her swing around to the other side of the bar. The young suit smiled at her as she slid up next to him. He watched her whisper in his ear. She saw his hand move towards him under the bar. He smiled back. The talked a bit and then she leaned in a kissed him. Longer than the last time. The bartender handed him a check and he signed it. He gathered the bottle and two glasses and stepped back from the bar. He followed his wife and the young suit out of the bar to the batch of elevators.

"Woody," he introduced himself.

"Theo." The suit replied. He wasn't all that young. 35 maybe. As they stepped into the elevator he asked Theo to hold the bottle on glasses. After he took them he took his wife in his arms. He kissed her hard, his hands moving beneath the short dress. He leaned into her. "Nervous?"

"A little." She kissed him again as the elevator opened.

He slipped the card into the door and with a click, pushed it open. He held the door for her and Theo. The other man set the Champaign down and stood, somewhat awkwardly at the end of the bed. She slipped up to him and helped him. Kissing him she pulled his suit jacket off of his shoulders. Woody slipped beside them and opened the wine. She was working on his shirt. He was taller than her but not as tall as her husband. His chest was bare and she ran his hands over him. His abdomen was trim and firm and she ran her hands over him as she dropped to her knees. Woody handed her a glass and she ran a hand over the man's cock as she took a sip. Woody slipped out of his suit coat and took off his tie before lying back on the bed. She set her glass down and started on Theo's belt and pants. As they fell to his feet she turned him giving woody a better look.

He watched her pull down his briefs. He watched her stroke his cock a few times slowly. He was hard already and she moaned a little in appreciation. He started pulling off his own clothes as he watched her. She started slowly her hand pulling his cock out to her mouth. He watched as she took him between her lips. As she ran her tongue along his shaft. Naked he took his cock in his hand. She watched him out the corner of her eye. Knowing he was watching she worked his cock harder. Her lips running along him as she took him deep into her mouth. She hummed as she sucked his head. It was finally enough to get him off the bed.

Moving behind her he reached down on pulled her to her feet. She continued to work him with her hand as she took her husband in the other. She held both cocks as the young man took her breast in hers. Woody worked on the tie of the halter dress until her large full breasts fell free and the young man took one in his mouth.

She was forced to let go. Woody finished undressing her. He pressed his cock to her ass as he sucked at her ear and she felt his teeth on her neck. Theo was on his knees now. His fingers were on her thigh working their way to her waiting pussy. She wonders just how quickly she would come. Her husband's hands ran down her back and over her hips, the young man ran his mouth from nipple to nipple sucking at each just a little and she pulled his head to her chest. His lips were on her. She waited as he touched her lips. Her legs buckled as he finally came to her clit.

"Lick me." She begged and woody moved her to the bed. Laying back into the middle of the overly soft bed she spread her legs and welcomed the man between them. She felt his hands on her thighs and his tongue make its first move over her dripping lips. She purred as she felt his tongue inside of her. Laying back she looked over at her husband's hand running over his cock. He smiled down at her and she laid her head back. She felt his hands on her. She closed her eyes. At first she focused on what the men were doing to her. She felt fingers opening her so that a tongue could stroke her clit cleanly and felt the rush run up her spine. She felt hands on her tits. Then a mouth. It was harder. She felt a pinch. She shuddered at the feeling of a tongue on her nipple pressed between his teeth at the same time and then she felt it coming. The first orgasm started in her legs and thighs and washed over her body. She cried out and lifted her legs off the bed. The details went away and she simply felt her body under attack. Hands, lips, tongues and teeth moving over her. She reached out and found her husband. She moved her hand down his back and his ass then around his waist to his cock. She took it in her hand, he was hard for her and she pulled it to her.

Climbing to his knees she looked over at him and took him into her mouth. He was much wider than the other man and she struggled at first to get it all the way into her mouth, she felt his head at the back of her throat and she pulled at his ass. Her pussy shuddered again as the two men shared her. Woody's hand was on her nipple. He teased at it and she moved her head to stroke his cock with her lips. She tasted the first of him and the other man licked at her furiously. She was close again. It was coming. She pulled at his ass and his cock worked its way deeper into her mouth. She spread her legs and the other man worked deeper into her wet pussy. She felt a finger, no two, and that was it. Faster than the first one, this one hit like a slap to the back. She moaned around his cock. They didn't stop. The orgasm continued. She felt it in her back and in her tits. She came hard. She gasped for breath and sucked harder. She moaned harder. He worked his fingers into her and she had to have it.

In one long movement she pushed him away from her. She looked down at Theo. She saw only the top of her head. "Lie down." She commanded, pushing Woody onto his back. She pulled away from Theo looking down at him. "Fuck me." She said simply, rolling onto her knees. She took Woody into her mouth again and as the second cock entered her she moaned again.

He took her hard. He was young and fit and she thought he would split her. She could hear the slapping of his hips on her ass. He pulled at her hips. Resting her hands on the bed Woody's cock filled her mouth. The harder she was fucked the deeper it went. He was moaning, the man behind her grunting. She gagged a little but took it. She wanted to take it. She moaned hard as it started again, a rolling orgasm that started in her pussy, growing deeper with each fuck.

"Mmm. Take that cock. Take that cock for me. My fucking hot little slut wife. Take that cock."

She pressed her eyes closed. She took it. Fuck, did she take it. And then she tasted it. He was coming. "Mmm-Hmmm... Mmmm Hmmm..." She was still coming and now she was taking his load. He exploded with a moan of his own. She swallowed hard, she felt his cock in her throat and he moaned as she swallowed his head along with his hot load of cum. She moaned hard, breaking free only when she needed a breath.

Looking up at him she smiled. He was still hard. "Quick, fuck me now." And she pulled away. Looking up now at the man standing at the foot of the bed, "Will you cum for me too?" She didn't finish it before woody entered her gaping just fucked pussy and moaned again as she pulled the other man to her, taking him in her mouth. His cock pulsed. He was close. She felt the cock in her. It was bigger and spread her wider. He fucked her slower and deeper and with each stroke she took the two men together. She felt him start and heard woody moaning. He was going to come again. As Theo came in mouth she felt it. She didn't think she had another one but she did. Her pussy clamped down on Woody and he came with her. A long stroke as each wave hit her. She sucked hard on the other man, taking everything she had as she felt her pussy being filled. She moaned, looking up at the other man. She stroked his cock. Looking up at him, "Mmmm..." she purred at him.

She rolled over, spinning in the bed to put her head back on the pillows. "Drink?" she asked. Woody handed her a fresh glass of sparkling sweet wine. She smiled at him and drank the whole thing down. Theo had slipped away to the bathroom and she laid back letting woody slowly stroke her warm sweaty skin.

"Okay, that was good."

"Yeah, you a happy girl?"

"Oh yeah."

"I don't think you're done?" he said quietly

"No? You don't have another one already do you?"

"It's not me."

"You think?"

"Yeah. I think. I want to watch."

"You stroke it for me?"

He did. When the other man returned from the bathroom he was soft. He told her how beautiful he was. He told her how hot that was. He her husband how lucky he was. She asked him if he was done. With a simple word she watched his cock swell again.

On her back she spread her legs for him and he climbed up the bed. By the time he was there he was hard for her again. He pressed himself into her easily. She rocked with him as he started. He moved slower this time but only for a short while. He sped up and she groaned. She looked over at her husband. He was smiling and stroking himself hard again. She tried to watch but couldn't. He was fucking her. He was fucking her hard. She worked to catch her breath. She moaned until moaning wasn't enough. She grunted, she cried out with each stroke. He fucked her hard and her husband grew hard watching. He raised her feet up over his shoulders spreading her wide. She moaned and gasped with each thrust. Fuck, she was going to come again she thought. She felt it. It was starting. She reached out and grabbed at woody. She caught his arm and pulled at her.

"Oh yeah. You like that."

She groaned.

"Good little slut going to come for me?"

She groaned louder.

"That's my little slut. Take that cock. Take it hard. "

He seemed to fuck her harder and she cried out. She grasped for a pillow to cover her cries.

"No. No pillow. Let me hear you. Let me hear you come as I watch you take that fat cock."

That was it. The orgasm started. She cried out loudly. It was louder each time the other man pressed his cock into her. He moaned along with her. He was coming now. And just as he started he pulled out from her.

"Suck that load for me." She was a good little slut and leaned forward to get his load before he came. On her knees again he couldn't resist. With a cock in her mouth, he pulled her ass to him and pressed his cock into her wet fucked pussy again. She had two cocks again. She was still coming. Her legs were sore. Her Jaw was sore. She couldn't suck cock for a minute longer but she did. He fucked her hard. His cock thrusting inside of her, his balls slapping at her pussy, she was a good little slut. She was his slut she could take it.

He slapped her ass as he came. She felt him slow and felt his cock throbbing inside of her. She felt the warmth of the cum slipping out her wet pussy and down her leg. He moved inside of her still. Slowly, she kept the cock in her mouth the whole time. He was still hard in her mouth. She worked it in her lips and he was moaning. She was going to get another. As Woody pulled out of her she took his cock in her hand and worked it quickly. Licking and sucking, she felt it pulse and then cum for her again. She was a good slut; she took every drop before collapsing on the bed. "Fuuuuck." She said. Woody slapped her ass.

Theo took a glass of champagne in a short round regular hotel cup. He sat on the bed beside her running his hand over her back while Woody stroked her legs. She was smiling and catching her breath. She rolled over to get a glass of wine for herself.

"Thank you." She said. "You were marvelous." She kissed him as he left. She returned to bed.


"Uh, yeah. Good!"

"We should do that again."

"I dunno, seems only fair we get you a girl."


"Ha. Maybe? You got hard again just with me mentioning it."

"I don't know if I have another one in me."

"It's the rule, remember." She reminded him. "When we play, we always have one just the two of us."

"I remember."

"Slow, though, okay."

"Mmm, I like slow." He kissed her slowly as he moved over atop her.

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