Dallas Ch. 02


(Please pardon the delay in posting the second part of this story, but there have been some changes in my job status courtesy of some uncle named Sam (no, it’s not about incest, but it did fuck up a good career) and a wino (‘scuse me, that’s a rummy who acts like he is drunk on power), a crashed computer and a hiatus that was forced on me because of a certain Texan, who shall remain nameless, but his nickname is “Shrub”, which is a little bush….anyway, I digress…, or rather, I continue….)

I tried to straighten up but my lower back wouldn’t let me…I was bent over so far that I could not get my balance to straighten up. Suddenly a hand grabbed my hair and pulled backwards, giving just enough leverage to allow me to stand. As soon as I was upright,…wham…a blow against the back of my knees and I went down like a sack of potatoes.

“That’s better, now look upward.”

I did and that is when I felt it…heat …and smelled it…the unmistakable smell of feminine arousal. Reflexively I tried to look around, but my head was grabbed by a pair of hands from behind and held in a viselike grip.

“Stick out your tongue” was the order, which I promptly complied with…

My tongue ventured out of my mouth as far as the lingual muscle would allow it to travel, then I felt, no… sensed a warmth coming close to my face…the telltale tickle of hair on the tip of the tongue. I wiggled it around, hoping to catch something on the end, but alas, the warmth pulled away. All I sensed then was an overwhelming odor of arousal…and the pheromones went to work on my libido. I tried to will my prick back down, but it just wouldn’t cooperate…”Oh Shit”, I thought, I am truly screwed now (but not like I had been earlier).

I felt the bindings on my arms being lifted, forcing me to my feet, but still leaving me bent over at the waist. The earmuffs were removed and I heard Cindy as she whispered in my ear…

“You have been a good boy so far, so now it is time for your rewards….and time to have you meet the other voice that has been commanding you.”

Cindy moved closer to me, and slowly removed the blindfold from my eyes…I blinked as the harshness of the lights hit me, momentarily blinding me. I tried, reflexively, to lift my hands to shield my eyes, but to no avail, as they were still bound behind me. I felt two hands lightly tracing circles on my back, the hairs on my back tickling as her hands felt me up….then the pressure increased as the hands gripped the area around my shoulders- HARD- and squeezed. It felt like a vise grabbing at the muscle and nerves…there I go again back to my knees with the pain. I turned my head then was greeted with a sound slap across my cheek.

“Keep your head facing front…Look at Cindy” the voice intoned.

I did, and the pressure was lifted.

“Now, I want you to assume the position of a subservient male slut like you are” came the nameless and faceless voice behind me. I bowed my head in supplication and looked towards the floor. In spite of the pain there is was, bigger than life, hard and throbbing in front of me. As hard as I tried (no pun intended) I could not get it to go down. I heard Cindy chuckling as I felt her gaze on me…

“Ooh Karen, do you think that he has been a good boy yet?

One piece of the puzzle solved, the second person was Karen, and the voice was androgenous, but something did not fit the profile. The second person was taller than Cindy (judging from the way the breasts dug into my back as she stood behind me….to be exact, the second person was about as tall as me. When she talked to me her voice came from a level even with my ears, but I didn’t feel her leaning over…and what was that I experienced a few minutes ago…not the cold rubber of a dildo or a strap on….I quickly figured this was no ordinary gal behind me…but…

I felt two hands on my shoulders lifting me upwards till I was standing again, then felt the hot breath on the right side of my neck and a tongue slowly tracing along my earlobe. Cindy stepped forward and reached out for my cock, slowly stroking it in her hand…it jumped and I could feel the clear liquid flowing from the tip. The hands behind me reached around again and palms stroked over my nipples, bringing them to points like two bullets. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, but I knew I was interested, and God, it felt good.

“Mmmmm, you’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you” Karen’s voice coo’d in my ear. “I see Cindy has the proof and I bet I know where you want to put it…”

My mind was going nuts, thoughts spinning through my head so fast that I wasn’t sure that what I was going through was real or not. Cindy’s touch was like a thousand feathers on my cock….Karen’s breath on my neck and her incessant tounging and tickling was driving me up a wall. Her left hand went from my chest to my ass, and I felt a finger probing my pucker. I was still relatively loose from the previous episode, then felt a finger slide inside me and wiggle around. I gasped at the intrusion, and as I did, Cindy’s hand tightened around my cock and pushed the skin back towards my scrotum, tightening the skin and pushing it taut. I felt the fingers of her other hand slide over the tip and spread the pre-cum around the head.

“How’d you like a sandwich, hungry boy?” came the voice at my earlobe. The question was punctuated by a second finger being thrust deep inside me and feeling the ring stretch as she worked her fingers back and forth, sideways and then balling up inside me.

Cindy pulled me forward towards the couch where I had been spread-eagled earlier and laid down, pulling me towards her and on top of her. Karen followed, never breaking contact with me. Cindy’s legs opened and she pulled me to her pussy with no ceremony, just a commanding tug on my cock. I could feel her warmth and the smell of her arousal was penetrating my nostrils, making them flare like a dog on a hot trail.

“Come on, Ed, time for your reward for being so good tonight”. My cock was enveloped by a wet heat that could only be described as being sucked into a hot, oily velvet glove. I could feel every ripple and bump as she pulled me in. I started to pull back but felt a hand on my ass pushing me forward, not allowing me to retreat. I felt a sudden cold liquid dripping down my ass and into the crack.

“Now comes the good part” Karen chuckled as I felt a hot, blunt object probing at my sphincter. I felt the familiar pressure against me again and exhaled, relaxing the ring for what I knew was going to come next. The ring expanded and I felt the head going in again, then stopping for a moment.

“Here hon, “ Karen whispered, “take a second and get used to this again.” I felt her move slowly forward again; the length pushing deep inside me, then slowly withdrawing. As she withdrew, she pulled my hips up, forcing me to pull back from inside Cindy. The pressure changed and I was pushed down again, and her cock was pistoning back into me, setting a rhythm that was slow and steady. As I pushed down, Cindy slowly rocked her hips upward into my pelvis, putting pressure on the base of my cock. It felt like Karen was fucking Cindy with my cock-her’s putting an exquisite pressure on the back of my balls as she thrust inside me. It felt like I imagine thrusting across a woman’s G-spot would feel…feeling the underside of the mushroom shaped head riding over the walnut sized spot…feeling every vein and bump as it slid deeper inside me.

I was not paying attention to what was happening with Cindy as the feelings of ecstasy overtook me from behind. I was thrusting my cock downward and as I would hit bottom in Cindy, I would wiggle my ass as I pushed back up onto Karen’s formidable cock and urged it deeper into my bowels, feeling the head throb and expand as she pushed in. Cindy reached up with her hands and pulled my face to her and forced me to look into her eyes as we did our three way fuck. I saw a glint of mischief in her eyes as she looked first into my eyes and then into Karen’s. Her hips bucked up against mine and I could feel the large bump of her clit as it made contact with the base of my cock. Each time she reached the top, she would pause, give her hips a little swirl and prolong the contact. I could feel the tip against her uterus as it pushed ever deeper.

Every now and then, as Karen pumped into my ass, Cindy would rock her hips to change the angle of my penetration. The feelings were exquisite as they choreographed their dance with me like the proverbial marionette, dangling on their strings as they manipulated my body between them. I felt Karen’s hands come around me and grasp my chest and nipples, pulling, twisting and eventually forming them into little tits that she offered to Cindy. Cindy leaned upward into me, her tongue reaching up and grazing the nipples as Karen offered them. First a warm, wet tonguing, then a chill as the moisture evaporated when she pulled away and gently blew on them.

My head was spinning, my mouth dry as my breath came rapidly in time with the continuous pummeling of Karen’s cock in my ass. Her balls were slapping against the underside of mine as I was thrust into Cindy’s velvet pussy by the force of Karen’s thrusts. I felt a tingling deep in my bowels as Karen’s cock probed ever deeper inside me; a tingling that started like a tickle and intensified ever so slightly the longer Karen fucked me. Soon it was overtaking my system, my eyes rolling back into their sockets as muscles in my ass and stomach started an involuntary clenching and rippling. It was having a similar effect on Karen as I felt the telltale sign of her impending release….the rapid expansion of her cockhead inside me, feeling each pulse of her heart deep inside me….the thrust being held that extra few seconds to prolong the sensations that I knew were flowing through her as they were beginning to flow through me…

“Oh God….I’mmmm goooiiinnnnggg to cuuuuuum”, the tortured words flowing out like I was talking with a vibrato…..

Cindy thrust upwards, burying me all the way inside her…Karen thrust downward burying herself inside me and they held me suspended between them…begging for release as muscles spasmed throughout my wracked body. I felt Karen’s prick release inside me, several ropes of cum bathing my intestines with a hot, viscous stream of passion…and as I felt her throb and jerk, it set off my own release. Three, four, five thick ropes of cum spurted out of my cock deep inside Cindy as she started a low wail deep in her throat that ended with a crescendo of moans punctuated by her pussy flooding and milking the remaining cum from my cock. She gave a final upward heave, timed with Karen’s thrust, and we all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the couch.

I awoke a few minutes later to Karen’s cock shrinking and popping out of my ass, sliding along the crack and releasing her cum to run out and dribble over my balls onto Cindy’s crotch. I rolled off Cindy, still hard, and collapsed on my back on the floor. Looking up I say a tall, willowy, well built naked brunette with a cock and a smile. Cindy reached down and ruffled the hair on my head…..

“Meet my husband and wife….Karen…or should I say Ken” was all she said.

Karen smiled and leaned forward over my body, tongue trailing across my chest towards my neck and face….

“Nice to meet you, Ed….we still have all night to figure out what we want to do with you” was all she said.

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