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Dancing Sideways

byThe Winter Kiss©

Her legs shook as her juices poured down her legs.

Wait, I think I'm rushing into it a little too quickly. As I stood in front of the door staring out into the cold night, I couldn't help but shift as the thoughts intruded. Her on her back, legs spread apart as he shoved his big cock into her. It was always a big cock; every time I imagined it. Even worse: her on top. I wondered if he'd have her on top, letting her control the entire situation. My own cock grew hard as my thoughts fought jealousy. I looked at my watch. I was early.

The worst was if she was going to be on her knees. Dominated by him. I tried to shake the thought by peering into the window, even though I knew that nobody was home yet. She had told me that she worked until 9:00. It was 8:30. I couldn't help but get there early. The thrill and the jealousy had driven me there in the car that sat in the driveway. With time to spare, I decided to go over the entire situation again in my head.

The Entire Situation:

It started with her, which was the biggest surprise. I was always the kinky one in our relationship. Bondage was always my idea. Any dark little fantasy was usually my creation. And though she almost always was eager to participate, this time I had nothing to do with it. Marie and I had been together for 4 years. Sex had become a rarity, as had lust in general except for the occasional "moments." We had gotten together as virgins, fresh out of high school, and at first, as it is in all relationships, it was sex every day at least once. At least twice. Boxes of 36 condoms were a regular purchase. But as time wore on, the 16 packs were bought, then the 8 packs, then the 3 packs, and finally we just kept one around sometimes just in case. In case our parts decided to fuck without us.

"Are you okay with just having sex with one person for the rest of your life?" she asked calmly as we watched a movie one evening. Caught off guard by the question, I didn't think too much of it. It was one of those little games we played: "Do you love me? How much?"

"Yeah, of course," I told her. "I love you."

"No, I'm not talking about love," she clarified. "I'm talking just about sex."

"Why? What, are you okay with it?" I asked her, becoming reasonably defensive.

"No. I'm curious. And I think that the couples that have only had sex with one person their entire life are the couples that usually end up having affairs. Out of curiosity." She was so calm about it. I didn't know what to think, but my cock began speaking for me.

"What are you saying?" I asked her, trying to fight it off.

"I'm saying it'd be okay to have a sexual experience with another person. Just once. Just to satisfy the curiosity. I think it'd be healthy." As much as I wanted to fight her, I began to believe her.

"What about me? You wouldn't have a problem with me having sex with another girl?" As erotic and appealing as it sounded, I was in love with my girlfriend. Having sex with another girl was not on the agenda.

"No, not at all."

And so began a mutual fantasy of sorts to release our lustful curiosity once and for all. We talked about the entire situation for weeks. Occasionally, I would get a sinking feeling, usually caused by thoughts of her with her ex-boyfriends having sex. Her bucking her hot little hips up into his crotch as he sucked her hard nipple. Every time, I would shiver at the thought. Every time though, I was hard at the thought. The battle was continuous, but the fantasy took a very realistic ground as we created a set of guidelines for the circumstance, which we both agreed would be a good thing if we followed these rules.

The first was open communication. Our communication in the past had its ups and down, but as our relationship progressed, as did our skills. The goal for communication in this situation was making sure we always knew what the other was thinking. No surprises. If someone was upset, they would say so. If someone was excited, they would say so. It had to be done if the situation was to be done at all.

Another obvious rule was safety. Safe sex of course, was the only way we would have it, but in addition, it had to be with someone safe. Therefore, strangers were out of the picture. It had to be with someone trustworthy. Someone who wouldn't gain emotional attachment. No ex-boyfriends. It would be walked away from with completely clean air. No cuddling afterwards. Nothing would be worse than a loving attraction accompanying the situation. So someone somewhat sexually experienced was a must. Because of this, I kind of thought of it as a historical recreation; when people used to be taught to please others before they were married by some upper-level figure. It eased my mind.

Last of all, it was a one time thing, regardless of how experience turned out: whether it was the hottest sex of your life or the worst experience you've ever had. The experience would be had, curiosity would be satisfied, and it was done. No love would be involved in it. Only our own personal growth, which would ultimately result in the growth in our relationship. If it was anything otherwise, it wasn't meant to be in the first place. Testing our relationship wasn't something I really prided myself on thinking about; this was dangerous territory. But handling it maturely, Marie had a very valid idea and I intended on following through with it with her.

Our sexual activity increased at times, especially when we talked about it. Neither of us could deny that it was a very arousing thought, knowing that we'd have sex with a foreign body after only touching our own. After the excitement, and once the framework was set, the idea was put in the back of our minds. Every once in awhile I'd think about or we'd discuss an aspect of it, but eventually I had it set in my mind that it wasn't going to happen. Then she went home for a week.

Marie was from a small town in New Jersey. Her friends, family, and everything she knew was there and every once in awhile, naturally, she'd go back for vacation. When she announced that she was going, the sinking feeling returned full force, because I already knew what words were to follow.

"I'm going to do it with Jack," she told me, confidently. It was something that I knew was going to happen eventually. I didn't mind it happening, nor did I object. Jack was the obvious choice. They had been very close friends all through high school. Although I had never met him, I knew his care for Marie was very strong and very sincere. Not to mention that he was an attractive and very sexually experienced young man, having had several "meaningless relationships" in the past. And her going home was only going to lead her into his bedroom. I could see her on her knees with her soft little hands wrapped around his giant cock as she looked up at him seductively. This leads me to another rule: no oral or anal. Those were reserved for us, though they were never used. The experience would be strictly intercourse.

"That's good," I told her, referring to Jack. "Good idea."

"You're upset," she groaned. I couldn't decide if I was, so I smiled.

"I'm not upset," I assured her, letting her know that she had my support with a kiss. "This is the perfect chance. I told you that if the situation arrived…"

"But what about you?" she asked. I shrugged. I had thought about it. An important aspect was that the situation had to be shared. For only one of us to have our curiosity satisfied would only defeat the entire purpose. "What about Jenny?" she suggested.

"No, she's a virgin," I told her. No virgins.

"Oh, that's right. Kim?"

I cocked my head for a moment and thought about it. "She has a boyfriend," I remembered. She groaned and scrunched her brow, upset that her experience could possibly fall through. I could see her walking up to him, her near-virgin flesh unveiled as she stared at his rising member. I cringed but took a deep breath. "No, I'll figure it out," I told her with a smile. I had no idea what to do.

Marie left excited. A piece of me was resentful toward her. Angry that she was running off for a fuck. Angry that she was going to be touched in her deepest spots by someone other than me. A piece of me was turned on. Turned on that she was running off for a fuck. Turned on that she was going to be touched in her deepest spots by someone other than me. Either way, I knew it had to be the right thing.

I moped for the first two days that she was gone. She made it a point to call me both days and I did me best to act cheerful. I always managed to subtly ask her when she and Jack were going to do the deed. She said toward the end of her trip. She asked me how "things" were going with me. I told her it was under control. I hated lying to her, but when the phone rang on the third day, my lie disappeared.

Annie was a girl I had met in a class early in college. We kept in touch through emails and occasional get-togethers at a local coffee shop. Although we didn't have a strong, secure past, we knew each other fairly well. Well enough for her to call and for us to talk for awhile. When you talk late at night, the things you say become more and more personal. There's something about the atmosphere, the phone to your ear, and the way your heart wants to pour itself out. Our conversation started simple, but after some time, both of us home alone and bored, it led to my situation.

"I'll have sex with you," she said to me. My jaw literally dropped. It was easy for Marie to find someone to fill her hole. Finding a hole to fill was more than a task, it was mission: impossible. But I listened on. "I've had sex a million times and in a million different ways, Craig. If you want a no-brains sexual experience, just strict one on one sex, I can do that for you. You're a good guy. Plus, it's not fair for her to get fucked and not you." As sympathetic as it seemed, I couldn't argue with the offer. So I took it, which led me to the porch on the fifth night that Marie was gone. It was the very night that she would be having sex with Jack.

I paced back and forth, shivering a little as a gust of wind pressed into me. My mind was trapped on one subject. I wondered if Marie would want it soft or rough. Would she ask to have sex or be fucked. What if he did it too rough? What if they got so into it that that she begged him to fuck her puckered little asshole? What if he brought another guy? What if she…

I watched as cars drove by and I looked at my watch. It was 8:50. I had the terrible fear that Annie would abandon me. That she wasn't coming back to her place that night. But I knew her better than that. She was a good person. A solid person. One of the only friends I had made in college. With those thoughts, a car pulled into the driveway. I sighed with relief and waved at the unseen driver. The car stopped, headlights turned off, and Annie got out of the car with a squeal.

"Hey!" she cried, more excited than I had anticipated. What if she had brought another guy? "Are you ready for the night, big guy?" I nodded and smiled, dumbfounded and lost in my thoughts. She hugged me and then opened her door. I squinted at the car and my heart's pace slowed: it was empty.

I had been to Annie's place a few times, mostly just to pick her up and drop her off. It was a quaint little house that her parents had purchased for her as a graduation gift. She lived alone in a good, quiet neighborhood.

Annie pulled her heavy jacket off and tossed it onto the couch. I stood nervously. "Undress," she ordered. Stunned, I blushed and waited. She glared at me sternly. I began fumbling out of my jacket. Her glare turned to a giggle. "I'm kidding! Relax please, Craig. It's no big deal. Marie is doing the same exact thing right now."

I gave her a look of horror.

"I'm joking," she covered quickly. "I'm sure they've been done for hours right now and she's busy thinking about you with this hot little body right now. Don't worry." She was a good sport. It removed my jacket and tossed it next to hers.

"So where do we start?" I asked.

"Well aren't you a cowboy!" Annie exclaimed. She looked around the living room. "Well, unless you want to shag on the rug, I think the bedroom is a much better place for this to happen. Much more comfortable." She winked. I followed her into the bedroom, nervous as my heart pumped through my chest. I had already forgotten about Marie's sexual experience and I was now torn between feelings of guilt and resentment.

Her bedroom was small, but very well-kept. Annie stepped into the bathroom and fixed her hair quickly, giving me a chance to become acquainted with the room. When she returned, I suddenly became aroused by the situation. Her body was smaller than Marie's more voluptuous form. Her tits were small and perky, her legs very slender. I stepped toward her and she grabbed my shirt. She pulled at it and then tugged it off of me. Still hesitant, I became shy for a moment as I looked at her. She just smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Just fuck me like you mean it," she whispered. She removed her shirt and revealed her small breasts. Her nipples were pointier than Marie's. Her breasts were less full, but the way her nipples pointed out was sexy. Her flat little stomach led down to what she revealed next, her blond pussy. My cock jetted inside of my pants. She couldn't help but notice and reacted stealthily by unzipping them as she stared at my wide eyes. "I showed you mine…" she said.

As my cock sprang free she gasped, though I knew with the variety of male genitalia that she had seen she was only doing it for me. She nudged me, aiming me toward the bed. I lay down on my back, accepting the situation fully as my cock oozed massive amounts of pre-cum. She giggled as she grabbed it and began pumping it sloppily. She climbed on top of me and began shimmying up my body, her wet blond pussy resting right in front of my face. I could smell its scent and I squirmed as I inhaled. It smelled different than Marie's. Not better, not worse, just different. She reached for the nightstand, her pussy lips strategically placed on my lips. She bucked her hips just enough for me to stick my tongue into her wet little pussy. I began lapping, reaching in for her clit, which I found to be smaller than Marie's. I licked it quickly at first, and she bucked her hips into my face. I considered it punishment for Marie sleeping with Jack. The more I thought about it, the more I began to think about Jack licking Marie's hot pussy, his tongue traveling just up into her as upper lip buried itself against her clit. She'd be screaming. She loved to be eaten out. Annie yelped with pleasure and pulled my head harder into her crotch. I began licking and sucking with everything I had, getting off on her loud moans. The neighborhood couldn't have been quiet anymore.

After another minute or so of eating her pussy, Annie shimmied back down my body with a condom in her hand. She opened it, applied it, and then raised herself over it. I just watched her in awe as she spread her legs wide, letting me see her beautiful little pussy in all of its pink glory. She then slowly entered my cock into her. At first, her tightness made me gasp, but the deeper I went in, the looser she was. Once my cock was completely inside her, she began bucking and I began humping, letting myself go. I grabbed her nipples and pulled her toward me. She yelped again, giggling as her swollen nipples shot a stream of pleasure through her. We rolled around, changing my position to top, where I began to really fuck her. Her body was much smaller than Marie's; I felt like I was going to go straight through her. She lifted a leg and put it to our side, her other one wrapped around me. She gasped and pleaded for more with each pump into her, making an obvious scene. Her enthusiasm however, increased my excitement and intensity and I began barreling into her pussy as she contracted it. Soon she pulled me head to her face and in her gasps she moaned, "I'm one of those girls who gets off when she's fucked." She pushed my head away and tilted hers back as she let out a scream. I could feel her pussy contracting and she reached down to begin playing with her clit. Marie had never done this during sex. As she masturbated herself, I rammed my cock into her, careful but still forceful. Now she was screaming with each hump into her, her hips bucking wildly. I could feel her wetness all around my crotch. "Cum! Cum inside me you fucker! Cum! I'm fucking you! I'm fucking cumming!" She screamed. I fucked her harder, my cock pulsing with my racing heart. She spread both of her legs wide and grabbed my neck with her hands, holding herself up. She was definitely more limber than Marie. Her bodily was easier to throw around. With each pound into her, her entire body jumped. She finally pulled herself up to my lips and instead of kissing me like I expected, she grinded her pussy hard into my cock. Once. Twice. Three times and suddenly the cum began spurting out of my cock. She screamed and thrashed with each spurt until finally I was empty, still humping her. As my energy wore down, I stopped and my body caught up to me. I collapsed against the bed.

"Well was that what you needed?" Annie asked me as she walked me to the door. Still in a daze, still stumbling, I could no longer think about Marie except for the fact that I loved her. I thanked Annie with a kiss on the cheek. "Anytime," she told me.

At home I could barely think. My mind was racing from my experience. I wanted to call Marie to brag, but I was too scared. I sat alone in our dark apartment, her pictures all staring at me. I wanted to apologize to her, to tell her that I felt guilty, but the trust was that I didn't. I felt a sense of justice; that vengeance had been had. I had completed my half of the entire experience. It was up to her to complete the rest. I stared at the phone, waiting for her to call, but she didn't. So instead I fell asleep.

Marie returned home two days later happy to see me, as if nothing had happened. She always seemed to surprise me in that way, but in this circumstance, I was left shocked. We spent the next couple of days avoiding the subject entirely. We went on cute dates, molding into our normal routine as a serious couple. Anything sexual was out the window, but at times I could still see Annie's pussy in my face or Marie sucking on Jack's rigid cock, swallowing every drop of cum he had in him. Then finally, one evening when we were lying in bed chatting, she decided to open the door.

"So what did you do while I was gone?" she asked. "Or should I be asking who?" She smiled coyly, but avoided eye contact as we both stared at the ceiling. I kept my demeanor calm as my heart began beating out of my chest.

"Who did you do?" I stammered.

She giggled. "No, I asked you first. Trying to get out of it…now I know you did someone."

"Annie Caffrey," I mumbled under my breath. She sat up with a huge smile grin across her face. I wasn't sure what to think, so I stayed down. I waited for her response.

"Let me get this straight," she started. "You fucked Annie Caffrey, the girl you know from class? The girl from your freshman Biology class?"

"I'm sorry…I didn't…I was just keeping up…I knew you…You…" I couldn't grasp the right words with the amount of guilt pressing against my chest. My heart was racing too fast now, I felt as if I was going to pass out. I wanted to kill myself. I wanted to kill myself and start over in a life where I would never sleep with another woman other than my beautiful, precious girlfriend.

"I'm impressed," Marie admitted, nodding. "Not only did you actually go through with it, you got a hottie to boot."

I sighed, letting the ease wash over me. I was relieved to say the least, but this meant that she too had gone through with it.

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