tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDangerous Liaisons Ch. 1

Dangerous Liaisons Ch. 1


The early afternoon sunlight shone though a narrow gap in her drapes.

Gazing at Paul's oblivious form, Lisa was struck by the beauty of his well formed penis, lazily draped across his thigh in full tantalising view. Even in it's shrunken state she was in awe of it's size and she marvelled his ability to maintain a full erection, unlike most of her lovers, lately. The sensation inside her was so highly addictive that she was prepared to forgive all his other shortcomings. Paul was much younger than she was, but Lisa would do whatever it took to keep him coming back to her. She was an eternal optimist, longing for the day that he would satisfy her properly, before calmly rolling aside and falling asleep. A lady was left with but one dependable solution, one Lisa had been forced to grow accustomed to over the last ten years.

She arched her well padded hips and quickened her breathing as her long awaited orgasm began to overtake her. Her fingers stroked faster as the magic moment arrived. The Tahitian maiden on her bedroom wall, naked but for a garland of flowers on her head, smiled eternally. The sole witness, she condoned Lisa's lusty behaviour in the bedroom, not revealing any secrets. Her body shook as her orgasm peaked making the bed vibrate, but the naked young man laying beside her never stirred. While Lisa's breathing returned to normal she lay exhausted, studying the bedroom painting, her clear blue eyes tinged with envy. The dusky model boasted an hourglass figure. Her laughing eyes appeared to gaze directly at Lisa's nude overweight frame, a constant reminder of her own shortcomings, an encouragement for her to improve on her body shape.

"If only I had taken more care of myself?" She moaned, glancing down at her wrinkled thighs. No amount of starvation had improved her figure so far. Lisa had an accentuated lack of self esteem as it was, brought about by constantly feeling unattractive to younger men. How long would it be before her latest conquest lost all interest in her? She considered her life's problems as she laid back beside Paul; Her father referred to her as a fat slob and constantly put her down in her tender, formative years. A rigid authoritarian, he believed in using corporal punishment to promote discipline. He insisted she kept to her diet and exercise regime. Forcing Lisa to remove her clothing, he supervised her workouts every night, rewarding her with sex when she did well but thrashing her if she was lazy. During this confusing period of her life he taught Lisa how to please a man. Convincing Lisa that she wouldn't get a younger man to marry her, if she didn't shape up, she heeded all her dad's advice. This became a self?fulfilling prophesy, in the years since then. Young guys seemed to date slimmer, attractive girls and Lisa was rejected by her peer group at various high school functions, despite her willingness to please the opposite sex. She became a social outcast, prior to graduation.

It was rumoured that she had an incestuous relationship at home. Lisa was subjected to her classmate's scorn, somebody that the other girls talked about, behind her back. Lisa gave up shortly after graduation, unable to face further education, under those circumstances.

Lisa's widowed father became her sole lover. For several years they comforted each other, until they had a disagreement over his drinking habits. She enjoyed having sex and never made a secret of that, so he was well aware of her needs. He bought her an expensive apartment and gave her a monthly generous allowance in return for her silence about the family secret. In the latter years, her wealthy father encouraged certain business acquaintances of his to call on her. They were quick enough to lure her into bed, but after a night or two of sexual bliss she would never see most of them again. Hank and John still came, two of her father's best friends that still called in to see her regularly. It was the story of her life. Lisa reconciled to her future, of becoming an old maid, continuously being used and then abandoned.

Recently her life had taken a turn for the better, raising her hopes.

Paul was hired as the maintenance man. Lisa had been enchanted by his youthful good looks when he called around to clean the upper windows. She invited him into her flat, content to watch him working, pleased to talk to a handsome young man for a change. Lisa was rich, but very lonely, hardly ever venturing outside. The uneducated man was tempted to try his luck one afternoon, sensing her keen interest after two or three visits. She still recalled his initial proposition;

"You've got beautiful tits Lisa." He flattered her. "You're so overdressed though." He hinted. "Open them buttons up for me?"

Jill blushed but undid the top button of her dress showing a bit more cleavage than usual. She inflated her chest and drew in her tummy as far as she could, posing beside her naked Tahitian maiden for effect.

"How's that!" She asked, eyeing him with a seductive smile.

"It'd be better if you were naked, too." He announced cheekily, ogling the outline of her voluminous breasts in particular. "Go on, sweetheart! Take all your clothes off, for me. I'll bet you've got a great body."

"You're making fun of me!" She accused, smiling hesitantly.

"I've seen the way you look at me, too." He rubbed the growing bulge in his crotch with an enticing grin. "I will if you will?" He prompted, slowly unbuckling his belt.

She noticed the bulge immediately. In spite of the age difference she was getting excited. Lisa tried please him, turning away from him and shyly removing her panties before chickening out, unable to lift her dress over her head. She hung her head in shame, remembering the last time she stripped off completely for her father. He'd invariably laid the blame on her when he couldn't get an erection.

"I'm sorry." She simpered. "I'm not beautiful. Everyone says I look ugly with no clothes on." Tears formed in her eyes, aware of an even more embarrassing reason to keep her dress on.

Lisa had bruising on her bottom caused by her father's friend, John, who visited her for sex twice a week. She remembered her dad's cruel advice to her, after she complained. 'Kinky old devils like John are all you deserve, young lady. You ought to be grateful he wants you.'

Lisa cried, the more Paul tried to encourage her, cowering in shame.

Paul tore off the rest of her clothing himself and realising that she wanted him inside her, she didn't object. He seemed a perfect partner for her, young, strong and exceptionally well endowed, even if he was a little bit on the crude side. He lacked the finesse of an older man but seemed blissfully ignorant about sexual fetishes.

She stood before him, completely unclad, offering her breasts towards him, shivering with anticipation, fearful of yet another rejection.

'Wow!" Paul gazed at her naked body, awestruck by Lisa's large breasts and her apparent willingness to let him fondle them. His eyes drifted downward. "Jeez! You got no hair on your cunt, sweetheart!"

She crouched automatically, her hands flying down to hide her crotch, thinking about the eldest of her two regular lovers. Hank, a retired lawyer, had insisted on keeping her pubic area free of hair, telling her that he loved to see everything his women had to offer. The other man John, enjoyed seeing her that way as well but both of her regular lovers were from a different generation, worlds apart from this young stud in both age and social position.

"I'm sorry Paul." She mumbled, feeling embarrassed about it.

"Hey don't hide it away from me. It looks kinda cool, Lisa." He chuckled. "You shave it yourself, sweetheart?" He sounded interested.

"One of my father's friends does it for me, Paul." She blushed deeply as her hands moved away and she stood upright for him to look.

Her bruises weren't noticed at all as she sat down to explain why she allowed an old man to shave her pubic area so completely.

"Hank licks me down there, sometimes." She admitted, coyly. "It gets him going. It's the only way he can get an erection." She added.

Paul understood her, and promptly tried it out, so she saw no reason to mention anything about her other lover. John's fetish was somewhat harder to explain. She was blushing deeply enough as it was after the young man pulled a face, once he tasted her juices.

"This ain't ma thing gal." He drawled. "Let's fuck instead."

They had become lovers immediately. Lisa wondered if her father might have hired him, organizing her seduction once again. What difference did it make? He was young, fairly good looking and of course, she had been more than pleased to co?operate. Paul showered her with praise, encouraging her back into bed, whenever he arrived. Lisa was prepared for any gossip that might result from their weird sexual relationship in the middle of the day, should anybody notice his regular arrival.

Paul visited her three times a week, since then. She was overwhelmed, even when she discovered that he was only twenty years old. The other men left in her life were in their early sixties, equally kinky, but gave her expensive 'presents' in return for her favours. The two men visited her in the early evening, alternately, but went home to their wives as soon as they finished with her. This guy seemed different.

She decided to regard Paul as her secret treasure, separated from her normal life by his youth and lack of social graces. He was a piece of 'rough on the side', poor white trash, but Lisa worshipped the ground that he walked on. Although inexperienced and simple, in Lisa's eyes, Paul had enormous potential, needing only a little coaxing to get him as hard as a rock.

After a few more visits he simply abandoned any pretence of cleaning her windows, content to make love to her then drift off to sleep.


Lisa timidly reached over, stroking his flaccid member, hoping to stir her slumbering young lover back into action.

"I'll have to get home soon," Paul stirred and opened his eyes.

"Why don't you stay? As soon as you get what you came here for, you take off as soon as you wake up!" She snapped impatiently, trying to assert authority over him. "There's no reason to go yet, surely." She pleaded. "I've got so much to teach you."

"You know I want to stay, but my folks will wonder where I am." His voice became strained with guilt as he looked her in the eyes and realised that she was deadly serious about wanting him to stay on.

She played with her naked breasts, silently inviting him to pinch her nipples, in the way she had taught him, until he changed his mind.

"Make me feel young again." She sighed reflectively as he moved beside her, breathing faster. "You still love me, don't you darling?"

ur su"You're only thirty?five aren't you Lisa?" He grinned wickedly, moving her long, curly blonde hair out of his way. "Sure I do!"

He cupped her breasts and squeezed her tender nipples, reaching over with his teeth showing, ready to bite. Instead of shrinking away like most girls did, Lisa merely moaned and nodded her head.

Lisa enjoyed painful stimulation, surprisingly to Paul. Of course, he had never been with any other woman, quite like her. Although lacking her experience in sexual technique, Lisa encouraged him to learn the best ways to please her. Her body arched and tensed with anticipation as he bit her nipples, hard enough to leave marks but not to puncture them.

"Yes!" She moaned, shuddering with delight. "That's perfect."

Her head moved down his body until her warm breath was centred on his belly button. She opened her eyes wide as his penis began to revive. A needful sensation flooded over her as she took his growing erection into her mouth. She cupped both testicles, holding them gently as she sucked, her desire to have sex blatantly obvious.

"You wanna get screwed, again?" He gasped, amazed by her sexual energy which seemed inexhaustible to him. By then, Paul had accepted that he would never be able to satisfy her, at least on his own. His younger brother laughed when he told him about Lisa, accusing him of fantasising at work and telling lies. 'If only he could see her now, sucking on my cock, desperate for another good fucking.' He thought

"Mmm," Was all she could mumble, nodding her head eagerly and spreading her legs out for him. Her engorged love nest beckoned his attention, ready to swallow him up again. Her swollen lips fascinated Paul, but he'd never enjoyed the taste, unlike Hank, apparently.

As she performed oral magic on his love tool, his fingers manipulated her centre of pleasure and she duly responded by arching her hips and grinding her plump genitalia against his firm abrasive hand, flooding his wrist with warm, slippery vaginal juices. The air was thick with the scent of her excitement but his erection was hesitant to obey. As Lisa had feared, Paul was losing interest, like her previous lovers.

"Make love to me, darling." She whispered, renewing her effort.

"Would you mind if I brought someone with me, next time I come over?" He murmured. "He'd fuck you." He blurted out, not caring about her feelings as usual. She never objected to crude language and often responded in kind, knowing that it pleased him.

"Who?" She gasped, tingling with dread. She stared him straight in the eye disapprovingly, abandoning his semierect penis to question him. "You've told someone else that I let you fuck me?" She accused.

Jill was becoming concerned that her secret life would become public knowledge. Her father might discover her fondness to walk on the wild side and chop off her allowance. No way, would he approve of Paul!

"Only my brother, Tim." He explained. "He's a whole lot smarter than I am. He graduated from high school and all." He drawled.

"Be careful who you tell about us, Baby!" She warned, with just a hint of sarcasm. "He might just steal me away from you."

Paul chuckled, believing that she was warming up to the idea.

"I reckoned you'd enjoy having both of us fuck you at once."

"Get real!" She screeched, tensing with growing animosity. "I'm surprised at you, Paul!"

Lisa spoke reproachfully but she was clearly considering the possibility of having two virile younger lovers available. Paul sensed this and made up his mind to pursue the thought. He had being patronised by her for long enough and was starting to resent her superior attitude. She had already told him that he wasn't her only lover. He knew Hank arrived twice a week, only in the evenings. 'Dirty ole bastard licks her cunt.' He thought, remembering that acrid taste a few weeks ago. 'Yuk! Not me.'

His penis was now taking on a life of it's own, twitching and lifting off his thigh in full erection, while his fingers continued exploring the fleshy mound of her sex searching for other forms of inspiration. Aware of this, Lisa relaxed and began moaning for him. She redoubled her efforts, licking at the underside of his sensitive penis until it was rock hard, the way she liked it.

"Put it inside me now." She gasped. "Please fuck me, Paul."

bmission will not be eligible for the monthly prizes. It is your choice.Notes:Please show parts 1&2 on consecutive days, as per my usual method of presentation. Part two follows shortly. Thanks a bunch, Barbara. You may include any special instructions in the Notes field. These comments will not be shown on the site, they will only be read by the webmaster before posting the submission on He rolled her on her back and thrust his rampant young penis all the way into her cunt, quickly, loving the squelching sound that it made. He moved gradually, building back earlier passion they had shared. He was taking his time, the way she had dreamed of. Lisa was content, as she adjusted to his slower rhythm, congratulating herself on her fine tuition. 'Patience rewarded at last.' She thought. "You're the best, darling. Yes!??That's the way." Lisa's voice purred softly, closing her eyes in ecstasy. "You're so wonderful!"

When their heads came together, he whispered excitedly into her ear.

"What if I bring him to see you tomorrow?" He ventured boldly.

At first she thought he was just fantasising, conjuring up a few mind pictures to keep himself turned on, and ignored his question.

"Tim would be up for it." He persisted. "Why not?"

Opening her eyes, she decided to play along. She was sure that he was trying to impress her with his mature open?mindedness and decided to turn the tables on him. She spoke haltingly, between his increasingly frantic strokes, convinced that he'd be far too jealous to go through with it anyway.

the site. If you used the volun"Alright, then?" She giggled. "It might be fun???one day."

Knowing that he had got her attention, Paul stopped what he was doing and climbed off her, sitting up to expand on his idea, teasing her by keeping his glistening cock just out of her reach. He wasn't behaving in the way Lisa had envisaged he might, at all.

"He could come over tomorrow morning, with me." He taunted her.

"Let's think about it, AFTERWARD." She hinted, giggling again.

She rolled over and buried her head in the pillow, hiding her face as she exposed her rear to his exploring fingers, expecting him to take her from behind. Lots of guys preferred doing it doggie style and she wanted to expand his sexual repertoire, taking his mind off that dumb idea of his. If Paul was serious, the part that worried her the most was that yet another young guy might see her, naked. Exposing herself to a young man's ridicule had always concerned her. Could this Tim be trusted to keep his mouth shut, if she allowed Paul invite him along? She was tempted, but a little frightened of the consequences.

"Well! What do you think, would you agree?" Paul goaded her on relentlessly, running his fingers inside her flabby cheeks, laughing at her growing frustration. "I want your answer first, Lisa."

"All right then." She agreed, feeling really horny, wanting him back inside her again. "I'll do it. Only for you, darling."

t"Wow!???Great!" He whooped triumphantly, realising the power he had just achieved over her, his simple mind working in overdrive.

"Put it back in there then, Damn you!" She raised her hips.

"Really! You'd suck him off as well, and all?" He drawled, his dull eyes beginning to sparkle as he continued bargaining with her.

"If you really want me to." She sighed. "Just go ahead and fuck me, Paul. Stop teasing me, you lazy bastard!"

This didn't go down well with Paul. 'I'll learn you!' He thought.

"God! You've got whip marks on your ass," Paul become even more animated as he examined the large globes of womanly flesh before his eyes, realising for the first time that they hadn't been accidentally made, anxious to make the most of his unique bargaining position.

He rubbed Lisa's bottom briefly and then slapped her exposed cheek as hard as he dared. "You like that, Lisa?" He looked slightly confused.

She'd flinched and moaned but remained still. His dull eyes narrowed as he slapped her other cheek even harder, gathering in confidence.

"This how you got them bruises, baby?" He babbled excitedly.

She nodded her head, breathing faster. There was no use denying it at this point, so she decided to brazen it out with him.

"I already told you that I had two other gentlemen callers, darling."

"Well! Who's been fucking you, apart from Hank." He persisted angrily, curious as ever. "What does he do, to ma best gal?"

Lisa told him about John, the kinky old retired banker, who delighted in using a riding crop on her, as a prelude to sex. Twice a week he would insist that she meet him at the front door, stark naked, with a bunch of duck feathers carefully placed in her backside. He made her waddle up the stairs in front of him, making quacking noises while he reddened her cheeks, being careful not to damage the feathers. By the time they reached the bedroom he would be hard enough to make love to her, normally. Lisa admitted enjoying their ritual. At certain times, she orgasmed before they reached her bedroom. John got excited about inflicting the blows that he couldn't wait to fuck her. He'd do it right there, on the floor. She accepted his gifts none the less, before he went back home to his wife for the night. She had earned them by the time he left, in her eyes.

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