tagIncest/TabooDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 07

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 07


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At noon, Kayla stood outside Danielle's house, wondering what was going to happen. Her dad had left for work before she got up and her mom had gone out so she'd busied herself round the house till it was time to visit her aunt. Because of the hot weather, she'd dressed in just shorts and a T-shirt that was stretched tight over her impressive rack.

"Kayla!" Billy said as he answered the door.

"Hi Billy. I thought you were going back to university today?" she asked stepping inside.

"Yeah, but mom needed . . . er . . . some help round the house so she let me and Jack stay home." Billy said. Truth was, Danielle simply couldn't get enough of her sons' cocks so she'd phoned their university saying they were ill. The brothers had spent last night and this morning fucking her senseless.

Billy followed her into the lounge and they sat on the sofa, Kayla's hand dropping into his lap and squeezing the bulge in his shorts.

"So are we on our own at the moment?" she asked.

"Mom's in the shower, she'll be down in a minute. Jack's gone to get some food."

"Shame." Kayla said. "I'd like to finish off what we started yesterday before we got busted."

"I bet you would." Danielle's said as she walked into the room. Kayla jumped and pulled her hand away from Billy's crotch.

"Sorry auntie Dan." She said meekly.

"Don't worry about it." Danielle sat on the sofa with them, close to Kayla, sandwiching her between herself and Billy. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

Kayla couldn't help dropping her gaze for a moment to her aunt's tits. She was wearing a really short dressing gown, the belt tied at the waist, but the top half barely covered her mounds. They pushed out, her cleavage freely available.

"Now you know what you two are doing is wrong, don't you?" Danielle asked. "You're cousins and that makes it incest. Most people wouldn't agree with it. Personally, I don't have a problem with incest, do I Billy?"

"No, mom." Billy said with a big grin. Kayla looked at them both, wondering if what she was thinking was true.

"However, any girlfriend of my sons has to measure up. I need to know they're good enough for my boys." She reached across Kayla and pulled Billy's shorts down, freeing his cock. She took hold and, within moments, his big fuck rod was hard in his mother's hand. "Show me, Kayla." Danielle said softly. "Show me how you suck my son's big fucking dick."

Kayla smiled and leaned over, taking as much of Billy's cock into her mouth as she could, swirling her tongue around the head, sucking and slurping, making it as wet as possible. All the while, Danielle kept a hold of the base, stroking what her niece wasn't gobbling.

"Fuck, mom . . . I told you she was good." Billy gasped. With one hand, he pulled Kayla's T-shirt up, freeing her big tits, while the other reached over her head and groped at his mom's jugs. Danielle pulled her dressing gown open and thrust her tits against Kayla who stopped sucking Billy's cock just long enough to suck at her aunt's nipples.

"Mmm, you like girls too?" Danielle asked her.

"Yeah. Especially girls with big fucking tits." Kayla said. She alternated between sucking on Danielle's nipples and Billy's cock for a moment until Danielle slid off the sofa and landed between her legs. Kayla lifted herself up slightly and let her aunt pull her shorts down before sighing as Danielle dived into her pussy, licking and fingering her. Kayla looked up at Billy. "Your mom's . . . eating my pussy, Billy . . . my fucking aunt's . . . ohhh God . . . eating me out!"

Danielle looked up at her. "And now I want to see Billy fuck this juicy pussy." She said with a grin. She directed them, getting Kayla to sit in Billy's lap but with her back to his chest, before guiding her son's big cock into his cousin's cunt.

"Oh fuck that feels good!" Kayla cried as Billy slid his dick into her tight snatch and began pumping slowly. Danielle climbed back on to the sofa on all fours and stuck her face between them, licking at Kayla's clit and her son's cock. "Oh fuck me . . . eat me . . . fuck . . . I'm cumming!" Kayla moaned, her orgasm rippling through her.

"Hey mom, I got the . . . whoa!" They all glanced at the doorway where Jack stood in surprise at the scene in front of him. It only lasted a moment, however, and in moments he was stripped and kneeling behind Danielle on the sofa.

"You gonna . . . ahhhh . . . fuck your mommy?" Kayla managed to ask him.

"Fuck yeah!" Jack said, flipping the short dressing gown up. He took his hard cock in his hand and fed it into Danielle's waiting pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she continued eating Kayla. "Mom loves my cock in her cunt, don't you mom?" Jack asked her.

"You fucking know I do!" Danielle managed to say, her son's thrusts forcing her against her niece's pussy.

"She likes it in her ass, too!" Jack said, taking his dick out of her pussy and easing it deep inside Danielle's tight butt hole. Throughout their night of sex, Danielle had found both her sons to be real fans of ass fucking and she'd lost count of how many times they'd double teamed her. She groaned and shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her as her son started fucking her asshole.

Kayla turned her head to Billy. "You've never had my ass, Billy. Wanna try it?"

"Oh yeah!" Billy said enthusiastically. "Mom? Help us out here?" Billy took hold of Kayla's legs behind her knees and pulled them back up. Danielle gripped her son's cock and pulled it free of Kayla's pussy, taking a moment to lick and suck it clean of her niece's juices. She lowered it against the puckered butt hole and watched as he inched it forward, Kayla's ass stretching to accommodate it.

"Oh fuck! Oh it feels so fucking big in my ass!" Kayla moaned, cumming again and again.

"Jesus . . . so fucking tight!" Billy groaned. "Gonna cum soon!"

"My tits, baby." Danielle said. "Cum on my tits."

As Billy moaned, Danielle pulled his cock out of Kayla's ass and jacked on it, moving her tits forward to take another huge load from her son. Billy didn't disappoint: shot after shot of thick white jism spurted out, covering his mom's big tits in masses of spunk. As his cock finally stopped spewing its load, Danielle sucked and licked at it, taking as much into her mouth as she could.

"Ooh you dirty slut." Kayla said with a smile. "Sucking cock after it's been in my nasty ass."

"Don't feel left out, Kayla." Jack said, pulling his cock free of his mom's butt. He quickly walked around the back of the sofa and pushed his dick into Kayla's waiting mouth, watching her jerk on it and try and get all of it past her lips. Finally, he pulled free and with a couple of extra strokes, shot his load all over his cousin's face and tits, showering her with cum, covering her with as much as his brother produced. Danielle quickly moved up and the brothers watched their mother and cousin take turns licking their cum off each other.

Slowly, the four of them returned to normal and relaxed, smiling and hugging.

"I wonder, Auntie Dan?" Kayla said. "Think you could help me with a problem me and my dad have?"

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