tagFetishDanny's Butt Mom Ch. 14

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 14


Warning: This story contains scat. If you don't like that sort of thing then this chapter isn't for you.

* * * * * *

It wasn't long after he went to bed and shut off the lights when his door opened and his beautiful mother quietly walked in, closing the door carefully behind her. She crawled underneath the covers and snuggled up tight with her young son, talking in his ear.

"Well, did you fuck her? Did you show my sister your big fat cock?" He felt her soft, sexy hand grab hold of his shaft.

"Sort of, Mom."

"Oh, tell your sweet mother what happened, honey. I hope that you two got eachother off. I know how horny Margaret is for you." She kissed his ear and licked his cheek, hungrily tasting her son's sweet flesh.

"Yeah Mom, you know what happened. Aunt Margaret started fooling around and she showed me her tool. Is that what you were planning?"

"Oh, yes honey! Did you like it? Did you taste her cock?"

"Yeah Mom, it was fucking awesome. My cock was too big for her ass so she fucked me up mine. It was fucking really good."

His mother crawled on top of him in her slippery silk gown, pressing her voluptuous body tight against her son, her hips slowly grinding into his stiffening cock. "That's my little butt boy. I wanted you to have a cock in your ass. You like having your Aunt pound your little butt hole? You wanna be my sister's butt boy? I know you do. Tomorrow all three of us will stretch our asses open and we'll do all sorts of nasty things. You wanna do that honey?"

Danny had his hands on his mother's slim, tapered waste, feeling her wonderful wide hips grind into him as she laid on top of him. "Yeah Mom. Whatever you wanna do, I love it." He reached around and grabbed a big handful of his mom's healthy ass, then started rubbing her shithole with his finger.

Danny's mother pressed her big cocksucking lips to his mouth and they lay their in bed, licking each other's tongues in deep wet strokes. He pressed his finger passed her anus ring and immediately felt a hard, waiting turd.

"I was saving that for you honey. Do you want to go to the bathroom with Mommy?"

"Yeah Mom, hell yeah. I love watching you shit!"

"Oh God, honey! I've been saving this one all night. Are you going to let me open my ass and shit on you baby?"

"Oh yeah Mom, please! I love having you shit on me."

"Will you let me take a shit right on your face? Let Mommy poop on your sweet little mouth and cheeks, cutie-pie?" She obscenely licked his face, pressing into him.

"Yeah Mom, anything."

"That's my good baby boy! Now, come meet me in my bathroom after a couple of minutes. But don't make me wait long. Promise?"

"Promise, Mom."

Dianne crawled off her son, opened the door and quietly went down the dark hallway to her room. After a minute or two of silence, Danny followed her to her room and locked the door behind him. Dianne was totally naked and the lights were all on. She smiled sweetly at her 18 year old boy and walked up to him, giving him a sexy kiss, pressing her big full tits into his small chest. She had that raunchy look on her face again. "C'mon."

In the bathroom she pulled off his boxers and gave his big cock a tight squeeze.

"Oh honey, I've gotta poop so bad. Lay down for me." She took a bath towel and put in on the cool tile floor. Danny obediently lay down for his mother.

Dianne looked down at her sweet son's face and squatted her fat butt down above it. Danny looked up at his mother's enormous soft, shapely rear end, and her perfect succulent pink anus. He opened his mouth and licked at her butt hole.

Dianne moaned with pleasure, forcing herself to hold back her big turd as her son ate out her full ass. Finally she couldn't take it any longer.

"Okay honey. Get ready. Here it comes." She lifted her anus about a foot above his head, looking down at his face between her squatting legs.

Danny watched his mother's beautiful asshole stretch open, a warm trickle of her piss drip on his nose and mouth, and her anus gave way to a dark log of shit making its way out. Dianne spread her ass open above her son and a thick heavy turd 6 inches long rolled out onto his closed mouth and cheek.

"Ugh! Yes baby!" She touched his hair and peed more on his face.

Danny loved his mother's hot stinky turds on his skin and it was the ultimate act of raunch and intimacy for her to shit on his face.

Her shithole opened up again and another brown stiff log spilled out onto his face, very warm and smelly. Her hot piss again washed his face and she had trouble pushing out the last bit.

"Get in there Danny. Clean my butt out sweetheart."

Danny wrenched two fingers up his mother's dirty poop hole and dug out the rest of her shit. She fucked his finger's with her big fat ass. She stood up, took two steps back and squatted her butt back down on her son's fat ass plunger. She shit fucked his monster meat in long slow strokes, looking at him intensely with her shit staining his face.

"Oh honey, that was so good! I loved taking a big poop on your face. It's like when you shoot your cum all over me I can shit all over your. Ugh! Yessss."

Dianne furiously jacked off her big clit while she rode her son's big cock up her ass tube. Danny reached up and was holding her big nipples when his mother shook and convulsed on top of him. She came for a long time in ripples and pauses, finally collapsing back down onto him, kissing and licking her feces and urine from his face.

"I love you baby."

"I love you Mommy."

"Can I make you cum honey?"

"No Mom, it's ok. We'll just save it for tomorrow."

She looked at him and smiled. "What a sweet boy!"

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