tagMind ControlDare Me Not Ch. 04

Dare Me Not Ch. 04


We continue the story of Janine Tyler who has recently learnt the reason for her inability to resist dares and bets. In fact, Professor Dawson had been so kind as to test the side effects of her unintended reprogramming in Ch.3. This chapter, like all the others, does not require you to know all the previous goings-on, but please read them to get a better understanding. I appreciate feedback, so don't hesitate to leave me some.


Janine felt exhausted by the time she made it home. It seemed every part of her body ached as if she had been working out in the gym. It had been a long time since she last went to the gym, she mused. She just never felt motivated to exercise but she was blessed with good health nonetheless.

She moved through the empty house and reached her room. Tossing her bag in the corner, she plopped on the bed and closed her eyes. Professor Dawson had helped her a lot. After their meeting, she now knew what seemed wrong with her. Impulsive, no instinctive cognitive reprogramming, he had said. A few days ago she was mild-mannered Janine Tyler. Now she was - Super Janine! She shook her head at the absurdity of her joke. She had unwittingly obtained the curious ability to process certain information in a split second, as if acting on instinct. Whenever she was challenged to do anything, be it a dare or a bet, her mind was able make itself up. If only she could choose when to apply this superpower...

Every thing seemed to make sense now. Why she had felt so compelled to wear skirts, why she now even owned skirts, and why she seemed to be getting into all sorts of trouble. Her mind flitted back to the dressing room in the mall where she gave her first blowjob. He must have figured out that she couldn't resist a bet. The stakes kept getting higher and she kept losing. He was practically the first person to see her naked breasts and though she was ashamed, her mind had no qualms about it. Another side effect of be able to make her mind up. Once it was decided, she couldn't change her mind. At least she got a nice dress out of it. And she still had her virginity.

He could have done anything to her if he had so decided. Janine shivered at the thought. She should probably never go back to the mall, or at least not to that store. He might try to go further, like... Her mind was beginning to wander when her phone rang. Nat.

Natasha was one of her few friends on campus since they had known each other from high school. Her discourse for the day seemed to be about some funny incident that happened in class that involved a professor, two students, a guinea pig and a steam iron and a lovely dress from the mall and Drew and Drew and ... Janine struggled to focus, but her mind felt really out of focus. Natasha had to holler at her a few times before Janine roused from her stupor.

"So you'll come then?"

"Wha..? Yeah sure. Where..?"

"Great, the game is tomorrow night at seven, so Drew will expect us at his place before then."

"What did I just agree to?" Janine wondered aloud.

"Football game. Television. Drew's. Seven. Dress comfy? Sometimes I wonder if you're even paying attention. There's something a little wrong with you later." Natasha switched from frustration to concern so easily.

Janine contemplated telling her all about what she had learnt, but today wasn't the right day. She was just too tired. "Nat, I need to crash. I'm feeling dizzy."

"Do you need me to pop by?" Natasha had her own set of wheels and lived within perhaps five minutes.

"Nah, I think I just need to sleep it off."

"Okay. How about you hang out at my place tomorrow after school and we can go to Drew's straight from there? Your folks aren't home in the middle of the day anyway."

Janine's parents weren't home until late at night every night on most days. Her mother was a lawyer and her father had a car repair workshop. Both of them worked because they loved it and left their children to their own devices. Things had become significantly quieter after her brother Damien moved away for college.

"Sure. Tomorrow."

Natasha clicked off, and Janine heaved a sigh of relief. Now she could get some rest.


Janine's stomach grumbled as she rubbed her eyes. What time was it? The sky was red and the sun was low on the horizon, so it couldn't have slept for long. Or for too long! She jumped out of bed, almost tripping over her covers to get to her cell phone. Six in the morning! She had slept through dinner and all through the night. She bent over and stretched her back on all fours like a cat. That felt good! Now she needed food, and milk.

In the kitchen, she poured herself a bowl of cereal with a generous helping of milk. She emptied the rest of the milk carton into a glass before sitting down on the floor to eat. Oh the cold milk felt so good as it went down her throat. Janine almost felt like mewing, the happy cat that she was.

"Good morning honey, what are you doing sitting on the kitchen floor?" Her mother joined her, scratching her head and she prepared the coffee pot.

"I don't know. It just feels comfortable. I had a great sleep last night." Janine gave a wide satisfied smile.

"You're awfully chirpy today. I tried to wake you for dinner but you were out like a light."

"Yeah I was really tired for some reason. But I feel so much better today!"

"That's great honey. Listen, your father and I are taking the night off. It's been a long time since we've been so busy, so we're going for dinner, movie and the works. Will you be fine on your own?"

"Good timing, I'm going with Nat to Drew's tonight. There's a football game on and she wants some company."

"Sure, don't stay out too late!"

The coffee machine signalled its completion and her mother opened the fridge before closing it with a curious look on her face. "Did you just finish the milk?"

"Oops yes I guess I did. Do you want some?" Janine offered her half-drunk class. Her mother rolled her eyes before taking it; she couldn't take her coffee without milk. It almost seemed like Janine snatched the glass back to gulp down the rest of the milk.


Dressing up was never one of Janine's strong points. She seldom had the occasion or the impetus to get dolled up and saw little need for making perfect outfits and makeup. Before this week she had only worn dresses and skirts for weddings and funerals. Getting ready for a day at school used to be a five minute affair. Pick the t-shirt, pick the jeans, grab her sling bag and she'd be ready. But this morning she was conflicted. As far as she could remember no one had dared her to wear anything in particular, yet she felt torn between her usual t-shirt-and-jeans and a knee length skirt. Every time she reached for a pair of jeans, something niggled at the back of her mind. Not this one. Not that one either. How about this? No. With a groan of frustration she grabbed the skirt, and sensing no inner reproach, threw it on the bed.

Janine stepped out of her pyjamas and paused in front of the mirror. "Something is changing," she told herself aloud. "Might as well enjoy it," her reflection seemed to say. When was the last time she stopped to look at herself? She wasn't ugly or hard to look at; she just wasn't stunning like Natasha or half the other girls in the school. Still, she managed to keep in decent shape with minimal effort.

Just what is it about me that has changed? Doesn't seem like a physical change. She cupped her 34C breasts and lifted them as if to weigh them. They weren't very big and she didn't go out of her way to flaunt them with push-up bras or lacy nothings. But she had been groped by Denny and by that nameless store clerk. Denny had big hands and he had been rough. On the other hand, the store clerk had soft pillowy hands that made her feel good. What had he done?

Her hands started to move ever so slightly. Her mind locked in on the memory of the changing room and the clerk's hands gently massaging her exposed breasts. She had willingly shown him her breasts and felt no shame though it had been the first time anyone had seen them. He must have said something to instigate it, she thought momentarily. Her right hand found a nipple and she gasped. It felt so hard! It jutted out defiantly, like a milk chocolate tidbit in a sea of white chocolate, proud to be different. She tentatively touched it, shuddering as a jolt of electricity sent the foreign message to her brain. Receiving the message her body responded, making the nipple protrude even more, beyond what seemed possible. She could now grasp it and when she did her eyes flew open. Pinching it seemed to feel even better that touching it and pulling at it even better still.

Something is definitely wrong with me. I feel so hot and I'm not wearing anything but my panties. Both nipples had received their fair share of attention and they almost seemed to hurt as erect as they were. Her fair skin was flushed and she had no idea when she had started to breathe so heavily, but everything felt so good. Everything except that itch. She hadn't noticed it a while ago, but now she was feeling it. She couldn't tell exactly where the itch was. It felt like a zooming in on a spot in Google Maps. It was a blur, a dull itch and as the itch grew more nagging, the itchy area shrunk. She watched her reflection as she scratched her belly, scratched her hip, scratched her knee, scratched her thigh. She was getting closer.

She scratched at the top of her panties and it seemed to be close. Lured by the itch, her fingers travelled downward outside her panties scratching as they went. Her right hand continued the search for the perpetrator while her left hand gravitated back to her right nipple. They both found their mark at the same time. Tweaking her nipple, she touched her clit at let out a shriek before she could control herself. There it was! She would have thrown her arms up in rejoicing, but she had to scratch. She moved her nail across her tender clit and breathed a sigh of relief as the panties provided the friction she needed to relieve the tension - for just three seconds. The itch was getting stronger and she had to scratch harder to keep the itch away. Her left hand rubbed her nipple with equal fervour as the dual sensations robbed her of the ability to think. A wet patch was beginning to form in her panties and the loss of friction meant the itch wasn't getting sated.

She moved the crotch of the panties away and shuddered as her fingers found her clit again. It was swollen from all the scratching but she couldn't stop herself now. She could hear a wet squishy sound accompanying each stroke. Her breaths were shallow and frantic and her legs were getting tired from standing but she held her ground. Something told her that it wouldn't be long now before the itch would be gone. Her breasts were marred with finger marks from her frenzied kneading. A bit more...

Janine threw her head back as the terrible itch was washed away in a sea of bliss. Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor as her juices spurted out, drenching her hand. She leaned against the side of her bed and struggled to catch her breath, but her heart was still riding high on the feeling of release, firing like a huge piston to the point that she could feel her body shaking with every thump. She couldn't focus on anything and sat there dazed for what felt like a long time.


Somehow she had managed to get up off the floor and get herself to school. Her legs still felt weak and her head was still spinning. It was almost like a hangover from a long night of partying. The lack of clarity scared her a little, but the feeling of euphoria hadn't left yet. She could still feel the throbbing in her crotch and the finger marks on her breasts. She glanced around furtively, hoping no one noticed her and praying no one thought she was walking funny.

But someone had noticed, and had been watching her make her unsteady way to the back of the school building to the lockers. Brad Wheeler watched her totter along in fascination. Two days ago she had somehow gone all kungfu on him and Denny and had taken him by surprise. Today, she looked drunk, weak and almost too tempting to pass up. He licked his lips unconsciously, remembering the tight skirt she had on that day. It had clung so beautifully to her ass and he couldn't resist messing with her. He may have gone a little far when he grabbed her by that luscious ass and ground himself into her, maybe even further when Denny joined in to rub her from behind, but she was the demure, self-conscious type that wouldn't resist or fight back.

And Janine hadn't been able to resist or fight back. Then, out of the blue, she magically learnt some self-defence techniques and fought them both off before Drew Carter intervened. This time would be different, he decided. Her dark grey pleated skirt wasn't as tight this time, but it was shorter, about an inch above the knee. She seems to favour these cotton materials, he thought, now considering himself an expert in her dressing because he had observed her twice in a week. Not as attention grabbing as the blue one, but he knew what treasures was hidden beneath it. Her denim jacket over a simple white top coupled with sneakers made the skirt blend in more, but completed her simple un-dressy look.

He waited until she had made her way to her locker which was further away from the central areas. No need to have a crowd of onlookers, though the thought of it thrilled him. Maybe when he was in his graduating year he'd try something like that to a freshie. These rich young freshies have no concept of the real world, too coddled by their absent parents to understand how brutal the adult world was. Yes, he thought, that would be a nice plan.

Janine jumped when he finally spoke a few steps behind her. "Janine Tyler, I've been waiting for you." A scream welled up in her throat and he leapt forward threateningly, "Don't you dare scream. It would get us too much attention and you don't want that." She followed through her emotion but not a sound came out of her mouth. Oh no... She tried again, breathing in deeply to get out a louder shriek but when she exhaled it came out like a low whine. Brad watched curiously before shrugging it off. Maybe she was just hyper-ventilating; that's better than screaming.

Unable to alert anyone, Janine turned to run. With Brad blocking the way she came, she headed deeper into the locker corridor. Brad was the quarterback, and was more than capable of running to keep up with any girl, but he let her get a head start. The chase was part of the fun. As expected, Janine stopped after she turned the corner to find the dead end at the end of the corridor. Even better, now there would be even less chance of being interrupted. Janine's eyes were wide with fear as she watched Brad round the corner. What could she do, what could she do? She could take him by surprise and make a run for it, she decided. She had done it once, with the help of Drew's timely arrival; hopefully she could do it again?

She swung her sling bag behind her, readied herself and launched at him foot first in a terrible mockery of Bruce Lee's flying kick. She only needed the element of surprise so she could get past him. He was indeed surprised and barely managed to evade her foot. You would hardly ever see the opposing football team leaping towards you in a bid to kick you to the floor. They would try to bring you down, but feet are too easily dodged. Arms are not so easy to evade. Janine landed on her feet and with Brad out of her way, she started off back the way she came. Until he tackled her with all the intensity of a college football star.

Brad had had no intention of hurting Janine, but his lust was getting doused by the idea that this conquest was turning out to be more difficult that he had anticipated, and he was enjoying it much less now. She had a lot of spunk, much more than he had originally given her credit for. They tumbled to the floor, his powerful arms both cushioning her fall and crushing her breasts at the same time. Janine tried to scream again, but it came out as a whisper. She squirmed to get out of his grip, but he flipped her over onto her back and she saw the volatile cocktail of lust and fury in his eyes.

"I never intended to hurt you. And now I'm not in the mood to play with you either." The words sounded strange from the huge quarterback, looming over her like a thunderstorm about to crack open the heavens. He backed up slightly, and then noticed her awkward position. Her grey skirt had bunched up about her waist and he could just see the bottom of her pink panties beneath it all. Better yet, he swore that it had a damp spot in the front. His excitement which had waned suddenly perked up.

"Are you wet?" Brad almost crowed when he touched the crotch of her panties to find them still wet from her playtime in the morning. "No," she sobbed; glad to hear her voice at last. "I'm pretty sure you are. See?" He pressed in where her pussy lips parted and found more dampness for the panties to soak up. She squirmed under his touch. Why was she so wet? Was it all from this morning? Surely she wasn't enjoying this! Who would enjoy being tackled to the ground like a practice dummy? But why did his fingers make her feel so strange inside?

"I bet you're enjoying this," he remarked.

A quiet tingle shot down her spine. "I, I do," Janine confessed. I do? No I don't! This is sexual harassment. This is a felony! This is... good.

"And I bet you want me to continue touching you," Brad felt he was pushing his luck, but he was on top, and he felt powerful. This little girl beneath him wasn't going to go anywhere.

"N-, yes!" Janine screwed her eyes shut. Did he know that she couldn't escape his dares? The emphatic 'no' she had planned was silenced by the need to reply 'yes'. Help.

"As much as I would enjoy fucking you here and now, it would be much more fun to make you wait. I bet that deep down inside you really want me to do all those nasty things to you, and by tomorrow you'll be begging me for it." Tingle. Oh no. Brad climbed off Janine, got to his feet and dusted his jeans. Why didn't the janitor sweep the floors more often? As he turned to leave, he relished the satisfaction of speaking dirty to such an innocent girl. It was the dominance and control that he enjoyed. He felt a small sense of frustration that his plan didn't come to fruition, but shrugged it off, somehow figuring that he had gained an upper hand on the enigmatic Janine Tyler.

Janine felt torn. Since she had approached Professor Dawson and discovered the truth behind her uncontrollable impulses, she could tell when her instincts had taken control and decided for her and what she really wanted prior to that. She felt like the President with the right to choose and the right to veto but still not having the final say in some things. It was like her veto privileges were being blocked by Congress. She decided that she hated Brad, and that she would want to have absolutely nothing to do with the bastard, but her mind and her body betrayed her. Even as he stood to leave, her mind willed him to stay, to touch her body everywhere. It felt like there was a fire that he had lit with his words, his commands, and only he had the extinguisher. Her lips were dry and her voice trembled as she cried out, "Brad, I need you to touch me. Now. Please."

Brad turned to look at her, still sprawled on the dirty floor, her denim jacket and skirt now grey-streaked. "No, that's the punishment. You'll have to wait for tomorrow."

"Punishment?" Her eyes welled up even as her arousal grew. "You're punishing me?"

"Yes, my sweet thing. You attacked me in school just two days ago. I still clearly remember the elbow to the cheek and the gut."

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