tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDaring Lisa Marvell Ch. 06

Daring Lisa Marvell Ch. 06


Every week, Channel 4 anchorwoman Natalie Johnson had come up with a provocative dare for her colleague Lisa Marvell to perform as part of the station's 11:00 Friday Night Special newscast. And each daring activity inevitably led to the attractive blonde reporter getting naked –in a video showing her colleagues welcoming her back to work, at a college's swimming pool, in a local pizza place, while getting her body painted, and most recently in an on-air strip game where Lisa lost a piece of clothing for each correct answer provided by a studio guest. In televising these dares, Lisa and Natalie had gotten progressively bolder. At first the camera only caught glimpses of the 32-year old reporter's well-shaped ass, something permitted by the network's Standards and Practices. But in recent weeks, viewers were also able to catch brief shots of frontal nudity as well.

But Friday's strip trivia game had gone too far – not only were Lisa's breasts prominently displayed, but Natalie had used her stockings to tie Lisa to a chair as the rest of her clothing was removed. Despite the playful nature of the segment – and the tens of thousands of viewers who tuned in to watch while only a handful registered any complaints – station manager Ken Barber decided the reports were too risky and had to end.

Lisa got the first inkling of the bad news Saturday morning when she woke to the repeated sound of incoming text messages on her cell phone. Most of them were from Bill Reinhart, Channel 4's news producer, alerting her to the fact that he was meeting with the station manager and their lawyers later that day and that she should be in his office Monday morning at 9:00 AM for a meeting.

The blonde reporter immediately texted Natalie to see if she had heard from Bill. "I'm heading out to get some coffee, so why don't I pick up something for you and stop by?" Lisa replied when Natalie acknowledged that Bill had updated her on the situation as well.

"Sounds great, but can you make it two coffees? Both with cream and extra sugar," Natalie replied. "Nicole's here."

"Oh, another piece of happy news to start the day," Lisa thought to herself, realizing that this meant that Natalie had just spent the night with her latest crush, weather reporter Nicole Lewis.

Lisa had nothing against Nicole; in fact, she actually liked her a great deal. An attractive woman in her late twenties, Nicole had worked her way up quickly in the broadcasting world, moving three times in five years before landing at Channel 4 when Natalie shifted from the weather desk to the anchor position. Standing roughly the same height as Lisa, Nicole's most striking features were her long auburn hair offset by startling blue eyes. However, the blonde reporter had to acknowledge that she was envious of the younger women's svelte 32-24-33 figure, which she managed to keep under 120 pounds.

Attractive on camera and thoroughly professional in her forecasting, Nicole had made a great addition to the late night news team. And it wasn't long before Lisa sensed Natalie's growing attraction to the meteorologist. Lisa had no right to complain, as she and Natalie had agreed from the start that they would maintain an open relationship and that they would keep it hidden from their colleagues at Channel 4. For Lisa, it was her first affair with another woman and Natalie, although infatuated with the older reporter, knew that she needed her freedom as well. Neither felt that a long-term commitment was going to happen, but nevertheless knowing that Nicole had just spent the night with Natalie added to her sadness at the start of what was turning out to be a very bad day.

By the time Lisa arrived with the coffee, Natalie was seated in a silk robe on her sofa while Nicole answered the front door looking cute in cutoffs and a tee shirt.

Sensing that her colleague was slightly embarrassed to be "caught" at Natalie's place, Lisa greeted her with a warm smile. "Hi, Nicole," Lisa said as she placed the coffees down. "It's good to see you here," she added as she gave the weather girl a big hug.

"Thanks, Lisa," the woman responded, her body noticeably relaxing as she lightly squeezed Lisa's hand. "I know that Natalie is worried and I know how special you are to her, so I'm glad you were able to come over."

"It feels good to be with the two of you while we figure this thing out," the blonde reporter said as she handed out the coffees and then seated herself in a chair across from the anchorwoman. "Now, what's the latest from Bill?"

"Not much really. Just that he'll let us know on Monday if there will be any changes. But I don't like the sound of that," she added as Nicole sat down next to her on the sofa and put her arm around Natalie's shoulder.

Lisa leaned back in the chair, deep in thought. She recalled a morning only a few months earlier right here in Natalie's apartment after the two women had spent their first night together. At that point, Lisa had been terribly confused about what was happening with her "dare to bare" series. Natalie had been the calm voice of reason, helping her to make the decisions that led to her time off from the station and eventually her return to the Friday Night Specials. As she reflected on all of the exciting things that had happened since then, Lisa realized two things: they would figure out a way to get through the current situation and it was now time for her to take control, just as Natalie had stepped in before.

"Well, there's no point in getting too worried until we know exactly what we're facing," the blonde reporter said as she slowly sipped on her coffee. "On Monday when we've heard from Bill, I'll come up with a plan. The most important thing to remember is that our audience loves what we're doing and that we need to make sure they keep watching. I'm sure I can figure out a way to do that." She leaned forward looking directly at Natalie and Nicole. "Besides," she said with a big smile, "I'm having too much fun to give this up without a fight."

"I know you and Natalie have really done all the work to make the Friday Night Specials so successful," Nicole joined in. "But anything I can do to help, count me in."

"Absolutely. I suspect we'll need a lot of help on this. But for now, I suggest we all enjoy the weekend," she said as she started to rise from her chair. "I've got some things to do, and I'm sure you two can find some way to keep busy."

"All of a sudden, you seem to be in a big rush," Natalie said as she motioned her friend to sit back down. "What's so important anyway?"

"For one thing, I have to get in touch with Manny. I told him I'd fly out to the coast to see him next weekend, but I realized I can't go then because of the annual broadcasters' dinner. So I need to check to see if he's around the following week and then make plane reservations."

"Oh, and are you two going to be making any new tapes while you're out there?" Natalie asked with a droll look on her face


"Wasn't the first one good enough?" Lisa replied.

Glancing at Nicole, the blonde reporter could tell that she had no idea what the two women were talking about. Turning to Natalie, she asked, "Is it okay if I tell her?"

"Well, first I should correct myself. It's a DVD and not a tape," the anchorwoman explained. "But sure," she continued as she turned to Lisa, "go ahead and tell her."

Manny Bareda, Lisa reminded Nicole, was the highly regarded videographer that Bill had hired to prepare the video for the first of the dares, the one that featured her getting naked on the studio set surrounded by her colleagues. She omitted the fact that the two nights of shooting on a deserted studio set had included a brief sexual encounter between her and the photographer, but she did describe the 3 AM phone call she placed to Natalie on the second night asking her to come to studio. Once there, Manny shot some additional footage that ended up in a special "Director's Cut," which Lisa had then shared with Natalie.

"Wow, I had no idea," Nicole said.

"You weren't supposed to," Lisa said with a devilish grin. "Only the three of us knew about it."

"And now you," Natalie said, softly squeezing Nicole's hand.

"Since then, Manny and I have stayed in touch and he's invited me to visit him in California. And that's why," she added as she got up and headed to the door, "I should be home checking on flights to the coast."

The other women jumped to their feet, each hugging Lisa before she left.

"Oh, and don't be surprised," Lisa added as she turned to leave, "if we have to let a few more people know about that Director's Cut. But first, let's see what Bill has to say on Monday." And with that, she exited Natalie's apartment, leaving the two women wondering just what the daring reporter had in mind.


Lisa had been certain from the moment she received Bill's first text that she was going to be either suspended or fired from her job at Channel 4. Over the course of the weekend, she concluded that being terminated might be the simplest and best path forward for her – she was continually approached with new job offers that represented a lot more money. But that was not necessarily the best solution for her colleagues or for the newscasts. And she was not going to give up on everything she had worked so hard to achieve at Channel 4, nor was she going to let her audience down. Her only message to Bill was this: "I don't care if they suspend me, but do everything you can to prevent me from being fired before the broadcasting awards banquet next Saturday." She followed that up with a short text that read, "I'll take care of the rest."

So, the bad news came as no surprise to the blonde reporter when she and Natalie sat down with Bill on Monday morning. He had just been informed minutes before in his meeting with station manager Ken Barber that he was relieved of his role as producer for the daily newscasts and demoted to handling the weekend reports because of his "bad judgment and failure to protect the integrity of the station's public image." Furthermore, he told them, Natalie was being taken off the anchor desk and reassigned to feature reports on Saturday and Sunday nights while Lisa was suspended for violating Standards and Practices guidelines.

"So," the anchorwoman said with venom in her voice, "this is the reward that we get for delivering the best ratings this station has ever seen!"

"What can I say?" Bill pleaded. "I'm the last person in the world to defend Ken Barber today. He's making a huge mistake and I told him so. And when the audience deserts us, he'll have no one to blame but himself."

"I know this is upsetting news for all of us," Lisa interjected, trying to calm things down. "But I just want to say that I'm grateful to you for at least making sure I didn't get fired."

"It came very close to that," Bill said with a shake of his head. "However, I was able to remind him that you are one of three nominees for the Newscaster of the Year award that's to be presented at Saturday's broadcasting banquet," he said with just the hint of a smile. "At first Ken was adamant that I fire you immediately. But I pointed out that it would be awkward for him and the owners to have you at that dinner if you no longer worked for the station. As one of the three nominees, you're already being acknowledged as one the best in the business. I suggested to him that he might not want all of his competitors spending the evening talking about how he had just fired you."

"So," Natalie said as she processed the information Bill had conveyed, "he's too arrogant to realize that we're responsible for the ratings success, but he does understand that it will be personally embarrassing for him if the industry knows he's just gotten rid of someone who might be the best newscaster around here."

"In a nutshell, yes." Bill continued, "And let's hope Lisa does win that award. Otherwise, I'm not sure what will happen after the banquet."

Natalie launched into an angry tirade about the stupidity of management, threatening to go immediately to another station while Bill reminded her that she was still employed by Channel 4 and that her contract prohibited from leaving. Lisa sat quietly, deep in thought, while the two of them vented their anger and frustration at the current situation.

It took almost a quarter of an hour for them to calm down. Meanwhile, Lisa started writing some thoughts on a piece of paper, scribbling a few lines, crossing them out, and then jotting down more notes. Finally, as her two colleagues grew silent, Lisa began. "You know, there is something we can do. But one important point, Bill – you and Natalie are both reassigned to the weekend news and I've been suspended from appearing as a broadcaster, right?"

"Yes, that's it precisely."

"But of course there's nothing to prevent me from appearing on camera as part of a legitimate news story as long as I'm not reporting on it, correct?"

Bill's eyes narrowed as he stared intently at the reporter. "That's right. Where are you going with this?"

Lisa glanced down at her notes before continuing. "I know that Kim Washington normally anchors the weekend news, but I'm almost certain that Kim is on vacation this week, which means that Danielle King will be filling in for her." She could see Bill nodding silently in agreement. "So," she continued, "if Danielle is willing to cooperate – and I'm sure I can persuade her – there's no reason that Natalie couldn't appear on the Saturday late night news to deliver a special report about the broadcaster's dinner and awards ceremony."

"Which," Bill said, continuing Lisa's line of reasoning, "would very logically involve coverage of you."

"If I win the Newscaster of the Year award and you can get me in front of the camera, I can take care of the rest."

"But if you don't win, Lisa?" Natalie asked with a genuine note of concern in her voice.

"Then we go to plan B," she said, once again checking her notes. "And that involves a certain Director's Cut, which means that it's time to tell Bill about us. Are you okay with that?"

The dark-haired reporter replied without a moment's hesitation. "I trust you to do what's best for us all," she said with a warm smile.

"Good," Lisa said with a nod of her head. "So Bill, there's a few things you should know about Natalie and me. And then I'd like to tell you a little story about what I think might happen this Saturday night."


Ultimately, it came down to a checklist of six different items that Lisa had to accomplish, and by midday Saturday, when she met with Natalie and Bill for lunch, all of them had been achieved. And then there was a seventh item on the list that would remain uncertain until that night.

First, Lisa approached Danielle King about the weekend newscast. After working through her shock and anger at the way Lisa had been treated, Danielle was more than happy to cooperate with Bill and Natalie on the Saturday late night broadcast. Nicole Lewis also signed on to do the weather forecast, guaranteeing a studio team that completely supported the plan. Second, Natalie combed through the hundreds of suggested dares that had been received in recent weeks and found some that fit perfectly with Lisa's plan. Third, Manny – who initially couldn't believe that the blonde reporter was actually considering airing some of the footage from the Director's Cut – gave his blessing to its use while assuring Lisa that, if all went well, they'd have a lot to celebrate the following week when she visited him. Fourth, Clayton and George, Lisa's favorite remote camera crew, agreed to work that weekend in order to provide live coverage of the awards dinner while following the blonde reporter's very specific instructions.

For the fifth item, Bill consulted with several of the technicians in the studio as well as his friend in the marketing team about the website that had been set up for viewing Manny's original video, the one that had aired as Lisa's first dare. That site was accessible to anyone who registered online and confirmed that they were 18 years of age or older. Marketing fully supported the idea of adding any new material that featured Lisa as a way to increase the number of registered users, and the technical people confirmed that it would be a simple matter to stream live video from the site. And once they heard Bill's proposal, they agreed with his recommendation to significantly increase server capacity before Saturday night.

The sixth item provided the most enjoyment for the blonde reporter – buying an appropriate dress for the Saturday night banquet. And, with Natalie now free during the week, the two women were able to spend the better part of a day looking at and trying on various outfits.

That left only one additional part of Lisa's original plan unresolved. If she actually won the Newscaster of the Year award, George and Clayton would be on hand to cover it live, giving her a chance to speak directly to her viewers despite the indefinite suspension imposed by Ken Barber. But if that didn't happen, they would have to use the director's cut video as a way of presenting Lisa to the audience.

Bill, Lisa, and Natalie picked a quiet, out of the way restaurant for lunch so they could review the plans for the evening without having to worry about being overheard. And in fact, it was a place that catered to a business crowd, so on Saturday there were only a handful of people in the restaurant. "Not at all like Tony's," Natalie teased her colleague as they were seated, referring to the crowd the night Lisa had performed her "pizza dare."

"No, not at all," the blonde reporter responded with a smile. "And furthermore, I'm keeping my clothes on this time," she added, "at least for lunch."

Bill seemed wound up and tense, tapping his fingers and shuffling his feet back and forth under the table. "Is everything okay?" Natalie asked with a note of genuine concern.

The producer glanced at his watch. "Well, we're about ten hours away from starting a broadcast that could get me fired, we're hoping we get a lot of people to log into the website but not so many people that it crashes, and if Lisa doesn't win the award tonight, it's entirely possible that she'll be gone by Monday. Other than that, I guess I'm doing fine."

Lisa reached across the table and gently held his hand. "Bill, you're doing nothing wrong here so you're not going to get fired. We know our team has worked with our internet provider and they're able to add as much as ten times our current server capacity if we need it. And even if Ken Barber gets rid of me, I'll still have a future in broadcasting."

"After what you've got planned, I think it will obvious to everyone that you have some really great things in front of you," Natalie added, barely suppressing a giggle.

"So," Lisa said, reviewing the plan, "it all comes down to who wins the award tonight and when exactly when they get around to announcing the Newscaster of the Year."

"I've checked the videos of the awards ceremony from the last few years," Bill responded, "and they usually start with the presentations around 10. They try to wrap up before 11:30 so each station can include a mention of their people who won before ending their late night news. We'll have Natalie's segment ready to go any time during the 11:00 news, but we can only hold off on it until 11:20. If they hand out the award before then, we can switch to Lisa live."

"That's assuming I win," Lisa reminded her colleagues.

"And if you don't," Natalie jumped in, "I'll have my report based on the dares that viewers submitted."

"As we all know," Bill continued, "we can't air that segment on Channel 4. But we're all set up to stream Natalie's report live from our website at the same time that Danielle explains to viewers what's going on."

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