tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 04

Dark Angel: Heat Wave Ch. 04


The two men took a simultaneous step forward, causing Max to cautiously move back.

"C'mon guys, we played this game already," she said hiding her fear and trying to sound intimidating.

They just stared at her impassively.

"Before we continue, I need to take care of business," Hady interrupted pulling out his firearm. Max was so worried about the two Reds she didn't act when Hady took aim and pulled the trigger. The bullet bored through Bytchkov's head, exploding out the back in a spew of blood, skull and brains. His lifeless form fell at Max's feet, blood pouring out of the entry and exit wounds.

Max looked down at the body, she failed, for the first time she failed a mission Logan had entrusted her with, and all because of her fucking heat cycle...

If she could have contained her hormones and not fucked Eric in the club he wouldn't have got caught by Hady and his men. Hady...

Filled with anger Max acted, she leapt at him like a pouncing cat, jumping the ten feet toward him. Hady's eyes bulged at the exceptional display of athleticism.

One of the two Reds acted, he grabbed a crate and tossed it at Max, flinging it with all his might.


The sound of Eric's voice, the feeling of wood shattering against her mid-air, the impact of the cold floor-

They were the last sensations that passed through Max's heightened senses before her world slipped into darkness...


Max groaned as her world slid into focus, a bright light above her blurring her vision. She winced as she felt a hand brush up her thigh. She tried to sit up but found that her hands had been cuffed above her head. She was on a bed, her legs spread open and tied to the bottom posts. Her pants, shoes and socks had been removed, leaving her lying there with her bottom half of her body completely exposed.

As her vision cleared she looked up at Hady sitting on the bed next to her. She tried to yell at him but found she had been gagged. Hady was running his hand up and down her inner-thigh inches away from her bald tender pussy.

"My, my Max, aren't you nice and wet," Hady smirked. He was right, her heat cycle was still plaguing her, and waking up half naked with a man rubbing her leg was really turning her on. She swallowed a moan as Hady's hand got closer and closer to her slit, silently wishing he would touch her there. Whimpering as he traced his pudgy finger over the thin stripe of pubic hair above her clit.

Hady was taken back by the lustful look in Max's soulful eyes, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, and the strong smell of her sex was filling his nostrils as if she were releasing pheromones to arouse him. His cock was rock hard in his pants as he looked at her lying there helpless. The black top she wore stretched over her breasts, her nipples rock hard and showing through the fabric.

He pushed her top up and freed her tits groaning at how great they looked, perfectly plump and supple, not loosing their firmness with her lying on her back. He reached out and cupped one of them, squeezing and massaging the soft skin. Max didn't even attempt to fight him off, instead pushing her chest up wanting him to feel her up, completely overcome by her hormones.

Hady couldn't take it, he got up and pulled out his cock, Max's hungry eyes looking excitedly at his thick hardness. He got on top of her on the bed, surprised when she spread her legs a bit further allowing him access to her sex. He jerked himself a few times lining up with her sweet spot, Max huffing through the gag in anticipation.

They both groaned as Hady pushed his hard dick in, her tight cunt convulsing around his thickness as she stretched open, her back arching pushing her tits into him by the sheer feeling of pain and pleasure of being taken so forcefully. Hady grunted, wasting no time in starting to thrust in and out of her groaning as she immediately met his movements grinding her waist into him.

He pumped fast slapping into her body basking in the unbelievable heat of her sex, not believing how tight and wet she was. Max huffed into the gag as she tried to angle her waist just right clasping her thighs to his legs so that he could tease the hood of her clit and help her cum, his hard cock sliding between her thighs sending shivers up her spine.

Hady felt his cock begin to ache, he couldn't last she was too hot, he thrust slower as his balls tightened, his thrust becoming erratic...

"Fffck," he grunted as he pushed deep into her and let rip pumping spray after spray of cum into her taut body.

Max whimpered into the gag pushing her waist into him and rotating it in small circles as she felt the spunk fill her insides, breathing heavily. She winced as he got up pulling out of her and getting off the bed. Hady straitened himself out and left the room not looking back at her.

She laid on the bed her pussy still quivering, her heat still feeding her need for release. Hady had barely fucked her for two minutes before he came, it wasn't enough she needed more, it felt like she was going to burn up.

Then, Max smiled through her gag as one of the Red soldiers entered the room. There was no emotion on his face, but the bulge in his trousers told her all she needed to know. He walked over to her tearing his pants off, his huge cock dangling free. He then broke her cuffs off with his unusual strength, sitting on the bed and pulling her up onto his lap after he had taken care of the ropes that restrained her ankles and pulling her gag off.

"Sit," he ordered, "or die!"

Max didn't need to be ordered, her heat had taken over blocking all rational thought. She brushed her pussy lips over his cockhead then held his huge dick steady sinking down his length inviting him inside her willingly. She gripped his muscular shoulders through his coat watching his face as she started riding his cock. He showed no sign of pleasure, no emotion as she started bouncing on his dick.

Max ignored his expressionless face instead looking up shutting her eyes as she thrust up and down feeling him slip in and out of her cunt. She struggled to breathe as she fucked him, concentrating on the hard cock that filled her body so completely, the feeling peaking every sense in her. She turned as she heard another person entering the room. Max sank all the way down the mans cock and looked back at the other Red. She pushed the one she was riding down and presented her firm round ass to the other, her small round ring peeking out from between her ass cheeks. Looking back at the other soldier, she gave him a naughty smile, inviting him to join in.

The man pulled his cock free and walked over to her, the same expressionless look on his face as he gripped her waist with one hand holding her steady. Max didn't care, all she thought about is that two cocks were better than one, she bent over trying to relax as the man got ready to violate her ass.

"FUCK!" Max yelled out as he pushed into her, her ring trying to force him out, but he pushed in hard burying his length in her ass, Max gripping the bed sheet, tearing it as she steadied herself. She tried to catch her breath with one thick cock in her ass and another deep in her pussy flooding her with sensations. She was the first to move, pushing down swallowing the hard dick in her cunt then pulling up and backward taking the dick in her ass further. She did it over and over until the two men started joining in. Soon they all started using their super-human abilities, fucking as hard and as rough as they could.

Max's eyes began to tear as they pumped their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass, pummelling her body and stretching her holes further and further, making her feel like they would rip her apart, but she loved it willingly grinding into them. Her eyes drove to the back of her head as she came, the intense pleasure searing through her sending her body into convulsing spasms. One orgasm ripping through her, Max cried in a voiceless scream as a second quickly followed, never in her life had she came so hard or in such quick succession.


Two hours later Max was sprawled over the bed with one Red soldier ploughing in and out of her sopping pussy as she sucked off the other. They had fucked her in every possible position drilling their dicks into her pussy and ass, and not once cumming. Meanwhile she had lost count of how many times she had climaxed. She was in her own sex dazed world, nothing else existing but the blissful pleasure of being taken by these men. Her pussy gripping around the one as he held her mid-section up sliding in and out of it, her luscious lips running up and down the others dick.

"Mmmphmmnnn", she moaned as another orgasm washed over her, her cunt tightening around the Red's cock as it pumped her little slit mercilessly, she pulled the cock out of her mouth squeezing it as her orgasm washed over her breathing heavily.She was exhaustedher entire body drenched in sweat but didn't want it to end. Throughout this intense sexual experience the two men didn't once show any trace of emotion or fatigue, not even a drop of sweat on their brow.

The one that was fucking Max started slamming his cock into her, his balls slapping against her ass rocking her body back and forth. She pumped the others dick rapidly as she looked between her legs at her pussy bulged around the other ones hard cock, watched it pump in and out of her body, then went back to lathering the second Reds cock with her tongue. Her cunt was slick with her secretions, she could feel it running down her ass pooling on her bed spread as the first Red continued driving into her taut body...


Eight hours gone and Max was bent down between one Reds legs sucking his cock, the back half of her body bent up on her knees as the other drove into her perfect ass. Max's knees were buckling but he held her up by her waist as he thrust in and out of her reddened sphincter. Her thighs gleamed with all her juices that ran down them, the man's cock glistening as he slid in and out of her. The entire room smelt like sex. Never in her life had Max experienced anything like this, her every muscle ached, begging her to stop, if it weren't for her enhanced stamina she would have passed out hours ago, but she just kept going, even now she was enthusiastically sucking the ones cock, and grinding her waist back allowing the other the perfect angle to drive in and out of her asshole.

She bobbed her head up and down lathering the huge cock in her mouth with her tongue as she pumped her fist up and down its length not able to get enough of the intoxicating taste, her own juices tingling her taste buds making her hornier and wetter, her free hand rubbing her clit as two fingers worked in and out of her soaking pussy.

By now her heat cycle had past already, but with the men continuing to do deliciously degrading things to her, she couldn't stop.

Hady was sitting on one side of the room stroking his cock as he watched the trio fuck, wishing he could join in, but knew better than to challenge the two men, especially after witnessing them fuck this whore for hours without breaking a sweat. He knew there was something about Max as well, she was showing signs of exhaustion but showed no desire to let up, having a seemingly insatiable sexual appetite.

Max slid her mouth off the cock she was busy with snapping her eyes shut as with the Red soldier pulling out of her ass and plunging his cock into her pussy she came yet again, this time squirting cum against the mans pelvis as she briskly slammed her cunt over his cock the pleasure so intense that she saw spots in front of her eyes almost causing her to pass out.

For the first time since this tryst began the Red soldier grunted as he shoved his cock inside her and dug his fingers painfully into her slender hips as he came. Max drove her waist back filling herself with his dick as he exploded deep in her, "Ohh, mmmnn, fck, ah," Max moaned feeling his cum leaking out her slit and running down her leg.

He pulled out of Max huffing but still not showing any emotion.Max got up and straddled the other Red, taking hold of his dick and impaling her body on it. She thrust up and down as fast as she could, the stickiness of the other Reds cum smearing between their genitals as Max slid her pussy up and down his cock. She ground into him every time she went down circling her hips with his filling her, then continued roughly thrusting, "C'mon you fuck, cum inside me, do it," she taunted looking into his cold, emotionless eyes.

Soon he also started grunting, Max feeling him twitching urgently inside her. She pressed her tits against his chest bucking her hips and fucked him slowly, very, very slowly, running her cunt to the tip of his dick then sinking down again. She did it again and again, until she saw his brow twitch then took his cock balls deep inside herself and ground back and forth.

He grunted then shot his load into her, Max's eyes fluttering as the cum spewed into her body, her pussy gripping and sealing around his cock until he emptied his balls. She continued her deliberate, slow thrusts as he ejaculated his wad in her body, feeling her cunt grip and milk him of all his balls could give.

Catching her breath Max held still as he continued to pulse and twitch inside her. She had to act now, as tired as she was, this was her chance, both men were worn out. Calling on the last of her enhanced stamina and strength Max got off him hoping to god his energy was drained. She hit him with all her strength his jaw dislodging as he fell across the bed. Next Max acrobatically jumped over the bed and lunged her feet into the others stomach, sending him flying across the room hitting the wall so that it cracked.

Donald Hady tried to go for his gun, but with his pants at his ankles, he tripped and fell on his face. Max walked over to him and pulled him up, slamming him against the wall, his feet dangling an inch off the floor.

"Wait, wait!" Hady begged.

"I told you Hady, you're the whack," Max then took him and threw him against the wall so hard he hit his head and conked out...

"Max," Eric said as she came up to him, sweaty and naked. She managed to un-cuff his hands before her legs buckled, her exhaustion catching up with her.

"Max, Max, hold on," Eric's voice sounded like it was coming from a great distance away as it dulled in her ears as she lost consciousness.


Two days later a bruised and battered Donald Hady sat in court, taken in for sex crimes and first degree murder for killing Sergei Bytchkov. He was found guilty after being testified against by Eric.

Eric came out of the court house and looked down at Max on her motorcycle.

"That, was pretty cool," Max beamed at him, "You put a grade-A dirt bag behind bars."

"Well you know, I try," Eric said, "question is what is my reward?" he asked stroking Max's chin.

"Hey, you had your fun, we're just friends," Max said, slightly annoyed. Eric pulled his hand away, disappointed. Max looked at Eric with plasters on his face and a black eye. He had done that for her, if he had told Hady how to find her it would have saved him a world of hurt. But he didn't, he took the beating because he was trying to protect her, then he got her out of the warehouse after she had passed out. He had even called the cops to wrap up the mess; and now he had testified against Hady, putting him and a dozen dirty cops involved behind bars. Hady in turn had ratted out Petrovic for a reduced sentence. So Eric had helped bring down the entire operation...

All that and she was still treating him like a loser.


Eric's apartment, his lounge, clothes lay strewn across the room. Max held both his hands as she slowly grinded her waist up and down on his cock fucking him. His eyes fluttered as he watched her, the mid-day sun shinning on her naked body through the broken window making her look like an angel. He let go of her hands and gripped her waist sitting back on his couch. Max rested her hands on his shoulders and rode his cock effortlessly, her pussy gripping and squeezing him...

In Eric's bed room the normal programming on the TV cut...

"Do not attempt to adjust your set; this is a Streaming Freedom Video..." "The cable hack will last exactly 60 seconds..." "It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city..."

"Seattle! Today one of you showed that they will not tolerate crime and corruption in our city. A young man faced death and still decided he would be brave enough to do what is right..."

"Because of his unselfish and self-sacrificing spirit, police chief Donald Hady was arrested along with 15 of his fellow corrupt officers. Sergei Petrovic is now on the run, last information placing him on a ship for Russia. As for Donald Hady, he didn't make it to prison as he was gunned down in transit an hour after his sentencing, his body shredded by machine gun fire..."

"One scum bag is off our streets, and little girls who have yet to become women need not fear becoming forced prostitutes..."

"This has been a Streaming Free-

"Hahh, haah, ohh, oh, oh," Max moans drown out the sound of the TV as she fucked Eric harder and harder, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her tender slit, every pleasurable thrust of her hips making her warmer and wetter.

She arched back resting her weight on her arms holding onto his knees as she bounced on his hard penis. Eric groped her tits tightly squeezing them together rubbing the pads of his thumbs over her hard nipples as he pushed into her from beneath trying to match the intensity of her fucking.

"OHGOD ohmigod, yess, like that..fuck," Max whined as she drove her sopping pussy over Eric's cock. The pressure built inside her pussy tingling up her spine, her stomach fluttering as the pleasure increased, she squeezed Eric in her body making him groan as she went even faster.

"FFFck Max," he groaned, her cunt feeling great slipping up and down his cock, he wouldn't be able to last much longer, "hahh, you're so beautiful," he groaned watching her writhe in pleasure bouncing on his cock.

Max came back up hugging him tightly as she continued thrusting up and down in his lap, her hair sticking to her sweaty brow, her face contorted as she moaned and huffed, concentrating on the hard dick inside her. Her pussy began to quiver, her body almost humming. She pinched her eyes shut as her body tensed, driving her pussy up then sinking down on the throbbing cock inside her, gripping Eric's hips with her inner-thighs. She rode him faster her firm buttocks jiggling as it slapped rapidly on his ball-sack.

"Oh shitting fuck," Eric grunted unable to hold back any longer. He let rip gushing his hot strings of sperm into Max's tight body, her wet cunt immediately gripping and milking his throbbing cock.

Max opened her mouth barely eking a moan as she came with him, her pussy clamping around his spraying cock like a vice grip. She snapped her eyes shut as the feeling coursed through her, enjoying the pleasure and the warmness of Eric's sperm jetting into her vagina; her eyes driving to the back of her head.

She continued to run her soft tight pussy up and down his length slowly smearing her dripping excretions over his cock, still enjoying the electrifying feeling of her orgasm coursing through her body, her eyes rolling behind her closed lids. She found herself sitting there for a moment with Eric's deflated dick inside her, her fingers caressed his face as her eyelids fluttered open looking into his eyes a smile beaming on her glistening face. She got up off him, his cock sliding out of her pussy. Max smiled at him again looking flustered, "thanks, that was really great."

Eric sat there sated, a placid look on his face having satisfied a girl as hot as Max. He sat up when he saw her starting to dress herself, "Hey...?"

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