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Dark Angel: Mirror Crack'd Ch. 04


Authors note: Firstly; this chapter may be a bit on the short side. Anywoo; I needed to try and get the balance of storytelling and sex right again with the last chapter, so I hope that worked out; but that's for you to judge. And thanks to the anonymous emailer who suggested using Transhumans to base the feel of the series again, it helped a lot, I know you asked for a sex scene involving Mole, but I found it difficult writing it into the story.. Sorry, I am trying to add it though- but no promises. Lastly there seems to be mixed feelings about my "Previously" and "Next on Dark Angel" segments: so if you like it, don't worry I'm keeping them, and if you don't, just scroll down to the beginning of the chapter; no big deal, shish! - INYOTEF ;)



'...I'm the soldier for tomorrow's war baby.'

He turned around and Max looked at the thick veins that ran from the point where the implant had been inserted up the back of his head, and down his neck...

D'Arc was stronger, but she was faster; he was right though, this wasn't a fight she'd walk away from. She dodged his punch, then dived over the parapet of the third story parking level, landing in a roll on the grass below...

...She put her barefoot down and sped off to the point where she was supposed to meet Del and Sam; and on cue they came crashing threw the fifth story window. They hightailed it to the green Ford; men firing M4 riffles out at them thru the window ... Sean Gleason sat up in the back, 'Sain's b' praised fer you lass. Ta all o' ya fer bailin' me out like tha'; but we bes' b' get'n outta Boston feckin' fas' coz Klaas ainay gonna b' at all ta pleased...!

'...There's another way to get your family back,' Del said, forthrightly.

'Klaas is well connected. You could speak to Vivian Shevchenko...'

'Max would never go for it.'

'Max doesn't have to know...'

...The three woman looked up as a chopper came flying in from the south, and two black vans rode in from behind them.

Vivian Shevchenko stepped out ... 'His Sean Gleason, but he is no Interpol agent, sweetheart,' Vivian said with a smirk, 'his Klaas' main competitor; a gun runner out of Dublin, Ireland...'

'You can do this? Klaas, can retrieve my family from these men?' Sam asked ...

'Secure the Soto Mark and become Klaas' personal clean-up team and your family has no worries...'

'What!?' Max asked...

...She gripped the nose of the M4 and the shotgun then flipped back, catching Vivian under her jaw and taking her off her feet; then on landing on her knee, twisted her waist and struck Del and Sam in the face with their own weapon handles...

...Sam looked curiously at the Caucasian man that sat opposite them, sipping a glass of champagne- Klaas...

'...T-734,' Vivian said, still stroking Klaas' cock leisurely... 'Accelerated Progeria ...'

...Klaas spoke, 'the virus has been accelerated to- ahh.. To work a hundred times faster, a nice way to take the Soto Mark down...'

...Max stared him down but he didn't flinch.. 'ya thinking' if I would release her family before Klaas makes a move, she won't have ta sell her soul,' Gleason finished... 'Just one problem there lass, wus innit for me then?'

...Max grit her teeth, her nails scraping over the red material of the sofa; she pushed her foot down on the laminated floor, spreading her toes for better support; but she refused to give this asshole the satisfaction of hearing her moan; of admitting to him that she was enjoying the sex...

'...I'm here to make a deal,' Sam said to Soto, ignoring him, 'you'll want to hear it.'

'What is this deal?' Soto asked her.

'...Klaas is giving him a peace offering... '...me...'

...Feeling her pussy resist, D'Arc pressed his massive body to Sam's and started sliding in and out of her sweet pussy. He groaned as her velvety sex wet-nursed his cock as he pumped it in and out of her...

...Sam stretched her arm out and reached for the T-734 in her inner-coat pocket; but her eyes shot open as his hand gripped hers. He gripped the pole and swung it, hitting Sam and sending her threw the window. D'Arc looked down at Sam grinning, then picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder and walked off into the night with her...

'...If Max needs our help ta help a fellow "freak" I say we help,' Luke said, raising his fist...!

'...Once we get word from Sean Gleason's men that the hostages are secure,' Max said, 'we're good to go...'

'...We move in and get Sam out!'

'May I ask what you'll be doing while we run and gun,' Mole asked with a smirk.

'I play Sam.'


'...Oh Fuck!' Max groaned as she was tossed onto her side on the king-size bed, the man with short, bleached blonde hair lying behind her and gripping her firm, round, tit and molesting it..

He guided his hard cock back to her needy pussy and she whimpered as he slid back into her. Lifting her leg slightly he started up again, sluing in and out of that sweet, soft vagina of hers, her sticky lips caressing his hard cock- it was incredible!

He lifted himself over her, her leg bending over the other and her waist turning flexibly, then started driving into her harder, fucking her like she was some horny slut.

She reached up and put her hand around his neck, holding her lithe body up with the other and contorted her face as she felt his cock work her perfect pussy so delectably... 'C'mon, fuck.. Fuck me,' she growled.

'God you're a needy slut 453,' Klaas grit...


An hour earlier...

...Pouring rain ran down Joshua's snout as he crouched in the thick bushes, sniffing the night air.. 'Guards, I smell many guards,' he said.

'This sucks,' Alec grumbled, 'I'm spose to be pulling in the chips at a poker game, instead here I am helping Max play hero, again.'

'Tell me about it,' Mole murmured.

'Max is friend, gave us freedom,' Joshua growled, 'we help; help her!'

In a van down the street Logan and Luke sat watching the video feeds they had hacked into, 'cut the chatter on the lines guys,' Logan said...

'Bitch all you want, but Max would come to the aid of any one of us.. Or do I have to remind you about the time she got that bomb out of your neck, Alec?'

Alec's eyes popped and he suddenly felt guilty, 'thanks,' he said sarcastically, 'where the hell is she anyways...?'


...Max rode up to the gate of the compound outside Portland on her Kawasaki Ninja 650.. She had changed into a tan, suede jacket, with a grey shirt underneath, which was tied above her pierced navel. She also wore tight hip-hugging denim jeans and brown boots. She frizzed up her hair so that it was curlier and opted out her yellow tinted shades for a pair of brown ones that covered most of her brow...

She stopped in font of the gate and looked at the camera that moved to view her, then pulled out a cigarette, lit it, and blew smoke into the lens. The electric gate opened and she rode inside up the pathway, looking at the large number of ex-military guards- Klaas doesn't fuck around, she thought.

'Be careful in there, Max,' said Logan's voice over her earpiece, 'I'm guessing Klaas had already sent Sam after the Soto Mark, so you may want to think of a reason why you don't have it.'

'I got this. You just lean on Gleason to get Sam's family safe,' she said in response.

'We can't trust him, so remember the contingency plan,' Logan pressed.

'I said I got this!' Max fenced.

She rode up to the main house of the semi-fortress and was surprised to see Vivian Shevchenko in one of the upper offices talking to Muda Yobo, when she used her enhanced vision to zoom in. When she had met him she pretended to be a prostitute along with Del, so if he saw her here, he'd see red; and he was known to be a very violent man (not that she couldn't handle him, but she would prefer getting out of this fortress alive).

Cutting the engine she climbed off the bike and walked up to the front door... 'Ok, listen up; I'm going dead on coms. Klaas'll have sensors in his compound sweeping me for bugs as I walk in. So just follow the plan.'

'Rodger that,' Luke said from the van.

'You got it Maxie,' Alec confirmed...

'We're up,' he said turning to Mole and Joshua.

'Calling Geronimo?' Joshua half-snarled-half-smiled.

'Hah, gently, big guy, huh?' Alec said holding up his hands cautiously, 'easy does it.'

Joshua gripped the back of Alec's coat and hoisted him over the tall wall as if he were a cushion.. Alec landing on his ass on the other side...

A patrolling guard spotted him, and quickly reached for his radio, but in a flash Alec dived him to the ground and gripped him around the neck in a sleeper-hold...

A second later Mole came flying over the wall as well, courtesy of Joshua, and looked at Alec getting up then at the unconscious guard on the ground.

'Great,' Alec whined wiping the mud off himself. He pulled out his gun and ducked down behind an outhouse, '...we're in.'


Max was awestruck as she stood inside the massive entrance hall, looking at the Hellenic design and phallic statues; whoever said "crime doesn't pay" hadn't met Klaas...

One of the guards walked up to her, 'ma'am, Mr Klaas is expecting you.'

She nodded politely and followed the man as he trudged up the marble staircase and down the corridor to the left, and up to huge rosewood double doors; which he opened for her, and then stepped aside.

The room was as lavish as the rest of the compound; that should have been called a manor. The man Max assumed to be Klaas, stood on the balcony dressed in a robe with a glass of Cognac in his hand. Max walked onto the balcony and adopted a rigid stance, pretending to be Sam...

'You're not handing me the implant, so I take it you failed?' Klaas observed, looking out into the distance as he sipped on the expensive brandy.

'There, were complications,' Max said, studying him carefully.

He turned to look at her, 'do you know why I'm the top weapons merchant in the world 453?' he smiled, then continued, '..because I am ruthless...'

'You didn't get me on your pay role just to kill me,' Max said, showing a bit of herself, her "cockiness" as she spoke, 'you saw me work at L.T.D. The Soto Mark is stronger than transgenics and I need a plan to bring him down.'

'That is why I gave you T-734, so cut the excuses!'

Max tried to cover her shock at this revelation then tried to tactfully get more out of him, 'It's still tricky, to use it.'

'Accelerated Progeria will do the trick on his genetic code, 453. Not that it will do us any good now with him heading out of Seattle again,' Klaas said turning around and heading into the room.

Progeria! Max's mind was thrown back to Brin's abnormally aged body in her arms at the back of an SUV, then to the younger aged-stricken clone of herself lying in a bed at Manticore.. They had synthesized the rare genetic disease into some sort of weapon... She snapped back to reality and saw Klaas sitting on his bed, then walked over to him...

'I'll get it done. We both know I have to for my family's sake...'

Klaas looked up at her smiling, 'yes, your family. Strong incentive...'

'You know, Vivian is in a meeting, representing me, so I have time to kill, so why don't you strip for me?'

Max caught a lump in her throat; was this seriously happening again?


Sam opened her eyes and found the world around her to be hazy, then cringed as the dull pain shot through her body; serving as a reminder of her predicament...

She was naked, and lying in the trunk of a car... she tried to move in the awkward space but found that her hands and feet were cuffed.. Then she felt a body pressed up behind her...

Her eyes widened and she groaned... there was a sloppy drawn out friction sloshing back and fourth in her vagina... Whoever was back there was fucking her...!

Sam bit her lip not sure how to react to waking up in a trunk with someone six inches (she guessed) deep in her pussy. She certainly was wet and the sensual friction was causing a stir deep in the pit of her stomach. Not knowing what else to do, she kept her rocking body as still as possible, listening to the grunting of the man behind her as he eagerly tried to thrust in and out of her despite the awkwardness on their position.

She snapped her eyes shut as the feeling in her grew making her warmer, her greasy sex gripping around the curved manhood that slid in and out of her so devilishly; she even parted her legs slightly for the stranger to push in deeper- This he did shuffling forward as he pushed as deep inside her sopping sex as he could, her moist walls gripping and massaging his erect cock.

Sam snapped her eyes shut and bit her plump lip to stifle a moan as he moved quicker, sliding in and out of her pussy. God it felt good, so incredibly good; she bucked, her stomach knotting up, her cunt flexing, and her toes curling in erotic pleasure... Then, with his strained grunt, she heard his voice-

'...SOTO!?' Sam questioned, 'you bastard, get off'a me!'

She heard a squeal of shock, before the cock in her slid out of her gaping cooch; then she grimaced as she felt him shudder against her before thick spurts of cum spilled over her buttocks and lower back...

'You sick fucking-' Sam started...

'He wants to take over, my prototype wants me to complete another implant to sell, or he will kill me..' Soto said breathing heavily while at the same time in tears; 'you are Transgenic, you must get us out of here!' he demanded.

'So, Frankenstein figured he had a say since he has all the muscles, huh?' Sam smirked, forgetting momentarily how Soto had violated her, 'you mad scientists just never learn.'

'He will kill you too,' Soto said pleadingly.

'If he wanted me dead, he'd of done it already, which means I'm part of his scheme hotshot,' Sam shot back, 'and just so you know, there's no us in this-'

She felt the car stop driving then heard the door open and shut. Then, the trunk opened and D'Arc was standing over them... "Good. You're awake.'

He pulled her up and she got out of the trunk to find herself under an overpass, 'so what the hell do you want?' Sam asked trying in vane to hide her nakedness from his leering eyes.

'Shy all of a sudden,' D'Arc smirked as he pulled a vile out of his pocket, the T-734; 'tell me about this, what's it do?'

Sam looked at him in an "As if" sort of way...

'You know I'm not a monster.. I was just some gang banger punk from the Bronx who killed a Congressman and was lined up for the gas chamber...'

'Then they pull me off Death Row to test a new kickass implant, and now I'm some super powered motherfucker,' D'Arc said looking at her.

'My heart goes out for you,' Sam spat.

D'Arc grabbed her by her throat- his thick fingers gripping up around her face squashing her cheeks- then lifted her off the ground easily with one arm.. 'I'm trying to be civil here baby, but you're not making nice...'

...'Ffffuck you...!' Sam spat defiantly, her breathing severely constricted.

He smashed her against the wall, and it cracked under the impact, then let go, and she slumped down on her ass. D'Arc knelt in front of her, 'me.. I don't feel pain anymore,' he said, lifting his blood-stained vest and showing her the gaping hole in his chest from where the pole had pierced through...

'But I'm betting you do; a whole lot...'

'Save it,' Sam said sitting up, 'I'm trained to withstand torture. You'd just be wasting your time...'

'Don't mean it won't be fun...' he smiled.


'...Oh Fuck!' Max groaned as she was tossed onto her side on the king-size bed, the man with short, bleached blonde hair lying behind her and gripping her firm round tit and molesting it..

He guided his hard cock back to her needy pussy and she whimpered as he slid back into her. Lifting her leg slightly he started up again, sluing in and out of that sweet, soft vagina of hers, her sticky lips caressing his hard cock- it was incredible.

He lifted himself over her, her leg bending over the other and her waist turning flexibly, then started driving into her harder, fucking her like some horny slut.

She reached up and put her hand around his neck, holding her lithe body up with the other and contorted her face as she felt his cock work her perfect pussy so delectably... 'C'mon, fuck- fuck me,' she growled.

'God you're a needy slut 453,' Klaas grit.

He slipped his cock out of her and wiped her oily juices off his cock, and when she spread her legs for him, he smeared it over her pussy, then bent down and licked her slit (her body twitching in pleasure). He came back up and gripped the base of his cock, lying over her, and then pushed into her yearning cunt, and thrust his waist up and down.

He gripped a tuft of her hair and rammed into her, working her pussy magnanimously, thrusting in as deep as he could; all the while looking into her lust-filled, deep brown eyes. Max in turn clenched her ass and ran her legs up his waist; hugging him she grit her teeth with him fucking her hard and good. She tried to match his movements, working her hips, and bucking them into him, taking that generous cock of his, taking it over and over again.

She shifted her momentum and rolled them over so that she was on top, and flicked her head so that her hair was running over the side of her face, then sat up and rolled her hips into his, spreading her fingers out over his chest. He held her waist and watched her as she sat there and effortlessly trust up and down, her breasts jiggling enticingly with every movement. Drawing up ever so slowly she gasped as his cock slid partially out of her then sank down again, taking him deep into her convulsing cunt. She went a bit faster, letting a bit more of him slide out, but every time she slammed her waist back down so he could fill her up.

The tingles turned to sparks, and the sparks turned to a warmth that filled her with euphoria, and that in turn made her hotter and wetter, and she mewled as her body livened...

Just then the door opened and they both froze as Vivian Shevchenko walked in...

Klaas just about pushed Max off him in shock and in that instant- the truth was revealed...

Max sat up, looking from Klaas to Vivian; taking note of the worry in his face and the anger in hers-

'His not Klaas is he?' she said.

Vivian shot a deadly look at her... '...You are!' Max said...



'So you worked it out,' Vivian said... 'Anonymity always served me well...'

She walked over to the wine cabinet and took out the bottle of Cognac and poured herself a glass, then looked at the man on the bed, and he scrambled to his feet and left the room...

Max meanwhile kept her eyes squarely on her as she got off the bed, collected her clothing, and started dressing herself...

'...An actor I got to play the role when I needed a face to gain trust until a deal is through,' Vivian; or rather, Klaas, explained.

'Then you kill the client,' Max finished, 'to preserve your rouse..'

Klaas shrugged, 'Business...' now speaking with a Russian accent (her natural accent)...

...'In Moscow I was a little girl of fourteen on the street. A man pulled his gun on me and forced me to have sex with him; I killed him with his own gun, and sold the gun after cleaning it of all prints. Later the man I sold it to tells me I am good at bargaining, and I sell weapons for him; he says no one will suspect a woman of being ruthless. He tells me a good gun runner must be ruthless...'

'So I take him to bed, I fuck him, and I slit his throat... I take over his stock and his business and his name. I say I am Klaas Kristov.. I become ruthless, and the more ruthless I become the more I expand; until one day Klaas is a ghost no one knows- the biggest gun merchant in the world...'

'But still I must meet with clients, I must size them up, I must do business...'

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