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Dark Angel: Nark Ch. 04


Authors note: A quick thanks again for your thanks on these stories. And also; I tried to add a recap of the last three chapter's main plot points in this chapter to help keep you all up to date with goings on. Anywoo; enjoy- INYOTEF ;)


He ran...

Moving as fast as he could despite the having to limp on a wounded leg. He made it to the fence and the gate to find it padlocked. He looked around in a terrified panic for another way out; then seeing none he cringed in pain as he heaved himself up and started climbing over the fence.

He winced as he jumped down the other side on his injured leg, but there was no time to stop, he had to get away! He pushed through the vandalised steel door and immediately found himself in the bustling crowd of people in South Market street.

He looked around trying to find a way to go and grew more desperate when he saw the sector blockade guarded by police. He was sweating and he smelt terrible from being down in that hole for over two days. His shirt was dirty, torn and bloodstained, and he had a piece of rag wrapped over his eye; also crimson soaked with his blood.

The people around him lived in such bad conditions that they didn't pay any attention to a wounded, dirty bald black man with a scruffy greying goatee. Not wanting to stand in one place too long he kept moving. His face scowling from the agony of putting weight on his wounded leg when walking, he was pretty sure the bullet lodged in his thigh had caused an infection...

Suddenly five black SUV's broke through the sector blockade and caused a panic of hysteria in the crowd causing them to scatter. Men in suites and shades with wire's in their ears got out and surrounded him, and in his fear he pulled out a revolver, waving it around showing he had no experience in wielding it.

The men in suites pulled out their own government issue glock's and trained them on him as a precaution.

'Professor Henry Twala. Please put the gun down sir, or my men will be forced to respond to a hostile situation...'

Ames White walked into the circle of agents, 'and that does not end well for you.'


'What do we know so far?' Logan asked Max, Jondy, Flinch, and Alec who all sat in Alec's living room.

'We have Flinch, a human nark-list who was kept in a military base in Odessa, Max said.
'We also know that our femme fatal, here,' Alec said nudging his head in Jondy's direction, 'assassinated the general in charge of that base, Dan Whitaker.'
'Corrupt general,' Jondy corrected, 'he was going to sell Flinch on the black market, and he was working with Sway.'
'The polar insurgence operative who broke me out,' Flinch added.
'Yeah, thanks for that kid,' Logan said sarcastically.
'When Jondy and I went after Sway he somehow, I dunno, hypnotised us into breaking into a South African sponsored genetics lab to steal stem cells,' Max said, conveniently leaving out the surface memories she had of fucking him along with Jondy in a three-way orgy.
'Eh-it, ehum, it wasn't hypnosis,' Flinch stammered, 'X7-005 was created with a special enzyme in his white blood cells, it, eh, tampers with independent thinking in the brain leaving his victim susceptible to suggestions from him. Then after a few hours the effects wear off b-buuut the victims memory is impaired.'
'Why the hell would Manticore give a soldier that ability?' Alec asked.
'Isn't it obvious,' said Logan, 'they could capture an enemy in the field, and extract any intel they wanted.'
'Or use them like Sway did with Jondy and me, having us break into the lab,' Max added.
'Right,' Logan said, picking up a file off the table and moving the conversation forward, 'that lab was Biovex inc. And the person behind the development of those stem cells was...'
'Professor Henry Twala,' Flinch said, 'who X5-210 met with in San Francisco.'
'Okay, so Max gives me grief about calling you the human-nark list and you can call me 210?' Jondy snapped.
'Relax big sis. Tell us about your meeting with Henry, cos obviously you weren't the middle-man Whitaker was meeting with at the Socialite Club.'
'No. I was there to find out who was going to meet with him. But whoever it was, he cut Whitaker out and he struck his own deal with Sway-'
'So Sway turned up at the club to tie up loose ends,' Alec deduced.
'Right,' Logan interjected, 'by killing Whitaker.'
'But miss trigger happy here did that for him,' Alec pressed.
'THAT'S IT!! You're getting on my nerve!' Jondy said standing up.
'He has a point Jondy,' Max intervened, 'Whitaker could'a told us who he was meeting with.'
'What about this merc, Johan Voster?' Logan asked looking at the South African's file, 'he was with Henry Twala when you met with him in San Francisco, and he tortured you and Max at the Biovex building.'

'His just private security; an expensive gun for hire. Henry Twala has no clue about Manticore or transgenics other than what's in the tabloids. I went in as a security consultant to investigate the extent of his stem cell research.'
'And?' Max asked.
'His much like Logan here. An idealist hoping for a better tomorrow or whatever. He believes that a partnership between South Africa and the United States can get the world moving forward. His not interested in super-soldiers; his goals lie in the medical field, cures for cancer and debilitating diseases.'
'Max,' Logan said, a concerned look on his face all of a sudden. 'If what she said is true we could be looking at the one man that can stop the breeding cults plans.'
'Shit, Max said, 'where is he now?'
'That's what I didn't get a chance to tell you Maxie,' Jondy said, 'I was going after Sway because the professor went missing three days ago, and the eye we used to get into the lab at Biovex belonged to him.'
'Whatta you wanna bet that White has him,' Max said to Logan.
'She just said Sway took him Max,' Alec said.
'Call it a hunch,' Max quipped.


Henry Twala opened his eyes. Disorientated, he looked around; and he found himself in what looked like a hospital room. His eye and his leg had been medically seen to and was bandaged. On the steel table next to his bed there was a breakfast of beacon and eggs and a cup of black coffee.

The door opened and the man who had confronted him with the American government agents in South Market street walked in.

'Professor Twala, you remember me? I'm Special Agent White with the C.I.A.' White said showing his badge.
'Where am I Agent White, and what do you want from me?' Twala asked, 'I have diplomatic immunity y-'
'You see that's not going to fly,' White interrupted, 'I don't work directly for the C.I.A. or any other part of the government, I'm part of a; let's call it- a higher echelon. So I have the freedom to say, put a bullet in the head of a foreign diplomat such as yourself, and feel secure in the knowledge that someone else will clean up the mess...'
'Now as you can see we are taking very good care of you, but make no mistake. If you do not cooperate I'll haul your ass out to the firing range and put two slugs in you myself.'
Twala looked at the cold man before him with the utmost contempt, 'what do you want?'
'What do you know about the disappearance of a boy from a government facility in Odessa, Texas?'
'Govern-' 'Nothing, I am a bio-geneticist.'
'You never heard of the human-nark list?' White asked.
'Yes, yes, the bulk of my data and research came from a nark list-'
'But I thought it was a computer program, I swear.'
'Now that, I believe. You were reported missing by your company, Biovex; let's talk about that?'
'I was on my way home, when a man grabbed me and threw me into a van. He held me in some sort of factory,' Twala cupped his face, 'he cut out my eye...'
White was growing irritated with his traumatic sobbing, 'the man who grabbed you, describe him?'
'He was some sort of mutant, like those urban myths they speak of on the news; Manticore I think its called. He was big, with the most fearsome eyes, and his skin was white, like, like, ash.'
'X7-005,' White confirmed.
'They are real? These mutants?' Twala stammered in shock.
'What else, did he say anything about a boy?'
'No, nothing. He fastened my wrist to a pipe with cable ties, then shot me in my leg as a precaution...'
'I also heard female voices.'
'Did you see them, what did they look like?' White investigated.
'No, I did not. When he left I was able to break the pipe. I saw to my wounds and got out; and then you, your men found me.'

White closed the pad he was taking notes on, 'thank you for your cooperation professor. Eat your breakfast, and I'll see about getting you out of here.'

White left the room and stood in front of the glass side of a big two-way mirror showing Twala's room. An agent brought him a coffee.

'Release him and put a detail on him. I'm betting the girls were transgenics, maybe one of them was 452. They may try and find him. Either that or the X7 will try to tie up loose ends and put a bullet in his head; that way we'll take the X7 down. Either way, I win.


'Huh, Max takes heat bitch down, got a handle on things,' Joshua said
'What the hell is wrong with you telling him about that!' Max yelled at Flinch,' you're spose to be here to lie low. I should ring your scrawny little neck.'
'I-I didn't tell him, I swear,' Flinch said waving his hands frantically, 'the dude has canine DNA, he smelt it. Weirda still, is I got nothing on him, n-no data, no record or barcode details.'
'Got some dog in my cocktail. Father made me, first; special,' Joshua chimed.
'Yeah, yes Joshua, we know okay!, Max screamed.

Joshua got a puppy dog look on his face and turned away from her, going to his istle and starting to paint. Max sighed at the stupidity of her harsh outburst, and she walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder; if only she wasn't so damn irritable while in heat.'

'I'm sorry big fella, I'm just wound really tight. Got my head all screwed up,' she said apologetically.
'Little fella gonna beat this heat bitch, take it down,' Joshua smiled, at least as much as he could with a snout.
'Yeah, I hope so...'

She turned to Flinch, 'you! Come with me right now!'

Flinch followed her into one of the rooms scared witless...


'Huh, eh- his li-like a child, h-doesn't understand sex, ohh,' Max said, huffing as she stood up against the wall with her pants at her knees and Flinch behind her gritting as he gave her a quickie.

Her nails scraped against the wall as she shoved her waist back feeling him slide his hard dick in and out of her sopping cunt determinedly. He had one hand around her flat stomach and the other gripping her hip using them to slam her hips into his pelvis. He humped her hard and deep, her cunt squelching and sloshing as he drove thoroughly into it with glee.

Max ran her cheek over the flaked wallpaper trying hard to control her oversexed body, holding back her moans. She rubbed her clit hard trying to get herself off as fast as possible, knowing Joshua was just in the next room. Harder Flinch thrust, ramming his wonderful cock all the way inside her soft and soppy twat; the kid was really getting good.

She clamped her legs together, clenching her teeth, her clit pulsing as her body screamed its orgasmic craving!

'Heeernnnthh, hnnnfff- nnnhnnthh,' she moaned in muffled bliss, now biting down on her knuckles.

Flinch was just going for it, holding onto her incredible body and banging the shit out of it; out and in, in and out, then deep in again and holding still for a second before roughly laying into her again.

'Huh-ah... ohgod...' Max whimpered as she shuddered in orgasm, just letting the wave of sexual euphoria wash over her. Flinch was right there with her, thrusting into her flowing cunt and emptying his ball-sack; ejaculating is load inside her.

Panting and huffing Max straightened herself up and pulled up her pants. In control again she looked up at Flinch awkwardly then quickly left the room...

Alec and Asha had just walked in and now stared questioningly at Max standing there guilt ridden and in a feverish sweat.

'Max and Flinch getting busy,' Joshua commented to Max's pink-faced humiliation.


The rubbish man walked along the street using a steel pike to poke up the cans and papers that littered the city and dumped it into his bag, 'I've got eyes on our target, his arriving on foot from the north,' he said speaking into his wrist, covertly.

'Rodger that. Confirmed, target on foot heading toward the Biovex building,' said the man in the large torn coat digging thru the trash. He heard a noise behind him and couldn't make a sound as his neck was snapped and his lifeless body was dragged further into the alley.

Across the street in the black van sat two more agents along with Ames White.

'Alright keep eyes on the professor, have our two men in the building on alert, and have Murphy and Colt pulled out,' White said.

One of the two agents spoke over the radio, 'mobile one and two, fall back; confirm. Copy?'
'This is mobile one, confirm. Pulling back.'
'Rodger mobile one. Mobile two confirm? Pull off detail, copy...?'

'Mobile two, do you copy?'
'What's the matter?' White asked.
'We have no response from-'
'I'm sitting right here; I got that! Find out what's happening, NOW!'
'Mobile one, mobile two unresponsive, relocate and converge, copy?'
'Mobile one en route.'

The rubbish man dropped his plastic bag and pike and pulled out his silenced piece, running across the road into the alley; and as he entered it he was grabbed by the arm which was bent, pointing his gun to the bottom of his jaw. The suppressed shot was fired, killing him instantly.

Sway bent over Agent Murphy's corps and pulled out his wire then broke it. He walked to the edge of the alley and peeked over the street at the van that served as 'spook' surveillance command centre as he removed the silencer off the pistol. He pulled his hood over his face then walked across the street ducking behind the van, unseen, from where he fired two loud shots at the security guards outside the Biovex building. The shots hit one of the guards in the head and in the heart, spraying blood against the gatehouse wall causing him to drop down dead.

'What the fuck!' White yelled as everything turned to chaos when without investigation the second security guard started firing on the van after sounding the alarm.

Meanwhile Sway took advantage of the commotion, running to where the building had a blind spot and then ran then jumped over the high wall...


'Yo Max, Logan's on Skype, he wants a word,' Alec yelled.

Max ran over to the computer, 'Hey, sup?'
'You need to check out KPJK now!' Logan said in an urgent tone.
'Hey Asha, turn on the TV news channel will ya?' Max alerted.

"...have this footage from hover drones over the ground right now; and this is the scene at the Biovex building. An alarming gun battle between building security of the South African research company and unknown men on the ground. As yet we have no inclination of who the men are and what the nature of the fire fight may be, we can confirm two men are de..."

'Max, those look like White's men,' Alec said.
'We need to get over there now, I'm guessing their after Henry Twala,' Max replied.
'I can run interference from the S.1.W. if you need a hand,' Asha offered.
Max looked at her, surprised by the offer, 'no. No I don't want unnecessary casualties; Alec and I can get into the building and I'll call in Jondy for support. Though something tells me she's already en route.'
'Max did you look at what's going down there? That's some serious business, not to mention you got the asshole in charge of the Manticore round-up in the thick of it,' Alec protested, as always looking to cover his own ass first.
'Fine,' Max retorted, 'stay. I'll go by myself!' She wasn't in the mood for his shit right now...!

She grabbed her leather jacket and shot out the door.


The group of South African mercs moved through the hallways of the Biovex building, making for the entrance to repel the invaders. As they turned the corner Sway grabbed the riffle nozzle of the lead soldier and hit him in the face with his own weapon. He then swatted the merc behind him thru the face before flipping the AK47 and tearing thru the unit with a hail of bullets, leaving them in a bloody mess on the ground.

He put the riffle butte to his shoulder and narrowed his vision down its sight ready to move when he was suddenly startled by the 'ding' of the elevator. As the doors slid open he fired into the confined space to ensure no one could attack him. The heated nozzle smoked and Sway waited intently for any sign of life from the empty elevator.

The service hatch dropped open and a slender figure dropped and swung out, kicking him in the chest sending him stumbling back. Max got up and moved in a blur, kicking the riffle out of his hand then caught him with a hook to the face. She blocked the incoming parry and followed through with a flat palm to his stomach forcing the air out of his lungs, then jumped and kicked off the wall and put her boot thru his face, Sway spiting up blood as he was taken him off his feet.

On finding her footing she was faced with a second mercenary unit behind her and she quickly dived through the office window to her right shattering the glass. Sway pulled out his guns and fired at the mercs as he tried to avoid their incoming shots shuffling round the corner of the hallway into cover.

In the office Max was behind the photocopier as she listened to the gun battle, taking the opportunity to catch her breath.

'Damn, way to jump into the shit storm Max,' she reprimanded herself.
'Who the hell are you?' Max heard a voice ask.

Hiding in an open closet was-
'You're Professor Twala, right?'
'Who are you, are you with that psycho?'

Max kept low as she got closer to the professor, 'Look, I really don't have the time for twenty questions so here's the short end; no I'm not with frosty the psychotic snowman, and yes I'm here to help.'

'How, you have no gun!' Henry protested.
'Yeah, I don't do guns. It's just one of those phobia things...'
'But, I don't need a piece to be bad ass, trust me,' Max winked.

With that she went to the gas mains and turned them up to full, then grabbed the emergency fire extinguisher off the wall. She used her knife to puncture it and with white froth and smoke bursting out she threw it out into the hallway where it served to blind both Sway and the mercs with it skidding and swishing across the floor as the pressure was released.

Max next went over to the professor and grabbed him before striking a match and tossing it toward the gas leak. She picked up the professor then ran as fast as she could out of the room and down the hallway; the smoke from the extinguisher serving as cover. The explosion erupted and flames spread through the hallway, the shockwave sending the mercs and Sway flying. Max made it to the stairwell where she swung the professor on her back and jumped over the railing, dropping the fifteen stories down, and landing hard.

They got up and used the emergency exit where the gun battle between the building security and White's men still flared.

Alec's car came speeding through the fire fight and he quickly pulled his gun and popped off a few shots providing covering fire.

Max smiled as she pushed the professor into the backseat before diving in herself, 'gun it!' she yelled at Alec.

Alec quickly put the car in gear and put his foot on the gas speeding out of the hot zone.

At this point White yelled at his men to fall back and they lost a few casualties as they retreated.


White held on as the van sped down the road, 'that was 452. And she has Henry Twala,' he said.
'We have a tracking device on h-'
'We're dealing with a specially trained transgenic soldier, Franklin, now you tell me you put that tracker up his rectum and maybe then I'll think something was salvaged from this fucking balls-up!' White snapped, pissed.

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