tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDark Angel: Temperance Ch. 02

Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 02


A shaky hand gripped the bathroom sink turning white knuckled...

Max grit her teeth as she reached out for the orange tinged bottle and as she opened it the pills spilt all over the floor. She fell down on the ground, her entire body convulsing in violent spasms as she cringed from the painful seizure, flashes of memories plaguing her mind-




The Drumming sound of children's footsteps running in military precision down corridors filling her ears...

She took the Tryptophan pills, put them in her mouth and swallowed. She lay there on the bathroom floor clutching her knees as the seizure passed, her body still shaking and in a cold sweat.

A botched job! That's how she referred to herself; being created in a test tube gave her awesome abilities and a knack for kicking ass, but because it was imperfect human scientists that made her there were flaws. Somewhere along the line wires got crossed; 'faulty brain chemistry' they called it, not enough serotonin produced in the brain. So she was forced to live like this, off theses pills used as an amino acid that occurs in proteins; essential for growth and normal metabolism. A botched job!


After taking a shower Max came into the kitchen. Another side effect of what she was is that she rarely slept. It was now around four in the mourning and still quite dark outside. She sat down at the make-shift table where she and Kendra ate their meals and her mind trailed off in thought...

She had found out where she could find Sergei Petrovic; Mikhail had told her that he was on a freight ship out in the ocean off Mercer Island hiding out; the Katia Pusscuss. What she was still weary and slightly perturbed about was that she and Logan still had problems because of what had happened between her and Eric...

Max's chain of thought was broken by the sound of moaning...

She got up and turned to Kendra's room. Walking silently she moved the curtain that hung as a divider over the doorway and peered inside. Max's heart jumped into her throat; there on the bed was Kendra stark naked and riding her lover. Max could see her slick pink pussy slip up and down the man's hard cock sheathed in a condom. Kendra was bent over him going wild as she ground her hips into him trying to bite back her moans, her long blonde hair following the soft curve of her large breast as it swayed as she fucked.

Max raised an eyebrow as she spied on her friend. So this must be Mr. 'Multiples' she thought. Kendra had gone on about how he was able to 'bang the gong' all night long, bragging that they never got out the house because their evening started out naked and lasted till sunrise.

Max decided she would stay and spy on just how good Mr. Multiples was.


The black van parked along side the Urban Shack and a man got out. He walked into the strip club, his long leather coat flapping behind him. As he entered he surveyed the scene before him: There were half a dozen men in heavy grade military armour with assault riffles looking down at a crowd of Rastafarians and strippers, all kneeling with their hands behind their heads.

He looked at the crowd and spoke in an intimidating calm voice, "ladies and gentlemen I apologies for the inconvenience my men and I may have caused you. I am Colonel Donald Lydecker, and I work for the government, I am here on matters of national security; I assure you, you are in no danger whatsoever, and will not be detained longer than is necessary."

Lydecker turned to one of his men.

"Sir, his in the back; he put up a fight so we had to shoot his kneecap out."

Lydecker walked through to the back of the club where he found Dada-man clutching his bleeding leg.

"Mr. Marley," he said keeling down in front of him as he spoke, "I understand you own this, establishment."

"Who dah fuck are yah?" Dada grimaced.

Lydecker looked into his face, his eyes stern, "who I am is not important young man..."

"You and your, thugs, are vermin who bleed an already collapsed society dry. I'm here to offer you the chance to give back..."

"I keep my ear to the ground Mr. Marley; in my line of work it's a necessity. At roughly O-two-hundred hours this morning we picked up radio chatter about a girl roughly between eighteen to twenty years of age..."

Dada-man looked up at the man still twitching in pain, a memory of Max flashing through his mind.

"A girl," Lydecker continued, "who single handily incapacitated five ex-Russian KGB soldiers without breaking a sweat. Then you and this girl dragged off Ivan Litvan, better known to the criminal community as Mikhail the Bulldog."

"I don't know where he is," Dada spat.

"You're not listening to where I'm placing the emphasis Mr. Marley; Litvan is unimportant. I'm not interested in Russian mobsters. I'm looking for the girl; she belongs to me you see."

"Go fuck yah sel-"


Lydecker had taken a knife and stabbed it into Dada-man's wounded leg tearing it through jean material and skin; blood spilling out.

"This girl," Lydecker said, pushing the blade in and twisting it raising his voice above Dada-man's agonising scream, "is worth 20 billion dollars. There is no measure to the lengths I'd go to to get her back; even if that means peeling the flesh off your bones with a tweezers, piece by piece..."

Three minutes later Lydecker came out the back room wiping his bloody hand with a hanky. One of his men walked over to him giving a military salute. Lydecker looked up at him, "Briggs, get things cleaned up here, we're moving out."

"Sir, we found Litvan's body in a freezer in the basement," the soldier reported.

"Dispose of it..."

"And I want the location of a freight ship, the Katia Pusscuss, ASAP."

"Sir," the soldier answered.

"And Briggs, put that sack of shit out of his misery," Lydecker said as he walked away.

"Yes sir."


Max was standing atop a building overlooking the streets of Freemont...

She saw the dilapidated building down below where she had found out Nick Yasinski operated out of. She had refused to go to Logan for any Intel on Nick, deciding to do the reconnaissance work herself (because she was really pissed at him for laying into her over the phone). She found out that Nick Yasinski was actually Nikolai Yasinski, and like Logan had said, he was Petrovic's nephew, the son of his sister Yelena Yasinski. Turns out Petrovic didn't like his nephew very much because he was westernised, only tolerating his little gambling and racketeering business because of his sister. Because Nick's uncle was the head of the Russian mob the other gangs didn't give him any hassles.

As it was, Nick Yasinski made trips to his uncles ship once a month to give him a cut of the profits; Max guessed this was the reason Logan had dropped his name; so that she could hop a ride with him. All she had to do is convince Nick that this was a good idea.

The pupil of Max's brown eyes expanded allowing her to enhance her vision, zooming in on the building. There were two Russian men standing in front of a large rusted metal door. Both looked like they were packing sub-machine guns telling from the bulge in their coats. It looked like that was the only security preventing entrance into the place, so Max spun on her heel and dropped down four stories into an alley; her feline DNA allowing her to land gracefully and unscathed...


With a loud crash, a large Russian male flew through the office door taking it off its hinges. A second later Max came into the office with another thug; locking up the joints in his arm so that he couldn't move. She kicked his feet out from underneath him then hit him hard in the face so that he slumped down on the ground unconscious...

Nick Yasinski sat behind a desk on which there was countless dollar bills strewn, astonished at the young woman that had fought her way through his club. His hair was dyed a colour that was crossed between a dirty blonde and a goldish straw. He wore a loud stripped pink shirt and a white pin stripped suit; there was a thick gold chain round his neck, a large gold watch on his wrist, and he wore two platinum studs in his ears. On his neck was a tattoo of an eagle catching a fish.

He looked Max up and down smirking, "who the fuck are you?" he asked in a very American accent.

"I heard you were a bad ass Nicky, big playa playa from the Himalaya" Max said as she sauntered over and sat on his desk, "I'm here 'cause I need a favour," Max said flashing him a smile.

"You didn't answer my question lady, who are you and why the fuck are you busting up my guys?" Nick asked rising to his feet trying to intimidate her.

"That's not important," Max said dismissively, "what matters is that you're gonna help me get on your uncles ship."

Nick laughed, "really, and why am I gonna do something as stupid as that?"

"Because your uncle doesn't treat you with respect," Max whispered in a seductive voice running her finger over Nick's lips making him swallow involuntarily, "because if his out of the way you'll be the big fish in the Russian pond."

Max forced herself to continue; she kicked her legs over the desk and wrapped them around Yasinski's waist.

"I-huh, I think you're forgetting about Mikhail," Nick groaned feeling the heat radiating off Max's sexy body.

"Haven't you heard, Micky went and got himself cut up," Max purred her lips now almost brushing over Yasinski's.

"Wh-why are you doing this?" Nick asked in a strained voice, his hand resting on the 9mm Beretta in his desk drawer. Max caught this and quickly groped him through his trousers, smiling as his body went rigid. Nick had no idea who this lady was, but he knew one thing for damn sure: she was a dangerous vixen, and hot as hell. He knew he ought to call for backup (assuming he still had men conscious in the place), or pull out his gun and shoot her; but with her curvaceous body in front of him, and her giving him a handjob through his pants all he could do was groan in pleasure.

Max could feel his hard cock raging in his pants as she jacked him off. It had worked with Mikhail; whoring herself for information had got her the location of Petrovic's ship, so now she had to control the seduction, give and take just enough to get what she wanted; temperance, avoiding excess.

"So," she breathed throatily, "how about it?"

"What?" Nick groaned coming out of his sexual daze.

"You give me a ride," Max stopped ruffling his cock and popped the button of his pants so that it pooled at his ankles, "and I'll give you a ride."

Just then, one of Nick's men who had a bad, bloody cut over his eyebrow came rushing into the office pointing a gun at Max, "boss spuskaemsya ("boss get down")," he yelled in Russian.

"Stravno, get the fuck out of here, I'm bussy," Nick yelled, "get these assholes up with you."

Stavno eyed his boss then quickly put his gun away and got the two other goons up and they left the room.

Nick looked back at Max and pulled his pale cock free, "Where were we?" he smiled reaching for her pants.

Max stopped his hand grabbing his wrist, "you were gonna tell me if we have a deal."

"I-I... My uncle will kill me," he stammered.

Max lifted her ass and pulled down her tight black pants along with her panties, Nick again groaning as he looked down at her shaven pussy. She tapped the soft slit then rubbed her velvet lips, spreading them slightly, "that's a shame-" she trailed off.

"I-" Nick's head was spinning, his mouth dry, his heart beating so hard it felt like his rib cage would crack; here before him with her legs spread, was the hottest girl he had ever seen. His balls were burning with the need to fuck her, but what she was asking in return...

Max gripped his cock and guided him between her legs then brushed his cockhead over her soft damp pussy lips. Nick clutched her thigh tightly with one hand and gripped his other around hers as he moved his cock to her entrance.

"Aaaah," Max gasped, eyes fluttering as he pushed into her, her cunt immediately tightening around his shaft. She clutched his shoulder as he put both hands on her waist and eased another inch of his hard dick into her. She squeezed him with her cunt muscles and drew him into her body her pussy quickly moistening and lubricating his shaft. When he pushed in all the way to the hilt she gripped her thighs round his waist preventing him from thrusting.

She opened her eyes and watched him groan in pleasure, "this is the part where you say you'll take me on your boat," she cooed.

"Yess, anything you want," Nick moaned in desperation.

"Not good enough," Max said putting her hand between her legs and pulling his cock out of her halfway, threatening to slip him out.

Nick's eyes shot open, "No, c'mon I swear."

Max looked at him carefully, ignoring the yearning in her body and looking for any tell signs of a lie. She found it, his brow twitched.

She pulled his dick out of her vagina and pushed him back, "I don't fuck around, if you can't deliver then neither can I," she said reaching for her pants and panties ready to pull them up.

"Wait!" Nick said louder than he intended to, "OK, you let me bang you and I'll take you to Petrovic's ship, I promise on my mother."

Max read him carefully again; he was telling the truth...

She splayed her legs for him, allowing him access to her damp pussy.

He again gripped her waist and guided his cock to her pushing back into her cunt. She was so tight and he grunted as he fed his shaft into her hole not stopping till he had his ball-sack pressed against her ass. Stretching and filling her out, he quickly started thrusting in and out of her huffing as he felt her convulse around his dick. With her teasing him he had to go slowly so as not to blow prematurely.

Max shut her eyes as she felt the warm male organ slither between her legs slipping in and out of her sex; she was growing wetter with every thrust, perspiration already forming on her brow. She reached down between their bodies and started fondling the little bundle of nerves that was her clit biting back the moans of pleasure as Nick slowly fucked her.

"Yeah, that's it honey you're so hot baby, yeah, yeah," Nick moaned as he worked her, Max couldn't help grimacing, it sounded like he had watched one to many porn movies. None-the-less she was still starting to tingle with him thrusting away at her pussy that was now soaked. She wrapped her arms and legs around him clenching her butte as it tapped on the edge of the desk, "can you go faster?" she breathed in a husky voice.

Nick smiled, "all for you gorgeous," he said then started slapping into her, her pussy gripping around him eagerly. He grit his teeth and gave it to her feeling her cunt juice drench his shaft stimulating it.

"Ah, ahh, oh," Max moaned as Nick rammed into her clasping her thighs tighter around his waist.

Nick groaned again not believing the strength of this girl as she clutched onto him. His cock started throbbing and his thrusts grew more and more erratic...

Max eyes shot open as she felt Nick let go ejaculating his balls-worth into her, the strings of thick cum bursting into her pussy...

"Fuck yeah," Nick huffed as he tried to continue sliding his sensitive dick between her thighs, "You are incredible."

"Yeah whatever," Max smirked pushing him off her and pulling up her pants; disappointed with the fuck he had given her.

Nick was unaware of this and just fell back into his chair pulling up his own pants lying back drowsily.

"So we go tonight," Max said.


"To your uncle's ship. We go tonight, and don't think of backing out."

"Yeah," Nick smiled, "yeah, sure, tonight."


"Boss, I don't like this," Nick's man said to him gesturing with his head over to Max who was looking out at the ocean.

"You let me worry about our little tart; you're paid to work not worry. Now get the boat ready."

Nick walked over to Max, "23:45," he said getting her attention, "Uncle Sergei's expecting me at midnight sharp, time to get on the boat."

"I'm not riding in the boat," Max said. "You ride, I'll be underwater holding on underneath; when we're close to the ship I'll board it under cover of darkness."

"It's a fifteen minute boat ride; you can't hold your breath that long sweetheart."

Max smiled at him then turned and swan-dived off the pier into the water. She broke the surface looking up at him, "let's blaze."


The speed boat skimmed over the water toward Mercer Island, underwater Max held on tightly as she was pulled along. Manticore soldiers were trained in all manner of military training be it, black-ops, infiltrations, reconnaissance, or navy seals. When she was eight years old she could hold her breath for up to 45 minutes, now she was up to an hour and a half. In ten minutes she could see Sergei Petrovic's freight ship and she broke away from Nick's speed boat, swimming toward it below the surface of the water.

Max immerged looking up at the large ship. She then dunked underwater again and shot herself up and onto it. She crouched in the shadows surveying the scene. She could see Nick getting on the ship met by two of Petrovic's men; there were about seven other men on deck all armed with assault riffles. Max moved between the freight containers getting closer to hear what Nick was saying.

..."I told you Yuri, you should come work for me I could use you, now where is my dear uncle?"

"He is staying in captain's quarters below deck. That fucking bitch that broke into Vodka has us hiding on this fucking ship, all city is looking for the boss."

"Yeah I heard, bad luck yeah, don't worry, uncle will get on his f..." The voices trailed off again as they went downstairs.

Max kept low and headed for one of the portholes and acrobatically slipped through it and into the ship. She was in a narrow corridor and quickly scanned it for any movement. There was a clunk, and a burly Russian came down the corridor. He passed, oblivious to Max holding her body up over the ceiling above him. The man turned left and disappeared into one of the side doors. Max dropped down and then noticed her reflection in the window. She tussled her wet hair then pulled out a lip gloss from her pocket, applying the strawberry flavoured gel to her full lips blowing a little kiss at her reflection.

She headed to the door the man had entered putting her ear to it and listening carefully.

The muffled voice she heard sounded American, "I don't give a shit about sector cops Sergei, let your nephew here contact your guys on the force."

"I will not trust Nikolai with this..."

"Uncle, I can do this. You give me the info on your contacts and I'll watch the 5-0 like a hawk."

Petrovic sounded annoyed, "5-0, what is wrong with you? You have no heart for the Mother land..."

"C'mon, not this shit again. America is the land of opportunity-"

"America is fucked up after the Pulse," Petrovic yelled.

"Then why are you here?" Nick retorted...

"ENOUGH!" The American cut in, "what the hell is wrong with..."

"What?" Petrovic asked at the sudden silence.

"Some one is listening to us."

Max held her breath; she wasn't making a sound...

There were footsteps coming toward the door...

The door opened and Petrovic peeked out," I told you, no one."

"Check the ship," said the American voice from in the captain's quarters.

Max moved quickly and silently through the ship and turned into one of the doors. She found herself in one of the small crew rooms then froze as she saw a man in there with her. He had long stringy hair and a thick beard. On closer inspection Max recognised him as Yuri, the man Nick was speaking to when he boarded the ship.

"Who the fuck are you?" Yuri spat pulling his gun and pointing it at her.

"Easy," Max smiled, raising her hands, "just take it easy sailor."

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