Dark Angel: Temperance Ch. 03


Kavi started pumping faster and faster until he was giving it to her so hard she couldn't moan audibly, the mattress squeaking as they fucked, the sound of Max's soft, slippery cunt squelching filling the room.

Kavi raised himself and leaned over Max bracing himself and resting his weight on his forearms. He was now fucking her with slow, deep thrusts making her gasp with the slightest movement.

He watched her beautiful face as he thrust in and out of her smoothly, clenching his ass and holding inside her momentarily before continuing. Max's eyes were heavy, her full lips agape as she moaned, overwhelmed by carnal lust. Her soft hands massaged his broad shoulders as he turned his attention to her exquisite breasts again, taking her hard nipple into his mouth.

"Kavi," she whined, eyelids fluttering open, her beautiful brown eyes glazed over with lust.

Kavi came up and started fucking her hard again, slapping into her, ramming his swollen dick into her soaked pussy again and again.

He held his weight on one arm and slid his free hand underneath her to keep her hips raised as he gave it to her. Max's head was thrashing about, her whimpers growing louder; she was going to cum...

It was with one feather light touch of her clit with her finger that tipped her over the edge, and Max eked as her pussy muscles squeezed Kavi's throbbing cock she spasmed violently as wave after wave of ecstasy shot through her.

Kavi grit his teeth as he fucked her slowly watching her ride out her delicious orgasm, her cunt muscles relaxing around his aching cock.

Max opened her eyes smiling at him. He was still in her, still hard, it left her perplexed. But then he slipped his cock out of her and crawled up over her body above her chest, his glistening cock dangling in front of her face.

Uneasy at first, Max reached out and grasped his throbbing member making him twitch. She raised her head and snuck out her tongue tasting him. The zest of her own excretions shot through her taste buds and she liked it. She raised herself further and engulfed his cock, taking the long smooth rod into her warm wet mouth. Max bobbed her head back and forth sucking and slurping around Kavi's manhood her hand following the motion of her mouth and steadily pumping his cock.

Kavi looked up at the ceiling groaning, his balls tingling. Max felt him pulse in her mouth and reached down to squeeze his balls before sealing her luscious lips around his shaft.

Her eyes widened as she felt him gush into her mouth filling it with his sticky globs of milky cream. She swallowed his load fighting her gag reflex, slowly sucking his twitching cock moaning as the salty taste of his sperm satisfied her.

Kavi shivered as he emptied himself, and then got off a sated Max who rolled on her side...

Max lay there on the bed still reeling, soft tingles of her fading orgasm still coursing through her clammy body. Kavi got up and ruffled through his clothes and she rolled onto her stomach smiling at him, "what are you doing?"

He remained silent.

Max quickly grew uncomfortable and sat up covering her nakedness with the sheets, "this is why I didn't wanna do this," she said softly, "I knew it would be awkward."

Kavi smirked, "hmmpph, you sound just like Vada after I fucked her."

Max was caught off guard, "what?"

Kavi turned to look at her; his face had changed; he was suddenly dark and unforgiving in his overall demeanour, "Vada- she said the same thing after we fucked on the hood of her car..."

"She has nothing on you though Maxie. You're a little tigress. A sexy little fuck machine..."

"You know I'll never forget the satisfyingly shocked look on her face when I pulled a gun on her and then pulled the trigger."

Max was speechless; she didn't know what to say or how to respond. This couldn't be real, this couldn't be happening...

"You.. y-you killed her," Max said, her bottom lip trembling.

"Right between the eyes. The little whore had it coming, you all do," Kavi sniggered maliciously.

"A-all, what are you talking about," Max asked not believing her ears.

"Oh don't look at me like that Max, you think I'd be okay with you all high-tailing it and leaving me behind...?"

Max could sense the sudden danger she now found herself in and wanted to move, but Kavi pulled out his gun and pointed it at her...

"Stay, don't move Maxie. If you turn on the transgenic juice and try to out run me it won't help, my reflexes are as fast as yours; I'll just calculate your movement and put a bullet in your brain."

"Kavi, we, you're my brother... I-" Max tried to find words to express the confusion inside her.

"I'm not your goddamn brother Max..."

You guys got out, breathed free air, and me-" Kavi was now boiling over with rage, "I had a sweet time after you got out..."

"Deck dragged me back. First Psy-ops for psyche-evaluations, then it was off for reconditioning," he flinched as he said this, "hours in a room with my eyelids pried open..."

"Discipline, duty, teamwork, flashing in my eyeballs over and over again..."

He looked back at Max malevolently, "you have any idea how much that fucks an eight year old kid up?"

"But I faked it," he continued, looking at the harrowed look on Max's face "I fooled them..."

"So Deck decided to use me as part of his task force, and once in the field, I killed my unit and made a break for it. I vowed..."

"VOWED! Max, to find and kill every one of you. And Vada, she was number one..."

Max was staring at him, trying to register all that he was saying, but it wasn't anger she felt, it was pity, and it showed in her expression...

"Don't give me that look Max. You think I'm crazy; off the reservation like Ben!"

Max quickly grew indignant at the mention of the name, "don't you dare talk about him!"

"He was bent Max," Kavi spat, "the Blue Lady, the High Place, nomaly's that would eat us... Please!"

"And then he goes on a ritualistic killing spree-"

"And now you think I'm as psychotic as he was."

"No," Max smirked, "you're AWOL."

Kavi looked at her, his gun hand as steady as ever, "maybe..."

"Don't do this Kavi; we didn't want to leav-"

"Save it," Kavi said cutting her pleas short, "I heard that speech from Vada..."

"And it's X5-459 to you. I'm not gonna kill you Max; well not yet. Not until you tell me how to find Zack..."

Max was still searching desperately for her brother that was swallowed up by all the hate of the broken man before her. She didn't hate Kavi, she couldn't. She hated Manticore for what they had turned him into.

He was still speaking, "If I know Zack he'll still feel compelled to look out for you assholes, he'll know where the rest are."

"You know I won't do that, you know I'd rather take a dirt nap then give them up," Max said resolutely.

Kavi looked at her down the barrel of his gun, "what a fucking waist," he said taking aim.

Max's eyes widened but the knock at the door stalled that moment between life and death...

"Max, Max you there?"

An icy grip took hold of Max at the sound of Logan's voice. She looked up at Kavi and knew he had picked up on it.

"Now who could that be Maxie?" he smirked.

"His a civilian Kavi."

"C'mon, you know as well as I do there are no civilians; just soldiers and casualties. So how about we invite your friend to the party. Get dressed."

Max put on her clothes and by the time she was done Logan had knocked for the third time.

"Call out to him, tell him to come in. and no games," Kavi ordered.

"Logan, I'm in my bedroom, doors unlocked," Max shouted out, her eyes locked on Kavi.

They heard the door open and the sound of shuffling as Logan's wheelchair rolled into the living room.

"Max, are you decent? I tried to page you, didn't know if you were done with that little errand; I g-got worried," Logan called out.

'Now,' Max thought, 'now he wants to make up!?'

Kavi grabbed her by the arm and pushed her out the bedroom and she stumbled in front of Logan.

"Max?" Logan said startled, then froze as Kavi came out of the room with his gun.

"Hey there, you must be one of Maxie's Eyes Only buddies," he smiled pointing the gun at Logan.

"You could say that," Logan said as cool as ever, "who are you?"

"Oh, Max and me go way back."

"Right; back to her days at Manticore I see," Logan said catching the reflection of the barcode tattoo in the mirror behind Kavi.

"So you shared your secrete Max. Guess things just got interesting," Kavi smiled in a way Max didn't like at all.

He grabbed Logan out of his wheel chair, his, Logan's, lifeless legs flailing on the ground. Max tried to do something but Kavi's gun was back on her, "easy Maxie, don't do nothing stupid."

"Kavi, please," Max virtually begged.

Kavi tightened his grip around Logan's throat, who made a gurgling sound before passing out.

"Damn you, you fucking sick-"

"That's more like it Max, show that true animalistic nature you keep propped up inside..."

"Now, Logan is it; yeah Logan here is going with me, a little incentive for you to find out where Zack is," Kavi smirked looking at Max down the barrel of his Beretta 92FS, I'll be down in the Industrial sector by the old broken down buildings..."

"You got an hour."

Max couldn't do a damn thing as Kavi carried Logan out of her apartment and was suddenly gone...

Her emotions were in turmoil, anger, frustration, regret, disappointment, fear- all churning in her gut. If she gave up Zack, Kavi would murder her fellow X5's; and if she didn't, he would kill Logan. She was caught in a catch 22 situation that no one should find themselves in.


The old building was a wreck, the seven floors all collapsed into each other. Kavi stood looking into the Seattle skyline as the sun rose turning the city into an orange shimmer. Behind him Logan stirred and he turned to look at him.

Kavi walked over and knelt before Logan who sat against a pillar, "well g'morning sleepy head."

"Where's Max?" were the first words Logan spoke.

Kavi smiled, "It ain't worth it four eyes; Max is not your type. She's not the white picket fence breed."

Logan eyed him cynically, "and you would know?"

"A whole lot better than you. We're cut from the same genetic cloth, Max and me."

"She's nothing like you!" Logan retorted.

"She's a killer!" Kavi yelled, his voice echoing through the condemned building, "born and bred..."

"Trained to be lethal without remorse, to take life without question."

"No," Logan argued, "that's the choice you made. The other X5's broke out of Manticore by choice; made the choice not to accept what they were designed for."

Kavi looked down at him and shrugged, "what do you know anyway."

"At least he has ideals," said the voice from behind them.

Kavi turned to face Max, "you made it Maxie; now the party can begin..."

"So where is Zack?"

"You didn't really think I was gonna get him did you," Max said cockily.

Kavi glared at her and she stared right back.

"Fine, I'll find him myself..."

"Now do I shoot you first or your boyfriend," he contemplated pulling out his gun.

No sooner had he reached for the piece when Max acted; grabbing a knife from the back of her pants and flinging it. The blade pierced Kavi's hand and he clutched it in pain, dropping the gun. Max dashed for him and kicked him hard in the gut sending him crashing through some wooden beams. She picked up the gun and pulled out its ammo clip then flicked the remaining bullet out of the firing chamber after which she tossed it out of the building. Max next hurried over to Logan.

She cupped his cheek, "hey, how ya holding up?"

"Little beaten up; and I can't feel my legs."

Max smiled at his lame joke, "funny, we better get you out-"

"Ahh!" she yelped as Kavi grabbed a tuft of her hair yanking her head back, then tossed her across the dusty floor.

"You bitch," he said, pulling the knife out of his bloody hand and tossing it aside, "you think you're real smart don't ya Max? Now I'm gonna fuck you up."

Max got up on one knee, then rose to her feet, her stance menacing, "come get some."

Kavi ran toward her and spun his leg round to kick her in the stomach, but Max blocked the shot with her shin then flipped her body back catching him under the chin with her boot causing him to stumble back. Landing then moving before he found his balance, she lunged at him with a punch. But Kavi found his feet and caught her punch then hurled her head into an old door window, the shattering shards cutting her face before he threw her to the ground.

"That all you got," Kavi mocked kicking her hard in her gut.

Max cringed as pain shot through her body and coughed, splattering blood on the ground. She got up ignoring her throbbing head, and had her focus on Kavi once again.

"I'm getting warmed up, so how 'bout you shut it and bring it."

Kavi moved in swiftly grounding himself as he threw a punch at her. Max sidestepped him and gripped his throat then tossed him over her hip; but he used his agility to flip on his feet and as he landed she thrust her knee into his face. Kavi stumbled back again and Max grabbed his head and kneed him twice in the stomach. He caved down before her holding his gut and she hit him hard in the face making him crumble on the floor.

Groggily rising to his feet, Kavi wiped blood from his mouth. His face was red with rage. He yelled out as he tried to dive Max to the ground, Max moved to the side and he found himself clutching air as he went down again skidding across the floor.

"What's the matter soldier; didn't Manticore teach you not to attack in anger?" Max taunted him.

"Think ya real funny don't ya Maxie, real bad-ass bitch," Kavi spat. He reached in his coat for something.

Kavi pulled out a grenade and pulled out the pin with his teeth and tossed it at Max.

Max's eyes widened and she dived out of the way. The blast made the derelict building shake as debris and dust swirled around. Max pushed herself up, small pieces of rubble falling off her. She looked over at Logan; he was unconscious, the side of his face stained red. She pulled him up, he looked in bad shape. She turned to see where Kavi was...

The kick caught her in the face, but her instincts helped her to roll with it and shoot herself on her feet. Kavi was in front of her and she rushed him with all her might taking him clear through a stone pillar. Max got up and lunged her foot into his chest and he fell back stumbling, about to fall out of the building.

Max caught his shirt and he dangled on the tips of his toes over the edge of the broken flooring.

Kavi looked down at the floor eight stories below then at Max who was glaring at him, blood trickling down her face.

"Life and death Maxie, what do you do? The killer inside is screaming for you to let go."

"No," Max said, looking back at Logan injured on the floor behind her; her eyes welled up with tears, "the humanity in me can't let you hurt anymore of the people I love..."

Then she let him go; it was as if the world was switched to mute as he fell, plummeting to the ground below...

Kavi's eyes shot open after he hit the ground, he coughed and spat up blood as he looked at the long blood stained rod protruding out of his chest; he twitched then his eyes fluttered closed...

Max dropped to her knees as the pain crippled her and started crying...


"If you wanna be rich, listen to the bitch. Give mommy the cheddar, she'll make your life better," Original Cindy rhymed as she walked around Crash's patrons collecting money.

Sketchy walked in observing this and came up behind her, "Hey what's the action, I want in?"

"Sister Girl is arm wrestling biker-boy; $ 20 buy-in."

Sketchy looked at the burly biker dressed in leather and dipped in ink then at Max sitting across the table from him." I got 50 bucks that sez Max takes him."

The bar's patrons booed Sketchy who just smirked, "Hey, yo, I work with the girl."

The biker smiled and raised his massive arm smiling at Max, "let's go princess."

Max gave a half-smile in return and took his hand steadying her elbow on the table.

Cindy gripped both their hands, "o'hight playa, playa's on three. And one two.. three."

The biker immediately pushed his arm trying to over-power Max; then his eyes widened, it was as if he were trying to move a truck. He put all his effort in, his face quickly turning pink, but Max's arm didn't move. Max looked at him then flicked her wrist slamming his arm on the table and sending him rolling on the floor.

The embarrassed man sat up quickly clutching his stinging wrist to find the bar whistling and cheering. Meantime Max got up and made for the exit.

Cindy went after her, "Max, Max..."

Max turned to her, her face emotionless.

"You gonna tell me what's down with you?"

"I told you it's nothing."

"Right, you been moping all day yesterday coming with stories that the scratches on your face is from a bike accident, and you expect me to buy that..."

Max opened her mouth to answer but nothing came out.

"Look boo, I don't know why or how, but you're hurting, and you can't keep it all bottled up inside. So if you don't wanna tell me bout it, find somebody..."

Here's your take of the bet," Cindy finished pushing a wad of cash into her hands before walking away.


Max walked into the hospital room looking at Logan lying on the bed. He had a bandage over his head.

"Hey," she greeted, "how ya doing?"

Logan grinned at her, "I'm flying as high as a kite Maxie."

Max pulled her face, Logan had never called her 'Maxie' before.

"Morphine. For the pain, I must of pushed the button a hundred times," Logan joked.

Drugged, he was drugged. Max walked over and took a seat. She looked at him, serious despite the stupid grin on his face, "you were right," she just started...

"But it wasn't Bytchkov.. it was.. Eric. I- there. It wasn't me' I mean it was me but I wasn't myself, I- couldn't control my hormones, so I slept with-" she couldn't finish.

"You're really pretty Max," Logan said smiling and cupping her face.

She looked at him speechless, it was as if he hadn't heard a word she said; still she pressed her cheek to his hand enjoying the comforting warmth...

Logan's hand gently rubbed over her skin making her hotter all of a sudden. She stood and leaned over him pressing her lips to his, capturing his lower lip and sucking on it before pushing her tongue into his mouth sliding it over his. She kissed him with all the passion she had, wanting this from that first time she met him; standing before the antique mirror in his house, where he gave her an inappropriate and over the top compliment.

Max broke the kiss and climbed up on the bed on top of him. She could feel his erection press up between her legs as she straddled him. 'God she wanted this so bad,' she thought as she shuffled up the hospital gown he wore eyeing his stiff hairy cock for the first time. Logan groaned as he felt her hand gently grip his dick and start pumping it firmly. He popped open Max's jean button looking up at the lust-filled expression on her beautiful face.

Max got off him and was out of her pants in a flash, straddling him in her white panties. She took off her leather jacket and through it aside sitting on top of Logan in a tiny tank top, her nipples poking through the thin fabric. Even though he was high on morphine, Logan was still taken back by just how hot Max was.

She lifted herself on her knees and slid her panty to the side, her tight little pussy peeking out, then gripped Logan's dick and guided it to her core. Her legs literally trembled with the knowledge that they, Logan and her were finally going to have sex.

All of a sudden Logan clutched her thighs halting her movement.

"What?" Max said desperately, don't you-"

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