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Dark Love


I met her at my usual pub in New York. As soon as I opened the door, the ice-cold winter air turned hot and stuffy. A girl was sitting by the bar when our eyes made contact. Her long black hair ran loosely down her body; her light blue eyes were staring penetratingly at me across the room. I dared not talk to her, but I felt subdued by her gaze. I struggled hard in order not to look at her like an idiot and my feet felt rooted to the ground as I did not dare to approach. With slow steps, she walked straight up to me, her eyes pinned on mine like a hawk watching its prey. She leaned so close to me that I could smell her sweet perfume with a slight tinge of sweat... My heart began to pound faster and I felt the tingle of my arousal. Without a word, she gently grabbed my neck with one hand and touched my lips with hers with a kiss.

"I think you're sexy...," she said as her eyes continued to peer into mine.

"Will you come home with me? My car is outside..."

"I-I-I-...sure...," I stuttered.

I felt I had lost all sense of reality, but hypnotically followed her back into the cold outside as she took my hand and lead me to a red sports car. She then drove me to her apartment and we both kept silent. Without a word, she got out of the car, opened the door of mine and took me by the hand all the way to her bedroom. She then moved to the bed and sat down, gently tapping the empty space next to her.

"Come here and sit next to me," she ordered. As soon as I sat down, she climbed onto my lap and straddled me with her legs. With both hands, she held my head firmly as she came close and kissed me again. This time her tongue was dancing around my lips, inviting my mouth to open. My cock instantly felt rock-hard and about to burst out of my pants. She seemed to notice that, for her hips began to rock back-and-forth in a slow rhythmic speed. I was burning inside, yearning to get inside her. She softly kissed my throat and nibbled on my right ear. Suddenly, her hips stopped.

"I wanna tie you up," she said in a cold whisper, sending me chills down my spine.

"O-okay," were the only words that stumbled out of my mouth. She then ripped off my shirt and stood up.

"Now strip for me - slowly," she commanded.

She kept watching me intently as I took off my shoes, then unbuckled my belt and let my jeans slide down my legs. When I was fully undressed, I felt vulnerable, yet decided to comply with her expectations, lest she kicked me out of her house and sent me on my way. With one move of her arm under her pillow she pulled out a rope.

Her voice changed to a cold whisper: "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

I did as I was told and she grabbed my wrists and tied the first knot. Her hands worked quickly. I glanced up at the ceiling and suddenly found a hook. She jumped on the bed and fastened the rope to it. Within minutes, I was standing, with one leg, while the other was firmly tied up in a bent position. The rope was also helping me keep my balance while unable to move. My knee started to hurt. The pain seemed to strengthen my arousal at being at her mercy. She stood in front of me and took a long time admiring me as her new prize... then let her fingers dance in an ever-so-light caress that made me shiver...

"Don't be afraid," she whispered to my ear, "I know it hurts, but it will be worth it."

Her fingers touched all the way down my spine... she knelt down and gave a soft kiss on one of my thighs... the she started smelling, taking her time as if enjoying a festive meal. My cock was soaked in pre-cum, and as the next drop started to fall out, she slowly extended and let her tongue glide as she licked it off. With slow, dancing movements, she then began to undress, revealing a skinny body in black panties and bra.

"There is much pleasure in store for you, if you can stand the pain," she said in a soft voice and a hungry smile while stroking a bullwhip with her hands.

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