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Dark Passions


The kids were excited to be going out trick-or-treating tonight. I had been working on their costumes all week and had just finished them up. Bill, my husband had to work tonight so I would be taking the kids out and about.

We started in our close neighborhood and then walked out a bit farther. I inspected all the candy as we walked around. I am paranoid about 'bad' candy and even though I have never found anything I still check it out.

As we walked down dark streets filled with kids in costumes I felt younger than I had in a long time. It brought back so many memories of my childhood. We turned and started down a particularly dark street. As we did a couple of kids ran by and said something about this street being a bad one to go on.

After the first few houses and no one home I figured that they had meant bad due to nobody at home. Then we came to the old Victorian style house that sat back in the dark. It looked lonely and empty and I almost started the kids on. Then I saw the light on the front porch. A lone jack-o-lantern with a candle lit in it.

We approached the house and the kids ran up the stairs onto the porch first. I followed a bit back to let them feel the experience of the initial knocking and the door opening. Some people would be in costumes and try to scare them before giving out the candy.

This door opened slowly and nobody came out. Before I could stop them the kids stepped into the house. I followed them quickly as I could. As I stepped in the door closed behind us.

I turned to open it but found myself staring into the most intense and sexy eyes I had ever seen. The man behind them held out his hand. He took mine and then kissed it while looking deeply into my eyes.

I felt a shock of lust run through my body as he kissed my hand and I melted at his touch. He then turned to the kids and offered them some candy. As my children crowded around the candy bucket he offered them I saw him looking me over closely.

I had a heat in my pussy that I hadn't ever felt before. I tried to remember my husband and our wedding vows. I tried to think of my kids right there in front of me but for some reason all I could do is imagine this stranger's body being held tightly against me.

He asked if I wanted something to drink. I started to say no but found my mouth was saying yes. Before I knew what was happening I had a glass of wine in hand and we were talking like old friends.

My kids had climbed up on the couch in the living room and were looking sleepy. I mentioned this to him and said we should be going since it looked like they were falling asleep. He looked at me for a long minute then I found myself saying that they were ok where they were for now.

"Would you to see this whole house? It has a lot of history behind it and I love to show it to people such as you. You look like you will appreciate the beauty it contains."

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to look around. It is a very nice looking house. How long have you been here?"

"I have been here for years my dear. It is a family home and has been handed down for generations. I find it to be most comfortable to live in."

He took my hand and walked me through the house, starting with the main floor. The kitchen was huge with a big stove and a grill. The office was impressive as well. It had bookshelves running all around on each wall. There was a fireplace in it too.

We went upstairs and I checked on the kids before we started up. I didn't want to leave them alone, but for some strange reason I trusted this stranger and felt a deep need to go where he wanted to take me.

"The children will be perfectly safe sleeping there my dear. You will not be missed at all for quite some time. Let them sleep and I will show you things you have always wondered about. Follow me to see your deepest questions answered."

"How would you know my deepest questions? What do you have to show me that I have always wondered about? How do you know what that is?"

"My dear, you will see. I have certain...powers you see. I can see what you think even as you think it. I will not hurt you. I will show you answers to your needs and the questions of your body. Your body betrays your needs. Your husband works hard for you doesn't he?"

"Yes he does. I...well that is to say...I love him you know."

"Oh yes you do. He just doesn't know how to, shall I say, satisfy you in certain areas of your life does he? You have needs that he ignores, needs that you want to explore. I can show you what you have been missing."

I felt my heart beating rapidly. His words sent little shocks throughout my body. I had a genuine heat building up in my crotch. I was wet and now very horny. His eyes mesmerized me. I could not look away from him.

I knew what I was feeling was wrong, but for some unknown reason I could not help myself. I found a need to have this man, this total stranger, take me. I wanted him to take me and use me however he wanted. I wanted to fuck him and fuck him.

I tried to think of my husband and kids but the feelings overwhelmed my senses and I crumbled. I looked at him and then found my hands going out to touch his body.

"Come. We will look at the upstairs now sweetness."

At any other time being called sweetness or babe or any other personal name would have put me out. That was for my husband only in my mind, and to let this man call me sweetness seemed right for some strange reason too.

We climbed the stairs and he led me into a bedroom unlike any I had ever seen before. It had a massive four-poster bed with a canopy. A fireplace with a fire burning in it, and a smell unlike anything I could identify. The smell made me relax and feel safe.

"Come here beauty. I need to undress you while you stand in front of me."

Unbelievably I stood in front of him and let his hands touch me. His fingers unbuttoned my blouse and then he pulled it off of me. He moved to my skirt and undid it next. It fell to the floor unheeded by me.

Here I was, and married woman standing in my bra and panties in front of this stranger. He was undressing me as I passively let him. My panties were soaked but I felt no embarrassment at that thought. I had a need. A deep dark need to be taken by him.

His hands moved softly to my bra and unfastened it behind my back with very practiced movements. It fell free of my chest exposing my breasts to his view. I felt his finger lightly trace across my nipples as he moved back to look at me.

"You are a very beautiful woman you know. I love the way your breasts stand up and beg for kisses. Your nipples are very hard aren't they? Have they ever been so hard before?"

"No. I have never felt this way before. They ache to be touched. Please kiss them. Use your tongue and lick them. Pinch them with your fingers. They're yours to do with whatever you want."

"Time is on our side my dear. Patience my love. I will take you places you have never been to. I will build you up to levels of ecstasy you have never had before."

I whimpered at his words. They cut into my being and enveloped me. His hands moved down my belly lightly touching me as they took my panties and shoved them down my legs to fall to the floor.

I was naked in front of this man. He could see my trimmed bush. The wet dripping lips of my pussy in his sight. I found myself begging for him to touch me.

"Please...I need you. Touch me. Take me. FUCK ME."

"Oh yes my love, I will be doing that shortly. First I must show you the way to nirvana. I will show you things you did not know of."

He reached out and grasped my hips in his strong hands. He guided me to my knees in front of him. I knew what he would want and I wanted nothing more than to give him anything he wanted. I licked my lips unconsciously as he undid his trousers.

When his cock came into view I was stunned. It was a very big specimen of manhood. I had never seen one this large before. It stood out proudly, begging to be kissed by me.

I found my head lowering towards it. I soon had my lips open over the head of it and took him into my mouth. I used my tongue to explore it as I descended down on his hardness. His hands were in my hair as I sucked wantonly on his cock.

I took it all into my mouth and soon down my throat. I had given my husband blowjobs before, but not like this. I had never taken my husband's entire cock into my mouth like I was this stranger's. I soon had my lips crushing on his pubic bone. I had taken all of his cock into me.

I kept up the sucking on his cock as his hands guided me. I licked and kissed and sucked on him until I felt him throbbing. I was all the way down on him as he shot off. His cum went into my throat and down into my stomach without a choke or gag at all from me. This was a first. The first time a man had ever came in my mouth. The first time I had ever swallowed a man's cum.

My pussy was running a river of juices now. I needed to have this cock in me and right now. As he finished cumming in my mouth I licked him clean. He never got soft. His raging hardness was ready to penetrate my body in yet another place. I was more than ready for him to take me now.

He picked me up and carried me over to the bed. He placed me on it gently and then he took each wrist and spread my arms wide. I felt him tying each one separately to each corner of the bed. He then tied my ankles to the other posts. I was helplessly tied in a spread eagle position.

"Now my dear, you will have sex unlike you have ever had before. When I am through you will need to rest quite a while. I will take you to the edge of sanity and beyond. You will always remember this night my love, and not regret it either."

"Take me please. I need you in me NOW."

"Patience my pet. You have as long as I give you. I will satisfy your every need more than you can imagine."

He then pulled on a velvet cord hanging down by the head of the bed. I heard a door open and a man came it carrying a tray. I should have been embarrassed or trying to cover myself. Instead I just watched as he removed some things from the tray and then stand back.

My new lover stood over me and undressed. His legs were on either side of my body. I could see his muscles ripple as he removed his shirt. I saw his legs lift as he stepped out of his pants. Naked he stood over me and looked into my eyes.

"Are you ready to discover yourself love?"

"YES. Oh yes, please take me. I need you in me. Please."

He lay down alongside me and began to stroke my body with his soft yet strong hands. I could feel so many things as his touch brought moans to my lips. Caressing my body he touched my nipples and then pinched them hard. I was near an orgasm just from his touch.

His hands moved down my tummy and soon I felt fingers at my opening. He thrust two of them into my pussy. My hot and very soaked pussy. His fingers were working magic on me.

I then felt his thumb on my clit. I shot into orgasm as he kneaded it gently under his touch. As I came down I realized he was still fingering me. I felt another orgasm building up in me.

He leaned into me and took a nipple into his mouth. He lightly bit down on it causing a delicious pain to shoot into me. As he did this I could feel more pressure on my pussy. The other man was on the bed and he had fingers in me too.

I didn't even care. I wanted to cum and cum. These men were going to use me and I wanted them to. I wanted to feel both of their cocks in me. I wanted to fuck them over and over.

The dark stranger now moved on top of me and I felt his member at my entrance. I rolled my hips trying to get him in me but he just stayed back enough to touch, but not enter me.

Crying with frustration I tried to get him into me but he insisted on holding back. The other man moved up towards my head. His cock was rather big too. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I wanted him in my mouth. Maybe if I sucked this one the other would fuck me.

The new cock slipped into my mouth and then I felt the other cock enter my pussy. I orgasmed immediately and wanted the feeling to never quit. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. I was in lust and a frenzy of sex-driven need.

The man I was sucking had my nipples in his hands and he was pinching them hard. I could feel him roll them around as he pinched and the pain and pressure caused me to go into yet another orgasm.

My dark stranger was thrusting into me harder and harder. I felt him throbbing as he came in my unprotected pussy. He could be making me pregnant right at this moment and I didn't care.

The man in my mouth shot off and I drank in his cum. I loved the taste of it. It made me feel sexy and needed as I licked and sucked on his member. His cock never got soft and soon they traded places.

I was tied to a bed getting fucked by two strangers as my children slept downstairs in a strange house. I was in a place that I had never been before. I got lost in a dream-like state and let them take me several times. Their cocks used me again and again.

I woke up to my husband shaking me. I was on our couch in our house. My clothes were on. I felt slightly sore in my pussy and I could taste cum in my mouth. Bill kissed me and then carried me to our bed.

"Looks like the kids wore you out hon. Did you have fun tonight?"

"Oh yeah, more than you will ever know baby. I had the best time tonight. Hey...you know I love you? I mean I really love you Bill. With all my heart."

I felt a bit guilty for having fucked around on him now. I almost cried as I told him I loved him. I knew that I could be pregnant from those two men, those strangers. Yet I did love my husband.

"I know you love me honey. I love you too. Feel like a little hanky-panky there witchy-poo?"

"Oh yeah. I feel like letting you have me anyway you want me baby."

We both got undressed and I began to suck on my husbands cock. Soon I was taking him all the way into my throat just like I had those strangers earlier this night. Bill was so turned on he came within a few minutes of my blowjob and I swallowed it all. He was amazed at me.

"Uh...I didn't mean to cum in your mouth honey."

"Shush up dear. I wanted you to. I have wanted to do that for a long time. It tasted pretty good too."

"I can't believe that you were able to take all of me like that. WOW."

"I was just real hot tonight Bill. I liked it too. I think I will do this more often now that I know you like it."

"LIKED IT? I fucking loved it. God I love you Jane. You are my life."

I felt a twinge of guilt as he said that, but it passed soon. I rolled over on top of him and began to play around with his cock. Soon I had him hard and ready to fuck me.

I lay back and waited for him to plunge into me. I realized he had gotten off the bed. I looked as he searched for a condom in the dresser.

"Hey lover. Forget that condom. Get on over here and take care of me now. I want that cock in me right now."

"But...well you don't want to get pregnant or something do you?"

"Hey, I don't care. If I get pregnant I get pregnant. There are worse things you know. Besides, I think I want another kid anyway. Come here lover, come and fuck your wife. Let me feel your hot wet cum in my pussy."

He was on the bed in seconds and soon after he was fucking me harder than her ever had. I felt his hot wet cum shoot into my pussy and I loved every minute of it.

We made love for hours that night and the next morning we made love in the shower too. I let him take me without protection each time. I wanted to get pregnant for some odd reason.

That night after Bill went to work I took a walk with the kids. We went by that house. It was still light enough to see the boards on the windows. The hanging shutters crookedly askance. The upstairs windows dark and foreboding looking.

"Mommy lets go. I don't like that house. It doesn't look like it did last night. I want to go."

"Yeah mom, that house creeps me out. I wonder where that nice man is though? It looks like no one has lived there for a long time."

"Never mind kids. We're going on now."

I never looked back at that house. I knew that something had happened to me. I had been well fucked last night by two strange men. I knew that the house was nice looking when we entered it. I didn't remember boards on the windows or anything.

That all happened months ago. I am now very pregnant and the baby is moving around all the time. I wonder what he will look like? I should be ashamed that I fucked around on my husband, but for some reason I don't really think it matters. I would never fuck around on him now, and am sure that I will never see those two men again. Don't ask me why, I just know. Sometimes a woman knows things you know?

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