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Dark Rituals


The gallery above the altar area was filled with robed and hooded figures, silent and intently watching the scene below them. The altar was carved from a solid block of ancient stone, by hands that were not human. Hundreds of black candles provided flickering light, that reflected off the small pool near the altar and the three brass gongs spaced equally around the outside of the ring.

A naked woman danced slowly and erotically on the top of the altar, facing the statue of the Goddess Yag Thaalar. The woman had been chosen for her resemblance to the pale goddess herself. Her hair had been cut to its current short length only hours before the ritual, and the rest of her body had been shaved by the temple slaves in preparation. She was short, but had feminine curves, very large breasts with erect nipples. Even her face mirrored the statues of the goddess that adorned the temple. She gyrated her body, not caring that hundreds were watching her every move - in fact it excited her to be so exposed.

The Ritual of the Three was begun at precisely Midnight on October 31 of the Roman calendar. The robed High Priestess shouted the last words of the incantation in a strange and chilling tongue, and the the three naked men around the altar each struck a brass gong in unison. As the sound echoed through the vine-covered walls of the temple, the pale, naked woman on the altar drank the elixir from the small crystal vial.

The men moved in immediately and chained her naked figure to the cold stone of the altar. Her feet were spread wide apart, and her arms were fastened to each side, through an iron ring in the floor. The altar was only about four feet long, so her legs and head extended beyond its edges. As the potion took control of her, it was more and more difficult for her to keep her head up.

The first man was tanned and slight of frame. He had dark hair on his head, close-cropped, but like the other two men, his body was shaved completely clean. Strong muscles moved beneath his tanned skin, though as he bent to attach the chain from her right hand to the floor. His six inches of manhood hung down as he began to apply the scented oil to her limp form.

In a few moments, she would revive, imbued with the spirit of their ancient goddess. The spirit would be hungry for the sexuality of the men, but the flesh would be commanded by the High Priestess. Everyone had his or her role to play in the Ritual.

The second man was taller, thinner, with well-defined muscles and ebony skin. His uncircumcised penis was slightly longer than the first man, and thicker. His skin shone in the darkness as he also rubbed oil into the legs of the unresisting female form.

The third man had pale skin like the woman on the altar. He had blonde hair, and blue-green eyes and an already-erect 8 inches of cock that was thicker than either of the others. At a signal from the High Priestess, he took his position between the legs of the willing captive and began licking her pussy in the well-practiced manner of the Ritual. Soon their goddess would awaken!

As soon as the Goddess began to stir with in her, the men took up their positions around her body. The pale man continued to lick at her clit, while the black man began eagerly sucking on her erect nipples. This first man took a position near her head, and as soon as she opened her eyes, he put his hardening cock in her open mouth. All strangers to her, they touched her body with an unearthly familiarity.

She gulped for air, as the High Priestess forced her to suck the man's cock, deeper and deeper into her throat. She could feel the sexual hunger of the Goddess inside her, and her body responded to all of the strange men around her. The Ritual had to be completed by dawn, or the Goddess would not be satisfied, and the cult would suffer her wrath for a full year before the next Ritual could be performed.

The High Priestess shouted out the next incantation from the ritual, and the man in her mouth withdrew. She gulped in the cool air momentarily before the second man began roughly shoving his bigger black cock into her throat. The first man had moved between her legs, and has stuffing his dick into her pussy at the same time. Tears came to her eyes and she began to panic a little, but she could not resist - the Goddess controlled her spirit, and the High Priestess, her flesh.

The third man, the pale one, picked up one of the black candles and dripped three drops of hot wax onto each of the writhing woman's nipples. The High Priestess called out the same chilling phrase in the ancient language each time one of the drops fell, and when the sixth drop was hardening, the men withdrew from her again, leaving her shivering on the stone, both from the cool temple air, and from the heat of their attentions.

At the shout from the High Priestess, the men again advanced. This time the first man climbed atop her on the altar and began rubbing his throbbing member between her bountiful breasts. The second man took his position between her legs, his thicker cock stretching her more than the first, and the third man put his enormous penis at her lips. She was afraid she would no be able to handle him in her small mouth and her throat was already sore from the first two, but the spirit of the Goddess made her whimper and lick at the head of his cock hungrily.

Her hands strained at the chains holding her down, as the black man fucked her wet cunt harder and harder and the pale man slowly lid all of his length and girth into her mouth. For a moment she did panic, because she could not breathe, but she licked at his shaft greedily as he withdraw. She had barely time to breathe again before he was again fully inside her mouth, and his shaved balls rested on her nose.

The first man cried out as his balls spasmed and hot cum sprang from his cock. It splashed wetly on her chest, and pooled at the base of her neck as she continued to be fucked in her mouth and pussy. The sensations sent her body over the edge into a long, shuddering orgasm. She longed to cry out, but her mouth was full of the pale man's prick, and she could manage only a groan as the waves of ecstasy pulsed through her.

The High Priestess cried out again, and the once again the men withdrew. She gasped for air, her chest heaving and she heard herself whimpering and crying, because her body felt cold and empty without the men inside her, and the Goddess demanded more. Tears streaked her face.

The High Priestess spoke in a quiet voice now, punctuating the words in the ancient tongue by clapping her hands at the end of each phrase.

The black man moved once again to her mouth, and she could smell the musky scent of her own sex on his cock. She learned her head back further and he was once again in her mouth; she tasted the tangy flavor of herself on her tongue, and sucked at him greedily. At the same time, the pale man was pulling apart her pussy lips and pushing the large circumcised head of his cock into her. Her cunt was tired and stretched from the fucking of the first two, and a wave of both pain and pleasure washed over her, causing her to shiver.

The black man grunted, and the High Priestess' voice rang out again, this time from the altar circle, much closer to the shivering woman. He pulled out of her mouth and unloaded 3 gooey strings of hot, white cum into her open mouth and onto her face. She groaned and shuddered at the feeling, swallowing what she could, and straining her tongue to lick up whatever it could reach. The salty flavor and slippery texture thrilled her senses as she drank it up and wished for more.

The High Priestess approached as the men once again withdrew. Again the woman on the altar cried with the frustration of the captured Goddess. The High Priestess let her robe fall, revealing a perfectly sculpted figure and alabaster skin. She had blonde hair down to the middle of her back, and small, pert breasts with upturned pink nipples.

She began licking the men's cum from her face, and kissed the woman and the Goddess inside with soul. Then she continued licking her neck, chest and breasts until all of the semen had been swallowed up. She licked up all of the pussy juices from between her legs, and once again the woman shuddered though an orgasm. This time her cries of pleasure rang unhindered through the halls of the temple.

The naked Priestess withdrew and the men approached again. They unchained the shivering, whimpering woman from the cold stone altar and repositioned her so that she was standing, facing the altar, with her hands chained to the far side. Her legs shook as the High Priestess climbed on the altar and sat facing her, legs spread wide. The woman bent forward, smelling the musky scent of the High Priestess, and began moaning as she eagerly lapped at her cunt.

One man stood to each side of the chained woman as the pale man stepped behind her. His still-hard cock was coated in dark oil that shined in the candlelight. The men on each side grasped her ass and opened her up to the huge penis of the third. As he pushed his bulbous head past her sphincter, she came yet again, moaning and crying as she buried her head in the pussy of the High Priestess.

Her body screamed as he pushed his fat cock further into her ass. The Goddess inside her soaked up the emotions, and forced her to continue lapping at the pussy in front of her. The High Priest controlling her body held her completely still and forced her to not only relax her ass muscles, but to encourage him deeper inside.

She had never felt such pain. Such pleasure. Her legs wanted to collapse under her, but the men on each side held her up, and the High Priestess would not allow it anyway. She tried to cry out, but the sex and the quivering legs of the Priestess covered her face. She strained against her chains, but the man behind her continued to pound his huge cock into her ass.

Suddenly, the High Priestess shuddered and cried out the name of their Goddess as she finally climaxed. At the same time, the pale man also spoke the Goddess' name as he finally released his burning semen deep into her bowels. At that moment, the Goddess has satisfied, and her spirit left her, and the High Priestess control of her body also faded. She fell to her knees and sagged against her bonds as the pale man finally withdrew. Gasping, she rested against the cold stone of the altar.

The High Priestess called out in that strange, ancient language, and the silent figures in the gallery responded at once with a single word, spoken in unison - the name of their Goddess, spoken for the third time. The men released her from her shackles, and the four of them led her gently, on shaking legs to the dark, still pool.

The five stepped into the shallow pool, and four began washing the one. They tenderly rubbed every inch of the woman as she stood in the center of the pool. When they had finished, she stepped from the pool, sore, but refreshed, and stood as the smaller woman wrapped her in the robes of the High Priestess. The men who had used her body to summon the Goddess now knelt before her, and the Priestess spoke one more time in the old language "ALL HAIL THE NEW HIGH PRIESTESS OF YAG'THAALAR!"

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