Dark Temptation


This is my first attempt at writing a transsexual story, although every word has been run past both Ella and Keisha. I THINK I've posted it in the correct category.

As in all my stories, all the characters are over 18.

You will recognise the effervescent Ella from the 'Compulsion' stories, while Keisha is a friend who has a personality to match her beautiful body.


Ella's body glistened with perspiration as she twirled and spun her lithe body on the dance floor, loving the way the beat of the music thumped around her. The twenty-one year old loved Brighton's laid back, hippy, music generated atmosphere and long ago had fallen into dancing until the sun came up at her favourite nightclubs.

The Volks club was hidden away along the seafront, away from all the other clubs but well known to all the Brighton residents.

It was different to many of the other nightclubs—dirty, grimy, small, dark and sweaty—and the heavy beat of the music was helped out by the more than generous portions of bass that pounded through the large club speakers and echoed around the room. The sound of the heavy dubstep, drum and bass almost made the walls shake.

Most of the club goers were taking some sort of drugs but that didn't matter to Ella. There was rarely any trouble and people could more or less do what they wanted. Everyone was here to party, after all.

The dance floor was thronged as the music—Nero, Chase & Status, Magnetic Man, Katy B—seamlessly transitioned from one song to the next. The hot and heavy beats were just perfect for Ella's mood.

Her hair was held back with her favourite hair band, pink with diamante crusted all over, which magically caught the beams from the club lights. The tight pink and black bodice covered her torso but was so tight it left little to the imagination. And the black flared mini skirt seemed to bounce with her every dance step, revealing her legs all the way down to the furry topped, white knee high boots.

As usual, Ella was dressed to impress. The revealing clothes ensured she was the centre of attention and her body piercings—ears, belly button and tongue—all added to the sexy effect.

She had danced for hours with her girlfriends—Dani, Megan, Camilla, Jaime and Aimee. The heavy beat of the music continued to thump around their ears and through their bodies, adding to the increasingly sensual atmosphere within the small group. The speakers beside the dance floor vibrated with full on bass, smoke billowed from the machines above them and the drugs, alcohol and atmosphere had her flying above the crowd.

Everyone in the club was high and even the walls seemed to bounce and sway to the heavy rhythm of the music. The air vibrated as the bassline thumped around them and their bodies undulated to the heavy beat.

Life had never felt so good.

Except that everyone but her seemed to be pairing off...

Aimee had eventually succumbed to a guy who had been trying to dance with her all evening. Her green camisole top was tiny and her short white skirt flounced around the top of her shapely thighs as she teased him by snaking her body to the beat. It was a sight Ella had seen before. Her flatmate almost certainly wouldn't be home tonight.

Megan had entwined her leg between Jaime's thighs as they swung and swayed their bodies to the music. Her hands were in the brunette girl's hair, ruffling it and curling it around her fingers as they practically devoured one another.

Then there was Camilla. She had linked her arms around Dani's neck, forehead rested on forehead, her dark powerful gaze staring directly into the younger girl's eyes as they undulated to the music. There was only one thing on their mind and it wasn't dancing and that pissed Ella. She should have been grinding to the beats with Dani, not Camilla.

It was unusual—very unusual—but there was a danger she was going to miss out ... at least with her normal crowd.

But her drug fuelled state demanded otherwise. If her girlfriends were going to play, so was she. She would just look elsewhere and show Dani—and any of the others—what they were missing!

Even as she made the decision, the opportunity presented itself. A black guy had tried to hit on her since she'd arrived and his timing as he cut in again was perfect. Ella made sure she caught Dani's eyes and when she had it she allowed the sinewy guy to dance closer.

It quickly became apparent that he knew how to move his muscular body. And that he was well built in more ways than one. From the way he kept rubbing against himself against her ass as they moved to the beat, she could tell that he had an above-average sized cock.

It was ready for action, too.

From the look of his clothes he was pretty well off and the only thing that counted against him was that it soon became clear he was an arrogant prick. But Ella didn't care. In the circumstances, having some chauvinist asshole round her little finger suddenly seemed appealing.

When his hands began to wander a bit too far, too quickly, she smacked them away and swayed her way to the bar. She knew he would soon follow.

She ordered herself another malibu and coke—he could pay when he joined her—and propped her elbows on the bar as she turned around and waited for him make his way over to her. But he remained on the edge of the dance floor, grinning across at her as he continued to gyrate his muscular body.

Ella decided then and there that she was going to have him. If she closed her eyes, she could still feel his cock pressing against her ass. She grinned back, playfully moved her hips in time with his. The only question in her mind was whether they'd be spending the night in her bed or his.

That was when the whole tempo of the evening changed...

"Ya move very well, lil girl. Got that tight cute lil butt moving jus' right."

The sassy tone and confident soft southern drawl immediately grabbed her attention and she turned to stare at the woman on her right.


Ella's clouded eyes instantly met the gaze fixed on hers.

The black woman was stunning. Her large, dark eyes locked onto Ella's, big soulful pools that rendered the young girl almost speechless.

"Thank you," Ella stuttered, trying to keep any slur from her voice. "It's not difficult when the music is this good."

How was it she hadn't noticed this woman before? Her red halter neck scooped deeply between her large cleavage, drawing Ella's eyes towards them and then beyond, down further down towards the dark flesh of her toned stomach. The look was completed with loose fitted parachute pants that cupped her ass perfectly.

"Yeah, the music is good," she murmured. "But you have a body that knows how to move to it. I'm Keisha, by the way..."

She tilted her head to the side and her long black hair swayed loosely about her shoulders. Holding up the joint in her right hand, she took a couple of tokes as she regarded Ella. There was something in those that made Ella shiver—a defiant, fierce look. This woman had attitude.

"I'm Ella..." she nervously replied.

Keisha nodded firmly while her deep eyes wandered up and down Ella's cute little body. Her tongue flickered over her lips.

"I've been waiting for ya, Ella," she teased, watching the girl's reaction.

"For ... for me..." Ella stammered, not sure if she had heard correctly.


The woman sipped from theglass of wine in her left hand and then casually offered the joint to Ella.

"Here we go, girl. I saved this for ya. Ya look the type."

Ella sent her a confused look but happily accepted the joint. How did she know? She took a big tug and savored the flavour, holding the smoke in her mouth for a while before letting it slowly drift out again.

Keisha watched her with that confident smile playing across her lips.

"What exactly d'you mean," Ella queried, as she took another toke and inhaled the wonderful smoke. "Waiting for me?"

"I've been watching ya for a while, honey," Keisha grinned. She nodded at the joint. "Good, huh? Only the best for Keisha and her friends. There's nothing like some scrumptious white widow weed to jumpstart the system, don't ya think?"

Ella grinned at her. This was a woman after her own heart. And she was right, it was good stuff, no doubt about that. Her head lightened and she began to relax as the flavor seeped through her pores.

Keisha moved closer, pressing her lithe body against the younger girl's and resting a hand on her bare thigh. Her nails trickled teasingly over Ella's skin as she leaned in.

"Don't ya just love that stuff baby?" she whispered, planting an unexpected kiss behind Ella's ear. "So strong but it just makes everything feel so amazing."

"Yeah, amazing," Ella repeated, taking another tug. She was floating now...

Keisha laughed softly as the weed began to get to Ella. She planted another butterfly kiss behind the younger girl's ear, on her cheek and then down onto her sensitive neck.

Ella closed her eyes and heard an involuntary moan escape her lips. The weed was so intoxicating that everything was more intense. The full lips were barely gazing her soft skin and yet every soft touch felt like tiny bolts of electricity surging through her body.

"Look at you working that blunt," Keisha sexily chuckled, nibbling down on Ella's earlobe. "Damn girl, calm down!"

As her low seductive whisper reverberated through Ella's mind, she leaned even closer against her supple body. The heavy weed was making its presence felt and the girl pushed back into her.


Cocking her head to the side, she sent a knowing glance towards the guy Ella had been dancing with. He was hovering nearby, two drinks in hand. The message was chillingly clear. He'd lost out on the prize.

This lil lamb was hers to be taken.

She moved her hand from Ella's thigh and slithered it upwards under that ridiculously short skirt. The girl looked like she was trying to calm herself but it was too late. Her eyes were already hazed over and the heavy beat of the music was burning into her brain. The bass was thumping through the air, her tight body was already on edge, beyond sensitive, and the added effect of the weed made this too much for her to handle.

"You okay, baby?" she softly murmured.

Ella nodded. The woman's hot breath was exhilarating against her cheek. The edges of her vision felt blurred, making her whimper weakly as she felt probing fingers between her thighs. How had that happened? Her mouth fell open a little.

A thousand thoughts went through her mind but they refused to crystallize. Instead, she found herself staring at Keisha's mouth. She had used a subtle pink lipstick and in the subdued light those beautifully full lips seemed to be calling her.

There was a hint of wickedness about her smile that suggested she knew exactly what she was doing. Ella loved that. She could tease with the best of them but the idea of being controlled had long been a deep held fantasy.

Her head was full of candyfloss and the heat in her body was rapidly increasing. She blinked her eyes to clear her head but those roaming fingers made it impossible to think. They had edged under her skimpy panties and Keisha was using a single fingertip to stroke her labia.

Ella whimpered in a mixture of shame and excitement as she felt her thighs part a little. Then the mouth was at her ear again.

"Tell me if you want me to stop, baby..."

Keisha's next action made the question irrelevant. She slid a finger inside her with a teasing slowness. When she used the pad of her finger to massage a spot just behind her clit, Ella gasped helplessly.

The woman was expertly fingering her in the full glare of anyone who cared to look their way and yet she was utterly unable to resist.

Her chest rose and fell. Her breathing tightened. Her nipples ached. She was out of control and pushed her hips forward, encouraging the delicious finger to sink deeper. Her hazy gaze found Keisha's face. Had she ever seen anyone more beautiful than this woman?

The feeling was so intense that it took a moment before she realized that Keisha was pulling her hand away. She moaned in disappointment.

It took a few moments to refocus and when she did, Keisha was holding the finger infront of her face, examining it closely. She turned it slowly back and forth before taking it seductively between her lips.

"I love the taste of hot lil girls..."

Ella watched open mouthed, still panting in arousal and need, as Keisha slid the black finger from her sucking mouth.

A sneering smile touched the woman's pink lips as she blatantly slid her hand under Ella's skirt for a second time. She moved quickly, slipping two fingers this time inside the gasping younger woman with an obscene ease.

Ella felt faint. Her head tilted a little. She had to lean back against the bar to prevent her weak knees from buckling underneath her. She whimpered again as she pushed her body forward, seeking more friction. Her hips bucked and she began to close her eyes...

"Look at me," Keisha rasped, cupping her chin with her free hand.

Her fingers dug into Ella's jawbone, holding her pretty head steady. Her deep brown eyes held the younger woman's hazy gaze, watching her eyes cloud ever further as she pushed her fingers ever deeper. When they reached their limit she twisted both them slightly, grinning at the contorted expression on the girl's perspiring face.

Suddenly dropping her hand from Ella's face, she plucked the still burning joint from the girl's fingers and took a large drag of pot. Leaning into her mouth, she opened her lips and twisted her fingers inside her again as she allowed the sweet smoke to pass from one to the other.

Ella moaned helplessly. She pushed her hips forward again as the sexual need consumed her. Mouth wide open, she greedily accepted the smoke and felt herself begin to fly...

But then the fingers inside her were withdrawing again. It was as if Keisha knew exactly when she was teetering on the very edge but had no intention of granting her the relief she so desperately needed. Before she could whimper out her protest, the woman was feeding both juice covered black fingers between her lips.

"I think ya ready, don't you?" she softly whispered in her ear. "Come with me, baby. I have a surprise for ya."


Ella tottered along on her four inch heels as she allowed herself to be led the short distance towards the ladies rest room. It was empty, although Ella doubted that that would have made any difference.

Like the club itself, the room was dark and dingy, perfect for what Keisha had in mind. Someone had even painted the flickering light bulb red, adding to the seedy atmosphere. It had been a while since Ella had had sex in a public place—was there anything hotter?

Keisha held her gaze as she stepped backwards into the handicapped stall and beckoned with a single finger. Ella almost toppled over on her impractical heels as she rushed to join her. A primal urge raged through her, destroying any sense or logic. She badly needed this.

"Lock the door," Keisha rasped when she was inside.

Her tone brooked no argument. She was in control.

Ella turned to click the lock and as she did, Keisha was behind her. Her hands dropped to Ella's thighs, pulling her back and against her. When she rubbed her groin against the aroused girl's tight ass, Ella gasped.

The penny had finally dropped.

"Ya really didn't know?" she whispered into Ella's ear. "Nice surprise, huh?"

Keisha loved that moment of discovery. The exhalation of air as her newest conquest realised she had a cock. That shocked look ... the gasping for air ... the trembling in her body.

But best of all, disbelief was always followed by arousal.

Her hot breath hit the back of Ella's neck as she stood behind her and continued to grind her groin into those delectably tight buttocks. Her hands crept around Ella's body and slid upwards to cup her pert breasts. Those pointed nipples were alive under her touch.

"Sexy, huh?" she whispered.

She spun the girl around to face her so that she could savour the bewildered expression on her face. The look of astonishment in those wide-eyes made her purr with delight.

She'd hit the jackpot this week.

One hand slid under her own short skirt to free her girl-cock while the other curled around Ella's neck and applied gentle downward pressure.

"Ya know ya want it, baby. Show Keisha what ya can do..."

Ella's eyes stared upwards as she eagerly sank to her knees. She had heard of such things but had never experienced anything like this. It felt so dirty and yet so unstoppably sexy at the same time.

She was on a drug and alcohol fuelled high but even had she been stone cold sober she would have wanted this.

Dropping her gaze to stare at the impossibly hard black shaft, she corkscrewed her hand around the base. Her eyes were wide with appreciation, her huge pupils betraying her need. Precum leaked from the head and she swept it away with one lash of her wet tongue before swallowing as much of the veiny flesh between her lips as she could.

There was no subtlety or finesse.

She wanted this, she needed this, and she was going to have it.

Saliva drooled down from her mouth when she came up for air. She worked it into the thick hardness with both hands before taking the black girl-cock between her lips again and deep into her throat. When she dragged her studded tongue along the thick shaft, Keisha moaned out her approval.

"Oh yeah, ya lil bitch... jus' love that..."

She curled the fingers of both hands into Ella's long hair, wrapping strand after strand around her fingers. For a while she allowed the girl to indulge herself. Control would pass soon enough but she loved Ella's raw enthusiasm. She was practically gagging as she deep throated her.

"Hot lil thing, aren't ya?" she rasped.

Her long fingernails scraped along Ella's scalp as her grip tightened. She pulled her face harder against her groin, her hips gently thrusting into that perfect, suckling mouth. When Ella choked a little, she held her close and forced her black cock even deeper into her throat.

Tears stained Ella's eyes as their gazes met. But her doe eyed stare was telling her that the harder the better.

Keisha responded by picking up the pace, her thrusts becoming firmer as her intent grew. She was growling now and the end was close. She was fucking Ella's mouth so hard now that the girl's body was bouncing backwards, thudding into the door behind her.

Ella didn't care. The woman was close and Ella wasn't going to let her stop until she had that girl-cum. When she felt Keisha first tense, then thrust harder than ever, she felt the moment arrive. It took one more tug of her mouth for her to erupt between Ella's sucking lips.

She eagerly took each burst, greedily swallowing each eruption before readying herself for more. Keisha didn't stop, holding her head steady as she continued to thrust her girl-cock back and forth in her waiting mouth. Ella took it all...

Eventually Keisha fell back against the wall, her need temporarily sated.

Ella pulled away but when a drop of cum escaped down her chin, she caught it with the tip of her finger. Staring upwards doe-eyed again, she placed the finger between her lips and sucked it clean.

Keisha groaned her approval.

The black girl-cock was still semi erect and Ella couldn't resist. She dropped her lips back over the mushroom head again to make sure the woman had nothing more to give. Her cheeks hollowed as she gently sucked at the tip Keisha's hands found her hair again as—amazingly—she began to grow in Ella's mouth again.

"Didn't expect that, did ya," she heard the woman's firm voice rasp down at her. "Okay, baby, round two..."


"Well?" Dani asked, pulling her dark hair onto the top of her head with one hand. She rested the other on her hip as she turned to face her friend, deliberately shooting Ella her smokiest look. "Sexy?"

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