Note to readers: As an "antidote" to another one of my tales, which was rather long-winded and sort of a heady "tease" and took a long time to "get it on," I've drafted this one. Its rather abrupt and to the point, and has elements of BDSM/forced/nonconsent/reluctance in it: it explores a rather raw rape/gangbang fantasy mostly from the female POV. This tale has (deliberately) hardly any character or plot development, it is sort of a get-off-quick story.

This is quite a departure for me, and sometimes it really is the kind of thing that works for me, but really I'm just beginning to explore the female rape/gangbang fantasy, and as always, all constructive criticism is welcome.

If BDSM/forced/nonconsent/reluctance story elements, or rape/gangbang fantasies, and so on, are not your thing, or if you are just looking for a simple, "vanilla" sort of story about loving people fucking, then I suggest you do not read further.


She woke up from a deep, mindless sleep hot and confused by the darkness around her. Voices nearby, outside somewhere, startled her, sounding echoey in the small room she was in. Was it a room? No it was more like a tin can, a box, something small, maybe a closet. It was hot and dry and the air smelled a little stale. Barely any light came in, she gingerly felt around, not yet frightened but nervous. This wasn't the first time she'd woken up in a strange place, she was sure she would remember where she was in a minute.

She felt like she had been walking for days, stayed up all night, had too much to drink; her throat was rough and her belly felt that strange post-hangover bleakness that usually means she had way too much to drink and no water. The dark was kind of nice even though it was unsettling. She felt a mattress under her, some blankets, something like jumper cables or rope coiled off to the side.

She was naked except for a short, loose skirt, something was wrapped around her left ankle and her wrists, she couldn't figure out what it was in the dark. She knelt carefully, and began feeling around the room for something, anything to help explain her surroundings.

Just as her hands fumbled up some sort of curtain and found behind it what turned out to be a door handle, she realized where she was. She was in a cargo van or truck of some sort. Voices came near, one moved away, still talking, and drifted off towards the front of the van. The door handle turned on its own, making her flinch back. She couldn't remember how she got there and now she was panicking a little. More sounds and voices outside, men's voices, keys crunched in the lock, she heard them laughing.

The door swung open and as the van rocked slightly on its shocks and daylight filtered through the curtain over the doorway blinding her dark-adjusted eyes. She looked around for clues as to where she was, how she'd gotten there. Was this one of those secret fantasies of hers, she wondered, had she accidently confessed one to the wrong person in a drunken moment of bad judgement? Hands from outside pushed aside the curtain, a hat poked against the curtain, blocking her view of his face.

A flashlight quickly scanned her, and the next thing she knew, the hands, which were very large and looked strong as iron, were reaching into the van to the coil of rope, yanking and pulling quickly on it. Suddenly she felt a tug on one ankle and her left foot was pulled from underneath her and up towards the ceiling, splaying her backwards onto the bed.

Almost at the same time, both her hands were pulled by the bindings around her wrists up over her head towards the back of the van. The rope was somehow attached to her ankle and wrists to points high on either end of the van. She could hear pulleys managing the rope. This was not one of her fantasies, it was actually scary, and she yelp in total fright, surprising herself with her own shrill sounds. The man worked so fast she hardly had time to think, she sat up and tried to ask him for help.

Before she could complete a sentence, however, a large hand covered her mouth, pushing her back down on the mattress, while another hand grabbed her by her free hip, and slid her roughly down the mattress toward the doorway, pulling taught on the tethers around her wrists and yanking her arms straight over her head against the mattress.

Now truly frightened and completely overpowered, she struggled involuntarily, knowing there was nothing she could do. She could hear her own muffled screams struggling to escape the hand over her mouth, her body ached as she fought. What happened next was so dark and raw that she could never have anticipated it, resisted it, or even avoided it.

As one hand kept her mouth covered and the other violently pushed her untethered leg sideways out of the way, hot flesh and the edges of rough jeans pressed against the backs of her upturned thighs, bearing down on her with crushing weight. Before she could even muster a resistance, she felt a burning hot, rock hard cock forcing itself into her cunt. She was dry and tight, he had to retract and thrust diligently to work his way in. He loved the way this kind of pussy felt, stunned and defenseless and completely at his disposal. She gave up so easily, she was so pliant and easy to submit, this was the best kind, she would learn quickly.

The hand over her mouth loosened to let her breathe as the formidable cock continued to core her, still not quite fully penetrating her but relentlessly trying to. The sheer surprise and raw pain mixed together to shut out almost every other sensation, and all she could think about was his cock shoving into her, nothing else existed, but darkness. He was fully clothed except for his open fly. She could not see his face. She almost didn't want to, somehow that almost made all of this better.

Physically, he seemed big and overwhelming, his shadowy figure towered over her in the draped doorway, and her cunt strained around him, she could barely control it. He was so completely in control of her, everything he did was so calculated, it was like he had planned this, done this before, knew her every move and thought even before she did. There was something strangely familiar about this man, she struggled to remember; nothing came, it was all dark. Finally, the man spoke, in a raspy, rushed voice.

"If you're good..." he grunted as he thrust, "and let me have what I want, everything will be fine. I don't have to hurt you if you just do as I say. Now let's break you in."

With another grunt he finally bottomed out in her, the friction burning in the walls of her shocked cunt, spreading her wide with what felt to her like an unbelievable girth as she felt his balls resting against her ass.

Terrified and still too stunned to speak, she whimpered. The hand over her mouth retreated, slapped her hard on the ass, and then commanded,

"Now, just do as I say and everything will be fine. Milk me. Come on, squeeze me with that tight, sweet little cunt. I want to feel you working hard under me."

She squirmed, trying desperately to focus on the task, her mind blurry with fear in the darkness. The things he was saying were just horrifying, they were so terrible, so ... wrong... so... dark. It felt like his dirty talk was breaking down her mind and turning her into the slave that she was. All that mattered now was his pleasure, and part of her, the darker part, liked this.

Another smack rattled her face this time, leaving a sting. He grunted.

"You be good like I told you to."

Nodding, she bore down, remembering her kegel exercises, finally executing a few.

"There you go," he said in an almost soothing voice, "that's it."

He then punished her with another volley of thrusts, this time more violent, overpowering her lame efforts. She screamed. His cock seemed to swell and harden even more inside her, punishing her with its roughness. Whenever she flexed around him, the pleasure washed back in, and when she relaxed, it was replaced with pain; the exchange was horrifyingly delicious. She was horrified at herself, that at some level, she was enjoying this.

"Good girl," he grunted, removing his hat and now leaning further into the van over her to drill her deeper, "You do that some more, just be quiet now, that's it. Unh."

The thrusts somehow became deeper, more earnest, and both his hands roughly tilted her hips up towards him, opening her legs as wide as they would go. She whimpered, trying so hard to be quiet and fearing for her life. She knew she would do anything for him now, just to get away alive. She had to admit to herself that at one level, this barbaric rape did feel incredibly good, her fantasy-come-true was even better, and darker, than she could ever have imagined.

Then the thrusting stopped; now he was panting and leaning heavily against the bumper, pinning her, buried deep in her and grinding slowly as if probing for extra space. There was none; she was straining to accommodate him, he felt easily thicker than the opening between her narrow hip bones. He used one rough hand to fully stroke and then stuff his cock into her as he enjoyed the enormous pressure of her shocked cunt, still struggling to expel him.

He kept his hand in place, guiding his cock in and occasionally forcing a finger or two in alongside to stroke himself, coaxing frantic little cries from her as she writhed limply, legs spread eagle under him. Sensing her weakness, he hissed into her ear,

"You can scream all you want to now little lady, nobody can hear you out here. Just do what I tell you."

His cock was now nudging against her cervix, driving her insane with fear and pleasure. At first she did scream, half pain, half pleasure, as fingers and cock swirled into her, probing and retreating.

Then she fell silent, as she sensed him gathering up his energy. Both his rough, massive hands came down on her breasts, crushing them with his weight as his cock stroked in and out of her at his own selfish tempo, with no regard for her pleasure or pain, and he let out small, satisfied grunts. She sensed a long-overdue urgency in him as she forced fluttering kegels, desperate to please him and end this. An involuntary orgasm overtook her and her hips bucked, his weight pressed even more down on her now, overwhelming her mostly naked body with his mostly clothed one. The rough edges of his jacket scraped her bare nipples, she sucked in the fresh air that came in over his shoulder, smelling campfire and trees.

The van rocked steadily on its shocks. She was slowly becoming used to his size. Every time she relaxed her cunt, however, he slapped her right hip the way a cowboy would smack a slow horse, gruffly demanding,

"You're going to ride this horse as long as it wants to go, so hold on tight. Yeah, good girl, suck on it with your tight little cunt."

She did her best to comply, although she was getting weak and sore as he ruthlessly plundered her, forcing her open every time she tried to contract around him. After what seemed like an endless session, he stopped short, laughing breathlessly.

"You're starting to like it aren't you? That's my girl. You know you want that big fat cock buried inside you, splitting you in two, you know you want me to pound you until it hurts. You're going to want it even more soon. You'll see. You're learning."

Her untethered leg flailed as her mind and body blurred under this new layer of darkness. A hard hand slapped her on the inside of the thigh, pushing it back open, and he barked,

"Just remember what I taught you. You give me what I want and you'll be just fine, you'll even like it. Now tighten up again."

She could barely move, she struggled to please him once more as her ravaged cunt burned, only she lost the battle and this time his massive cock slipped impossibly deeper into her; the pain was blinding, almost like it was in her bowels. She sobbed hysterically. His hands scooped under her ass, pulling her halfway out of the van beyond the curtains, she could only imagine what it looked like from the outside. The angle changed and the pain subsided, and he started pumping into her again, his rough hands gripping her legs at the hip joint around him like vises.

This time, it felt so good she found herself wanting him to do this, wanting him to fuck her, wanting him deep and dark inside of her.

Stretched between the shackles on her wrists and ankle, and him, she felt at once pulled and pounded, caught in a tug of war between her restraints and his merciless fuck. Her wrists were on fire where the tethers held her, she was sure they were bleeding, and her one cuffed ankle was a far away, brilliant spot of burning pain, almost not even a part of her any more. She was completely unable to move, given over to him, owned.

To her own horror, the darkness swept through her and she felt her own orgasm flush, this time drawing low oddly happy sobs from her beyond her control. She could feel her own come rolling down her ass in the cooler outside air, now there was no way she could hide her pleasure. He would know, and somehow this made it worse, made her even more disgusted with herself, made her even more his slave.

Then, miraculously, he tensed one last time and he finally, mercifully exploded inside her, his hot liquid flowing deliciously deep into her whether she wanted it or not. She could hear him breathing out, not sighing in pleasure like a lover, but in quiet satisfaction like man pleasuring himself in that secret, dirty way. He muttered as he withdrew and lowered her back into the van,

"Next time, we'll really see what you're made of."

As soon as he'd finished, he was gone, the doors of the van closed, and she was alone in the darkness again, lightly sobbing and shuddering with exquisite confusion, pain, and tingling pleasure. The darkness was now inside her and to her own frank horror, she realized she was already looking forward to his next visit.

Hours passed, she slept fitfully, waking to the slightest noise outside the van door. Chirping crickets, cooing turtledoves, rustles in the trees, they jolted her awake like a hunted animal.

Every time, she feared and anticipated what would happen next, like she was rehearsing for it. She imagined the doors opening again, the restraints on her ankles and wrists yanking her into position, that stranger's hands roughly forcing her to open to him, his cock plundering into her, his raspy voice coaching her through it. After a while, the nightmare became a dark fantasy. She found herself hoping for it, wanting him, wanting to be forced, filled, fucked senselessly.

At some point, she knew it was dawn. The light seeping in through the cardboarded van windows, the temperature of the air, the sounds outside, these all told her that daylight, and the unknown, had come. She heard footsteps passing back and forth past the van. She heard muffled voices. She flinched, dozed, awoke in a panic, then in a wet dream that replayed the day before. She could practically feel that violent cock churning inside her now, rough and mindless. The day dragged on, nothing happened, it began to feel like an eternity to her. She was starting to crave that dark, rough fuck, nothing else mattered. She was horrified with herself, yet unable to control the burning hunger in her cunt.

At what must have been twilight, she awoke with both terror and hope at the sound of men's voices, now very close outside the van. She could not make out whole sentences, only snippets of conversation, sounds, laughs. She overheard the words "wildcat," then something about "breaking her in." She was terrified, horrified, and at the same time, confused by her own eagerness. Part of her could hardly stand the anticipation.

Finally, she felt a tug on the rope restraint on her wrist. More voices. The doors opened, and now she could make out what they were saying.

"So I'll have her first, and then you'll fuck it into her. Just wait till you see this pretty little pussy."

The other man grunted in agreement, and the curtains parted. What happened next was almost an exact copy of the night before. The man wearing the hat tightened the restraints on her arms and legs, spreading her legs wide but leaving her back on the bed, his rough hands forced his thick cock into her, he grunted and thrust into here without mercy or pause. This time there was something different, something rushed about it.

Even as he lay into her with the final volley of thrusts, making the van lurch on its shocks, she sensed that he was rushing through it in order to get on to the next thing. She still came, she couldn't help it now. She'd been so aroused all day, just his breath against her neck, his hands under her ass, these made her scream and buck underneath him, beg him for more, lift her hips up to him to meet his thrust. He finished more quickly this time, withdrawing from the van out of breath and clearly pleased.

"Alright buddy, now we've got my jizz in her, you fuck it into her good and hard. We want you to drive it home with that big black cock of yours, shove it hard and deep into her. Then for sure we'll break her."

The other man replied, chuckling, "Whatever you say man, as long as I get some pussy. "

The curtains parted wide this time, letting what little light was left into the darkness. A tall black man towered over her, hunching low to fit his head under the doorway. She was surprised to see that he was very good looking. He smiled in at her eagerly, then laughed aloud, exclaiming back to the other man,"

"Shoo-eeh! This is the prettiest little white pussy I've ever seen, you got that right. My lucky day!"

Even in her mild fear, she smiled up at him. He was almost sweet and sexy, and she knew whatever he did was going to be fun. She knew, secretly, that she was in safe hands, at least, for the moment. He was already petting his hardon, which she could barely see in the dim light down below. He played with the restraints with his other hand, watching her body as he manipulated it.

"You know, these ropes and all are a great idea but I think I want to start kind of old school here. Can we loosen them up a little on her arms? "

She felt the tension on her wrists release, and she was able to use her hands to prop herself upright even though the ankle restraints still held her legs firmly spreadeagle. His long arms reached in, slid her on her ass closer to the entrance to the van, spreading her legs wider. She squealed at his touch, it was electrifying, she wanted more. Sitting up now, she got a better view of him, his sculpted torso, lean belly, and, as she suspected, massive cock. It was mostly hard now, resting on the mattress between them, easily ten inches long and almost as thick as her wrist.

She knew how to play this, she knew her captors wanted a struggle. She yelped in fear, tried to scuttle back away from him, but his arm held her firm as he chuckled, enjoying her fear.

"Now you gotta play along or I'll have to string you up again alright? Wouldn't you rather I fucked you good instead of just hard?"

Without waiting for an answer, his mouth was on hers, kissing her roughly, shoving his tongue into her mouth. She let him, kissed him back, sucked hungrily on his tongue, and moaned. She felt his fingers sliding along her thigh, exploring her clit, cupping her cunt, and then slowly, surprisingly gently entering her. His fingers were smooth and thick, she loved how wet and soft she felt in his hands, so exposed and powerless. She pushed her pussy against his hand, suckled his tongue, moaning again.

He pulled his mouth away, licking his lips, eyeing her. His cock was now fully at the ready, rock hard and throbbing, bobbing and almost nudging her tits. He cupped her jaw with one hand as he loosened the ankle restraints with the other, and drew her mouth down to his cock. He almost whispered to her, as if giving her some secret escape code,

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