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Date Night


Carol's long black hair shimmered in the streetlight as she and her husband, Andy, stepped out of their car and walked to the front door. They were nearing the end of another typical date night. Andy slipped off his shoes and lumbered over to the closet to hang up his jacket, loosening his tie as he went. Carol sauntered up the stairs to the bedroom, her shiny black "date" heels clicking softly on the floor at each step. The sounds drew Andy's attention over to his wife's long stocking clad legs. His face flushed as he pictured the lacy black bra and panties she wore underneath, framed perfectly by the garter belt holding up the stockings. He quickly raced up the stairs after her in anticipation of what was to come next.

As he passed through the bedroom door his eyes grew larger as he saw that Carol had shed her little black dress. Her ample breasts were perfect, her slender figure and gentle curves called out to be touched. Her dark eyes glimmered as he approached her to kiss. "Come a little closer," she said as she helped him to unbutton his shirt and slip out of his pants. As they undressed a rumble on the porch below broke their passionate attention to each other.

"Did you lock the door?" Carol asked. Too late. They heard the front door bang open. The heavy trample of feet, too many to be just one person, thundered up the stairs.

They both looked at each other, and then at the bedroom door as it swung wildly open. "What the -" Andy was unable to finish as a balled fist swung into his gut. He crumpled to the floor gasping.

Carol staggered backwards. Strong arms grasped her from behind, and a dark bag was pulled over her head. "Well, look what we have here fellas," she heard a gruff voice announce. "She's dressed up nice and sexy for us."

She felt rough hands run up and down her body, lingering at her most intimate parts. A moment later she heard a large bag drop on the floor and a zipper drawn open. "What do you say we get to work?" announced the gruff voiced leader of the intruders.

Carol felt her arms pulled behind her back. Leather cuffs enclosed her slender wrists and were clipped together. Her ankles were cuffed next. As her bra was pulled down exposing her ample breasts Carol started, "What are you going to -", but she was swiftly interrupted by a vice-like pinch on her nipples from the muscular hands of her assailant.

"Tsk, tsk", he purred into her ear, "You are not to speak without permission. Understood?"

"Yes", she choked out through the pain in her nipples. He gave them a cruel twist, drawing a gasp from his lovely pained victim. "That's yes, sir."

"Yes, sir." She sobbed.

"Now that things are, ahem, under control. Let's get started." The leader announced. The bag on Carol's head was pulled away. She looked around to see three men in black fatigues. Their gruff faces showed no mercy or sympathy. Andy had been stripped to his underwear and propped up in the sturdy wooden chair in the corner of the room. His arms and legs securely tied in place. A large red ball gag in his mouth kept any complaints to a minimum. All he could do was look on helplessly as one of the men fumbled around in a large grey duffel bag full of sinister-looking implements.

"Clearly, our arrival interrupted something... unless you were all dressed up expecting us?" The leader coyly raised an eyebrow. "What do you say we pick up where I presume things were headed?"

One of the henchmen began pulling items out of the duffel. Some of them Carol recognized, many she didn't. "What are you going to do to me?"

Her question was quickly answered with a slap across the face from the leader. "Some people just don't learn. What part of 'don't speak without permission' was unclear? Perhaps you need something to take your mind off of talking."

He walked over to the bag and pulled out a pair of shiny clamps. He grasped her plump breast with one hand and applied the first clamp with the other. Carol struggled in vain against her captors to avoid the clamp. She howled in pain as the clamp bit down on her tender nipple. She had barely caught her breath before the next clamp grabbed home on her other sensitive bud. The leader strung a small metal chain between the end of the two clamps. "Now, if you get the urge to speak out of turn again, just think of these lovely little helpers down here." He emphasized his statement with a gentle tug on the chain which caused Carol to moan again against the pain in her nipples.

"Now, where were we?" The intruder glanced over at Andy, who had gone pale watching his wife being roughly handled by these men. "Ah yes, you were about to show us how you like to please your shithead husband." He pushed Carol to her knees, and fumbled with his pants. Out popped a good sized semi-erect cock right at eye level for Carol. She recoiled as the member swung her way, but her throbbing nipples reminded her to keep her comments to herself.

"Why don't you show me how you are a good little cocksucker, eh?" Carol pulled back as he roughly grabbed a handful of hair to guide her face toward his crotch. He paused.

"Oh, how selfish of me. I've forgotten my manners. It seems the lady of the house is reluctant to perform without some reciprocation. We have just the thing."

At a glance, one of the subordinate intruders rifled through the duffel bag and pulled out a small egg-shaped object. He walked over to Carol. The leader pulled Carol's lacy black panties down a little while the third intruder held Carol firmly in place. The henchman with the egg spit on it and gave it a twist. A low hum emanated from it as it began to vibrate. He began to coax the egg into Carol's tender pink pussy. Once it was in position her panties were pulled back into place. Despite her predicament Carol felt her body responding to the vibrator as it worked away inside her.

"Alright, now that we've taken care of princess I think it's time for us to have some fun," the leader announced. "Here's the deal: you cooperate, and you won't get hurt quite so much. Got it?"

Carol's mind was focused on the pleasure building inside her pussy and hadn't noticed the question addressed to her. A quick tug on the chain connected to her nipples quickly snapped her attention back to her captors. "Yes, sir," she stammered out.

She was roughly forced back to her knees, and the leader's cock was presented to her face, which was starting to get flushed. "Get to work."

Carol craned her neck forward to guide the cock into her mouth. Her balance hampered by having her hands secured behind her back. She gingerly begin licking and sucking the tip and the cock began to fully harden. Out of nowhere the crack of a riding crop struck her squarely on her ass cheek. She gasped at the sudden unexpected assault. "I'm going to need to see more enthusiasm than that."

Carol vigorously gobbled up the cock of her captor, trying to ignore the stinging pain on her backside. She furiously worked her mouth up and down his stiff shaft. "Hey shithead," the leader addressed Andy. "Look how your wife loves sucking my cock. She's really going to town on it. And she's not half bad at it either." Andy's face reddened behind his gag, he looked away.

Crack! The leader popped his cock out of Carol's mouth and brought the crop down hard on Carol's round ass. Her shriek filled the room. "Listen up, shithead. You're gonna watch every detail or things may get very unpleasant here. No more looking at anything other than what's happening to your lovely cocksucking wife. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about how to be a real man." Andy quickly nodded agreement.

The leader turned back to Carol. "Here I am being selfish again. You're working over my cock, and my assistants here are just watching. Shorty, Butch, why don't you two take my place. I don't want to blow my load too soon." He said with a wink.

The two men dropped their pants and came into Carol's line of sight as the leader stepped back to supervise. Carol audibly gasped as the one called Shorty came into view. "Ah, I see you've discovered why we call him Shorty," he chuckled as Carol focused on the long cock dangling in front of her red lips. The girth wasn't anything overwhelming but the length of his cock was bigger than anything she had ever seen.

"You'd better get to work. Shorty is a big fan of deep throats." The leader announced as he suggestively took a few test swings at the air in front of him with the crop.

Carol went to work sucking on Shorty's huge cock. As she got into the rhythm of things Shorty began to none-too-gently ram his cock all the way down Carol's throat. Despite her gagging and sputtering he held it there till her face started to turn red, then relented just long enough for her to catch her breath before ramming it back down again. Fortunately for Carol, what Shorty had in cock size he lacked in endurance. During one of his lunges deep into her throat he came, spraying his load directly down her throat. He pulled back and Carol fell to the floor choking and coughing.

"Nice work, Shorty. Before we give Butch a go, why don't we move things to the bed." The leader stepped forward, picked Carol up and tossed her to the bed. She lay on her stomach, her head at the foot of the bed so she would see her bound and tormented husband looking on. Shorty and Butch stepped forward to attach ropes to the bottom corners of the bed frame, then secured them to Carol's wrist cuffs which had been unattached from each other by the leader. Her arms were pulled wide apart as they were linked to the ropes, leaving her upper body pressed to the bed and her head hanging off the end.

The leader stepped around the side of the bed. "Holy shit! Take a look at this you guys," he gestured to Carol's panties, which through the work of the vibrator diligently humming away in her snatch had caused them to be soaked through with pussy juice. "Your wife is a real cocksucking slut." He wriggled the soaked panties off her round ass and shapely legs then walked over to Andy. He placed the soaked panties over his head, the wettest part right over Andy's nose. He continued to watch his tortured wife through the leg holes as the egg was removed from his wife's wet pussy.

"Can't have you cumming too soon," the leader taunted. Carol's legs were pulled apart and secured to the chains at the corresponding corners of the bed. She now lay spread-eagle before her captors. Her nipples, still enclosed by the cruel jaws of the clamps were smashed into the bed causing them to twist and pull her tender buds even more.

The leader roughly grabbed onto Carol's long black hair and forced her head back. Then he gave a nod to his companion. Butch stepped forward as he unzipped his fly and Carol quickly got to work. Thankfully for her, Butch wasn't nearly as well endowed as Shorty. However, the stress of having her head forced back and Butch banging into the back of her throat caused Carol to gag and choke as Butch fucked her face. After a few minutes, Butch's cock began to spasm and cum in Carol's mouth. He stepped back contentedly as Carol let the cum dribble out of her mouth and down her chin.

Crack! The sharp snap of the crop landed squarely on Carol's naked ass. Crack! Crack! Crack! Three more blows landed in quick succession. Carol shrieked and strained against her chains. Her ass aflame from the sudden assault.

"What's the matter with you, bitch?!" He railed. "What makes you think it is ever okay to spit out cum? You should be thanking Butch for letting you taste his cum." He dropped the riding crop to the ground. "This calls for a more severe punishment."

He stormed over to his devious bag of tools and pulled out a wooden birch rod. It was about three feet long and as think as Carol's little finger. "I think ten strokes ought to teach you a lesson." He took a few practice swishes while Butch and Shorty adjusted her ropes. They unhooked her legs and removed the garter and stockings from her quivering legs. Then they shoved several pillows under her stomach, elevating her ass, and reattached the ropes to hold her in place.

Her captor walked over to Carol and held her face gingerly in his rough hands. "We won't gag you, but you are not to open your mouth during your punishment. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

Slap! He slapped her hard against her cheek with his open hand. "You have got to be the most forgetful bitch I've ever met."

Tears welled up in Carol's eyes, as her cheek reddened. "I'm sorry, sir. I understand, sir. Please go easy on me."

"If I went easy then you wouldn't learn anything," he said with a smirk.

He stepped over to the side of the bed. Carol flinched as he raised the cane, but he hesitated, holding his arm up over his head. The suspense built. Carol closed her eyes. Thwack! He brought the cane down hard on the backs of her thighs. Carol saw red. Her mind raced. Her body strained against the ropes. She fought with all her strength to suppress the scream waiting in her throat.

Her assailant waited before the next stroke, watching as an angry red welt appeared across the backs of Carol's firm thighs. Thwack! He brought down the next strike. It landed an inch lower, parallel to the first. Carol again tested her ropes as she transformed the shriek within her into a heavy moan.

He waited before each stroke, savoring the agony of his writhing victim. He laid down three more strokes, each parallel and adjacent to a previous stroke. Her thighs were now striped bright red. Through it all she managed to fight back the scream that threatened to erupt from her sore cock-battered throat.

He had now exhausted places to lay the cane on her thighs that hadn't already been touched by the smooth birch of his rod. He wound up one more time. Thwack! Carol could hold back no longer. Her scream echoed throughout the house, maybe the whole neighborhood as the cane came down at an angle crossing several of the welts left by previous strokes. As she lay on the bed panting and gasping for breath behind her free flowing tears her captor admonished, "Now now, we told you not to open your mouth. You have broken yet another rule. I think that stroke doesn't count, and we'll add two more. Butch, why don't you take over."

He handed the cane to his assistant. Butch stepped up beside the bed and wound up, a gleeful smile on his face. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! He delivered three strokes in quick succession to the backs of Carol's thighs. She bucked and groaned, panted and gasped, but she managed to keep her mouth closed. Fortunately for Carol, Butch's technique wasn't quite as sharp or precise. He delivered the remaining strokes without incident, but none cut as cruelly as the strokes she received from the leader.

Carol lay on the bed, exhausted from her punishment. Her legs were striped with red welts, slowly turning into painful purples bruises.

"Well, I hope you've learned your lesson," the leader said. "What do you say we take off these nasty nipple clamps? I don't want them getting in the way for this next part." Carol sighed, wondering how much more could they ask of her?

Shorty unhooked from her cuff the rope attached to one of her wrists and lifted her shoulder, exposing her breasts to his associate. The leader stepped in and slowly released the jaws of the clamp cruelly hooked to Carol's left breast. She winced as the blood rushed back to her sensitive nipple allowing her to feel the pain anew. The leader slowly detached the other clamp from her right breast. Carol looked down at her poor gnashed nipples, still deformed by the pinch of the clamps.

Once the clamps had been returned to the dreaded bag of painful tools, Carol's wrist cuff was once again attached to its rope, pulling her chest tight against the bed.

"Shorty and Butch got their turn. Now it's mine," the leader smirked. The pillows supporting Carol's midsection were roughly jerked away. "We've seen how much you love sucking cock," he said gesturing to the wet panties still draped over Andy's face. "Let's see how enthusiastic you are at fucking. What do you say to that?"

"No, sir. Please just let us go," Carol pleaded.

"You're a selfish one. How about this? Butch, why don't you get the egg back out and return it to our princess's pussy." Butch marched over to the bag. "But that means there's no room for me there... Hmm, I suppose I'll have to fuck your ass then."

The blood drained from Carol's flushed face. She was speechless. "You know," the leader said, "getting assfucked by me is really a great privilege. I think I'm going to need you to beg me for it. Make sure you're real convincing, otherwise I'll have to find something else to do." He swished the cane menacingly through the air.

Carol gulped. "Please, sir, put your dick in my ass," she murmured.

Crack! The leader brought the cane down hard on the back of Carol's bruised thighs. She screamed and bucked against her restraints. "I'm going to need more enthusiasm than that," he sneered.

The flaming hot stripe across her legs knocked Carol out of her stupor. "Oh, please, sir, fuck my ass. Give it to me hard." She put everything she had into the act. "Oh I need your cock so bad." She seductively wriggled her hips for her captor. "Pound my ass, sir. I'm so ready for you."

"So this worthless piece of shit over here doesn't do it for you ,eh?" her captor said, gesturing to Andy.

"No, sir! His cock is pathetic. I need a real man to pound my ass. I need you."

"Well, if you insist," the leader chuckled. He dropped his pants and mounted the bed. Carol shuddered as he ran his hands down her smooth backside to her hips. He held her firmly as he worked his cock deep in ass. Carol moaned as he began to thrust. "Oh, yes sir, give it to me deeper. Harder!" The effects of the egg humming away in her pussy started to become apparent. Her captor continued fucking her tight ass. "Yes, please more. Fuck me harder!" she cried out, pushing her ass towards him with each thrust.

Carol and her captor continued fucking, working themselves into frenzy. It was clear she was no longer pretending to beg for her ass to be fucked. She needed it. As she and her captor approached climax, he commanded, "Look at your worthless piece of shit husband as you cum!" He grabbed a handful of her long black hair and yanked her head back. He came deep in her ass. His spasming dick sent Carol over the edge. As she came, he pulled out and smacked her ass with his open hand. It seemed to push her even further over the edge.

The leader climbed off the bed and dressed himself as Carol collapsed in exhaustion onto the bed.

"I think we're just about done here," the leader announced. "Fellas, why don't you take princess here to get cleaned up while I deal with shithead?"

He began repacking his bag of torments as Butch and Shorty untied Carol and led her to the bathroom.


Several minutes later she strolled out wearing a plush white bathrobe, a look of complete bliss painted across her face, and a glass of wine in her hand. She walked up to the leader and handed him an envelope filled with cash.

"That was wonderful," she remarked. "Same time next month?"

The leader grinned. "I never miss a date night."

He handed her his business card. "We'll let ourselves out. Tell your friends," he winked.

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