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Dating Service Dilemma

byPhoenix Arrow©

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!


Hello, my name is Jessica and would consider myself to be a successful woman. I am vice-president of an accounting firm, have my very own house, and just bought a new jaguar. All in all, I'd say I was doing all right for myself. However, the one thing that I am lacking is a man. I am a very independent woman and a slight feminist, but most women have that need to be held by a loving husband.

However, my lack of a man is not because I'm not good looking. At 28 I'm no model, but I still have all my charms, from curvy hips, to long legs, to my C cup breasts, and what all my friends tell me is an attractive face. And its not to say that I haven't tried, but most of the men I've dated either had one problem or the other, and I never quite found the one I really wanted to marry.

It was late on Friday when Sally, a fellow vice president and my very good friend walked through the door and rushed up to my desk.

"Hey Jess, you've got to try this".

She came around and started typing a web link on my computer.

"I was walking down the hall this afternoon and saw some of the secretaries huddled around one of the computers. When I asked then what was going on, they showed me this".

On the screen was apparently a dating website.

"When I asked the girls about it, they told me it works really well. Several of them have already been dating men from this site, and they all seemed very excited about it".

I took a closer look at the screen. It appeared to be a legitimate online dating service, with links for men or women.

Sally looked over at me with a wink.

"Come on Jess, lets give it a try."

I looked at her and gave her a sarcastic laugh. "Oh don't be silly, these things never work."

"How would you know, have you ever tried it?"


"See, and it couldn't be any worse than what ever you've been trying so far."


"Sorry, but its true. Now come on, lets give it a go."

I sighed and gave in. "Ok ok, but only if you do one to."

"But I already have a boyfriend".

"Than I guess I won't be doing it."

"Ok, I'll just do it for fun."

Sally took the mouse and clicked on "Find a Man for You".

The next page revealed a type of pole. On it was a list of 5 questions with answers that asked for all things I would look for in a man.

The questions were:

1. How successful should he be?

A. Very Successful B. Moderately Successful C. Success not important

2. How Good Looking should he be?

A. Very attractive B. Moderately attractive C. Looks aren't important

3. When at a restaurant, he should?

A. Let me order for myself B. Ask me what I like and order for me C. Order for me without asking

4. How would you prefer an argument to end?

A. A compromise B. I win C. Always he'd win

5. In bed, how would you prefer he act

A. Romantic B. Plain C. Rough

Sally encouraged me to take this seriously, so after studying each question, I choose: Very Successful, Moderately Attractive, Let me order for myself, A compromise, and Romantic.

I clicked submit. We waited for about a minute for it to process. I could tell Sally was excited for the results. Soon a list of about 15 men popped up. Apparently they were the ones that most closely matched my answers.

After looking at all the men, one caught my eye. His name was John. He was a lawyer and a partner for a very large law firm, about 35, and from his picture looked quite attractive.

I pointed him out to Sally and she clicked on his name and up popped his profile.

John, 35. Very Successful, charming, good sense of humor, handsome. Is looking for a woman that will be his best friend and lover.

Sally printed his phone number and handed it to me. "There you go, your perfect man. You really should call him. What's the worst that can happen?"

I smiled, then folded the paper and put it in my purse.

"Ok, my turn. Since I already have a boyfriend I'm doing this just for fun remember."

We reloaded the poll page and the list of questions came up again.

"Hmmm, I have an idea. Why don't we choose all the worst traits we could possibly want in a man. I mean select all the bad answers to each question. I wonder if there are any real guys that pathetic out there."

So with both of us giggling the whole time, she choose: Success not important, Looks aren't important, order for me without asking, For him to always win arguments, and for him to be Rough in bed.

We giggled as the results loaded onto the page. Then a list popped up, if you could call it that.

There was just one person, and judging from his picture, was a very unkept disappointing man. Sally and me both laughed as we read his description.

Billy, 37. Very Demanding. Has trouble keeping jobs. Has tendency to be very opinionated. Is looking for a special kind of girl that will take care of his needs.

Sally wickedly laughed as she hit the print button. She took the paper and shoved it into my purse. "Here Jessica, if the other guy doesn't work out, you can always try this winner." and she ran for the door laughing.

Before leaving she turned. "But seriously, you should give that guy John a call, it couldn't hurt." Then she left.

I laughed to myself at her amusement with this dating game, then went to reach over for my purse to remove the low life's paper. Just then a client called. By the time I was done with the phone, I had forgotten all about the date papers.


Later that night, after I arrived home, I dug into my purse to get my keys when I found John's profile. After looking it over for a little bit, I thought to myself: "What the hell, I'll ask him to one date and if it doesn't go well, then that'll be it".

I picked up the phone and introduced myself to him. After we started talking, I discovered that I was really enjoying the conversation. So when he offered to meet me for dinner on Saturday at this nice restaurant downtown, I agreed.

By Saturday evening I was getting really excited about the date. I was having a really good feeling about this. I arrived right on time, 7:30, and saw he was already there. I was really impressed with his looks. The picture on the web did not do him justice. He was a real hunk.

He was also a perfect gentleman. He gave me flowers, then held my chair out for me. When the waiter came he sat back and allowed me to order. Through out dinner, I got to know him even better. He was well off and very successful, but his work never gave him the time he wanted for dating. Now at 35 he wanted to start a family.

After a wonderful dinner, he paid and then walked me to my car. Here he again acted the perfect gentlemen, kissing my hand and suggesting another date. I told him he could call me and we'd arrange it.

When I got home I was so excited, I just had a fantastic date with the perfect guy. I called Sally immediately told her the good news, and she was just as excited.

"I'm so happy for you Jess, I knew this would be good for you. Was he really that impressive? Wow. I guess you won't be calling the other Mr. Right than huh?" I could hear her laughing on the other end.

I laughed a little to, then we said our goodbyes and hung up. This reminded me of the other dating profile still folded in my purse. I even forgot his name.

I grabbed my purse and began searching for it and found it buried at the bottom. I looked at the name one last time. Billy Thorpe. A special girl in deed. Laughing to myself, I crumpled up the paper and threw it at the wastebasket. However, it just missed, bounced off the top and landed behind the basket.

As I fell asleep, all I could think about was how wonderful this new guy in my life was, and dreamt of the possibilities.


During the next two weeks I had dated John 5 more times. I was completely falling in love with him. He was the perfect guy, always caring about my needs, giving me flowers, treating me with respect. By the sixth date he invited me to his beautiful house and we ended up sleeping together. He was so passionate and sensual it was unbelievable.

It was around this time on a tuesday that I decided to clean my room. When I began cleaning the over flowing wastebasket, I noticed a crumpled paper behind it. Making sure it wasn't anything important, I picked it up and uncrumpled it. It was Billy's profile.

I decided to read the profile again.

Billy, 37. Very Demanding. Has trouble keeping jobs. Has tendency to be very opinionated. Is looking for a special kind of girl that will take care of his needs.

For a second I thought how horrible it would have been if I had met Billy on my date, instead of the love of my life. I feel really bad for any girls that managed to be fixed up with him. What must have it been like to have gone on a date with a guy like this.

When I saw his phone number at the bottom of the page, a wicked idea came into my head. With me seemingly being the luckiest girl in the world by finding the perfect guy, I wanted to see what the other end of the spectrum looked like. I wanted to give this loser Billy a call and see just how much of a creep he really is. Not that I'd actually go on a date with this guy, but I'd just like to hear how it could have been.

With that, I picked up the phone and dialed his number. What a naughty girl I am. The phone began to ring and after about 8 or 9 rings I figured he didn't even own an answering machine, and was about to hang up when a rough sounding man answered.

"Ya what ya want?"

"Um, yes hello, ah, is Billy there please?"

"Yeah hotstuff, this is him."

"Yes well I'm calling in response to finding your name in an online dating service?"

"Online dating who? Oh ya, I remember that, my mom put me up to that, said it would be good for me. So you want to date me eh, what's your name little girl?"

"Jessica" Damit, I shouldn't have given out my real name, it just slipped.

"So little Jessica, do you have a hot body on ya?"

"I consider myself attractive if that's what you mean."

"But do you have a nice tight ass? I only date girls with nice asses."

"My butt is just fine. Now isn't there anything else you'd like to know about me other than how good my body looks, like what's in my mind?"

"No not really. I'm only interested in your body. But I cant see what you look like on the phone, so where do you want to meet?"

"Meet? Well I don't know, I didn't really..."

"Come on doll, I have to meet you in person before I'd let you date me. You do want to date me don't you?"

"Um well you see, I was just calling to...."

"Gosh girl, are you stupid or something? Why don't you just meet me at the Scarlet restaurant tomorrow night at 7, and wear something to show off that hot body of yours."


I was in a little bit of a shock. Even though I figured he would be rude, I hadn't expected him to control the conversation this much. The beeping of my phone brought me to the realization that I was still holding the receiver off the hook.

I hung up the phone and started remembering. Did he just tell me to meet him for a date tomorrow? And to ask me to wear revealing clothing, who does he think he is?

I sat on my bed just thinking of his arrogance. I mean if he treated me this poorly on the phone, just imagine how rude he would be if we met in person.

But he was already expecting me to show up tomorrow. Damit, I wish I hadn't called him. I really didn't want to go, but what if he told the agency that I stood him up. Would they tell John? I couldn't bare to loose him now.

I decided I had to go, just so there wouldn't be any problems. I really wasn't looking forward to it, but I figured that even if it turns out to be a horrible date, at least it will enforce my appreciation for John.

So the next day, I found myself driving to the Scarlet restaurant. I should be crazy for doing this. I could fully expect a horrible evening.

I'm still not sure why I decided to wear what he wanted, revealing clothing. The low cut blouse did show a little too much cleavage, but I figured I might as well show this creep what he WONT be having after this date.

I arrived at the restaurant at 6:50 and went in. I was actually quite surprised. It looked like a respectable restaurant. I half expected it to be a dump.

He hadn't arrived yet, so I took a seat at a table and just waited...and waited....and waited. By 7:40 he hadn't showed up yet, and I was really getting pissed. By 8:00 I was getting ready to leave when he finally showed up.

He was a disgusting looking man, unshaved, unbrushed hair and only about 5'8". When I stood up to vent my anger he quickly whistled loudly, "Dame baby, you sure are fine".

I blushed and looked around to notice other people looking at me. Embarrassed, I quickly sat down. He sat in the chair across from me and quickly snapped his fingers at the waiter. As the waiter was coming, he quickly looked over to me "I'm glad to see you dressed appropriately, I like women who listen, but don't get to comfortable in that dress."

My jaw dropped. Just then the waiter arrived and Billy began to order. He was ordering quite an expensive meal for himself. I was about to order when he just continued and ordered for me. "Yes, the girl will have a salad, that'll be all my good man." Then the waiter left and I just glared at him.

"Why did you do that? I didn't want a salad."

"Because I'm a guy and know what's best for you. Besides, we want that hot looking bod of yours looking good for me don't we?

I just sat there fuming.

"Speaking of keeping in shape, you must work out, do you go to the gym?"

"Well...yes I do."

"I thought so, but you must make good money to afford going to a gym. What do you do?"

"I am a vice-president of an Accounting Firm." I said proudly, hoping this would show him off.

"Accounting firm? That's surprising, a girl like you doesn't look like she's good with numbers. You must have slept your way to the top."

"How dare you suggest...."

"Look I understand, a girl has to do what it takes to support herself. I don't mind, as long as you make enough."

"Well what do you do?"

"Right now nothing, and proud of it. Work is too time consuming for me. I consider myself to be a Male Lion. All he has to do is have sex with many females and they bring him all the food. Its only natural, you agree?"

I was about to disagree when the food arrived. He immediately began to chow down on his food as I did my best to stay interested in my salad. He ate like a pig, and by the time he was finished his face and hands were a mess.

The conversation over dinner was almost nonexistent, and I was bored as hell.

When the waiter approached with the check, I was relieved the night would finally be over. As the waiter handed the check to Billy, he casually pointed towards me and uttered "Male Lion" with a smirk. I grabbed the check fuming and quickly paid for the dinner he mostly ate.

As we started to walk out, he casually put his arm around me and planted his hand right on my butt, the Bastard. I tried to push him away, but he held firm as we walked, and since I really didn't want to make a scene, just left it there as we walked out.

Once outside he insisted he walk me to my car. Once there he whistle loudly again and squeezed my ass as he said "Dame sweat cheeks, a jaguar! You must really be making a lot, I just might let you date me more often."

By now I was irate as I pushed him away got into my car and drove off, to my home and to the boyfriend I loved.


What a horrible date, and an even more horrible man. I was now more than ever feeling pleased to have my John. John had more class and charm in one finger than Billy in his whole body.

I continued to date john over the next few weeks, and I even started staying at his place. Things were going great. There was only one problem however. Sometimes John would be just too busy. On one particular weekend John was away on business and on Saturday night I had nothing to do.

Then the phone rang!


" Hello there hot stuff"

Oh its you, what do you want?

Well I know that you are a shy girl and all, but with an ass like yours I had to give you another date. I want you to meet me tonight.

I...um...already have plans." I lied

Well cancel them.

But I don't feel like having dinner with you.

"Fuck dinner, I need a different type of entertainment tonight. Meet me at Foxy's at 7:30, and wear something to show off those fine legs." Click

Damit, he did it again. I don't know how he manages to do it, but now I was expected to meet him at 7:30. With great reluctance, I arrived at Foxy's in a tight spandex top and a mini-skirt that came to mid-thigh. Why did I keep listening to his demands?

I should be ashamed of myself for going. For one, I was a grown woman and should have been strong enough to stand up to this loser. And Two, I was dating behind my boyfriends back, even though I wouldn't call it cheating, I still felt bad.

When I walked up to the front, Billy was already there waiting.

"Its about time, we're missing all the good shows."

The moment we walked in, I felt every male eye leering at me and I felt very uneasy. I actually welcomed Billy's possessive hand on my ass as a sign to these men that I was already taken.

We took our seats near the stage and he ordered drinks. Suddenly a girl with huge breasts burst through the curtain and started dancing very seductively.

With great shock and disgust, I finally realized that this wasn't a dance club, but a strip club. I should have walk right out, but the firm hand on my knee kept me seated.

I looked up at the white girl with big breasts and watched her strut her stuff to some sort of teacher act. How perverted.

As the act continued, Billy slowly moved his hand higher and higher up my thigh. I tried to squirm and push him away, but he was very insistent. After about 10 minutes, he managed to have the tips of his fingers against my inner panties.

I was mortified when his fingers began to slowly stroke my sex over my panties and found myself breathing heavier.

By now the woman on stage was completely nude, her large breasts swaying with the music. We locked eyes and I could tell she saw what Billy was doing to me. Involuntarily I spread my legs and she winked at me as Billy slipped past my panties and pushed a dirty finger inside.

Just then the music stopped and the woman on the stage left. Billy pulled his finger out, licked it clean.

"Mmmmm, very sweat."

I blushed. I was now pretty horny from the stimulation and worse, I may have been drinking too much.

"I think we've seen enough of this, time to get you home baby"

I nodded my head and followed him out to my car. Billy insisting I was too drunk to drive and took the keys to my Jag, and drove to my house. I knew that I shouldn't be letting him know where I live, but I couldn't think clearly.

Wow, you actually live here? I found a rich bitch this time.

He followed me up to my door. I opened it, then turned to tell him goodnight when he quickly pushed past me.

"Yep, looks just as good inside as out."

"Billy please, I'm really tired and don't feel too good. Please leave."

He walked right up to me and started kissing me. I just froze for a moment, unsure what to do. When he inserted his tongue into my mouth I started to protest and push him away.

He responded by grabbing both my breasts and roughly squeezing them through my top. I gave a low moan, both from the pain, and the sudden intimacy of it.

This was really getting out of hand, I didn't want it to lead to this. I forcefully pushed him away. "Please stop, I didn't want this, please..."

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