tagIncest/TabooDaughter Lena Ch. 5

Daughter Lena Ch. 5


I couldn't imagine what the girls were up to, but I was game for most anything. It did make me a little nervous when they huddled just out of ear-shot. I could hear talking, then giggling, then more talking. When they finally came back to where I still lie on the floor, they were way too serious.

Lena started, "OK, here's the deal Pops. From this point forward, you are our slave. You may not speak unless spoken to, and you may not resist anything we choose to do. If you speak or fail to do our bidding, it's all over. By that I mean, Donna goes home, I get dressed and you will be free to go back to Mom. Just nod your head if you accept these terms."

I was somewhat reluctant, but after all, the worst they could do, would still be kinky sex with my daughter. How could I go wrong? I nodded and lay back on the rug.

"The first thing that's going to happen," Donna said, "is that Lena is going to teach me to gobble that cock the way she does. The only thing you need to do is get it hard."

That certainly wasn't going to be difficult. My cock was already on its way up just at the thought of Lena's mouth. At Lena's instruction, Donna pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. Lena faced Donna, knelt and straddled my head, her glorious pussy only inches from my face. Then she sat back on her legs, squeezing my head between her thighs. She looked straight down at my face and said, "While Donna's blowing you, I will be jerking off just far enough away so that you will see me get wet and hear the sounds of my fingers on my pussy. And if I can accomplish it, and I believe I can, I am going to get so wet that I will drip onto your face. And you can't touch. You can't raise your head. You can't do anything but lie there and watch."

Lena rose back above my face and began her instructions to Donna, who was a remarkably fast learner. As she spoke her fingers massaged her clit, never passing to her cunt hole, just rubbing her clit. The sensations of Donna's mouth on my cock were wonderful, and without seeing what she was doing, I could tell she was getting more and more depth with every stoke. And Lena's amazing pussy was glistening with wetness. I feared that her juices would run down her thighs instead of dripping onto my face, almost as much as I feared cumming too soon. This was truly a dream come true. I imagined it was Lena's mouth sucking my cock and jacking her own clit, then Lena broke the silence.

"Put you finger in his ass and he'll cum on demand," she said.

Donna didn't need further instructions. She forced a finger deep into my ass as her mouth took all the cock I had to offer. It wasn't as smooth or as silky as Lena, but it damn sure made me start blowing in her throat. At that moment, Lena slammed her pussy to my forehead and slowly dragged all her juices down over my face, leaving snail tracks from cheek to cheek. I almost lost my breath as I tried to lick the slime from around my mouth. At the other end Donna was sucking the final drops of cum from my dick, and I jerked as she removed her finger from my ass.

"Well I'm not so sure about this. He's the slave, but neither of us got to cum," Lena giggled, as she and Donna laughed at each other.

"So what do we do? His dick isn't hard enough to fuck with yet, and I don't know if I want to wait," Donna said.

"I hear that," Lena added. "I worked myself up to a lather and need to cum now."

"Well I have an idea, if you're up to it," Donna said.

"I'm up to anything right now, I just want to cum. Do you know how exciting it is to watch your ole man get a blow job," Lena asked?

It was Donna's time for instruction. "You may watch this from any angle you wish," Donna told me. She then positioned herself and Lena sitting directly in front of each other, with legs splayed and over-lapping. Their pussies were about 9 inches apart. Donna started by reaching down and playing with Lena's pussy. I could tell by the look on Lena's face that she was very unsure of the situation, but the lust and overwhelming desire was winning over. She slowly lowered her hand to Donna's waiting cunt and began to reciprocate Donna's attentions.

"You bitch, why haven't we ever done this before," Lena moaned.

"Because your Daddy hasn't been her to get us all worked up before," Donna answered. "Look at him, watching his little girl do this lesbo shit. He's loving it."

Lena's embarrassment only heightened her excitement and she and Donna had both hands feverishly working on each other. It was Lena who forced the issue. She pushed Donna to her back then jumped on her face in a dreamlike 69 action. I watched briefly as Lena dove into her first pussy, lapping and sucking Donna's hairy cunt. Then I went around to see my favorite sight, Lena's beautiful pussy. Lena ground her pussy into Donna's face, and the sight of those puffy lips and oozing juices spreading on Donna's face was too much. Her tight little asshole puckered as she and Donna started cumming at the same time. Donna bucked and Lena continued the grinding until they both lay exhausted. Donna spoke first, "Lena, I think I better go now. Having sex with you was more than I bargained for. I'll give you a call later on when I've had a chance to get my head together."

Donna rose quickly, dressed and left without a word. Lena just lay there, her breathing softened. The shock of what they had done, as friends, must have been like learning your best buddy is a cocksucker. I wanted to console her, but she spoke first. I almost thought I saw tears in her eyes. "The game's not over yet. Lie back down on your back," Lena commanded. Watching the fantastic sight of Lena and Donna eat each other, had made my cock hard again and Lena stood astraddle of me as I lie there with my dick pointing straight up. As she slowly lowered herself toward me, she said, "After the last couple of weeks or so, nothing is sacred any more. I have sucked my Dad's cock, had a finger in his ass, had his face and hands jammed in my cunt, licked my best friend's pussy dry while I fucked her face, been ass-fucked with my own dildo, not to mention the shampoo bottle, and actually jacked off for my Father's pleasure. I guess actually getting to fuck him like I have always wanted to, is no big deal any more. Don't say a word! I have wanted this for a long time and I am going to finally fuck you."

Lena's usually bulbous pussy was actually swollen and red, probably from the hard oral sex I imposed earlier and from the hard ride on Donna's face. It was a gorgeous thing to see as she slowly lowered to my cock. She was obscenely wet and she paused momentarily when her pussy touched my straining cock. Then in a slow and literally fluid motion, she sat down on my prick until it was fully engulfed. The sensations were almost indescribable. The heat and the wetness were overwhelming, and I was astounded at how tight her sweet pussy was. How could she constrict my cock so hard when her pussy had been reamed so often? I have personally had eight fingers in her glorious cunt at once, and still her pussy strangled my cock at half the size. And the pressures she applied were not just on the head of my cock, but through the entire length, squeezing at the base as well as at the tip. And as she rose and fell, her eyes closed and her mouth agape, I felt as though I would be totally swallowed, my balls yearning to follow my cock into her depths. At the point of complete insertion, she would slightly gyrate her pelvis, grinding her clit against me, then rise until my cock barely stayed within her. I wanted to transfer my thoughts so that I didn't cum too quickly and spoil the pleasures, but the feel of her tight pussy walls sliding up and down my cock refused me the option. I wanted to stop her so I could prolong the feelings, then I wanted to make her to fuck me faster. My head was whirling, but she still maintained the same steady motion, up, down, gyrate, then again and again and again. My orgasm came hard but seemed to match her pace. As I came, her face never changed and her eyes remained shut. She was almost oblivious to me. Her entire universe was her own pleasure and she would not be interrupted. Instinctively she didn't pull off my cock as far, and thus, avoided my shrinking member from interrupting her trance. On the upward strokes I could feel my own cum slipping from her hole and sliding down the shaft of my cock, to be pushed and ground into my pubic hair. Struggling with the sensations her pussy gave to my exhausted prick, I noticed a slight increase in the tempo. And Lena's breathing got harder. I knew I was going to get the riding of a lifetime and my cock began to revive.

We had already fucked longer than I thought I was capable of and now I was getting fully hard again. Lena obviously didn't care about anything but her own greedy lust, and the tempo increased once again. At any time in my life that I was involved in a "marathon" fuck, friction and fatigue and dryness became a factor. Not so with Lena. Her pussy drenched me and matted the hair down. Her juices ran down my ass to the floor. And we both grew stronger as the fucking continued. I could feel my balls tighten as yet another cum approached and Lena's movements had increased to a feverish pace. She quit the up and down motion and simply ground against me, smashing her hard clit between us and taking all the cock I could ever offer.

It was a textbook mutual climax. I pulled her hips toward me with the same force and urgency that she thrust with. And the orgasm seemed to go on forever, my cum being lost somewhere in her liquid depths. When it had ended, she lay on me, exhausted. And as my worn-out cock slipped from her pussy, a rush of combined cum washed over my balls and soaked into the carpet. Lena rose and went to the bedroom. I knew the next few moments would set the stage for any relationship we might have in the future, and the anxiety was immense. I dressed, not bothering to clean myself up and sat in anticipation. Lena came out of the bathroom fully dressed and sat next to me. "Well, here's the possibilities as I see them," she said. "We can pretend none of this ever happened and go to our graves with the secret. NOT!! We can forever regret what has happened and vow to never let it happen again, but I doubt that will happen because I'm not sorry. We can continue to have this illicit and forbidden sex until we both tire of it or you drop dead of a heart attack. Or we can both hate and blame each other forever. What do you think, Pop.? Where do we go from here?"

"I don't know, Lena," I stammered. "I love you as a daughter and that causes me some shame. But I also love you as a lover. You are the most alluring thing alive. If we continue, we're likely to get caught. Can we be careful enough to continue? That's what I would like to do."

"Shit, I'm glad you said that," Lena replied. "I don't know what I would have done if you wanted to end things. You simply drive me crazy. We can continue from time to time, but I don't see this being frequent enough to suit me. You know that I will tease the shit out of you any time I can. When Mom's not looking I'll be giving you crotch shots. I'll be wearing tight clothes whenever we're around each other, and if I can sneak a quick feel when nobody's looking, you better be ready. You will have to live with the knowledge that I masturbate thinking of you, and I will constantly let you know how wet I am at the thought of you. Can you handle it, Big Boy?"

"Not only can I handle the situation, I can handle you and your hot little pussy," I touted. "And know that any time you see me licking my lips that it could be your clit. And when you see my fingers, know they could be fucking you. And whenever you see me pick up a bottle or anything else that I might fit into your slick hole, that my thoughts are on you. Can you handle it, Little Girl?"

"You're such a fucker," she grinned. I think I'll come up and see you and Mom this weekend.

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