tagIncest/TabooDaughter with My Friends Ch. 03

Daughter with My Friends Ch. 03


NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further.

This is a continuation of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica but I have written in such a way that each story stands on its own.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets on a fantasy to see his daughter. groped and begins creating incidents for her to be groped. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside.

Big Thanx to all the mail. I really enjoyed it. Keep it coming.

Happy reading!


Story so far: -

Part I - A father party with his friends and goes to the bathroom to wash off spilled Whisky and sees his daughter being groped and used. The father begins to see his daughter in a new angle and create incidents for her to be groped.

Part II - A person groping his daughter in the bus excites him more and he decides it's high time for him to know the softness of his own daughter.

Chapter 3: Afternoon With Jasmine

The vision of my daughter being groped in the bus in front of everyone, her helplessness and her movement when lust began to dominate her all began to haunt me throughout. I had a constant hard on which increased whenever I saw her. My eyes always swept her huge ass through her skirt. I decided to grope her myself given a chance. I decided to wait for the right moment – the moment my hands would know her soft ass and boobs.

The grope by friends and then in the bus had totally changed my life. I was now creating opportunities in the land of opportunities for my daughter to be groped unknowingly, yet I had kept away from her because of getting erections seeing my daughter being groped or used.

One day she was watching TV lying down when I arrived. Her ass faced me. I looked at her bulged ass. She had worn a silk skirt adding the soft look. I could even trace her assline as the silk skirt stuck on her as a second skin.

"Jasmine!" I called her

She looked up.

"You are a big girl now." I began "Would you mind sitting on my lap?"

She got up and sat on my thighs. I slowly pulled her to my dick. As her soft ass sank on my dick, it sprang up fast, surprising me. Soon I had a 90-degree hard dick ready to spring. My dick moved around poking her soft ass making me almost cum, but I had other ideas with her.

"Would you stand up , just for a minute?" I asked

She got down, her eyes glued to the T.V. I quickly opened the zip and released my stallion. I slowly raised her skirt with one hand and positioned my dick with the other.

"Cum sit down." I said knowingly wondering if she would catch the phrase, but she didn't.

I kept on pulling her skirt, so that when she sat it was her underwear that my naked dick touched. I embraced her and slowly rocked her, singing a song enjoying my dick being rubbed on her cute ass. I pulled her a little more back and my dick moved over in-between her thighs. I pressed her thighs together and pushed my dick up and down.

As I was about to come I told her to show me how a dog walks. She got on her fours and moved around. I came behind her and pressing my man on to her swollen open ass and pulled her back. Holding her like that for some time I exploded on her skirt. I pulled up my shorts and made her sit on my lap once again and moved to and fro so that my explosion on her skirt would be wiped to my shorts. Then I let her go. I got up to go and got a shock of my life –

My mom was staring at me. Her eyes moved towards my shorts. I had a big wet patch right in the middle. I was busted. She looked towards my daughter then at me. I managed a smile but she didn't smile back and left without saying anything.

After that I never got her alone. Perhaps it was my behavior towards her, which warned my mother who kept coming up when ever I tried to get her alone or go out with her.

But one afternoon luck was with me. I was scheduled on a business tour destined to come only after a week but the tour was cancelled due to problems in our office. I returned home taking leave. I opened the door with my key to surprise everyone. I was surprised to see Jasmine sleeping on my bed. I looked around and made sure my mom was not anywhere near. Her skirt had risen, in her sleep showing her thighs, her short shirt showed her shapely stomach with little fat. I closed the door and changed to my shorts and sat near her. Eyeing her my hand slowly touched her thighs. There was no reaction. Gathering courage my fingers moved onto the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it. I rested my hand on her ass. I felt heaven arise in me as I neared my fantasy. With a small push the skirt rose higher displaying her sweet ass in her panties. She had worn her green under wear with strings. I looked at her ass unbelieving it was my own daughter. She had grown to such a beauty.

I touched her ass lightly - No reaction.

Pressed harder- still no reaction, slowly I squeezed her ass.

- "Hmmmm" she murmured as she turned.

I withdrew quickly but she was still sleeping. Freeing my dick I began to stroke it. After giving it a thought I decide to go thru my fantasy. I removed my shorts and sat naked near her. My hand moved over her thighs to her soft spot then on her boobs, tracing her nipple She had worn her green under wear with strings. One tug at the strings and they loosened. I moved my hand to her clean hairless mound and to the line opening it slowly. I began to jack hard as my hand groped her. Next was her shirt which as I opened, two huge mount of soft flesh sprung out as if waiting to be released. Squeezing her two huge boobs while taking care not to wake her, kissed her boobs and teased her nipples.

I got into the bed with a sheet covering us and slowly turned her. She turned with a grunt and I waited till she went back to sleep, then neared her. I placed my dick on her ass, slowly pressing. My dick hit the roof as soon as it touched her ass. My fingers played with her beautiful thighs to her green panties. I pulled down her panties a little so her ass was naked and pressed my dick on her ass, felt it sink. I stayed there for some minutes experiencing the ultimate in fantasy – Fucking my daughter's ass - then pulled the skirt higher and led my dick on to her ass cheeks and parting them slowly pressed on to her asshole.

I could feel the heat on to my dick. I squeezed on her boobs again and pushed my dick up and down in her ass. I felt my foreskin go up as I pressed harder. My hand groped her from her thighs to her ass, her asshole, tracing the lines, her boobs and sweet nipples. I remembered the guy in the bus. He too was frisking her hard as he was to cum.

"Hmmm" She was stirring.

I didn't move a bit. It would be awkward now to get caught now – naked with my dick in my young daughters ass. Before I could do anything else I ejaculated into her asshole. I lay still as the last drop oozed out of my dick to her ass hoping she wouldn't wake.

I got up and pulled her panties up, buttoned her shirt and left before my mom came. But I didn't pull her skirt down. I left her sleeping displaying her ass – why? Maybe I was getting a kick out of it or maybe it was for my mom to see – I don't know and still don't know why I did that. I left quietly as I came.

Thus my views towards my daughter kept getting worse as I tried to make it better. Whenever I got a chance I would stare at her ass or peek under her skirts unknown to her or I would press myself onto her ass, burying my dick into her assline, cumming sometime or at the edge of it. But mostly I wanted to see my daughter being used by someone-surprising her. That was what led me to bring Babu home.

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