Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 02

byLisa Summers©

The two gathered themselves together, settling back into their seats, pulling their jeans back on, then doing their best to straighten their badly mussed hair, and wipe off their cum-streaked faces. Lauren looked out to see a bus boy, his mouth agape, standing with an empty trash can in his hand, staring at their car. Lauren waved at him, and blew him a kiss as they drove off, seatbelts fastened this time!

"I hope he enjoyed what he saw," Rebecca said. "The day may come when he won't be able to get close to ANY female."

"Can't come soon enough, for me," said Lauren.

"Ooh, you're a tough little dyke now, huh, honey?"

"Well, I see every girl as sexy now, but guys are just....useless." Lauren smiled. "Thanks for helping me see that, mom."

"No problem. Thank FIT."

* * * *

So, that was when they realized that being close just made the need even greater for each other, and they had no intention of being apart for long. However, that didn't mean they had no curiosity about being with other women....

* * * *

"Hi, Rebecca, thanks for having me over," Amy said, as she entered Rebecca's house. The two women air kissed as they brushed cheeks. Amy looked into Rebecca's eyes briefly as they parted, searching...

"Oh, hi Lauren," Amy said, as she saw Lauren walking down the stairs to the living room, wearing a beach wrap, hiding the fact that she was clad only in bra and panties. "You look very pretty," Amy said. She tried not to give anything away, in case Rebecca and Lauren had not been converted, but she thought that Lauren looked especially edible.

"Hi, Mrs. Roberts," Lauren said. "Thanks. Mom got this for me. How's Karen?"

"Fine, thanks. She sends her love. Oh, and she asked me to tell you she'd love to have you over sometime, maybe you guys can catch some Netflix together?" Amy was starting to get a little discouraged at the mundane nature of the conversation.

"Yeah, that sounds nice, I'll give her a call," Lauren said, casting her eyes at her mother.

"That sounds like fun," Rebecca said. "I wish I could join you." Amy caught the looks passing between the two women, and her hopes rose.

"So, Rebecca, did you check out that group I told you about?" She tried to keep her voice steady, but she was already becoming excited, thinking of how beautiful lovemaking would be between her BFF Rebecca and her cute daughter Lauren.

"Oh, yes!" Rebecca responded, "And what an AMAZING group!" she added, equally voluble. "The relationship that Lauren and I have has already changed for the better....and I'd say, permanently - wouldn't you, baby?" Lauren came over to her mother on the sofa and, standing, took her hand, both women the picture of chaste mother-daughter devotion.

"So...you participated in a therapy session at their office, and um, came home and shared what you'd learned with Lauren?" Amy asked, the excitement and anticipation in her pussy making it hard to get the words out. Her pulse was pounding in her ears. EVERYTHING rested on what Rebecca said next...

"Yes, I showed her absolutely everything they showed me....just like you did with Karen, right?" Rebecca asked, her eyes locked on Amy's. There was an unspoken communication between the two.

"Oh god, yes!" Amy exclaimed with the sexual dam inside her breaking, as she lay back in the chair, slowly pulled her skirt up her thighs, her beautifully smooth, slightly plump legs coming into view for the mother-daughter pair, and slipped her hand inside her panties, caressing her clitoris, her hips immediately bucking as intense pleasure coursed through her. "Ohh, ohh, ohhhhh...." she moaned, even as Rebecca and Lauren fell into each other's arms, still watching Amy.

Amy's orgasm was intense, but short, relieving the powerful tension that had been building inside her on the short drive over to the Harrisons'. She slowly finger fucked herself as she watched the lovely mother and daughter embracing, kissing and casually caressing each other.

This had been the very first opportunity that Amy had to witness other clients of FIT displaying the results of their therapy, much less lesbian activity by anyone but she and her daughter Karen. The fact that it was a loving couple that she knew so well, and wished the very best for, and that she had helped lead there, made her both proud and excited.

The three women continued their activity for a few minutes, Rebecca and Lauren building their anticipation through their loving embrace, foreplay for their anticipated eventual wild fucking and sucking, and Amy getting right to it, masturbating in front of her friend and her daughter, bringing on a series of small but very satisfactory orgasms through her finger fucking, and the strumming of her hot, swollen clitoris, finally licking the fingers she had thrust up her vagina in such frenzy.

Amy had pushed her panties down to mid thigh, her legs spread, straining the elastic of the panties, and Rebecca and Lauren found their eyes wandering to Amy's pussy, swollen and red. A thought occurred to Rebecca.

"Amy, do you think Karen would want to come over...and join us?" she gasped, as Lauren's finger teased her clit inside her jeans.

"Uhh....yeah, I miss my baby, I'll call her now," she gasped as another orgasm tore through her slightly plump body. When she recovered her composure, she said, "By the way, today is our three month anniversary since we started our therapy...we were going to have a little 'party' tonight."

"Ooh, would you like to have it over here...we could help you make it very special," Rebecca said, as Lauren giggled.

Amy pulled her phone out of the carelessly tossed bag next to her, and called her daughter. "Hi Karen, it's me." She listened for a minute. "Oh yes, baby, I love you, too. Hey, Rebecca and Lauren have invited us both over to have our celebration over here tonight."

Amy listened again, and giggled, then replied. "Oh YES....without a doubt, sweetie! And get here as soon as possible." She paused again, then said, "And wear something sexy, okay baby?" then she laughed as she clicked off the phone.

Smiling, she looked at Rebecca and Lauren and said, "Her last words as she hung up were, 'Oh YES, mom!'" The two women on the sofa laughed.

Rebecca said, "I hear the word 'YES' from Lauren a LOT more now than I did before FIT!"

"Oh mom," said Lauren, rolling her eyes.

"Well, let's just try it out, and see," challenged Rebecca. "Would you like to lick my pussy now?" Amy grinned, delighted to hear her friend talking like this to her own daughter. Her pussy tingled with pleasure.

"Yes," said Lauren, slowly.

"Would you let me lick your ass hole, and sniff your dirty panties?"

"Oh, yes," said Lauren, a little more rapidly. "Suck on my panties, too!"

"Would you let me suck on your sweet little nipples, and caress your soft breasts?"

"Oh, yes...please," Lauren sighed.

"Would you let Amy suck on your hard little clit, and then kiss your soft lips?" Rebecca said, glancing at Amy, who smiled and nodded her head.

"Oh yes, yes, please, fuck me, mommy.....and Amy, you too, especially!" Lauren spread her legs, and held her arms out for her mother, her lover. Rebecca smiled and took her daughter in her arms. Before kissing her, she looked over at Amy.

"C'mon and join us, we won't get too far along, I promise, before Karen gets here."

Amy pulled her panties off, got up and walked over, looking down at the two female lovers.

"Should I trust a woman on her honeymoon who says she'll hold back on sex?" Amy asked rhetorically, a slight smile on her face. Lauren reached for the moist, balled up panties in Amy's hand, then brought them to her nose, inhaling deeply, and passing them to Rebecca, who did the same. Both women sighed with pleasure and delight, savoring the feminine aromas of Amy's body.

Lauren giggled. "Probably not, mommy doesn't know the meaning of the word 'restraint' any more....thank god!" Rebecca didn't say anything, but instead pulled Amy down on the sofa between her and Lauren. She started unbuttoning Amy's blouse, as Lauren welcomed Amy to their home and their arms, kissing her, shyly at first, then more passionately as she realized that kissing Amy was every bit like kissing her mother, but SO different.

Lauren experienced a different taste and smell, a different way of responding, slightly different sounds of pleasure with Amy, as opposed to her mother. But the same rapid excitement grew inside Lauren at realizing she was kissing another woman, one she'd never seen naked before, and probably had never thought about seeing naked, at least until the last few days. As Amy's plump breasts were revealed, still hidden in her white lace bra, Lauren felt a thrill looking at the older woman's cleavage.

"So cute!" Lauren squealed.

Amy looked at her and said, "Would you take my bra off me, Lauren? I want you to see and taste my breasts, and my nipples...they're so stiff and hard, thinking of you sucking them, sweet baby, just as Karen does...."

Lauren kissed Amy as she put her arms around the older woman's torso, their warm lips coming together again, as incredibly responsive as if they'd been lovers for years. Rebecca was on her knees pushing Amy's legs apart, her eyes widening at seeing her friend's mature vulva for the first time up close.

"Mmmm," she said. "What a sweet smelling pussy, Amy, and SO cute!" Rebecca brought her face close to the woman's cunt, tracing over her fat labia with the tip of her finger, and circling around her large, almost red clitoris, still partially under its hood.

Unlike all of the lovemaking shared with her daughter, Rebecca didn't feel the urgency to cum right away in the threesome, and wanted instead to see if she could help both Amy and Lauren come first. She wet her index finger in Amy's tight slit, where her slick, feminine lube was already forming, hot and clear. Curious, Rebecca sniffed her finger where it glistened with Amy's fluid, then tasted it, finding it quite delicious.

Then she reapplied her finger, caressing Amy's puffy labia, and drawing circles around the woman's clit, which was slowly appearing as her hood slowly pulled back, the little reddish pearl of her clitoris glistening with her fluids. Rebecca paid attention to Amy's murmurs of pleasure, and the movements of her hips, to judge if she was properly teasing Amy's hot little pussy.

Meanwhile, after unhooking, then removing Amy's bra, Lauren was kissing and licking Amy's fat nipples, and cupping and caressing her slightly sagging, full milky white breasts. "Oh Amy, what sweet nipples," Lauren cooed, her pink, warm lips capturing first one nipple and allowing it to be teased by her rough tongue, then moving on to the other, as Amy's fingers ran through the teenaged girl's long, silky brown hair.

Amy humped her hips up at Rebecca, possibly hinting that she'd like her friend's face and mouth on her pussy, rather than just a finger, as pleasing as that finger was, while she pulled Lauren's face down tighter on her generous breasts, although Lauren already had a mouthful of pale breast along with the whole of nipple and areola.

Amy began a wailing sound deep in her throat, as an orgasm washed over and through her, drowning her in feminine pleasure and fulfillment. The wailing became more vocal, so loud that Rebecca was momentarily afraid the police might be called by her neighbors. Just then, the front door opened, and Rebecca momentarily visualized a SWAT team descending on the women in the middle of their sex play.

It turned out to be Karen, who immediately said, "I hear Mom cumming!" Giggling and laughing, she sauntered over to the three women, Lauren and Amy on the sofa, Rebecca on her knees on the floor, between Amy's short legs.

"You lesbians, you're really something," she said in a teasing voice.

Recovering herself, and looking up at her daughter, Amy said, "Oh baby, you look SO hot in those cute denim cutoffs and that red checked blouse! Good enough to eat!"

Giggling, Karen pirouetted for the women, showing off her beautiful, slim body. "If there's anybody who knows how good I am to eat..." Amy smirked.

"Baby, did you run over here? You're practically glowing! I forgot that I had the car, and your father has the other car," Amy said.

"Yeah, I jogged. I think I'm kind of sweaty..." She lifted up her arm, sniffing under it, and made a face. "Yeah, I'm sweaty...and smelly."

Rebecca quickly got to her feet, and embraced Karen. "Ooh, yeah, you are sweaty," she said, throatily. Then she stuck her nose in Karen's armpit, the teenager giggling, and inhaled deeply. "Oh, Karen....you smell SO good," she moaned. Rebecca looked enquiringly over at Amy, who was reclining in Lauren's arms.

Amy smiled and shrugged. "I'd love to see you two get together - but just to play!" she playfully chided. "Karen is MY soul mate, right baby?" Karen nodded,

"When I go to sleep at night, I always want your hand on my pussy, mommy. But it's okay if Rebecca fucks me now, isn't it?" Karen said, her long blonde hair waving as she looked back and forth between the two mothers.

"Sure, if it's okay if Lauren and I can have some fun, too," with those words, Amy set the ground rules.

Lauren squealed happily, and Rebecca agreed. "I think we're all agreed on who our true loves are....finally," a reference to the beautiful love both mothers had found with their daughters. The two mothers, though, couldn't help but snigger, as they were explicitly ignoring the fact that they had husbands. "But we can share our love with special people, can't we?" All the women murmured their assent, all of them understanding that the 'special people' would be other females.

Rebecca took Karen in her arms, the young girl's long, straight blonde hair, silky fine, was a sweet counterpoint to the older woman's black, short cut hair, as they stood cheek to cheek. Rebecca looked Karen hard in the eyes for a moment, then their mouths came together in a sultry fashion, as though they'd been born to kiss each other. Their soft, feminine lips fit together perfectly, and it was clear to Amy and Lauren as they sat together, touching, that Rebecca and Karen's tongues were active in each other's mouth, their kiss deeply passionate.

As they kissed, Rebecca's hands were traveling all over Karen's slim, tall body. She slid her hands up the girl's side, under her blouse, to her underarms. Clearly, Rebecca was fascinated by Karen's hot, sweaty body.

Lauren had been continually excited by her mother's interest in her bodily odors and fluids, Rebecca once even telling the young girl that Lauren's not bathing increased Rebecca's interest in eating out both her pussy and her ass. Lauren thought it was interesting that Rebecca showed the same interest in other girl's intimate smells, too.

Rebecca's hands continued down the girl's back under her blouse, sliding over her slippery skin, as Karen was content to keep her arms around Rebecca's neck, their faces close together, nuzzling each other.

When Rebecca's hot, wet hands slipped inside Karen's cutoffs to, at first cup her full ass cheeks, Karen began cooing into Rebecca's mouth, wriggling her hips in pleasure. Then, when one of Rebecca's hands slipped between Karen's hot and sweaty ass cheeks, her index finger immediately began stroking Karen's tight anus.

Karen moaned into Rebecca's mouth then, her excitement clearly increasing exponentially. She slipped her mouth aside from Rebecca's to beg, "Please, please yes....yes, ohh, it feels so good.....put it inside me...I love your finger there!"

None of this was lost on Amy and Lauren, who were watching, rapt, their hands slowly and gently rotating on each other's vulvas, a slow and steady buildup to a pleasurable orgasm for each. They, too, were cooing with pleasure at the other's considerate and gentle touch on their hot and wet centers, building to a passionate climax to come.

Karen squeaked as Rebecca's finger easily slipped inside her tight, hot anus. "Oh yesssss, do me 'becca, do me deep...I need you deep inside me..."

Rebecca whispered, "Do you like having your ass fucked, baby?"

Karen nodded, then said, "Uh huh," kissing Rebecca's neck.

"Do you want my finger deeper inside you, baby?" Rebecca said, as she slipped her finger deeper inside the young girl's tight, hot tunnel.

"Uh huh, yes, fuck me hard...I like it," Karen moaned.

"What else would you like me to do to your sweet little ass, baby?" Rebecca teased.

"Oooh, fuck me....then eat out my hot little ass," she moaned. "It's so dirty, and hot and sweaty," she said, her teeth nipping Rebecca's throat as her excitement reached near its limit.

"I'm going to fuck your sweet little ass, and oh yeah, then I'm going to lick and eat out your hot little dirty hole, it tastes so good...."

Rebecca moaned, humping her crotch against Karen's thigh. The two women standing began to hump hard into each other, feeling the buildup of their delicious explosions coming, as the two on the sofa also began moaning, kissing as they masturbated each other to sweet climaxes, gentler than the others. The four women endured the sweet agony of orgasm, Rebecca and Karen as they stood together, Amy and Lauren as they reclined in each other's arms on the sofa.

The four women were silent for a few minutes, aside from the sighs and cooing, as they first came, then slowly recovered, but both couples were developing their plans...

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