tagGroup SexDave's Disastrous Mardi Gras Ch. 02

Dave's Disastrous Mardi Gras Ch. 02


The follow-up to Dave's Disastrous Mardi Gras Ch. 01: the setting is Rick's mansion, in Jackson Mississippi on Fat Tuesday.


Danni Raye took my hand and we followed Jean Paul and Jessie out of the bedroom. Danni Raye looked so handsome with her long straight hair down on her shoulders, her red dress clinging to her slim shape.

Watching Ronnie Lee's cock erupt against his will, and all the sperm thus launched, had affected all of us. A pile of the rest of the folks left the big room too, it was not hard to guess what was next for most of them.

All the other male dancers who had been there had obvious stiff cocks, it actually looked like some were uncomfortable while walking, their pricks wagging heavily from side to side. I know what it is like when your prickhead feels like it weighs five pounds.

And I had seen other guys, not just the dancers, who had had their tools out and fondled while we watched Ronnie Lee's spectacle too.

When it comes to matters sexual, there is porn and hearing people's stories of their exploits and everything, but when you have a real-time, ring-side view of somebody's cock going off, well, that pretty much stimulates all the brain cells you have that are connected with sexual arousal.

And we had just seen an impressive load of semen go a good couple feet in the air and the rest of the poor guy's restrained body react to some serious forced stimulation. Plus a whole pile of bare boobs out, and their handsome owners taking a turn stroking a stiff handsome cock.

If I were a betting man, I think the over-under on sperm load ejaculations in the next thirty minutes would be pretty considerable.

Jean Paul had a full handsome rump. It was fully visible when walking behind him since his shoulder tunic thing only came down to the middle of his back. He was a big guy, strongly built, and his ass cheeks moved nicely as we followed them down the hall. His wild dark Cajun hair stuck out to the side and moved around while he walked.

I was thinking football player or maybe rugby, if they played that sport down here. Jessie kept looking up at his eyes, desire written all over her face.

They entered a smaller bedroom towards the end of the hall. The lighting there, like almost everywhere else in the mansion, was soft and indirect. Two candles were burning at night stands on each side of the bed, making for a very inviting scene.

Jessie was a whole head shorter than Jean Paul. She had on that handsome low-cut top I had noticed when I first met them in the car. She was short and slender but round, if that makes any sense. Small, firm round curves, that was her body type. Her dark hair was long, straight and loose, and hung nicely around her shoulders. Her jeans were tight, it looked like she had a full strong set of haunches.

Jessie really had the hots, she couldn't wait to get to Jean Paul's cock. He sat down at the edge of the bed and she knelt in front of him and her mouth was on him almost instantly. The speed at which she pounced on his prick took me by surprise.

Her lips went along his cockhead and down his shaft. He had one of those cocks whose skin color is a bit darker than the rest of him, the edge of his foreskin even darker. It had been poking straight up when he sat down, and she now had one of her hands under his heavy, sperm-filled balls. Her eyes were closed, she was focused totally on his prick and having it in her mouth. I swallowed hard and my cock twitched.

Jean Paul had his hands on the bed on each side of him to steady himself. He was watching Jessie's mouth slide up and down his cock and looked up once to give us a silly grin of pleasure.

She paid a lot of attention to his prickhead, often just holding it in her mouth and you could see her move her tongue around, sometimes darting out wetly to give the underside of his cock a licking.

He started to feel up one of her breasts through her top, but he then wanted some real skin contact for his fingers, so they stopped for a moment while he pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra. Her boobs were larger than you might have imagined from her stature, firm and round. Her eyes were shining.

Jean Paul shifted up to the top of the bed, and sat there with his back against the wooden headboard, spreading his legs apart for his sweetie. Jessie pulled her jeans off too, then her red thong, and made her way between Jean Paul's big legs.

We were treated to the sight of her kneeling and bent over as she kissed his prick. Her ass was spread wide, her reddish notch exposed, and I had half a mind to go feel her up in this position, but decided it was better to let them go ahead with their own routine.

Jessie nestled down and began to suckle his balls. They were a handsome set of nuts, heavy, churning in their sack, surrounded by lots of thick, dark groin hair. Jean Paul's eyes, directed down at Jessie as she worked his bundle, took the whole scene in with obvious delight.

She laid herself out fully on her belly and sucked and licked his balls for the longest time, one hand holding his tool up, sometimes giving it a gentle frig or two.

His cockhead was exposed, all damp and round and engorged. I felt Danni Raye's hand on my own cock, half hard, while she toyed with it, waving it back and forth, caressing it up one side and down another.

Finally Jean Paul eased her up and flopped her over on her back, her head at the foot end of the bed, and took a turn at her own groin.

They were both oblivious to the two of us, and he nudged her legs apart, the way he had probably done dozens of times before, and licked her notch, rubbing his beard into what little cunt hair she had, all trimmed into a little patch.

Her tits splayed out to the side, nice liquid looking globes of flesh, all flattened out. She was enjoying the attention, but clearly wanted Jean Paul's cock back in her mouth, however, since after only a few minutes of this, she had urged him on on all fours over her head.

His prick was parallel with his belly, pointing straight out, and pretty much aimed right towards Danni Raye and me. He pushed his cock towards Jessie's head, and rubbed the stiff wet underside of it along her face, first one cheek, then the other, then pushed his balls into her nose and ran the whole package back and forth a few times.

My hips gave a little shudder of pleasure, it looked so nice. Dannie Raye shot me a quick look of enjoyment.

Her hands were up on his ass, one finger tracing his ass-crack. He grunted with pleasure, and then fished a pillow out from behind him and put it under Jessie's head so she could settle into a more comfortable position.

He held his cockhead just in front of her mouth and she eagerly moved forward to take it in. I will never forget the sight of her lips opening wide to take him, then running them wet and tightly over his shaft while he gently pushed his cock in and out.

He had to have been close to a climax. There is no way he couldn't have been. His cock had been hard for at least half an hour, and Jessie had been either fondling or sucking it for most of that time.

Still, he went slowly, fucking her mouth in a slow, deliberate, thoroughly lascivious fashion. You could see him arch his back slightly while he pushed into her, probably his asscheeks making lovely movements, although they were facing away from us and we couldn't see them directly.

Jessie had one hand on his balls, holding them, squeezing them. They were heavy, swollen in her hand. The other hand ran along his ass and along his hips and the outer thigh of one leg. You could see her head move slightly, her hair getting jostled about on the pillow, as she took him in and out.

She disengaged a couple times, maybe to catch her breath, but she would extend her tongue and then run it along the underside of his prickshaft and lick his balls.

Unlike most guys, his balls didn't bunch up together, but stayed separate, on each side of his prick. They looked exquisite, the big eggs clearly pushing out against their tightly stretched and bulging sack.

The last time he dropped his cockhead back in her mouth though, he began to pick up speed immediately. Soon his hips were humping away, quickly, his tool now racing in and out of her mouth while she tried to keep up.

Then he raised his head, face all screwed up, his hips tensed and he pumped a good half dozen spurts of semen into her mouth.

The rest of his body quivered and then visibly relaxed, it looked like an effort to support his bulk with his arms now, but Jessie continued softly to nurse at his cock, until it flopped out, all wet and gleaming.

His cockhead had shrunk, but the shaft was still thick. I heard a long exhale from Danni Raye, who must have been holding her breath at the end. She gave my prick a squeeze.

Jean Paul laid back, legs and limbs sprawled out, and Jessie joined him at his side in an embrace. They just held each other close for some time, very sweet actually.

Danni Raye and I exchanged looks. Jean Paul raised his head. "Do me a favor Danni?"

"Sure," Danni Raye smiled.

"Would you fetch us a couple Dixies from downstairs?" Jean Paul looked at his shrunken cock. "Need a lil' moment to recover here before we continue."

I laughed. He had to be a better man than I if it was just going to be a moment. Judging by how long Jessie had worked at swallowing his semen, her mouth and tongue had likely produced a serious deficit in his daily sperm production. Jessie giggled.

Danni Raye got up and went off on her errand, but I stayed to chat with the pair, who placed themselves sitting at the top of the bed, Jean Paul with his hand on Jessie's thigh, tracing random patterns on her smooth white flesh. They were a handsome couple, him with his big wide shoulders, and her with her boobs sloping off nicely to each side.

I found out a little more about them, how they met, I even got Jessie to tell me about the first time she sucked Jean Paul ("It was such fun to make him come!" she said, "nothing quite like the first spunk from your new lover!")

They volunteered that I was one lucky guy to be with Danni Raye tonight.

"She's a sweetheart," Jessie said.

"There are dozens of guys in town who would like to be in your shoes," Jean Paul said. I looked down at my feet, which of course were bare. They both laughed.

"Alright, dozens of guys who would like to have your cock tonight."

And then I tried to find out more about the party. Seemed as if Rick did this every year, he was a big Mardi Gras supporter in town, and this was his way of giving a private "thank you" to the girls in the dancing brigades.

"Pretty rich, I am guessing?" I asked.

They both nodded. "Pretty rich," said Jessie.

Jean Paul went on. "He is a pillar of the community, although I am not sure all his business colleagues know about this little event. I am guessing you don't get to go to many parties like this?"

I laughed out loud and shook my head. Jessie smiled, and her hand was on Jean Paul's thigh now too.

"He is a bit eccentric," Jean Paul went on. "As you have seen, he likes all the doors open in the rooms, doesn't mind what sorts of sex goes on, just wants to be able to watch. I think he wants everything out in the open."

"Does he ever participate?" I asked. Jessie's face flickered for just a second.

"Well, not in public, exactly."

I was about to ask what she meant by this but Danni Raye returned with a handful of beers on a tray and our talk turned to other matters.

We sipped our beers and chatted. Conversation was easy with them. After awhile, I noted that Jessie's hand had drifted from Jean Paul's thigh to his prick, and she was idly playing with it. It had recouped a little, flopped over half hard on his thigh, and after awhile it began to stiffen, still wet from the earlier excitement.

She played her fingers all along it, often just softly stroking his cockhead, pushing his foreskin down until it was free. It was a good sized knob, larger in diameter than his prickshaft, and wide around the edges. They exchanged looks, their eyes gleaming.

Jean Paul began to feel her cuntlips, running a finger slowly and carefully along each side. Her gash spread a bit with the contact, the inside red-pink skin inviting. It looked plenty damp to me. Jean Paul took Jessie's emptied beer bottle and his own, and walked over to the side of the room to put them on a table.

When he turned around we got a good look at his cock sticking straight out. His gaze was on Jessie, their eyes locked. He slowly walked back to the bed, it was almost like it was slow motion, his prick wagging from side to side.

He moved like a panther, all slow and careful and primitive. He pulled her feet carefully towards the foot of the bed, sliding her body on the sheets, until she was lying on her back, then moved his way up until he was straddling her chest, holding his prick right in front of her face.

She kissed his cockhead, then tongued it for a bit, until he moved back down her body and spread her legs wide apart. Her eyes were wide, wet, a small wanton smile on her face.

Jean Paul took his time licking her. She was spread out on the bed, her head up on a pillow and her breasts sprawled off nicely to each side.

We had a view of Jean Paul from behind while he knelt on the bed with his head, with its wild dark hair, buried in Jessie's crotch.

We could see his ass and his strong big legs, and his bunched up balls from behind. He ran a hand up and down her thigh on one side, while he held one of her rump cheeks with the other.

He was slow and deliberate, and there was no question that he knew what best pleased Jessie. He licked, he poked his tongue up her channel, flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, until her hips were squirming, and her breathing had gotten faster and shallower.

But apparently this was to be a multi-act event. Although on the edge, she beckoned him up to her side and they lay next to each other, just kissing and caressing for awhile, each one's hands at the crotch of the other, rubbing and twiddling about.

It looked like the action of giving her enjoyment had had an effect on his own cock, it was real stiff now, its cockhead poking free, all round, red and smooth. Jessie ran her fingers along it, a pleased smile on her face.

Then she rolled him over on his back and got herself into a sixty-nine position with him. She just toyed with his cock with her hands for a bit, while he continued to dally his tongue up her cunt, which she pressed into his face every so often with enthusiasm.

She played with his balls and then finally took his prickhead into her mouth and began a slow up-and-down motion on his shaft.

We could see both their heads moving, her long dark hair draped down around his hips, getting caught into his crotch creases every once in awhile, so she had to pull it free and begin again.

Most of the time we couldn't even see her face, just this mass of hair on her head moving up and down, his balls churning underneath everything, as his prick disappeared into her mouth and then came out, and was swallowed up again.

It was fun seeing her round rump obscuring his face, and the lovely way she wiggled her hips when he hit a good spot. Also the way her breasts squeezed out to the side while on top of his big wide torso was nice too.

Jean Paul's legs were beginning to move around restlessly as well, his feet straightening, then relaxing, then straightening again, so it looked like it must have felt good on the bottom too.

She was the first to reach crisis. Her hips were moving back and forth now, uncontrollably, and it must have felt so good she could no longer concentrate on his cock.

She laid her head on his thigh, closing her eyes, holding his prick with one hand, and you could see her hips pushing into him and the signs of more energetic work from Jean Paul's smothered head.

"Uhhh, uhhh," she moaned and then started rhythmically pushing her cunt into him, squeezing her ass cheeks together, and she came quickly, gripping his legs with her hands, mouth open, breathing hard.

"Ooohhh" she went, her rump cheeks moving so nicely on top, and then she was still.

He kept nuzzling her crotch for a bit, you could see his head moving just a little bit while underneath her, but they finally separated and Jessie settled up alongside him again, for a kiss and a snuggle.

Jean Paul's cock lolled out full-length to one side, hard and handsome. Finally he rolled her onto her back, and before you could say the word "penetration," he had impaled her and was starting to work his prick inside her.

He was slow and a bit unpredictable, would take three or four thrusts into her slowly, then not quite hold still but do some subtle moving inside her, then begin humping her from a slightly different angle.

Her hands were rubbing along his back and sides. Fifteen or twenty seconds of slow, quiet thrusting, then relatively soft motions, then some more pushing, varying tempo, timing, depth. Very languorous.

I enjoyed watching his rump cheeks move. Lot of hair over their curved surface, nice strong looking flesh, and then little indentations in his cheeks would form while he thrust into her. She was fairly well buried, his big body was just so much larger on top of her, although you could see her breasts squashing out to the side underneath him.

After a good ten minutes of desultory fucking, they reversed, and she mounted him on top. She sat on him upright for awhile and he played with her nipples.

She just sat still, not moving her rump very much although you could see her clench her asscheeks every once in a while so you knew his prick was getting a good squeeze. My own cock bobbed with sympathetic pleasure.

She then leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders, her tits now hanging down in front of his face, dangling nicely, and began a slow humping motion of her own, grinding forward on him.

His prick slid in and out of her cunt, sometimes she would move far enough up that just barely his prickhead would be in her, then slide back down to send his prick all the way in again. On the outstroke you could see how wet his cock was, the shaft all glistening, with his balls bunched up underneath. It looked lovely.

Suddenly there was a rapping sound at the doorway, knuckles on a door or door frame. Danni Raye and I both looked up, startled.

Jo Anne stood hesitantly at the side of the doorway, a bit agitated. Her face was all worked up, she didn't look happy. She motioned Danni Raye over.

I didn't want to intrude, and also wanted to see more of the Jean Paul and Jessie coupling, so I stayed put. Danni Raye and Jo Anne disappeared around the doorway, and I went back to my viewing.

Jessie was moving her hips nicely now, a bit faster. She would wiggle her ass from side to side when Jean Paul's prick was completely inside her, giving his cock a good squeeze and he had started to pound his own pelvis more forcefully into her.

His penis was going in and out of her at a pretty good clip. She had laid out fully on top of him now, they were kissing, and her breath was coming a bit faster.

Danni Raye tapped my shoulder and I started. I hadn't noticed that she had re-entered the room.

"Come with us Dave," she said with some urgency, her eyes looked worried.

"Jo Anne has had a rough night, and we need you." She took my hand and we left the room.

I cast a last glance back at the amorous couple on the bed, Jessie's asscheeks were working pretty hard now, Jean Paul's prick moving in and out with some speed as their hips ground into each other.

I wanted to see the finish but something about the way Danni Raye had spoken made me follow along anyway, and we padded quickly down the hallway.

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