tagLoving WivesDavid Drops By

David Drops By


I have to admit I was a happy camper! The brand new 50th anniversary z06 Corvette and I cruised down the highway on the way home, at peace with the world.

My lovely wife, Lee, had agreed to let me purchase the car. After all, we were investing a small fortune in her Doctorate in medicine, and even though we were back to being friends again, the whole season had been tough on our marriage.

My work as a College instructor, combined with my 6 to 7 clients a week in my home massage therapy practice would nowhere near pay for this car, though!

But the annual check from the Casino would! Just a couple of years ago, I was absent-mindedly losing money in a one armed bandit in Reno, when up rolled 3 diamonds in a row. The three diamonds looked different than the rest, at first I was doing handsprings, having won about $1800.00!

Then it hit me it was the progressive, it was millions.....

They don't give the winner all the money, it comes in annual checks, some kind of annuity deal, but that was fine. The win changed our lives, Lee could afford the schooling, I didn't have to count pennies anymore.

But it is a surprise how fast one can spend money when not paying attention, we found ourselves waiting for the annual check the first two years, with the bank account getting towards the thin side. So I was grateful for my $350 a week practice, and my $400 a week paycheck. Lee and I knew that there would be even more income when she finished school, and got her degree.

So Lee allowing me to buy the car for Christmas was a surprise, it just about cleaned out our account for the year. I rolled the Corvette up into the garage I had had built, another $60 grand, but the automatic overhead doors were nice, and the hallway entrance into the house meant I didn't even need to get out into the Oregon rain.

I went inside, made a quick cup of coffee, I knew Lee would be home from her week at the hospital soon. But I also had a client, so I quickly showered and got my massage room ready.

My doorbell rang, right on schedule. I let Mary in, she is a sweetheart, married with 3 children, nice husband, she comes to see me once a week.

Mary is a bit of an exhibitionist, she loves to be looked at, but is almost frightened at being caught at it. This sounds strange, but it is common. During our sessions, she loses "control" of her drape covering her breasts, letting one or the other, sometimes both peek out. She never lets me touch her chest, though. She also squirms and bends her knees so I can see up the drape, she spreads her legs enough to give me a peek, but never allows me to touch her there, either.

I understand the mentality, my job is to give the client what they want. So I pretend to see nothing, while she pretends to be completely covered, it works for both of us.

I was sitting on my little stool, working on Mary's feet. I was enjoying the clear view up the drape to her pussy, completely exposed to my gaze from the angle I had. I knew she was aware that I could see her, from the beads of moisture that would collect and slowly slide down her outer lips. I also knew I got to look, but could never touch.

As I was admiring the view, I thought I heard voices out in the living room. I knew that Lee was due home, but no company was expected. The voices faded as they moved towards the den, Lee would always take company into the den when I am working, so as to not interupt.

I finished up the session with Mary, leaving the room to allow her to dress. As expected, there was no one in the living room, Mary came out, slipped the crisp $50 bill in my hand, gave me the usual hug and was gone out the door.

I went looking for Lee. She was sitting on the couch in the den, and there was a young man sitting in my favorite chair, with a young lady plopped down on the floor at his feet.

"Hi, Honey!", Lee said, and hopped up to give me a kiss. "This is David, and his friend Kate!"

I nodded, and said the usual. I got myself a glass of water, offering drinks all around.

To be honest, I was looking forward to just Lee and I for the evening, company wasn't on my agenda, but what the hell. Might as well make the best of it.

I gave Lee a quizical look, she made a face at me. I almost laughed, found myself a soft chair and plopped down.

"So you are a massage therapist?" David popped out with, lamely. "Yes", I answered, thinking "Oh God, not another discussion of the "rewards and benefits"...Hell, I do that all day long at work!

But he didn't give me the bit about "How much he always wanted to do that but couldn't see any way to make a living at it"...line, I have heard that so many times I could scream!

Instead, he explained that he and Kate worked in an assembly factory, they both ran equipment that wrapped products for resale. I was interested, it was something I took for granted and had no idea how it was done. He explained how the lines, which could be anything from auto parts to DVD's come down the line, and they package them for shelf displays.

Oh all right, not very sexy or erotic, but I still was interested. Here was a nice normal young couple, David looked about 30 and Kate a whisker younger, basically talking about and explaining their lives to a coming up on 60 year old guy and his 50 year old wife.

I broke the ice with "So what was all this heart attack stuff, Lee told me all about it!"

David blushed from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, I glanced at Lee and caught the half-smile on her face. A quick glance at Kate caught her checking out my crotch!

Lee then started laughing, and told Kate that when David was in the hospital, one of her "duties" was to make sure he was in no distress. Kate just smiled and told her she knew, David had mentioned it. The surprise was that she had used her mouth, when the norm is to use their hands, with latex gloves in the way. *Contrary to what many might think, a hand job in a hospital to relieve sexual tension is a taught art, and completely normal for many GOOD nurses, (although not mentioned in polite society).

Kate grinned at me and said, "So David asked me to come along for moral support! I didn't know what to expect, but you are cute!"..

Well, I have been called a few things, to be honest, this is the first time I remember being called "cute". Now I am just over 6 feet, around 230 pounds, and I have a set of shoulders and arms that will put most men to shame. (*Got me a tiny bit of a pot belly, too, but I pretend I don't..)

Combine that with rugged outdoor type features, a bit of a receding hairline, and a nice thin patch in the back, and "cute" doesn't pop up in my mind!

Anyways...I looked at Kate, things were slowly coming around to the reason for their visit. So I looked over at David, and nailed him with, "Well, Lee gave you a blow job, now you want the rest, right?"

David turned scarlet at that, Kate just beamed. Lee even looked at me, slightly taken aback at my bluntness. But she smiled, too.

"Well....I....She is an ANGEL!" he managed to blurt out.."She is all I could think of for the last 3 weeks, and she said you wouldn't...." his voice trailing off.

"No, I wouldn't", I told him. "Lee is her own person, I don't tell her what to do, or what not to do!"

"I brought Kate...I told her...and she said OK..." he tried to explain.

"Damn this kid is bashful!" I thought. *Well, time to ease his mind.

"Lee and I are very much in love, and both of us love our sexuality", I explained. We enjoy it, and we enjoy each other, "So relax, it's fine!"

David seemed to take a deep breath, we all sat there in an obvious silence for a few minutes.

I expected Lee to do something, anything, but it was Kate that broke the silence with, "Come on Lee!" as she got up.

The two of them left the room, I asked David a few questions about his work, it was interesting to me, since I have a few product ideas of my own..we chatted like a couple of buds for a few minutes, I could sense him relaxing. Then the two girls came back in!

Kate walked directly up to me, turned and sat down on my lap. Well, this was nice, her lithe body molded up against mine. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Lee had done about the same to David. Kate licked my ear a bit and whispered, "I bet I can get all of your cock down my throat too!"

*Well that was enough to get my member to begin to pay attention, she felt it, too, and giggled. I brought my right hand up to her ribcage, caressed a bit, then upwards to her left breast. There was no bra, nothing but her snug bust with the firm bump, I felt and played a bit, then slipped my hand down under her top and back up.

Imagine if you can, a fully willing young lady in your arms, feeling her bare breast like a couple of teenagers on a first date..

Kate was moving her fanny around a lot, too. We both had jeans on, but I knew she could tell, I was erect almost instantly!

"God you feel big", she breathed in my ear...

I stroked her breast, ribs, sides, feeling all the flesh I could feel in the position we were in. She then turned and straddled me, one knee on each side. This gave me complete access to both breasts, I was sliding my hands up and down her. She was so tiny up top, my hands could cover each breast fully, my favorite body type.

I glanced over at Lee, David had his hands on her, her blouse was long gone, I never saw her take it off. She sat astride him bare to the waist, per almost perfect bosoms in his face, as he licked at her.

"Suddenly not so fucking bashful" popped in my head, but quickly forgotten as Kate's hands came down and flipped my belt buckle in a single practiced move. Then down went my zipper, she shoved both hands down the front, then inside my briefs, grasping me. I felt her entire body take a shudder, I reached down and unclasped her jeans.

The zipper went down, her jeans fell loose, I slid them down and over her behind. I could feel the soft texture of the panties, I reached up and grabbed the waistband.

She lifted up, easing my efforts, they slid down, down, I had to look as her pussy came into view.

She lifted up higher, I pulled the pants and underwear down her legs, they could go no farther. Kate opened her eyes, looked at me, and stepped off. I watched as she slid the garments down one leg, then the other.

Finishing, she stepped forwards, straddling me again. She was popped open, I could see almost inside her. I let both hands slide down and touch. Her legs spread wider and wider, until I could reach all the way around from underneath, caressing her buttocks, sliding my hands forward, fingers of both hands exploring her.

She had both hands on me, pulling up as she grasped.

My shirt was gone then somehow, I was naked chest to chest with her, she was rubbing her small breasts against me..I glanced over at Lee, she was on top of David, there was no doubt at all that he was in her, thrusting..I saw her hips come up, then down, as she attempted to control the motion and the timing.

Then I was lost again in this creature before me, total heat, excitement, and sex.

Kate looked me full in the eyes, unblinking, as she lifted up, then pressed down over me. Her eyes fluttered as I entered her, deeper and deeper. She felt tight, I rolled my hips forwards a bit to continue, then we were at bottom!

She sat there, just holding and feeling, then began a small motion. It got larger and larger, each stroke slower than the tick of a clock. The longer the stroke, the slower she went, until finally, there was only continuous motion, almost undetectable!

I felt the buildings, there was no control, It was just gone, all by itself. Usually I can hold back, there was no way, I blew!

Then again, at least 3 to four times, then I started to ease back. Kate would have none of that, she simply kept up some kind of motion I never felt before, I began to erect again! I came the 2nd time, much more powerful than the first, my head was swirling.

*Suddenly I was aware again of the room, I looked over and David's buttocks were pounding away at Lee. How he got on top I don't know, I was lost in Kate and me.

I heard Lee go "hyihyihi...oh fuck!" as she came with David.

Kate and I simply held each other and snuggled, my favorite time of sex.

Then Kate withdrew from me, and hopped up to the bathroom. She emerged just as Lee and David were doing the same.

She came back and sat in my lap again, still fully nude, just like me.

She leaned down close and said "When David told me what happened at the hospital, I was pissed! So I told him I was going to screw Lee's husband for revenge!"

"So what do you think?" I asked her, in the same whisper.

"I need more revenge!" she giggled...

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