David to Dee Ch. 02


Another disembodied cock floated into her vision, and she bent to her task, a little less enthusiatically than before. Soon she was wrapped up in it and giving her all, and then she froze as she heard the door behind her open.

'I hope she likes the view,' she thought.

Dee wagged her glistening globes, trying to entice Gina while she sucked the cock up to the wall. She felt large, rough, warm hands on her ass, separating the greasy halves. The high heels held her up at a most enticing level, she knew. Gina must have left the door cracked open, and this guy had come in for some casual rape. It surely didn't look like rape to him, she guessed. After all, she was trussed up, greased up, dressed like all she wanted in the world was for some nameless faceless guy to come in and rip her ass open while she sucked another cock sticking out from the wall.

He pressed her forward just as she was backing off the pulsing member in her lips to ask him to leave. She gagged when her face pressed against the wall. Now she was panicking! She couldn't tell him she didn't want this. She was helpless and about to be fucked without Gina there to help her.

"That's it, baby," came a low growling whisper. "I like the way you wiggled that ass for me when I came in."

"Mmmphmmph!" Dee was trying to get the words out when she heard his zipper.

Meanwhile, the action in the movie playing sounded out. A man's voice was screaming "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!" It seemed very appropriate for what was about to happen.

She knew she was lost. There wasn't any way to stop it. The cock in her mouth flexed, demanding attention. She went with it, sucking on it while she awaited her unplanned deflowering. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she felt the thick spongy head slide up and down her very available crack. It paused at her entrance, soon enough. Her heels began to tap on the hard cold cement floor as it popped through her last defense, and slithered its way up inside her. Next, she felt his pants, his open zipper on her thighs and her ass cheeks as he dipped in as far as he could reach. He pulled out about halfway, and started to plunge in and out like he wanted to cum as soon as possible, like she was just a receptacle for his fluids. His hands were on her hips, rocking her back and forth on his invading pole of lust, slamming her face up and down the rod in her mouth.

She became lost in the sensation of being taken without her permission. All she could think about was where was Gina, and why wasn't she here to share this with her?

The one in her mouth went off, she let the juices run down her chin and onto the bench. The man behind her began to grunt and thrust as his seed shot deep into her well. Dee thrilled to the hot splash of the sperm in her belly, groaning as she flexed her ass around his organ to milk it of its last few drops. He yanked it out of her, and zipped up after wiping its length on her left ass cheek, leaving a sticky trail.

Another cock in her face. Her lips went to it without thinking as the door opened, and she heard the man behind her leave, but she didn't hear the door close until she heard the unmistakable sounds of footsteps entering the booth.

Dee continued to suck, while this man, like the last, unceremoniously unzipped his pants, rubbed his cock on her, and entered her. She submissively let him fuck her as long as he liked, which in fact was a good ten minutes, before he shot off in her, and he too left the door open when he left.

More footsteps. The word must be out. They would be lining up to fuck her out there. How many would she have to accept before Gina returned to rescue her?

Another man, and another. Dee was tiring, now. She'd stopped sucking the cocks poking through the glory hole. Her ass was used continuously, and she was getting very uncomfortable in this postion while cock after cock came and went in her open ass. After a while, Dee became more than a little frightened that it might not ever end, that she would be literally fucked to death. She lost count of them. There were too many. There was no technique, no effort to pleasure her, other than the pulsing in her asshole. Somehow, she was still enjoying it on some level, but her tears fell as she realized that this would be her fate until someone came in and freed her.

"Damn, Dee, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

It was Frannie!

"What are you doing here? Where's Gina?" Dee demanded.

"I'm right here, love," Gina's voice came from behind her. "I've been here all the time, watching you."

"Why..." she grunted as the man plowing her ass came, wiped his cock on her ass, and wordlessly left. "Why would you let me think I was alone?"

Another man entered, unzipped, and popped in her open, dripping asshole. Dee sighed as he slid in with little effort. She was sure you could drive a mack truck in there by now, she was so open. After all the fleshy poles she'd taken at this point, she couldn't deny yet another man his pleasure. But her legs were getting a bit sore, her back ached and she really wanted to change positions. She was too polite to complain with the man there, so she just let him fuck her while Gina spoke.

"I wanted you to see that yes, Dee, you really are the slut of your dreams...and mine! Just so you know, all these men were interviewed before we let them in. I've been setting this up for a long time. They even had to supply me with STD test results, so I'm sure you won't catch anything. I just wanted you to have this, love. I hope you don't mind."

"Well, I was kind of hoping that Bill would be the first," Dee whined as the man in her ass came.

"He was the first, Dee," Frannie explained. "He was also the fifth."

"How many times have I been fucked?"

"Well, Dee," Gina whispered, "you'll get to see it all on DVD tomorrow, if you like. But if you must know now, you've been fucked by six different men, and three of them came back for seconds, and one came back for a third helping. Are you tired?"

"I'm exhausted, and I think I may never be able to stand up straight again," whimpered Dee pitifully.

"Aw, poor baby," chuckled Frannie as she used the cordless screwdriver to release Dee's bonds.

"Can you do one more, Dee? There's one man who we interviewed that just got here. He's almost crying after seeing your picture. Can you do one more?" Gina asked him.

"As long as I can change position and bend my legs, yeah, I guess so."

Gina kissed her cum-streaked face. "Thank you so much for this!"

Dee couldn't see any of the man's features as he stepped into the dark booth. The light was behind him, and very bright. He let her lie back on the bench as he lifted her legs. His cock was huge. It was the first that Dee had had any trouble accepting thus far. It was even larger than Gina's strapon. Dee groaned when the head finally forced its way past her anus, to continue non-stop until it rested deep, oh so deep, inside her belly. Dee felt his hairy balls resting on her poor abused cum covered ass, and she sighed as he held it there for at least two minutes, flexing it to stretch her even further with its power. Dee's eyes remained unfocused in the darkened booth as the man began to piston his prodigous manhood in her. He was obviously aware of his size, and she appreciated that he took care not to tear her apart, because from what she was feeling, it would have been very easy for him to do so.

Soon, however, the man's monstrousity was slipping in and out quite freely, and he was pounding away at her like all the others. And Dee was loving it, now that she knew Gina had been there for her all along, and was loving her for being the slut that she had made Dee to be. The man's belly was rubbing onto Dee's own cock as he drew his entire length in and out of her clenching ass. Looking for Gina, Dee felt her hand grasp her own as Dee felt that tingling sensation run from her exhausted legs, through her stretched and abused ass, up and down her spine, her nipples became hard as pebbles under the breast forms, and her cock was chafing the man's abdomen as he rose and fell, rose and fell into her opening.

"Fuck me," Dee gasped, her legs wrapping around his waist. "Keep fucking me!"

Soon she heard herself grunting with every plunge the man delivered into her "fuck!...fuck!...fuck!!!..."

Then Dee was cumming, her sperm shooting all over the man's shirt. She gasped breathlessly as she felt the wet splash on her belly, followed by his gush of hot cum deeper in her ass than anyone or anything had ever been. Her hands held his shoulders in an iron grip, holding him down onto her. She felt him soften inside, yet still she held onto him, refusing to let him remove his worn muscle from her overused depths. She just held him there for four, five minutes, as she shook with the overwhelming sensations of being so totally overused, by so many, in such a short time.

Finally, her legs spread, limply. Her hands fluttered down to the bench.

The man slipped out of her with a painful final tug at her anus when his cock head plopped out. He stood over her, tucked his withered member into his pants, and wiped at his brow. She still could not see his face. Something about him was terribly familiar, though, and she strained herself up on her elbows to squint and get a better view.

Dee thought she'd die of embarassment when she heard her boss' voice say "Thanks for the great ride, Dee. I can't wait for you to get back from your honeymoon, girl. I think we'll have some new duties all lined up for you when you return. Maybe we can hire your wife, too. You can expect a big raise, if you accept my offer."

Dee sighed, too exhausted to think, now that the shock had worn off.

"She'll certainly consider it, and I will, too, Mister Jenkins," Gina answered for her. "For now, I think I want to have my little Dee all to myself for awhile. She's been quite the party girl tonight."

Jenkins chuckled, tweaked her exposed nipples, nodded and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Dee looked around the booth to see Gina and Frannie and Bill all smiling at her.

"Well, little missy," scolded Gina. "It looks like someone has been sucking up all the sperm for herself! You're such a selfish cock-hungry slut! What am I to do with you?"

Frannie laughed. "I know! Let's put her in the movies!"

Bill nodded, and helped Dee to her feet.

"You were really something tonight, Dee. I could never have done that," he said.

"I don't think that any of us could," added Frannie.

Gina just smiled at her proudly.

"That's my girl," she whispered.

As Dee got her legs under her, they were shaking violently. Bill helped her to stand until the shaking slowed. Then Gina handed Dee her purse. Looking inside, Dee gasped to see that there were only feminine clothes in it.

"Better get dressed, love, or more guys will start lining up at the door for your hot little ass."

Dee looked at her wide-eyed for a split second before pulling out the tiny little black spandex miniskirt and cropped pink satin top. She looked to Gina, who smiled mischievously.

"Your make up is in there, love. You'll have to make it to the rest room to put on your face. We'll be out in the car waiting for you."

With that, the three of them left her with her face and ass covered in cum. Gina poked her head back into the room, and gave Dee one final task.

"Honey," she said, "be a dear and get me one of those big double headed dildos. You know the ones. There's some money in your purse."

With that, she disappeared into the hall.

Dee carefully tip-toed out of the little booth, made her way around all the men standing in the narrow halls as they brushed up against her, groped her chest, her ass, until she thought she'd go mad. She opened the door to the rest room, and looked at her face to see it covered in drying cum. She washed her face in the little sink, and applied her make up as a river of cream dripped out of her stretched out asshole, dripped onto her thighs, and oozed down her fishnet stockings. Dee grabbed some toilet paper and wiped herself dry as best as she could. She then quickly applied a light coat of make up, not too slutty. That would encourage the men waiting outside, and she was way too tired to handle any more sex tonight!

No matter what she did, though, her belly ring told everyone that she was a SLUT. And her heels, and stockings, and cropped top did nothing to dissuade that statement. She was stuck. Gina always knew what would get her blood boiling. She put on her big hooped earrings, brushed out her hair, and checked herself over one last time before exitting the small unisex rest room. She still had to maneuver herself past the grabby men in the halls before she made it to the storefront.

Hustling along as best she could in her heels, on her tired legs, Dee wiggled her ass on through. She still had one more task to fulfill before she could leave this place. She walked over to the big glass case, right in the middle of the store, and leaned over to look at the dildos.

As the clerk came from around the counter to assist her, keys to the case in hand, Dee felt it. A huge glob of cum oozed out of her bottom, and drizzled a long sticky trail down her left thigh. Her face burning in shame, Dee looked up to see the woman's grin.

"Well, someone sure has had a busy night in the back rooms! Tell me, how many got into that hot little ass of yours?"

"Seven," Dee whispered.

"Seven! Wow! I'll bet that's some sort of record, even for this place," the clerk chuckled, leaning in closer. "And tell me, little slut ass, how many did you suck off through the glory holes?"

"I don't know," Dee whispered. " Maybe eight or nine."

"A regular party girl, aren't you? Well, now what can I help you with that all those men couldn't do for you?"

Dee looked up into her evil grin, and felt her heart fill with sadness toward this poor bigoted woman. Did she realize how mean she looked? Did she even care?

Still, she had to get out of here. She would never be able to change this woman's feelings for Dee and for everyone like her.

"I'd like to have that," she said loudly, pointing to the eighteen inch double dong. Then, seeing another one that caught her eye, "I'd like that one, as well."

It was another double dong. but this one was bent at the center. Two cocks poking out of a single set of balls. The overall shape was like a "V." Dee imagined Gina wearing that, with nine solid inches inside herself as she fucked Dee with nine more. Yes, she had to have it. She only hoped that Gina had left her either enough money in her purse, or that her wallet was in there, and she could use her credit card.

"Party's not over for you yet, love? You take too much too often, and you'll shit yourself every day," she guffawed at her own joke.

"Please, ma'am," Dee whispered softly, trying not to attract too much attention in her state, with cum running down her thighs. "How much is it?"

"Depends, love," the woman's piggish little eyes roamed over Dee lewdly. "I'll give you this one free if you can take more than half that double dong into your throat, right here, right now." She grinned at Dee. "It's eighteen inches long. Just leave your lipstick mark wherever you can, and I'll measure it." She held up a tape measure, grinning at Dee's humiliation in the brightly lit shop.

Looking the nasty woman straight in her eye, Dee never hesitated. She grasped the toy, tilted her head back, held the dong high above her head. Then she slid the thick latex phallus into her lips, keeping her eyes on the clerk. She pulled it out of her mouth, and licked the tip, then sucked it back in. Gagging a bit when it hit the back of her throat, Dee closed her eyes for a moment to collect her will. She stood like that, her head back, the dildo held up high from her lips stretched around its girth, for nearly a minute. Then she slowly took a deep breath, held it, and started to swallow. To her amazement, the weight of the heavy tandem toy, combined with her swallowing action, helped her to open her throat so that it could slide into her gullet almost effortlessly. She let her fingers drop it, and it slid even further into her face, until it stopped, sticking straight up like she'd had a five foot cock rammed all the way into her ass, and its head and a bit of the shaft were sticking out of her mouth. She looked at the clerk with a bored expression as she closed her lips tightly around the dildo, and slowly pulled it out. She couldn't hide the tears in her eyes from her efforts, but the woman was so flustered by her performance that she probably didn't notice anything but the ungodly length sliding out of Dee's throat.

Dee laid the thing on the counter, her drool leaving streaks on the glass.

"Well," she whispered hoarsely. "Are you going to measure it?"

The woman sneered at her, turned to the register and rang up $67.50, the amount of the one she'd swallowed. Then she put both toys in a bag.

"Get out of here, you fucking freak!" she hissed.

"No," Dee said loudly. "I insist that you measure it! You aren't going to call the cops on me for stealing this. We had a deal. I did my part. Now," she leaned in close enough to see the woman's open pores on her nose,"you get that tape, and you check it out. If it isn't at least nine inches, I'll pay full price for both."

Other people were watching this action, now. There was no way for the clerk to back out of the deal, and if she called the police after Dee left, these guys would surely back Dee's story rather than hers. Most of them had been embarassed or abused by her at one time or another, since she started here three months ago. A few beads of sweat gathered on her upper lip.

"You're sweating, dear," Dee, cooed. "It isn't very attractive on a lady, you know. Not unless she's getting fucked."

The clerk whipped the dong out of the bag, looked at the lipstick ring, and took out her tape measure. Stretching it out, both of them, and most of the store's customers, were amazed when she announced that it was thirteen and 3/4 inches from the tip to the red marks.

"Thank you," Dee said, her confidence in full bloom. "My mistress will be very proud. Thank you for this, m'lady."

She shook the free toy at the woman's face, then she gathered both toys and stuffed them in her bag. As she reached into her purse to pay, she felt a hand on her arm. It was Mr. Jenkins! Dee blushed blood red again at his smile.

"That's okay, Dee," he said loudly. "I've got this. Consider it an engagement gift."

"Thank you, sir," Dee whispered. She glared at the clerk as she took his money. It wasn't until the transaction was complete that she allowed herself to sway out the door, her heels clicking on the floor.

As she let the door go to swing shut, she heard Mr. Jenkins tell the clerk that he would be complaining to the management, that he knew the owners well, and would make sure she was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if she walked out and left the store unattended, or if she tried to claim that the dildo she'd given to Dee was stolen, so she'd better pay for it before she left this evening.

Dee actually whistled on her way to the car, swinging her prize in the bag.

"Where's Bill and Frannie?" she asked as she got in the car.

"They went home, love," Gina answered as she started the car and put it in gear.

As they went down the road, Dee told her story about the clerk and held up her prize. She also held up the double dong, and showed Gina the lipstick mark at her deepest point.

"Oh my goodness! I wish I had that on tape," Gina exclaimed.

They giggled all the way to the hotel. Dee didn't think twice about her clothes, her jewelry, or the cum on her thighs as they walked through the lobby, checked in, and rode the elevator with the bellboy. As they entered thier room, Gina gave him a hefty tip and sent him on his way quickly, noticing that Dee hadn't been aware of his eyes on her body at all.

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