tagFetishDavid's French Tutor Ch. 08

David's French Tutor Ch. 08


(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. My name is David Shaw and I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part eight of my tale.)


The Tree Pipit was still singing its territorial song when I opened my eyes. My penis was erect and lying in a pool of dried semen. I suddenly remembered that I was sharing the bed with the two sisters and looked at them in turn.

Their sleeping faces were like angels and I watched them breathe gently against my shoulders. Both their mouths were parted and I spied beautiful white teeth beyond their smiles. Anna appeared to sense that I was awake and nuzzled me in the neck; she kept her eyes shut and yawned widely. I would have given anything to have my erect penis inside that wonderful sensuous mouth, and Sarah's too and I was determined that it would be so before the end of the forenoon.

I rapidly gathered my thoughts with regard to the return of Cook and Miss Marie. If the bridge were passable then they would be home before long and I guessed that the two girls would immediately require a thorough, but gentle, comforting session from both of them, as priority. I had to make sure that all signs of my night's sojourn in their bedroom had been thoroughly eradicated, to say the least.

In the meantime, I thought, I would extract as much sexual pleasure from them as possible, short of actual penetration. I was still of the opinion that if their parents ever found out, upon their return from Ireland, that I had even contemplated sexual intercourse with their daughters I would be ruined, and any thoughts of a career in the Colonial Office would be 'dead in the water', as it were.

Anna was now awake and beaming at me.

"Why do you frown so much?" she asked.

I explained that Cook and Miss Marie may be returning soon. Anna smiled and told me not to worry so.

She kissed me.

Soon our tongues were intertwined and she slid her hand up the sheets and against my thigh and onto my ramrod stiff penis.

"Why Mr. Shaw what a forward young gentleman you are," she whispered.

I smiled at her between kisses and blamed her for my condition.

Little did she realise that I always awoke with an erection and that the early morning was when I felt most rampant and when Rowena Armstrong, the headmaster's daughter, used to visit me in my dreams.

I asked her if she would like to 'suck It', as I would find it rather agreeable.

I decided to be forthright with this eighteen year old as I considered that I had little time left for etiquette or niceties. I noticed Anna's face took on a puzzled look.

"Do you mean that I should place 'Master Penis' in my mouth?" she enquired, her eyes now sparkling with excitement.

"Yes, just allow him to enter your mouth as if it were my tongue," I said, as I prized her mouth wide open with my tongue.

She laughed aloud, squeezed my penis, and woke up her sister. Sarah.

"Sarah, Mr. David Shaw has just announced that he wishes me to suck his penis. Have you never heard of anything so silly?" said Anna to her bleary eyed twin sister.

"Please kiss me," said Sarah, opening her eyes, stretching and opening her mouth, and wetting her lips with her tongue.

I didn't need a second invitation and I turned my head and kissed her in the 'French' manner. My penis appeared to grow further and, as it did so, I felt Sarah's hand join her sisters and they both slowly began milking me.

To me it felt like a foretaste of paradise. I would easily have erupted there and then but I was determined to get Anna to 'suck me off', as it were, and would not succumb to their manual masturbation.

"Well girls," I said, "Do you think that you can take 'Master Penis' in your mouths or shall you continue with just fondling him?" I said cheekily, hoping to catch them in a half-asleep off-guard frame of mind.

I admit that I lacked all finesse with my request as time was running out. I thought that it would be now or never. The girls were both wide awake and looked at me. There faces were stunningly beautiful and had the rich glow of youth on them. Sarah pulled back her hair and glanced at her sister.

"Shall we Anna?" she asked and giggled in a somewhat cautious way.

"Oh let me first have a go then," said her sister, to Sarah and to me.

I immediately slid up the bed so that I was sitting on the pillows, the room felt suddenly cold and I regretted not wearing a nightshirt.

My erection looked rather fierce in the early morning sunlight. Its veins gave it a threatening appearance and its stark stiffness contrasted quite markedly with the soft smooth curves of the girls' faces, hair and shoulders.

They moved towards the middle of the bed and I spread my legs, and lifted them over their heads, so that they both lay between my legs on their stomachs. I felt their hair on the inside of my thighs and immediately my erection twitched wildly.

Their heads almost touched as Anna then Sarah cupped my testicles and squeezed them gently.

"And what shall we do with Master Penis?" asked Sarah.

I was almost delirious with pleasure. I swear that my penis was longer than a cucumber and its exposed tip was a lustrous shade of purple.

"You may lick him to show him that you are friendly," I croaked, almost hysterical with lust and lechery.

This was the first time in my life that a girl, any girl, had ever had her face so close to my fully erect penis. Here I had actually two young women in close proximity to the most important part of my body and they were just about to lick it.

Anna fondled the shaft and I felt it slide through her cool fingers as she toyed with it. Sarah continued squeezing my balls and scratched them with her pointed fingernails. Then Anna slid her tongue along the shaft stopping short of its bulbous end. Sarah did the same, and then they both did it together. They looked up at me as they did so and their bright smiling eyes both shone at me beneath their long thick eyelashes.

They licked me again, then again and again. I watched, spellbound, as their little tongues slid up and down the underside of my heavy erection.

I had broken almost every rule in the book regarding 'gentlemanly behaviour towards young girls' but I felt completely joyous and abandoned and thought nothing of the consequences.

"Master Penis is enjoying his little tongue tickling," said Sarah pouting at me with a demure expression on her face.

I stole a glance at her eyes, which were half closed and full of carnal lust. If only we were married and this was our wedding night, I thought.

"Yes I can see that Master Penis is smiling at us," said Anna stroking him with her thumb and forefinger.

I watched them with incredulity. They actually appeared to enjoy licking my penis. They actually enjoyed placing my most sensitive organ against their small soft tongues.

If my penis could have doubled in length it would have done but it was easily at its maximum extension.

"Does Master Penis wish to explore Sarah's little mouth?" said Anna in a deep sensuous voice and she lifted it off my stomach and held it vertical ready for her twin sister to stimulate further.

I opened my legs even further and rested them next to their elbows as Sarah slid further up the bed so that her mouth was just inches from my erection.

"What a good penis," she said to it as if she was talking to a young puppy. "You behave in Sarah's mouth, d'ya understand?" she said in a slightly bizarre way.

I wondered what she meant by 'behave'. Perhaps she did not wish me to urinate in her mouth but to be honest this was the last thing on my mind but I did wish to squirt something between her full red girlish lips.

I wanted so much to find enough energy both to fill Sarah's mouth and have enough semen in reserve to fill Anna's. I decided that I had better 'discharge my load' as quickly as possible to leave plenty of recovery time for Anna.

I watched with awe as Sarah brushed her long blonde hair to one side and licked the very tip of 'Master Penis'. She opened her mouth a little way and slid my engorged penis between her lips. She held it steadily as Anna began squeezing my shaft. Clearly both girls were anxious to make me 'come' and I felt quite honoured that they should bestow me with such exquisite attention.

"Sarah, Anna," I said in a very down to earth, matter of fact, form of conversation. "You both realise that...err...Master Penis will suddenly squirt 'love-honey' into your mouths when he reaches his crisis?" I expounded, staring into their innocent eyes.

"Sarah knows and doesn't mind," said Anna looking at her sister who was running her tongue around my tip which was held rigidly between her lips.

"Oooomph," gurgled Sarah as if to agree with her sister.

Anna continued milking me and I lay back against the wooden bed head and watched them gradually take me ever closer towards an explosive orgasm.

Sarah was becoming quite adept at sucking my glans and upper part of my shaft. She slid it in and out rapidly with evident glee. She stopped only to flick her hair off my stomach. Her eyes fixed me with a wicked smile. She was behaving like a lewd whore and I was loving it.

"Come on Sarah it's my turn to suck and lick," said Anna pushing Sarah's face to one side.

Anna's lips felt fleshier than Sarah's and her tongue was rougher. I decided that Anna would be the first girl to ever taste my semen and my hand joined hers in jerking myself off.

This frantic wanking activity went on for another five, or so, minutes. My wrists began to ache and I was desperate to spurt into one of their mouths. Sarah looked at my face and suddenly saw it twist and contort and in that instance she grabbed my penis and sucked it into her mouth with all her might.

With one enormously loud thrust I jerked out eight strings of sticky slimy semen into the young girl's mouth and looked at Anna who smiled at Sarah then at me and I knew that Anna wanted me to do the same to her too.


I lay back against the pillows and watched Sarah smile. Her mouth overflowed with semen and she played with it with her tongue. It dribbled out of the corner of her mouth and along her chin. She appeared to enjoy having my milky slime inside her.

"It is the nectar of the gods," she said. "This is what they eat on Mount Olympus," she said in a somewhat poetic turn of phrase.

She looked very pleased with herself and I told her that 'Master Penis' was pleased to have squirted in her mouth. Her sister watched my flaccid appendage lie in a small pool of semen and shrivel to almost nothing in front of her.

I felt sorry for Anna, for some odd reason, so I told her that I would stimulate her while I waited to recover.

I slipped both legs over the girls then got out of the bed and stood up. I took advantage of being in an upright position and wiped my stomach and penis, and generally preparing myself for my next orgasm. I felt like the proverbial Greek God and admired my muscular body in the full length mirror next to the fireplace.

The girls lay in their bed with their sheets pulled up to their chins. There was still coolness in the air and the sun had not yet dried off the morning dew.

I told Anna to kneel on her hands and knees and that I would do the rest. She stuck her tongue out at me as I slid, feet first, under her body so that my head lay beneath the tantalising girlish curves of her shapely young arse.

We were in the 'Sixty Nine Position', as it were.

Sarah sat on the edge of the bed with a petticoat draped around her shoulders. She looked like a delicate illustration from a children's fairy story book.

"Come on you two, let's see some action," she complained as she shivered in the cool of the morning.

I reached up and wrapped my hands around Anna's slim waist and pulled her firmly on top of me until she splayed her legs, and her vaginal opening rested on my mouth. She smelled sweetly of musk and urine.

"Oh Mr. Shaw what an audacious young gentleman you are," said Sarah, enjoying the spectacle.

"Oh do shut up," said Anna who was beginning to manipulate my penis back to life.

I stared at Anna's buttocks which enveloped my face and admired her soft rounded cheeks spread over me. Her little puckered rosebud opening, which was her anus, looked so pink and inviting.

I was in awe of this young eighteen year old's derriere which occupied my field of view and pinned my face to the sheet. Her black cotton stockings reached almost to the crease of her buttocks and I was transfixed by the line of skin which lay bulging slightly above. Clearly she liked her garters to be tied tightly and was amazed that they had not come loose during our long night together under the storm.

Sarah yawned loudly and announced that she wished to urinate, wash and get dressed. I felt the bed move as she stood up and retrieved the chamber pot from under the bed. The sound of her pissing filled the room and Anna told her that she was 'a very rude young lady' to perform her bodily functions in front of a gentleman. I listened to her dribbling and my penis instantly became as hard as wood.

"Oh heavens," exclaimed Anna and I watched her buttocks clench with excitement.

In an instant she was milking me furiously, pulling firmly on the upstroke, twisting more gently on the down stroke. I marveled at her technique; clearly she was somewhat of a 'natural' when it came to 'pleasuring a penis', thought I.

Her lips brushed against the exposed knob-end and I felt her tongue circle the base of my glans. Various indescribable feelings rippled through my body as I tongued her labia and ran it into her clitoral hood and exposed the little stiff nub which lay waiting. She flinched at every touch until she became used to my administrations and ground her open arse firmly and solidly into my face. I slid my tongue up her vagina to the hilt and wiggled it about frantically.

"Oh it feels so nice," said Anna slipping my penis out of her mouth then resuming once more.

I lay back and licked her anal opening and watched the sphincter wink at me as she succumbed to my probing and delving. Her juices flowed out of her vulva and covered my face with a sticky colorless slime which smelled strong of her fanny.

"I shall fetch some water," said Sarah wearing only her open crotch bloomers, stockings and chemise. I glanced behind me and saw her leave the room.

Meanwhile Anna had taken my erection into her mouth and gently nibbled it with her teeth. All my senses appeared to have migrated to the seven inches of engorged flesh which was the focus of the young woman's attention.

I felt her slide the upper two inches into and out of her mouth with rapid movements as she continued wanking me. The textures of her tongue and mouth stimulated me mercilessly. My head was in turmoil as blood raced savagely around my body and felt the slow insidious flow of semen aligning itself ready to be expelled.

Anna was now milking me at break-neck speed. My tongue lapped at her noisy vagina which made slurping suction sounds as I sucked at her clitoris and firmly ran my tongue over it.

"Oohgh," mouthed Anna, clearly on the brink of her orgasm.

I moaned in encouragement just as I felt boiling fluid gather at the base of my erection. I was on the brink too and wanted the moment to last.

Suddenly Anna's pelvic muscles tightened and I felt her shudder, then shiver violently then climax as I erupted inside her mouth. I jerked my lower torso of the bed and gripped her waist even tighter. I literally 'fucked her face' with five monstrous thrusts which drained the entire contents of my penis and balls into her small girlish mouth.

The eighteen year old collapsed on top of me and spread her legs even wider as we lay in each other's secretions.

The smell of semen and vagina, combined with perspiration appeared to overflow from both of us and we felt as one.

"David, that was truly...how can I put it...bliss, pure bliss," said Anna breathing heavily and toying with my now rapidly deflating penis.

"It would have been even more blissful if Master Penis had pumped his seed into your womb," I replied, "but clearly that can never be," I concluded as I lay observing the intricate plaster molding which circled the ceiling.

"No that can never be," said Anna wistfully swallowing my semen, reaffirming my thoughts


Sarah returned with water in a pitcher and washed herself at the washstand. I arose and peed in the chamber pot and took it to the servants' cupboard room where I emptied its contents and returned with a clean one.

I sprinted back to my room and washed and dressed making sure that I rinsed off the smell of 'cunt' which appeared to have soaked deeply into my skin following the long night of lust with the twins. I smiled as I realized how far I had taken them physically and how the road appeared open for further forays.

I returned to their room just as they were buttoning each other up. They had changed into turquoise blue dresses, again resembling those depictions of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' by the engraver, Sir John Tenniel.

I marveled at their young bodies, inside their crisp white petticoats, ripe again for my lechery and stimulation.

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