tagFetishDavid's Friend Shoshanna's Party

David's Friend Shoshanna's Party


The following happened in 1958 in a small township called Gibson Falls in Iowa. There were very few buildings in the town as it had been eclipsed by Des Moines, roughly two hours drive away. The township had the usual strip consisting of the general store, drapers, barbers farm products, and mail order store.

My mom knew everyone's mom and we were a tight knit community. There were probably only two hundred people in the whole neighborhood.

It so happened that a school friend of mine, Shoshanna Mason, was going to have an eighteenth birthday party. My year was very small; in fact I was the only boy. There were six other girl's including Shoshanna all of whom were eighteen. My name's David Adams by the way

On the Saturday afternoon we all gathered at the Mason's. Her mom was a divorcee which was kind of frowned upon in those days. She was an only child and had no brothers and sisters. The Masons lived in a large rambling house which had certainly seen better days. The rooms were plain and tidy but everything needed a coat of paint. My parents dropped me off and said they'd pick me up at later that evening.

"Hi David," said Mrs Mason. "You're the last to arrive and the girls are in the parlour," she continued.

Mrs Gibson must have been in her forties and smelled of expensive perfume. Her makeup was perfect right down to nail varnish on her toenails which peeked out her dark stockings and out of her sling back stilettos. Her crisp cotton shirtwaist dress was very wide and flared out and made a swishing crackling sound as she moved. Underneath I guessed she was wearing a stiff net petticoat. I felt a slight hardening of my penis. She put her arm on my shoulder and whispered that she liked my bow tie and checked shirt. I felt a nerd as my parents were very conservative and insisted that I should wear certain things for various occasions and this was my party outfit.

We entered the parlour and there in front of me was a sight to stiffen any eighteen year olds dick. All the girls were standing around the table where Shoshanna was waiting to opening her presents. I gave her mine which my mother had chosen. What made my penis twitch were what the girls were wearing. Each one wore a pastel coloured full skirted party dress. Clearly each one was sporting a nylon net petticoat underneath which pushed their gathered dress outwards and made them sway from side to side. I pushed my way up to the table and felt their dresses brush against my legs through my dark grey pants.

Shoshanna kissed me and said 'Thank you for your gift David. I'll open your's first."

Secretly I wished she'd open my pants instead, pull out my dick and jack me off.

"It's a great pleasure to be at your party," said I, secretly imagining having a sexual orgy with all these cute smiling chicks.

I forgot to mention the names of the other girls and what they looked like.

Cheryl was the oldest and had dark brown hair pulled back into a high pony tail. She was about an inch taller than me but it may have been her Mary Jane shoes which gave her the lift. She wore a pale yellow dress with puff sleeves and buttons down the back. Her skirt was tightly gathered at the waist and stopped just below her knees. Her petticoat rustled more than the others

Ellen was a peach. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and held back by a pale blue Alice band. Her pale blue tiered dress gave her an Alice in Wonderland appearance, and this was emphasised by the little pin tucks and pleated bodice trimmed with white broderie. Her dress was again tightly gathered and she wore a white cotton belt, Ellen was also wearing a stiff net petticoat which I could feel on my leg as I leant casually against her.

Maria had quite dark features and looked Italian or Spanish. She was the shortest and drove me wild with her flashing dark eyes and pouting mouth. I used to dream of Maria on her knees in front of me with her lipsticked lips sucking my dick while staring straight into my eyes. Maria's hair was relatively short with a slight wave. She wore a red dress which billowed out over nylon petticoats and ended at knee level. Her bodice had puff sleeves and a somewhat low neck line.

Sandra was the second youngest and was from New England. Her hair was cut in a long bob and her dress was white with pink flowers all over it. Her dress actually was quite short and I guessed that she had had it quite some time. It was a full circle dress and was gathered in three or four tiers and ended above the knee. By the way it swished and swirled against me I guessed her dress was filled with net petticoats too.

Shirley wasn't the prettiest but was the most outrageous and outspoken of the group. I knew she swore and talked about sex to the others, whom I think were all virgins as there were hardly any boys in Gibson Falls. She was flirtatious towards me and deliberately used to brush her bosom against me or slide her buttocks against me with mock innocence and an apology. Shirley's dress was pale green and had about twenty buttons down the front. The top two buttons were left unbuttoned, so too the bottom three buttons. It was clear to everyone that she was wearing a crisp nylon net underskirt.

Shoshanna wore a pure white cotton party frock which flared out from the waist in a full-circle and ended below the knees. It matched the colour of her teeth and Alice band. This in turn contrasted with her ash-blonde hair styled in a short geometrical bob. Shoshanna was the one girl at the party who looked stunning. She physically glowed with poise and beauty and I desperately wanted to be alone with her, preferably in a horizontal position, preferably naked, preferably on a bed.


Party Games


After the present opening and after eating in the huge dining room, which opened onto the front porch, Mrs Mason suggested party games.

"Aw Mom that's kinda too childish," said Shoshanna picking at something between her teeth as she sat on one of the sofas.

I looked around the room from the rocking chair. Facing me were two sofas at right angles full of girls. Incredibly there were hardly any petticoat hems to be seen except for Shirley's. Mrs Mason stood in the centre of the room and suggested we played hide-n-seek as the house was so large. She winked at me and said that they would have to think up other games which involved six girls and one boy.

I could only think of one game and that involved just me and Mrs Mason naked in the backseat of her Buick.

"Right now you all split into pairs and Shoshanna will come and find you," said Martha Mason to all of us. I couldn't help but snigger loudly at the thought of this totally ridiculous charade. Eighteen year olds playing hide-n-seek for heaven's sake. I just hoped that the younger guys at school never got to find out.

I was paired off with Shirley and we all toured the house looking for somewhere to hide. A bedroom closet seemed a good place so that's where we ended up. This particular closet was full of old sportswear and weights and a punch ball and stuff. It was very narrow so I edged in first and Shirley followed. Because it had a sloping ceiling I couldn't stand up so I sat on the floor while Miss 'green dress' stood next to me. Predictably she backed up against me, apologised but didn't move away. The tiny closet really only had enough space for one standing person so I was forced to sit with my knees drawn up to my chin.

" You can feel me if you want to," said a voice above me and I watched in wonderment as she lifted her dress above her knees to reveal more of her pure white net petticoat. She parted her legs and I felt my dick suddenly stiffen.

"I'm coming to get you," said a distant voice from downstairs.

Shirley backed into me further so that her buttocks almost rested on my face. Then she did an amazing thing she pulled up her dress and petticoat at the back, leant forward and dropped both hems over me and shook her clothing down.

I heard the clattering of 'Mary Janes' on the stairs and just hoped that we wouldn't be discovered with my head up Shirley's party dress. How could I explain that to my parents? Inside her skirt everything appeared pale green even in the gloom of the closet.

"Feel me up," pleaded Shirley now smelling aroused. I moved my hands between her legs and felt the dampness of her panty crotch. Her buttocks now rested on my nose and I couldn't resist licking them through her lacy nylon panties. By now my penis was throbbing and pumping precum. It wouldn't take much further stimulation before I came in my pants.

"Feel me up," Shirley repeated, her voice sounding very distant through the light cotton dress and rustling layers of stiff nylon netting. I tried counting backwards to take my mind off my throbbing thrusting erection and slid my fingers along the cleft of her gusset where vaginal fluid was oozing out. The hot air in the dark closet and under her dress was making me sweat.

"Oooh, you're wonderful David," she whispered in encouragement as she rubbed her arse up and down my face.

"...76, 75, 74, 73..." I mumbled to myself pulling her panties to one side so that I could get one, then two fingers inside her. She directed me to her clitoris which I knew little about.

"I'm coming," shouted Shoshanna from the top of the stairs.

"I'm coming too," hissed Shirley now bouncing around on my fingertips which were covered in sticky goo.

"53, 52, 51, 50, 49..." I continued hoping that Shirley would stop before I reached zero. It was going to be too late. We heard footsteps in the bedroom and Shoshanna and two others trying the closet doors. All of a sudden we were discovered and I just had time to stand up and pull Shirley's dress down at the back.

"Whoa it's really stuffy in these old closets," said Shirley clearly realising that her face must have appeared flushed and flustered.

"Sure is stuffy in there," I smiled at them aware that I had a pubic hair trapped between my teeth and that my hair was tousled.


More Party Games


After two more games of hide-n-seek Mrs Mason announced that they would play 'musical chairs' but with a twist. Instead of having chairs there would only be one chair and that would be me.

"Aw Mom these games are ridiculous. Can't we just listen to records or something?" said the eighteen year old hostess clearly feeling embarrassed by her mother.

"Well we'll try it anyway: you might enjoy it," said Martha winking at me again.

"Lie on the floor with your feet together and your arms by your side young man," she said pointing to a large rug in the middle of the room.

I did as she said and looked around me at the forests of slim legs and the display of party dresses with their petticoats peeping out from underneath. Almost instantly I felt my dick stiffen and this was clearly noticed by Mrs Mason who clearly was the only one in the room, except for perhaps Shirley Armitage, who had seen or handled an erection. She made this clearly more obvious by standing to one side of my upturned head and allowing me a partial view of a stocking top and suspender clip.

"Oh for fuck's sake," I thought to myself as I surveyed the view up her skirt and petticoats.

Her petticoats were tired multi layered and trimmed with white lace and leader-line. They created a very bouffant shape to her dress. I felt as if I was in an erotic dream. I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that I was lying on the floor with Mrs Mason's shoes only inches from my face surrounded by six young eighteen year olds wearing very girly flared party dresses. My penis felt as if it had trebled in size and I began to see young eyes staring at it quizzically.

I felt that none, except for Shirley, knew the first thing about sex and I suppose this must have been common in small-town Iowa in the late 1950s. I guess most young women would have learned about sex on the wedding night so a stiff erection on a young man would have been a novelty.

"Right girls I think we can get five of you to sit on David while the sixth changes ends. There will always be one standing and that person is out when the music stops. It then goes down to four sitting and one standing when the music stops, and so on until there is only one left. Got it?"

"Well no Mrs Mason," said Maria flicking her hips to one side. "What do you mean by sit exactly?"

"Yeah you're right. What I should have said was ride or straddle," she said moving even closer to me. My boner felt as if it would leap out of my pants and explode.

"I'll show you; now watch," said Martha Mason walking around to my feet. She placed one shoe then the other next to my ankles. She squatted down in front of me and displayed her thighs and stockings. Her dress and petticoat draped downwards between her legs as she kneeled over my shins.

"You see girls you can all kneel over David in a line and shuffle forwards until you reach his face then you have to get off and return to the back."

It sounded so simple but I wondered what she meant by 'reach his face'. Did she really mean that they get off me before reaching my face? I was soon about to find out.

"Right Shoshanna you watch mom and see how it's done. In fact you can follow me OK honey?" said Martha smirking at me and winking insanely.

I watched as Mrs Mason gradually slid up my body in a series of bounces with her knees apart and her dress gradually riding up to reveal the tops of her stockings. At waist level she pulled her clothing down again to conserve her modesty and then continued further. My hands felt the lustre of her sheer dark stockings and the coolness of her thighs. I felt on tenterhooks as her thighs eventually straddled my dick, I just wanted to squirt inside her but instead I had to watch her sliding and bouncing up me even further She eventually straddled my chest with her knees resting on my shoulders and her dress and petticoat hems tickling my chin.

She then slowly lifted her heavy bottom off my chest and edged further forward inch by inch. I looked into her eyes and they appeared wild and triumphant. She gathered handfuls of cotton dress and net petticoat and threw them over me as she slid her panty crotch onto my face. I watched as she pulled the several layers of dress and petticoat around me so I was hidden from view from the waist upwards. Her natural odours were strong and musky and she was clearly enjoying having my face under her and between her legs.

"Mom, what are you doing exactly?" said Shoshanna sounding both perplexed and shocked.

Mrs Mason stood up and smiled and said in a very matter of fact manner, "And that's when you get off and move to the back."

"You mean we've got to sit on David's face? Yuk isn't that kind of gross?" the eighteen year old birthday girl replied.

"No he doesn't mind do you David?" said Mrs Mason giving me a playful kick in the ribs.

I now understood her winking at me earlier. She had planned this game for my benefit. Maybe she knew by my erection that I was the kind of boy who liked to have his face sat on by young women wearing flared petticoats and party dresses. She couldn't have been more right.

My erection was now embarrassingly obvious so much so that I had to loosen the belt on my pants. Why none of the girls standing around me kept quiet on the subject interested me. Perhaps some had seen their parents making love who knows?

"I'm in charge of the music," said the forty something mother.

As the music started Maria Gonzales knelt over my shins and slid up with a bounce which matched the beat of the ballad. I pulled my arms and legs tightly inwards and watched as her red dress revealed crisp white net petticoats finished in lacy ribbons. She looked very sexy and I watched her breasts jiggle around inside her low neck dress. Behind her Ellen Van Valkenburg was straddling me in her Alice in Wonderland dress and underlying masses of lace trimmed petticoats. By now the tempo of the music had increased. I felt Maria's smooth bronzed thighs slide past my hands as she straddled my thighs. Her dress had now risen up to panty level and I watched with fascination that she wore open crotch transparent white nylon panties trimmed with a deep lace flounce.

"Of for fuck's sakes," I murmured as she slid onto my waist. I could see a tuft of black pubic hair peeping out and heading for my face.

Behind Ellen Cheryl joined the line of shufflers. I felt her arse on my shins and then my knees. Ellen was now straddling my thighs and Maria was on my chest. I pulled my head backwards as I steadied myself for having this dark haired young lady sitting on my face. I felt someone else join the line at my ankles and prepared myself for Marias open crotch panties. I looked up at her smiling face as she slid onto my neck; her red dress and white petticoat were raised as her knees slid to each side of my face. She lifted her buttocks and rearranged her clothing over me then the music stopped.

I had four young eighteen year olds straddling my body including a Latin beauty wearing thin lacy split crotch panties straddling my face and then the music stopped.

"Um I think we'll have to change the rules here," said Martha Mason. "It's not going to work so we'll play 'statues' instead." She continued." When the music stops you just keep sitting wherever you are until it starts again. OK girls?"

"Mother I think this really is gross. What you are saying is that when the music stops like with Maria sitting on David's face the game becomes both embarrassing and degrading."

"No it's not dear. You're complaining unnecessarily. Ask Maria if she is embarrassed," said Mrs Mason to her now sulking daughter.

"Are you embarrassed at having to sit on his face?"

The truth was that Maria was quietly enjoying having my tongue inside her vagina. Her split crotch panties tasted and smelled strongly of warm fresh cunt and her clitoris stood out from under its hood. I flicked and licked avidly using pure instinct to guide me. I felt Maria's thighs begin to quiver as the first signs of an orgasm began to emerge.

"No it's very nice and I can recommend it," said the now visibly shaking Maria.

"Let's leave them to it girls," said Mrs Mason ushering the other five into the garden. At this point I felt in need to relieve myself sexually so pulled down my pants and undershorts and wanked furiously in time with my tonguing.

"Do not stop. You understand?" whispered Miss Gonzales now jerking about on the tip of my tongue.

Her fingers joined my tongue until she was literally flooding my face with vaginal juices. From nowhere I sensed her orgasm well up inside her then pulse through her thighs and pelvic area. My wanking increased in pace until my hands appeared a mere blur. Within a couple of seconds I had released a hot torrent of gushing semen all over my stomach and Marias dress. Two seconds later Maria came and swore in Spanish. She collapsed backwards into my pool of sticky semen and I re-emerged from under her petticoats. I stared at her sodden panties and wet petticoat. The air was full of the scent of semen and vagina.

"Oh my, oh my. Honey that was fantastic," said the Latin beauty almost crying with gratitude. I felt that I had just given her a big birthday present, and not her friend.

"That's OK. Any time, any day," I said as she kissed me on my lips still stinking of cunt.


Sex Education


I noticed Mrs Mason return and rapidly tried to tidy things up. Maria's dress was clearly soiled with semen but she appeared not to care. I zipped up my pants and tried to mop up the semen with the front of my shirt. Martha got me a Kleenex and dried me off. Maria had her arms around me and wore a permanent smile.

"Mother you've ruined my party," yelled Shoshanna stamping her feet and close to tears.

"No I haven't honey and I think you girls should do a bit of growing up," she said holding her daughter round the waist. "Well David here has kindly agreed to teach us more about sex haven't you young man?" I gulped and nodded wondering where all this was leading. Martha gave me another 'knowing' wink.

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