David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 18


Two of the girls from 2B asked if they could 'have a go', as they put it.

"So that's one 'orally pleasure' and one 'self-wank' for lotion," said Susan in a business like voice. "That's two shillings please, thank you."

I felt like a commodity, a piece of livestock literally about to be milked. Again I felt that I was just being used for pleasure and that no one was interested in me as a person.

The first girl must have been six foot two inches. She had honey-blonde hair tied back in an Alice band. She wore a lemon yellow cotton shirt-waister dress buoyed out by multi-layered bouffant net petticoats. The material crackled as she slid her hands up under her clothes and removed her knickers. As could be predicted she placed them carefully over my nostrils and she observed my penis stiffen as I breathed in her warm odours.

She was helped onto the bed and straddled my shoulders; lifting her dress and petticoat out of the way as she slid up and settled herself over my face. Her vagina was damp, fleshy and warm and immediately my tongue set to work between her lips. She dropped, and shook, her petticoat and dress over me so that everything appeared cream inside her 'underskirt world'. Above and around me the netting thrashed and rustled as she bounced in rhythm with my tongue movements.

In the meantime I felt a paper cup being placed over my penis and a pair of hands begin to wank me furiously. After many minutes of frantic activity I understood that the newcomer was told to 'suck him off' and 'spit the contents into the cup'.

From nowhere I felt hot breath and long hair caressing my exposed purple knob end. Cool fingers lifted my heavy erection off my stomach and into a warm soft mouth. I strained against my ties to push it further in but I couldn't. I lay back and savoured the glistening pussy on the end of my tongue and watched the frou-frou display of stiff rustling petticoats which surrounded me. After many minutes the girl above me orgasmed, her thighs almost yanking my head off. I jerked several long stringy squirts of semen into the warm mouth and heard her spit into the cup.

"Oh it's so salty and slimy, yuk," she said getting off the bed.

Suddenly I was in daylight and the process continued again with a new pair of legs in stockings straddling my face and another pair of lips sucking my willy. My underskirt space was filled with the swishing sounds of chiffon petticoat against dark tan stockings. I continued lapping, sucking and licking at anything which was placed in front of me.

Above me the girl wearing the pink poodle-skirt coughed out her orgasm and covered my face with sexual secretions. The atmosphere was so hot and humid and I was beginning to feel that I had little more to give. My penis felt as if it were being sucked dry as I filled up the mouth which was milking me. Five long spurts announced that I had produced more lotion which was unceremoniously spat into the awaiting container.

Another two shillings changed hands as a girl wearing a black concertina pleated skirt and pastel pink petticoat sat open-legged on my face. I slurped and salivated my way between her labia, as her fellatrix friend sucked at my engorged shaft. Twenty minutes later she came in a series of pulsating waves while I erupted into the awaiting mouth. I had nothing left and I told them so. The girls appeared disappointed and I had to point out that I needed recovery time and a lot of it. At the rate I was being milked I needed a month or two to recover.

The lunch bell sounded and I was left on my own again. I contemplated my situation and wondered what they expected me to do next. I felt as if I was completely 'shagged out' and needed sleep, lovely refreshing sleep but this was not to be.

Clattering up the stairs in high heels two giggling girls returned. It was Lucy and Samantha.

Immediately I asked them what was happening. Samantha, in her lisping voice said that the rest of the class were in the library or had gone for a walk. They sat next to me on the bed and I stared at the hems of their knee length blue gingham dresses where crisp white petticoat lace was peeping out. Samantha watched me stare at her knees and giggled. I told them to untie me but they refused and said that the other girls would be cross with them if they let me go.

Lucy said that she and Samantha sometimes played cards and that I could join in with them. I said that I couldn't really play as my hands were tied.

Samantha looked at Lucy then giggled. "You're noth playingth silly, you are the table," she said skipping over to her bedside cabinet and getting the cards.

I lay wondering how I could be a table but before I could ask Lucy had tucked up her dress and petticoat and had straddled my face facing my feet and placed her knicker clad buttocks over my nose. Samantha knelt between my legs and placed the deck on my stomach.

"You cut Samantha," said Lucy rearranging her dress around me so that my field of view was limited to the confines of her petticoat and gingham cotton dress.

My penis appeared to be part of the game. It was a sort of game of 'Snap' or 'Pairs' but with unusual rules. At every new hand the girls would change places so that Samantha's bottom was on my face and I breathed in her piquant odours trapped in her knickers, then it was Lucy's bottom on me and so the game continued in this bizarre fashion. Each change over revealed more of their wonderful flouncy underwear.

As the afternoon progressed the girls remarked that they felt far too hot in their panties so both decided to remove them. I suppose that I was partly responsible for their predicament as I was straining to breathe beneath them. Samantha got off me and tugged down her delightfully frilly white knickers and kicked them onto the adjacent bed. She hitched up her frilly white petticoat and resumed her place on my face, spreading her gingham flounces around her and over me.

I sensed that Lucy had slipped off her knickers too.

Above me Samantha's sweaty buttocks moulded themselves to my face as she pressed down with all her weight. I struggled even more for breath so she gradually adjusted her posture so that she was comfortable and that I could breathe. Two minutes later it was Lucy sitting on my face with her delicate lacy pink petticoat spread all over me. By now my penis was rock hard.

The cold playing cards were slapped on my stomach with some force, and fury. The game seemed to last forever and there came a point when I could not tell whether it was Lucy or Samantha who were sitting on my face. My penis strained for relief.

These two girls appeared to ignore my erection, sliding the deck of spent cards under it to stop it sliding off. After several hands of this insane game they stood up and put on their knickers clearly no longer interested in me or their silly card game.

I heard the school clock strike four o'clock. I was famished and longed for afternoon tea.

(Continued in part 19)

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